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  • Episode 167 - Dick on Plot Holes
    Dick Show

    Epstein kills himself, butts invade America, IRL plot holes, Vito is in studio, white women f*ck dogs, my dad turns me into a bicycler, one in three women use Tindr for free food, millennials have no friends, the $100 Kiwi Chris threat bet, dick pics, why to bring a gun to school and create child pornography, and body acceptance double standards when it comes to the penis; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

  • Shared Album Sampler Three

    'Shared' album Sampler Three features the following artists & songs; Dirty Ray 'The Mermaid Song' Rob Dunsford 'Millionaire' Timothy Parkes 'Holes' Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls 'We All Go Down Together' Matthew Derrick 'Not On My Cloud' Wayne Hussey 'Trail Of Scarlet' Order your copy of 'Shared' direct from;

  • A Door Into Ocean

    A Door Into Ocean, the new refreshing mist by Ziemba Sensuously nonviolent waves of ylang ylang, alder, stargazer lily; fragrant room mist available in limited edition at…rant-sonic-mist and IRL at Ziemba spring 2017 performances Sonic fragrance companion composed, performed, engineered by René Kladzyk, featuring the LIGO chirp of two black holes colliding

  • N'importe Q Live From The Living Room Jul 1 2019
    wheelie houdini

    The Comet is Coming - Nano Cooper Saver - Hill Street Beat Plastique - Laugh Gas '98 Hoshina Anniversary - Hakkenden I AKUFEN - You Look Delicious Tom Ellis - SLOW MOTION JIn Choi - Hurtlocker Pulsinger & Irl - Mask Lake People - Tomorrows Happiness Dan Curtin - The Fundamental Mind J. Albert - M15 (Ivy Mix) Frits Wentink - Frogs, Toads, and Newts PITTO - Lepel Jazz Lost Souls Of Saturn - Holes in the Holoverse Ben Nevile - STEREO 3 Roberta - A Little Prayer Nachtbraker - Parmigiana JOHN TEJADA - Therapy 1 Mutlu San - Sub Glacial Funk Renato Ratier - Atacama (Ney Faustini Remix) STL - No More Words (Sebastian Mullaert...

  • rendition
    #Hip-hop & Rap

    first track. did this shit for a friendly competition with my friends. dont take it serious. there was meant to be another feature but he ditched last second. thats a rip. theres a lot of inside references you arent gonna understand if you dont know me irl so im sorry about that Lyrics: This started off as a friendly competition Now we’re working our way to the top position Look around I don’t see any opposition We already won this game we’re the finest rendition. Here is my submission for Jakyle’s rap Y’all didn’t know hot bars could come from a trap Give my garters a strap And post...