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  • Episode 49 : Firestorm Leaks, PS4 Remote Play, Apex Passes 50 Million
    Seasoned Gaming

    As we approach our 50th official Bitcast, we discuss the leaked video of Battlefield 5's Firestorm mode, PS4 offering IOS Remote Play, Apex Legends hitting a huge milestorm, the MK11 story mode, and more!

  • Episode 45: PS4 Remote Play, Borderlands 3, and Streamers for Apex
    The Last Checkpoint

    As we are hard at work on the E3 cast to be posted very soon, today’s episode contains discussions around PS4 mobile device support, more Anthem bad news, THQ Nordic’s questionable decision making, a potential Octopath mobile game, Borderlands 3 news, and Twitch streamers being paid to help kickstart Apex Legends.

  • Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart Is A PS5 Exclusive And Is NOT Coming To PS4! - The Scoop
    Ice Cream Uploads - The Scoop

    The show where the Ice Cream Team go through all the geeky "need to know" video game news from around the globe every weekday from 10am UK Time, live over on Title: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a PS5 exclusive and is not coming to PS4 Website: VG24/7 Author: Alex Calvin Title: Sony legal threat compels PS5 faceplate company to cancel all orders Website: Author: James Batchelor Title: Fortnite's next-gen update adds "dynamic visuals and physics", Activities support on PS5 Website: Eurogamer Author: Matt Wales Title: Apex Legends director says the game will probably expand “beyond battle royale” Website: VG24/7 Author: Dom Peppiatt Title: Get Set Go! Ready For Family...

  • Episode 4 - Apex Legends

    This is our last episode together! Lets get to reviewing some Apex Legends, one of the ever-growing and most popular first person shooter games out there right now! photo cred: songs:

  • New DualShock 4 Peripheral, Apex Legends Tournament, Borderlands 3 - Hype Report December 18, 2019
    Hype Report

    What's going on everybody! Here is your SnowBikeMike Hype Report for Wednesday December 18, 2019 with all the gaming news you need to know about. Article links can be found below for the gaming stories covered in today's report. Enjoy The Hype and Your Week! Shop SnowBikeMike Merch: Follow us on social media Mike - Cristian - #1 DualShock 4 Back Button Peripheral Adds 2 New Buttons To PS4 Controller #2Apex Legends Global Series Is An International Tournament With A $3 Million Prize Pool #3 Borderlands 3 Launches on Google Stadia, But Is an Older Version Intro Music By Flashy Andy aka Andy Davies (Double Plus Ten) Song...

  • in format E-PUB Combat Strategies for Apex Legends Players An Unofficial Guide to Victory #PDF~
    Hafsa Gunna

    Link Download or Read this Book: [PDF] Download Combat Strategies for Apex Legends Players: An Unofficial Guide to Victory Ebook DETAIL BOOK: Author : Jason R. Rich Pages : 136 Language : Release Date :2019-6-4 ISBN :1631585460 Publisher :Racehorse DESCRIPTION BOOK: The Tell-All, Essential Guide for the Hottest Game of 2019!Combat Strategies for Apex Legends Players is a full-color, information-packed strategy guide designed to quickly get newbs (beginners) acquainted with the many intricacies of the game, while teaching more advanced and proven exploration, survival, and combat strategies to experienced gamers looking to improve their kill-rate, familiarity with weapons, and survival skills.Combat Strategies for Apex Legends Players offers an easy-to-read format...

  • No Titanfall 3 and Apex Legends Is Killing It - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.05.19
    Kinda Funny Games Daily

    Get $20 off and free shipping when you use promo code GAMES at Start your free month trial and start meditating today at Barrett Courtney joins Tim for his first ever KFGD experience to discuss what Respawn is up to, as well as diving into a bunch of interesting sales reports from Square, Sega, and Capcom. Time Stamps - 00:03:54 - Housekeeping We’re looking for Up and Coming Kinda Funny Best Friends who are content creators. Submit your picks at for the chance at working with us for a week. Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Trevor Starkey, David Meintel, Panzer, and...

  • #28 - Apex Legends on the Rise, Guardians 3 is a Go, and Who's our next batman?
    The Geek Underground

    Contact us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at: @TheGeekUG Movie News Guardians 3 is a Go! Batman No More TV News Netflix Raises Prices Punisher Season 2 is amazingly brutal! Video Game News Apex Legends Gamestop Crushes Hearts Pop Culture Ariana grande misspelled tattoo Rocket Roasted Coffee

  • Episode 89 - Sony FINALLY Wants Crossplay?!
    Gaming Illuminaughty

    The Gi boys assemble in episode 89 to talk Sony enabling cross-play on the PS4, Apex Legends Season 3, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Code Vein, The Last Of 2 and a whole lot more!

  • Apex X Divi Gz X Daddy Dak X Money Chief X ci$co (Prod. SRRY BEATS)
    #Hip-hop & Rap

    APEX LEGENDS ADD US ON PSN & COME GET SOME DUBS WITH US PLAYSTATION NETWORK---MONEY CHIEF IS ON XBOX 1 !!! Divi Gz---DivineGangsta90-PS4 Daddy Dak---DemonDak3- PS4 Money Chief--- MONEYCHIEFBFE47 ci$co---ciScoT420-PS4

  • 883. Radio-Talbot - Podcast Francophone sur les jeux vidéo
    Radio Talbot

    Épisode #883 avec Denis Talbot et Laurent LaSalle. Au Menu: Entrevue avec IntervenantGamer, un streamer Twitch. Apple: Projet à la Netflix? Apex Legends: Bannissement des tricheurs. Google: Brevet déposé de manette de jeu. PlayStation Now. Empreintes digitales. Nintendo encourage les studios québécois. PS4 vs XBOX. Windows Update.

  • CSB 005: The Sony Let's Playstation
    Castle Super Beast

    Download for Mobile | Podcast Preview Anthem, Apex, Titanfall. On this episode of Castle Super Beast, a podcaster will DIE. RESET THE CLOCK. You can watch us record the podcast live on Outro: Titanfall 2 Become One Official Launch Trailer Apex Legends more GameStop Germany is Offering Fallout 76 for Free When You Buy a Used PS4 Controller The last F76 patch is a disaster & Bethesda now silently deletes/removes threads & users from their forum over it FINAL FANTASY XIV ‏- YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Microsoft Expanding Xbox Live to Nintendo Switch and Mobile...

  • Oye Ahora Ep.#4 9 - 28 - 19
    The Oye Ahora !! Podcast

    Rubio & Tommy G are back with a rare early morning podcast! Spider-Man back in the MCU, original cast in Jurassic 3, Code Vein, Apex Legends Season 3, TLOU2, COD's exclusive PS4 mode, Panic At The Disco songs in Beat Saber, Phillies & Mets both out of the playoffs, NFL picks for week 4 and reactions to Eagles vs. Packers. We're off for about a week and half with respective trips to the Dominican Republic & Austin, Texas, but we will be back to produce more content ASAP. Thanks for listening!

  • EP68: Boobs + NBA 2K20
    Kool-Nerd Productions

    This week we covered the following: -Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) Stays in the Marvel Universe - A Real-Life Robo-Cop - The New PS4 Chat System Coming Soon - A Chinese Indie Publisher Punished for Making Fun of Their President - NBA 2K20 Will Have WNBA Players - Apex Legends Season 2 Review - What Characters We Want to See Disney Put in the Marvel Universe - Director of Uncharted Movie Doesn’t Want to Follow Game Plot Visit to check out all the content we have available!

    The Sable Peacock
    #Alternative Rock

    Hey y'all! What I've got for you here is a track that my Patrons adored! This is in many ways a love letter to the amazing experience that is Apex Legends (I play on PS4) and this song is for those who need a soundtrack that accurately captures their drop into the frontier! Hope you enjoy, and GG to all the gamers. *Patrons get to listen to songs first. If you'd like to support my artistry and get on the juice before it's squeezed, become a Patron!

  • Dropping Spicy #62: Season 6 General Impressions and 1v1 Winners
    Mash Those Buttons
    #Apex Legends

    We had our first 1v1 Apex legends community event. I want to thank everyone who participated as well as congratulate the Winners Buckshot(PC), Just Seductive(john) (XBOX), and Ayoo_Melvo(PS4). Our next tournament will be Sept 7th-12th. For our show, we go over our thoughts on Apex Legends Season 6 after a week of playtime. This includes TTK, Energy Weapons, Crypto, crafting, and bugs. We then take the time to answer your latest questions about Apex Legends. And finally, we read two new reviews. Both positive and negative.

  • CSB 024: All-Punch The Waif-Ooze
    Castle Super Beast

    Download for Mobile | Podcast Preview | Full Timestamps Judgment, Shadowbringers, Cadencoe of Hyrule, Bloodstained and The God Damned Pokemon Company. LOL Stadia. You can watch us record the podcast live on Outro: FFXIV OST Shadowbringers Boss Theme Fantasy Strike leaving Early Access to launch on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC in July One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC Game Freak boss issues official statement on Pokemon's massive Pokedex changes Breath of the Wild glitch unveils teeming underwater life Tetris Royale is sliding onto iPhone and Android ...

  • Dropping Spicy #68: Cross-play, Flashpoint LTM, and Patch Notes
    Mash Those Buttons
    #Apex Legends

    This week we welcome community event staff member Karl Launchbaugh or Krazy1813 onto the show. He goes over the results of our latest Dropping Spicy community challenge, as well as announces the date of our Dropping Spicy Duos tournament Oct 19th-25. Edanar introduces a new segment we are calling the Spicy Draft. Big news of the week involves the patch notes that brings with it lots of changes involving legends, guns, quality of life. The most important part of the notes is the introduction of Crossplay which allows PC, PS4, and XBO to...

  • CSB 015: Your Crunch-Baby is sealed behind a Metacritic Score Cage
    Castle Super Beast

    Download for Mobile | Podcast Preview | Full Timestamps Avengers Endgame Spoilercast at the end, Spoiler culture and movie bouncer discussion up top. Reset the Clock. You can watch us record the podcast live on Outro: Lonely Rolling Star - Big Band Jazz Version (The 8-Bit Big Band) Persona 5 Royal launches October 31 in Japan, 2020 in the west; first details, trailer, and screenshots Omega Force-developed action RPG Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers announced for PS4, Switch Respawn Delays Titanfall Plans To Focus On Apex Legends Kingdom Hearts III DLC ‘Re:Mind’ announced Vampire: The...

  • "Switchu" | Episode 20
    Weekly Replay

    On this episode, the guys begin with the Super Bowl coverage, then discuss about PS4 VS XBONE with the addition of a NEW mass multiplayer game "Battle Royale" style of APEX Legends the question is should more games like Overwatch adapt the gimmick of "Battle Royale" format and more! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ➥ Follow us: Javelin J: Splyke TV: Ace Styles: