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  • RTX Performance LEAKS - The WAN Show Sept 14, 2018

    Jord Watches: Enter their giveaway to win a Jord Watch at Use Offer Code LTT to receive $25 Off, Free Shipping, and Free Sizing at Spektrum: Save 10% on Spektrum bluelight glasses using offer code LINUS at Savage Jerky: Use offer code LTT to save 10% on Savage Jerky at Soundcloud: Forum: Timestamps courtesy of WestOfAsh 0:00 RTX shirt 1:18 RTX graphics cards reviews are coming! 3:16 Topics for this week 5:36 RTX @ PAX 9:00 HDR on and off comparison to RTX on and off 13:18 offloading RTX to different cores can it stretch the performance longer on cards? 17:56 6800 GT Ultra launched in 2004 supported until 2015. 20:00 Nvidia performance slides are vague but give some idea of expectations. 25:00 Competitive games will not adopt uneven hardware preferences 26:33 gameplay is king 30:31 Sponsor 1 Environmentally sustainable wood! 33:18 Sponsor 2 34:23 Sponsor 3 (love this stuff) 37:07 GIVEAWAY! 38:30 RTX ON shirt URL 39:20 Floatplane's dominant feature. Early access to video for subscribers. 42:40 Manual monthly fee for floatplane? Big updates coming! 43:25 Chrome is killing worldwideweb = WWW. before websites URL 46:20 Premier Youtube live streaming! 48:01 No talking about Alex Jones 50:15 Apple has good RMA FAST SHIPPING speeds! 53:50 Notches on phones 55:15 OnePlus removing Headphone jack 58:50 Super chats 1:01:25 Red Phone and early hydrogen 1 email. 1:04:34 CLEAN DENNIS apartment, Here is $200 post it on SUPER FUN CHANNEL! 1:05:18 END

  • Amazon is listening closer than ever
    USA TODAY Talking Tech

    A store that monitors your every move. Clocks, microwaves and even a DVR that record your conversations after you awake it. Yup, get ready for Amazon to be listening to you more than ever, reports Jefferson Graham on Talking Tech.

  • TMSPM 1567: Dental Flope
    Scott Johnson 24

    Taco Bell thoughts. New tooth, who dis? Beer Fest time is back! App Time! Your Twitter questions and more on this episode of TMSPM.

  • 098 – Os novos iPhones XS Max Ultra Top Topzeira Topíssimo

    Semana passada a Apple apresentou a nova geração de iPhones e o novo Apple Watch Series 4. Nos smartphones, a principal novidade é o redesign – todos os aparelhos agora possuem a “cara” do iPhone X. Já o smartwatch ganhou uma tela maior, design mais fino e novos tamanhos. Quer saber tudo o que muda com essa nova geração de aparelhos? Dá o play e vem com a gente.

  • Rad Crew S16E14: Red Dead Preview og skyggen av Tom Reidar
    Rad Crew Podcast

    Vi snakker om nyeste Tomb Raider-spillet pluss Jarle fra PressFire stikker innom for å snakke RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 som han har testet på en preview-event! med: Are Ness Fløgstad, Stian Askeland, Jarle Hrafn Grindhaug Programleder og produsent: Jostein Hakestad

  • E858 #AllAskJason Call-In: founder mental health, syndicates, outside SV, robot retail, unseating FB
  • Tms 1566
    Scott Johnson 24

    Hide from me, no matter what occurs! Do not put a leash on people! Poor chip. I vote no to giant spiderwebs. How much to shut it all down? Therapy Thursday and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

  • BOOP 188: The Loons are Here
    Scott Johnson 24

    Scott picks up Wartile again and loves it even more. Brian plays Epic Loon. Captain Toad remains hot! Identity V is a ripoff! Blood Bowl II finally got less expensive for Scott. Brian gives Magic The Gathering Arena a swing. TellTale is gone, and way more on BOOP!

  • Nowy Apple Watch ⌚️ i nowe iPhone'y 📱, czyli eXceSy na maksa

    Temat tego odcinka jest chyba oczywisty. Ostatni Keynote Apple i nowości, czyli Apple Watch Series 4 i iPhone'y Xs oraz Xr.

  • There Will Be Dungeons 32
    Scott Johnson 24

    We find possible friends, but maybe foes in 26 block. A new job is on offer as well. We continue to find out way through the 26. We have another new job, and there are complications. There's also some kind of murder creature at the end. Are we gonna make it?

  • This Week in Tech 685: Emotional Support Ham

    This Week in Tech (Audio)

    • iPhone XS and XS Max are flying off the shelves (especially in Santa Rosa).
    • Pixel 2 camera beats the iPhone XS.
    • Why the dual-sim iPhones are a bigger deal than you think.
    • (Heart) doctors hate it! Apple Watch's one weird ECG trick.
    • Elon Musk introduces the first SpaceX moon passenger, DOJ introduces a criminal investigation to Musk.
    • Amazon introduces a slew of new Alexa devices in its continuing mission to control everything in your home (including you).
    • Magic Leap One first look: nobody should buy it, but it is absolutely the future.
    • Happy 10th anniversary, T-Mobile G1! We have come full circle: the first Android phone didn't have a headphone jack, either.
    • Google's plans for China, and China's plans for the world.
    • John Hancock won't sell you life insurance unless you strap on a Fitbit or Apple Watch.
    • Coding error scraps Subaru Ascent.
    • Salesforce's Mark Benioff buys Time magazine.
    • Freezing your credit report is now free thanks to a new law.

    Host: Leo Laporte

    Guests: Amy Webb and Mike Elgan

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  • The Tech Guy 1526

    The Tech Guy (Audio)

    The FBI put out a bulletin this week about a new direct deposit scam, Google Pixel 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9, how to change your DNS settings, recording TV over the air, will Android smartwatches eventually get the EKG feature that Apple introduced? Troubleshooting a wireless printer that isn't working with a new router, improving your Wi-Fi signal, best tablet for doing spreadsheets, Johnny Jet has advice for booking Thanksgiving travel, Chris Marquardt shows off photos from his trip to Norway, and more of your calls.

    Host: Rich DeMuro

    Guests: Johnny Jet and Dick DeBartolo

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  • 092318 - LaVidaEternaQueDios MelquisedecLisbet OfreceALosSimplesMortales - Parte 2 -(45 - 10m)
    Cristo es una Mujer

  • This Week in Enterprise Tech 309: Torch: AR/VR Design for the Masses

    This Week in Enterprise Tech (Audio)

    Torch3d: For designers, creating AR and VR apps isn't work solely reserved for game studios or billion-dollar brands. Companies of all sizes across many industries are starting to explore how they could put 3D, and especially AR, to use from improving e-commerce to saving money in manufacturing. Nearly every person Torch3d has surveyed reported they have paid client work in 3D, indicating a rapidly maturing market. Interviews by Torch3d suggest this is just the beginning.

    Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curt Franklin

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  • #253 Angela C. Walch: The Case for Treating Developers as Fiduciaries in Public Blockchains

    Support the show, consider donating: BTC: 1CD83r9EzFinDNWwmRW4ssgCbhsM5bxXwg ( BCC: 1M4dvWxjL5N9WniNtatKtxW7RcGV73TQTd ( ETH: 0x8cdb49ca5103Ce06717C4daBBFD4857183f50935 ( The expectation has become widespread that blockchains will end up underpinning major societal infrastructures. The narrative in the blockchain space is that networks are decentralized and trustless and thus regulation should not apply to networks directly. Legal scholar Angela C. Walch has been questioning terms like decentralization and trustlessness and argues that blockchains shift the need for trust rather than remove it. Her controversial ideas include that key developers of open-source project should be treated as fiduciaries and held accountable for the consequences of their work. Angela Walch is a professor of law at St Mary University School of Law and a Research Fellow at the Center for Blockchain at UCL. She is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School and has been doing academic work on legal issues surrounding public blockchains since 2013. Topics discussed in this episode: - How she became interested in Bitcoin and issues around the narratives of decentralization and trustlessness - How her work has been received in the blockchain space - The problematic lack of a clear definition of terms like trustless, immutable and decentralized - Why blockchains should be looked at as trust-shifting, not trustless - The definition and role of fiduciaries in society - Why blockchain developers could be considered fiduciaries - The practical implications and difficulties of regulating blockchain developers as fiduciaries - How the SEC's stance on blockchains connects with the question of developers being fiduciaries - Her personal views on the value and promise of blockchain tech Links mentioned in this episode: - Angela Walch: - Angela C. Walch - St. Mary's Law: - Angela Walch – Medium: - In Code(rs) We Trust: Software Developers as Fiduciaries in Public Blockchains: - The Path of the Blockchain Lexicon (and the Law): - Open-Source Operational Risk: Should Public Blockchains Serve as Financial Market Infrastructures?: - Coin-Operated Capitalism paper: - Journal of Financial Technology: - Introducing: The Journal of Financial Technology – Angela Walch – Medium: Sponsors: - Toptal: Simplify your hiring process & access the best blockchain talent
 – Get a $1,000 credit on your first hire - - Azure: Deploy enterprise-ready consortium blockchain networks that scale in just a few clicks - This episode is also available on : - - YouTube: - Souncloud: Watch or listen, Epicenter is available wherever you get your podcasts. Epicenter is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain, Sébastien Couture & Meher Roy.

  • Can Pandora stage a Sirius XM comeback?
    USA TODAY Talking Tech

    Pandora, one of the oldest music services, just got a $3.5 billion investment from satellite broadcaster Sirius XM. Can the company bounce back now, after years of struggles and losing money. Jefferson Graham offers his take on Talking Tech.

  • The iPhone XS Max as a camera--worth the hype?
    USA TODAY Talking Tech

    Jefferson Graham brought out the new iPhone XS Max for a camera phone shootout, comparing to last year's iPhone 8 Plus. How did the new one fare? Tune in to Talking Tech for the verdict.

  • #004 - We <3 Spider-Man
    Critical Cast

    No episódio dessa semana falamos sobre jogos memoráveis do Spider-Man, nos derretemos para o game mais recente do PlayStation 4 e refletimos sobre o lugar onde o Homem-Aranha guarda o celular. Você sabe onde? Obrigado a todos pela audiência. Quer ouvir o Critical Cast antes de todo mundo? Vire um apoiador em ou procure-nos no PicPay: @Criticalhits Música por: Artístico

  • Et Klipp fra Ukens Rad Crew Nights: «Double Ice»
    Rad Crew Podcast

    Rad Crew Nights er Rad Crew sin (og Norges lengst levende) premiumpodcast, et humoristisk show fra gjengen i Rad Crew, med eksklusive episoder for medlemmer helt siden 2014! For tilgang gå til eller

  • AntiCast 355 – Guilherme Boulos

    Neste programa, Ivan Mizanzuk entrevista Guilherme Boulos, candidato a presidência pelo PSOL. A conversa abordou temas como foco na agricultura familiar, segurança pública, mobilização social e democracia direta. >> 0h05min10seg Entrevista Boulos >> 0h49min06seg Música “Memories”, da banda curitibana Crowning Animals Links Vote em Crowning Animals no Band Academy Clipe “Memories”, do Crowning Animal Livros Boulos pela Ed. Boitempo “De que lado você está?” “Por que gritamos golpe?”