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  • Weltherrschaft XXIII: Gewonnen!
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Liebe Freunde, André, Jochen und Sebastian treten an, um euch den monatlichen Blick hinter die Kulissen ihres Projekts zu gewähren. Diesmal berichten André und Sebastian von der Verleihung des Podcast-Preises in Essen. Wir haben die Ergebnisse einer Umfrage unter unseren Hörern und wissen nun mehr darüber, wer ihr eigentlich seid – und wieso es schwierig ist, daraus allgemeingültige Schlüsse zu ziehen. Dann berichten wir von einer außerplanmäßigen, aber wohlverdienten Bonuszahlung, wir teasern neue Formate an und es gibt ein Gesundheitsupdate zu Jochens Terrier. Wir wünschen allen Zuhörern viel Spaß mit der Folge! P.S.: Die im Podcast angesprochene Bachelor-Arbeit über Faktoren, welche die Akzeptanz von Bezahlmodellen für Online-Content beeinflussen, findet ihr hier: Da gibt es ab Seite 63 auch die Ergebnisse der Umfrage, allerdings vermischt den Antworten der Stay-Forever-Community. Also nicht wundern, wenn ihr dort die von uns in der Sendung genannten Zahlen nicht wiederfindet.

  • 10. Tristan Ofield

    In this episode I'm joined by Tristan Ofield, one of the very early podcasters, and host of What's in the Box, which you'll find at

  • 085 – Qual visionário da tecnologia você seria?

    Você certamente tem um amigo que está sempre participando de quizzes no Facebook. Esses testes podem até parecer inocentes, mas quando pedem para se conectar à sua conta do Facebook, podem representar um perigo não apenas para o dono da conta, mas também para todos os seus amigos. Essa semana o Facebook se envolveu em um escândalo relacionado à venda de dados, que foram coletados através desses aplicativos de testes. A empresa Cambridge Analytica utilizou as informações de likes para manipular a opinião de milhões de pessoas, fazendo campanha política em favor de Donald Trump. A pessoa que coletou e vendeu esses dados não tinha a autorização do Facebook para fazer isso. Mas será que um simples parágrafo em um termo de uso é suficiente para proteger os dados de mais de dois bilhões de usuários? E o que é possível fazer com informações que aparentemente são tão triviais, como as coisas que você e seus amigos curtem no Facebook? Dá o play e vem com a gente! Participantes: Thiago Mobilon | Paulo Higa | Emerson Alecrim | Felipe Ventura Edição e sonorização: Paulo Barba Arte da capa: Ilustrata

  • 19.03 Digitund: Eestis on uus lollidelt raha ära võtmise teenus
    Raadio 1

    Rõõmustage, Eestis on olemas uus idufirma, mis pakub lollidelt raha ära võtmise teenust ja viib ühe õnneliku veel reisile ka. Kust läheb piir äri ja millegi muu vahelt? Saate teemad: Samsung S9 test: kui suur raha on sinu jaoks 300 eurot? Facebook, on siis andmeleke või mitte? Elisa 5G Amazon võib lähikuudel Eesti naaberriikidesse laieneda Eesti idufirma tahab sind viie euro eest lennutada Maldiividele, Kuubale ja tulevikus ka kosmosesse Sony toob turule võimsa taskusse mahtuva mobiilse projektori Mobiilimängude peale kulutatakse järjest rohkem raha Uus idufirma tahab su aju külmutada ja pakub kõigile surmavat surematuse teenust Muide, kõik meie Podcastid on nüüd Spotifys saadaval: Digitund, Restart ja uus autonduse Digitund ehk Autotund samadelt tegijatelt. Saates Henrik Roonemaa uudisteportaalist ja Meelis Väljamäe Euronicsist.

  • Tms 1453
    Scott Johnson 24

    Arbys done took my money! Brian gives you just the tip! Wrong sandwich! We all have drugs! That's a lot of crickets! Time Travel is real! Therapy Thursday and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

  • God of War: Interview With Cory Barlog

    An interview with Cory Barlog, director of Santa Monica Studio's bold new vision of God of War. Out April 20, 2018, only on PS4.

  • Runde #154 – Past Cure
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Past Cure ist der Debütitel des Hamburger Studios Phantom 8. Bei Release wurde die Mischung aus Action, Stealth und Horror allerdings stellenweise verrissen, wie wenige Titel sonst. Andre und Sebastian haben es gespielt und sprechen mit Studiogründer Simon Gerdesmann über das Spiel, über sein Entwicklerteam und darüber ob die harsche Kritik an Past Cure zuweilen einfach jedes Maß überstieg.

  • Bonus: Casey Neistat full interview
    The Vergecast

    Nilay talks one-on-one with Casey Neistat about a multitude of topics, including Beme, his view of YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms, sponsorship, and what he’s up to next. It’s exactly what you’d expect from Neistat, honest and direct.

    If you already listened to the edited version on The Vergecast this week, skip to 11:50.

  • 203: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan Part 2)
    Geek History Lesson

    Hal Jordan Green Lantern moves towards the Blackest Night in our second episode about the most famous Green Lantern from Earth!  Be careful! This podcast contains SPOILERS. So if you don't want to know what happens, then you should come back later. Read our first comic book mini-series -- JUPITER JET! Get $100 off the Leesa mattress by going to - Support the show on Patreon and listen to the Patreon exclusive Geek History Lesson EXTRA podcast! GET OUR RECOMMENDED READING from this episode here: Follow the show on TWITTER! Make sure to visit our Facebook fan page: You can find Ashley at and Jason at https://twitter.comJawiin. Thanks for showing up to class today. Class dismissed!

  • VIDEO GAMES CAUSE VIOLENCE? REALLY? - Dude Soup Podcast #165
  • Episode 199 - Adam Becker
    Talk Nerdy

    In this episode of Talk Nerdy, Cara is joined in studio by astrophysicist Dr. Adam Becker to talk about his new book, "What is Real? The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics." They talk about the important role philosophy plays in understanding the scientific process as well as what happens when you question one of the sacred cows of quantum physics, the Copenhagen interpretation. Follow Adam: @FreelanceAstro.

  • Tms 1452
    Scott Johnson 24

    How many hot wings can you eat in one sitting. Your DNA sucks so get out of my apartment. Don't use bees for that! Get the sandwich right, losers! That's a whole lot of florida man in one story! Tom's Tech Time! Recomentals and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

  • 22.03 Autotund: Uber surmas jalakäija, aga kumb süüdi oli?
    Raadio 1

    Sel nädalal juhtus teadaolevalt esimene liiklusõnnetus maailmas, kus isejuhtiv auto põhjustas jalakäija hukkumise. Kui palju sellest praeguseks teada on, kas me saame öelda, kumb oli süüdi ja kui palju see mõjutab isejuhtivate autode arengut? Saates veel: Volkswagen Arteon saab universaalkerega auto, ja mis siis? Eestlaste lemmik linnamaasturitest tulevad uued versioonid Sõiduproov seitsmekohalise Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace'iga. Kas kõigil Eesti inimestel peaks olema edaspidi seitsmekohaline auto? Kuidas oma Ford Sierrast kullaauk teha ehk mis on youngtimerid ja kas sul on ka mõni selline kuuri taga seismas? Saates Henrik Roonemaa, Autogeeniuse portaali toimetaja Tarmo Tähepõld ja Autolehe tegevtoimetaja Tõnu Korrol

  • #118 A Pirate In Search of a Judge
    Reply All

    Cayden has been getting dozens of emails from their internet provider that say "stop pirating TV shows or we'll cut off your internet!" Cayden has no idea what they are talking about. Alex decides to investigate.

  • GMG Show Ep. 177 - Monster's Inc on Kingdom Hearts, THQ Gets Saints Row Back!, The Game of L's Recap
    Grown Man Gaming (Video Game Podcast)
    Video Game Podcast

    GMG Show Ep. 177 - Monster's Inc on Kingdom Hearts, THQ Gets Saints Row Back!, The Game of L's Recap! SUBSCRIBE NOW! If you'd like to donate: Watch the FULL podcast here: Join our discord: Send fanmail and questions to [email protected] Podcast Members: KingDubThe7th WuZilla: Ricky: UTxDaProph3cy: Check Out the Homies: has the best gaming articles on the net. Weapon Wheel Podcast: Wanna Send Me Fanmail? xChaseMoney P.O Box 8399 Pittsburgh, PA 15218

  • Rebecca Parsons on Evolutionary Architecture
    O'Reilly Radar

    In this episode of the O’Reilly Programming Podcast, I talk with Rebecca Parsons, chief technology officer at ThoughtWorks. She will be leading the workshop Building Evolutionary Architectures Hands-On at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON), July 16-19, 2018, in Portland, Oregon. Parsons also is co-author (with Neal Ford and Patrick Kua) of the book Building Evolutionary Architectures.

  • Alex, Inc. 5: Alex And Matt, Inc.
    StartUp Podcast

    In honor of the release of the TV show Alex, Inc., we’re binge dropping episodes of StartUp—the podcast that started it all—along with brand-new after shows. These are the best episodes about Gimlet, as chosen by our listeners. The fifth is: Diversity Report. If you were to walk into Gimlet HQ in 2015, there’s something you’d notice right off the bat. It was very white. In this episode, Alex talks to his coworkers about diversity at Gimlet—what it means, and what the company can do to improve moving forward. In the after show, Alex and Matt give the back story on how it came to be that they now have some big names playing them on TV. (Yes that rhymes.)

  • #EGCast: Episode 183 - تاريخ أستوديو Level 5

    يمكنكم الإستماع للحلقة رقم 183 للبودكاست الأسبوعي #EGCast عبر: - الموقع الإلكتروني - برنامج/تطبيق الساوندكلاود SoundCloud على أجهزة iOS (الآيفون، آيباد ... إلخ) وأجهزة الأندرويد Android وأيضا على الآيتونز iTunes بودكاست لأجهزة iOS. - تطبيق فريق إكسترافاجيمنج المتواجد في App Store و Google Play المشاركين في الحلقة: - طــلال السعيــدي - @Talal_Alsaeedi - عبدالله الحســن - @Pickells - ماجــد العيــدي - @NintendoXArabia - سلطــان المزيعــل - @Master_Haar المقدمة مع فقرة أخر الإصدارات وآخر الألعاب التي لعبها الفريق - التوقيت: (من البداية) لعبة Super Hot VR لعبة Attack on Titan 2 لعبة Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom فقرة أبرز أخبار الأسبوع - التوقيت: (00:45:04) فقرة موضوع الحلقة "تاريخ أستوديو Level 5" بالإضافة لفقرة أسئلة ومشاركات المتابعين ومشاركاتهم - التوقيت: (01:38:16) نحب نشكر جميع الذين استمعوا للبودكاست وشاركوا بتعليقاتهم وأسئلتهم مع الفريق. يمكنكم كتابة تعليقاتكم ومشاركاتكم في قسم التعليقات في الأسفل. وشكراً لحسن استماعكم وبانتظار مشاركاتكم في الحلقة القادمة في الأسبوع القادم. لحن البداية والفواصل: اللعبة: Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom اسم اللحن: Main Theme لحن النهاية: اللعبة: Dark Cloud اسم اللحن: Main Theme

  • This Week in Google 449: Grackles, Nuthatches, and Swifts, Oh My!

    This Week in Google (Audio)

    Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Google News Initiative will fight fake journalism. Uber self-driving car not at fault for killing pedestrian. Congress passes SESTSA/FOSTA. The city that banned bitcoin mining.

    • Jeff's Number: Amazon is #2
    • Stacey's Thing: Alexa Kids Court
    • Leo's Tool: Samsung My BP Lab

    Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Stacey Higginbotham

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  • E167 - LIVE fra Tønsberg - mus, SMASH, true crime og koz
    Level BackUp

    Vi har tatt showet vårt på veien, og her får du opptaket fra vår LIVE-podcast fra Tønsberg og Færder bibliotek. Med spørsmål fra salen og sånt, men ellers en helt vanlig episode - denne gangen med ekstra fokus på mus i spill, på nyheten om Smash til Switch, rykter om et nytt Splinter Cell og mye, mye mer. God helg!