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  • The Co-Optional Podcast Ep. 201 ft. MathasGames & Sinvicta [strong language] - January 11th, 2018

    Support Julian, the podcast animator: Discuss the podcast on our official subreddit: Dodger and Jesse sit down with MathasGames and Sinvicta for this episode of the Co-Optional Podcast. Enjoy! Original air date: January 9th, 2018 --------- MathasGames Sinvicta Dodger Jesse Cox --------- Thanks for watching The Co-Optional Podcast! Follow TotalBiscuit on Twitter: Follow CynicalBrit on Twitter for video updates: Follow our Facebook page for announcements:

  • Podquisition Episode 164: Down To Clop

    There's too much sex for us to do, and clopping's just the start of it. Elsewhere, Laura's discovery of Battle Chef Brigade is energetic, Gav goes back to Nier, and Jim reminds us of the virtues of Rayman Legends. Oh and we had no idea what that Switch Direct was about!

  • Dude Soup Podcast #156
  • The LTBCOIN to POET Swap
    Let's Talk Bitcoin!

    Normal episodes of LTB will resume next week. Today, Adam reminds early listeners and content creators about the LTBCOIN to Poet swap and answer some common questions. You can swap your LTBCOIN at

  • AntiCast 320 – Trump: Fofoquinhas de Fogo e Fúria!

    Neste programa, Ivan Mizanzuk, Júlia Matos e Carapanã conversam sobre o livro “Fire and Fury”, do de Michael Wolf, um trabalho que busca expor uma série de fofocas sobre como é a administração Trump vista de dentro. Quais são os cabos de guerra que acontecem por lá? O Trump parece uma criança que não consegue se concentrar em nada? Quem de fato manda na Casa Branca? E será que o livro é confiável? >> 0h05min05seg Pauta principal Link Entrevista Michael Wolf para Stephen Colbert Thread do Carapanã sobre o livro Extras Campanhas de comediantes para vencerem o “Dishonest Media Awards” de Trump Tweet do Trump falando sobre essa “premiação” Stephen Colbert Trevor Noah Samantha Bee

  • Runde #145: Life is Strange – Before the Storm
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Im Jahre 1 des Pod besprachen wir zum ersten Mal einem Indie-Titel eine ganze Folge: Life is Strange. Jetzt kehren wir zurück nach Arcadia Bay, um das Prequel zu besprechen.

  • E158 - Grind-meditasjon, Dark Souls Remastered, spill-porno
    Level BackUp

    I ukens episode av spillpodcasten vår, rakk vi såvidt å få med oss en bunke hotte nyheter fra Nintendo - inkludert en ekstremt etterlengtet remastered-versjon av Dark Souls til Switch, PS4, Xbox One og PC. Vi er dessuten innom Xenoblades-pupper, meditasjon via repetetiv spill-grind, pangstart for Overwatch-esport i 2018 og mye mer. God helg!

  • CES 2018: Robots, TVs, and virtual assistants
    The Vergecast

    The Verge crew is on our way back home after a week at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018. This week, we did a ton of reporting, a ton of videos, and four live Circuit Breaker shows, so we did not have a lot of time to sit down and tape a full-length Vergecast. But what we did do was collect a bunch of audio recorded throughout the show — including clips from Circuit Breaker Live — to give you an idea of what it’s like to be at CES, and what kinds of things we saw this year.

    Enjoy, and we’ll see you next week.

    00:44 - Day -1

    03:14 - Day 0

    24:54 - Day 1

    45:30 - Day 2

    1:05:02 - Day 3

  • Podquisition Episode 163: Heavy Metal Lighthouse Siren

    The gang get ready to ROCK... on a lighthouse. Or something. Also, videogames!

  • Nintendo Direct sorpresa – #AtomixPodcast 198

    ¡Nuevo episodio de #AtomixPodcast! Acompaña al staff de Atomix como cada semana para informarte de manera amena y analítica de lo sucedido en la industria de los videojuegos. Después de todos los rumores al respecto, esta mañana se llevó a cabo un Mini Nintendo Direct en el cual, se dieron varios anuncios de bastante importancia para lo que será el futuro próximo del Nintendo Switch. Por supuesto, esta semana nos toca repasar todo lo que se dijo en el evento.

  • E788: News Roundtable! Jeff Bercovici Ryan Block: FB about-face, CES, Tesla 3, Thiel, Google
  • The New Screen Savers 139: CES 2018

    The New Screen Savers (MP3)

    On this episode of The New Screen Savers for Saturday, January 13, 2018, with Leo Laporte and Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ:

    • Padre is back from Vegas and the huge CES 2018 extravaganza and blackout. He talks about all the cool tech he saw and what the big theme of the show was. Plus, Scott Wilkinson reports on the home theater gear that caught his eye.
    • We meet Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder & CEO of, a company who has mapped the entire planet using three words for every three square meter parcel. Plus it was announced this week that Mercedes-Benz bought 10% of the company.
    • Jason Howell shows us how to free up space on our Android phone with Google's new file management app Files Go.
    • Megan Morrone reviews ten new iPhone X cases.
    • We talk about the scary ballistic missile false alarm in Hawaii, Facebook moving media companies from their timelines, Signal encryption coming to Skype, and why AT&T is dropping Huawei phones.

    Hosts: Leo Laporte and Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ

    Guests: Chris Sheldrick, Scott Wilkinson, Megan Morrone, and Jason Howell

    The New Screen Savers records live every Saturday at 3PM Pacific on Episodes are available for download and streaming later that evening at

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  • This Week in Tech 649: Aging in Place

    This Week in Tech (MP3)

    Florence Ion, Jason Hiner, and Larry Magid join Leo talk about CES and much more. Voice assistants are everywhere and IoT devices are getting smarter. Innovations in Sleep Tech that will improve your health. Elon Musk's Hyperloop is moving forward. Facebook is changing the Newsfeed feature and you might be shocked how. Some new brands might be popping up on Instagram feed and Stephen Colbert's app, Scripto, is being used by nearly everyone in late night new comedy.

    Host: Leo Laporte

    Guests: Florence Ion, Jason Hiner, and Larry Magid

    Download or subscribe to this show at

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  • Instance 511
    Scott Johnson 24

    Druid alts for no good reason. Tuesday is patch day. Unlock those races but know what you need to do. Should warcraft be free? How big is your classes unit? Your emails and loads more!

  • Backup before you pour tea over your laptop
    USA TODAY Talking Tech

    When even the wife of the #TalkingTech host ignores the backup reminders, you know it's time for another edition of Backup #101. Jefferson Graham offers several free, easy and quick tips.

  • a16z Podcast: Revisiting the Gene

    The complete sequencing of the human genome is one of the most powerful examples of technology and science in action: We've gone from needing $3 billion and over 13 years to read a single human genome to today, to where we can do that same amount of work for about $1,000 in roughly 2 days -- and the price will only continue to drop. But beyond pricing, what does understanding the gene -- and moving from the sequencing layer to the applications layer -- mean to us; what new questions arise now that we can sequence DNA quickly, reliably, and cheaply? This conversation -- with co-founder and CEO of Jungla Carlos Araya and co-founder and CEO of Freenome Gabe Otte, moderated by a16z General Partner Jorge Conde (based on a discussion that took place at a16z’s annual Summit in November 2017) -- takes a step back and considers all these questions. Every time a human genome sequence is completed, there are on the order of 3,000,000 new variants identified. So how do we think about interpreting all that data? Actionability? And how do we derive meaning from all this, for applications in the clinical space?

  • #217 Andrew Trask: OpenMined – A Decentralised Artificial Intelligence Platform

    Support the show, consider donating: BTC: 1CD83r9EzFinDNWwmRW4ssgCbhsM5bxXwg ( BCC: 1M4dvWxjL5N9WniNtatKtxW7RcGV73TQTd ( ETH: 0x8cdb49ca5103Ce06717C4daBBFD4857183f50935 ( A significant part of the modern digital economy, is underpinned by machine learning models that are trained to perform tasks such as facial recognition, content curation, health diagnostics etc. Data to train machine learning models is the essential commodity of this century - a sentiment captured by epithets such as ""Data is the new oil"". Today's dominant AI paradigm has companies focus their efforts on gathering data from their users in order to train models and monetise usage of the model. This model has many consequences such as loss of privacy for the user, consolidation of data in a handful of large companies, low access to data for startups and a fundamental impossibility of collecting sensitive data such as markers for depression. Our guest, Andrew Trask, is building OpenMined - a platform that merges cryptographic techniques such as homomorphic encryption and multi-party computation and blockchain technology to create the ability to train ML models with private user data. OpenMined will allow AI companies of the future to develop models, have them trained on user data without compromising user privacy, and incentivise users to train their model. We walk through the OpenMined vision and its potential impact on AI business models and AI safety Topics discussed in this episode: - Challenges with the current AI paradigm - OpenMined's vision to allow training of AI models with private user data - How OpenMined works under the hood - Applications enabled by OpenMined - Current state and OpenMined hackathon Links mentioned in this episode: - OpenMined hackathon: - OpenMined website: This episode is also available on : - - YouTube: - Souncloud: Watch or listen, Epicenter is available wherever you get your podcasts. Epicenter is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain, Sébastien Couture & Meher Roy.

  • Tms 1409
    Scott Johnson 24

    The dominos keep falling. Then I will have to TAKE THE URINAL! Harvey done got slapped. Are you ready for some Tacos? This christmas tree sucks. Therapy Thursday and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

  • Filmsack The Room
    Scott Johnson 24

    We FINALLY get around to watching The Room. And we do it in real time, so you can watch along with us! It just felt like the right way to do this one. The entire film is on Youtube for free so get on that business!

  • E787: One Concern CEO &disaster survivor Ahmad Wani built AI to predict earthquake impact&save lives