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  • Podquisition 236: The Electrical Entertaining Exposition

    In a bumper edition of the show we talk about all the highs and lows of E3 2019. From Final Fantasy VII to Cyberpunk to Bethesda's whole mess.

  • Checkpoint 5x11 - E3 2019

    Az IDDQD podcastjének 5x11-es (összesen 109.) adása Grathtel és Stökivel. Vendégek: Sasa és Mazur. Téma: a 2019-es E3 felhozatala. Kísérőposzt linkekkel:

  • a16z Podcast: AI and Your Doctor, Today and Tomorrow

    with Eric Topol (@EricTopol) and Vijay Pande (@vijaypande) Artificial intelligence is coming to the doctor’s office. In this episode, Dr. Eric Topol, cardiologist and chair of innovative medicine at Scripps Research, and a16z’s general partner on the Bio Fund Vijay Pande, have a conversation around Topol’s new book, Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again. What is the impact AI will have on how your doctor engages with you? On the nature of the doctor's visit as a whole? How will AI impact not just doctor-patient interactions, but diagnosis, prevention, prediction, medical education, and everything in between? Topol and Pande discuss how AI’s capabilities for deep phenotyping will shift our thinking from population health to understanding the medical health essence of you, how the industry might respond and the challenges in integrating and introducing the technology into today’s system—and ultimately, what that the doctor’s visit of the future might look like.

  • a16z Podcast: The Politics of Technology
    News & Politics

    with Tony Blair (@InstituteGC), Scott Kupor (@skupor), and Sonal Chokshi (@smc90) If the current pace of tech change is the 21st-century equivalent of the 19th-century Industrial Revolution — with its tremendous economic growth and lifestyle change — it means that even though it’s fundamentally empowering and enabling, there’s also lots of fears and misconceptions as well. That’s why, argues former U.K. prime minister Tony Blair (who now has an eponymous Institute for Global Change), we need to make sure that the changemakers — i.e., technologists, entrepreneurs, and quite frankly, any company that wields power — are in a structured dialogue with politicians. After all, the politician’s task, observes Blair, is “to be able to articulate to the people those changes and fit them into a policy framework that makes sense”. The concern is that if politicians don't understand new technologies, then "they'll fear it; and if they fear it, they'll try and stop it" -- and that's how we end up with pessimism and bad policy. Yet bad regulations often come from even the very best of intentions: Take for example the case of Dodd-Frank in the U.S., or more recently, GDPR in Europe -- which, ironically (but not surprisingly) served to entrench incumbent and large company interests over those of small-and-medium-sized businesses and startups. And would we have ever had the world wide web today if we hadn't had an environment of so-called "permissionless innovation", where government didn't decide up front how to regulate the internet? Could companies instead be more inclusive of stakeholders, not just shareholders, with better ESG (environment, social, governance)? Finally, how do we ensure a spirit of optimism and focusing on leading vs. lagging indicators about the future, while still being sensitive to short-term displacements, as with farmers during the Industrial Revolution? This hallway-style style episode of the a16z Podcast features Blair in conversation with Sonal Chokshi and a16z managing partner Scott Kupor -- who has a new book, just out, on Secrets of Sand Hill Road: Venture Capital and How to Get It, and also often engages with government legislators on behalf of startups. They delve into mindsets for engaging policymakers; touch briefly on topics such as autonomous cars, crypto, and education; and consider the question of how government itself and politicians too will need to change. One thing's for sure: The discussion today is global, beyond both sides of the Atlantic, given the flow of capital, people, and ideas across borders. So how do we make sure globalization works for the many... and not just for the few.  image credit: Benedict Macon-Cooney --- The views expressed here are those of the individual personnel quoted and are not the views of a16z or its affiliates. This content is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as legal, business, investment, or tax advice. Furthermore, this content is not directed at nor intended for use by any investors or prospective investors and may not under any circumstances be relied upon when making a decision to invest in any a16z funds. PLEASE SEE MORE HERE:

  • LTB#401 - The Tools and the Work (Part 2)
    Let's Talk Bitcoin!

    On Todays Episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin... Join Adam B. Levine, Stephanie Murphy & Andreas M. Antonopoulos for part two of our two-part discussion with bitcoin developers Sipa (Dr. Pieter Wuille) and Jonas Nick on Tapscript, batch verifiability, signature aggregation, OPSUCCESS, new ideas and more. Later, Adam and's Alex Gladstein sit down with Nigerian Bitcoin User Timi in the first of a new interview series focused on international perspectives, and what really matters. --- Support the Show! Sponsored by: Tip LTB:1FZGD64BA7B9GdwDhGGGF92amt9X6VH38K or Via the Lightning Network at LTB Episode T-shirts now available at http://LTBSHOW.COM --- Image Credit: Thanks for listening to this episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin, content for today's show was provided by Stephanie , Adam , Jonathan, Andreas, Sipa, Jonas, Alex and Ziya. This episode was edited by Dave and Adam. This episode featured music by Jared Rubens and Gurty Beats. Send questions or comments to [email protected]

  • Keanu, Halo, Zelda: Our E3 2019 Highlights - Dude Soup Podcast #230
  • #143 Permanent Record
    Reply All

    This week, the most humiliating, unfortunate and regrettable things on the internet that simply will not come down. Also: the father who scours the internet for lost memories.

  • a16z Podcast: 10+1 Lessons from Serial Entrepreneur Justin Kan

    Want actionable advice from a founder who has built multiple tech companies and has invested the time to be open, introspective, and transparent about lessons learned? In this episode (which originally aired as a YouTube video), a16z General Partner Andrew Chen (@@andrewchen) talks with Justin Kan (@justinkan). Justin is a repeat entrepreneur who co-founded Kiko Software (a Web 2.0 calendar that pre-dated Google Calendar by 4 years); (a lifecasting platform); (a live streaming platform for esports, music, and other creatives now part of Amazon); Socialcam; and now Atrium, a software-powered law firm for startups. Justin reflects on his journey and shares 10 + 1 lessons he’s learned: - The paradox of choice: choosing a focus - Tradeoffs between B2B versus B2C companies - Market risk vs execution risk - Fundraising strategy: go big or stay lean? - Managing the stress of being a startup CEO (again!) - Seeking out mentors, coaches, and peers for help - Intentionally designing a culture to avoid the pitfalls of “culture eating strategy” - Things he’s still doing in his latest startup—and things he’s doing very differently - Managing higher expectations - What he’s reading and listening to - Bonus: advice he’d give his 20-year old self ***** The views expressed here are those of the individual AH Capital Management, L.L.C. (“a16z”) personnel quoted and are not the views of a16z or its affiliates. Certain information contained in here has been obtained from third-party sources, including from portfolio companies of funds managed by a16z. While taken from sources believed to be reliable, a16z has not independently verified such information and makes no representations about the enduring accuracy of the information or its appropriateness for a given situation. This content is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as legal, business, investment, or tax advice. You should consult your own advisers as to those matters. References to any securities or digital assets are for illustrative purposes only, and do not constitute an investment recommendation or offer to provide investment advisory services. Furthermore, this content is not directed at nor intended for use by any investors or prospective investors, and may not under any circumstances be relied upon when making a decision to invest in any fund managed by a16z. (An offering to invest in an a16z fund will be made only by the private placement memorandum, subscription agreement, and other relevant documentation of any such fund and should be read in their entirety.) Any investments or portfolio companies mentioned, referred to, or described are not representative of all investments in vehicles managed by a16z, and there can be no assurance that the investments will be profitable or that other investments made in the future will have similar characteristics or results. A list of investments made by funds managed by Andreessen Horowitz (excluding investments and certain publicly traded cryptocurrencies/ digital assets for which the issuer has not provided permission for a16z to disclose publicly) is available at Charts and graphs provided within are for informational purposes solely and should not be relied upon when making any investment decision. Past performance is not indicative of future results. The content speaks only as of the date indicated. Any projections, estimates, forecasts, targets, prospects, and/or opinions expressed in these materials are subject to change without notice and may differ or be contrary to opinions expressed by others. Please see for additional important information.

  • Runde #219: Die E3 2019: Da braut sich was zusammen
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Alle Infos zur The-Pod-Livetour: Jetzt Backer werden: Die E3 ist vorbei, irgendwie fand sie keiner so richtig toll und ausgerechnet wir sagen: Moment, das war eine E3 mit extrem relevanten und folgenreichen Ankündigungen! Gut, nicht unbedingt was konkrete Spiele angeht. Aber: Was bedeutet die Flut von Abodiensten für unsere Spielezukunft? Wenn sich dieses Modell durchsetzt, was wird passieren und gibt es dann noch einen Weg zurück? Außerdem diskutieren wir die wenigen Infos zur nächsten Konsolengeneration und verhandeln, ob man eine E3 wirklich Spoilern kann. Timecodes: 00:00 - Einführung 10:13 - Gesamteindruck der E3 32:21 - Die neue Konsolengeneration 46:48 - Abomodelle und Streaming 01:29:01 - Kunden, Leaks und Fazit

  • AMD has GONE MAD... 64 Core Threadripper! - WAN Show June 14, 2019

    Save 10% at Ridge Wallet with offer code LTTJune at Buy three bags jerky and get one free on Savage Jerky at Check out Displate's metal posters at Get LTX 2019 Featuring DreamHack tickets NOW at Timestamps: (Courtesy of Julian Grieco) 0:10 - Luke in Asia and intro 0:55 - Joking around, writer interviews 2:40 - Changes with YouTube 20:50 - LINUS MIGHT PHASE HIMSELF OUT! 27:40 - Sponsor - Ridge Wallet 29:43 - Sponsor - Savage Jerky 31:02 - Sponsor - Displate 32:10 - 64 core Ryzen Threadripper rumor 41:00 - Xbox Scarlet announcement 49:03 - Xbox Game Pass for PC 58:58 - LTX 2019 1:02:36 - Free Geek Vancouver 1:04:42 - Super Chats 1:04:57 - Linus collaborating with Gavin from The Slow Mo Guys 1:09:20 - LTT merch store 1:20:08 - whoops... 1:20:14 - Outro

  • Podquisition 235: Judgment

    Early thoughts on Judgment, mockery of Todd Howard's nonsense, and Gav doing lovely singing. Also, we promise The Thrills will not be performing.

  • MacMagazine no Ar #326: iOS 12.3.2, valor do Mac Pro, morte do 3D Touch, novidades do iOS 13 e mais!

    A dupla Rafael Fischmann e Eduardo Marques está de volta para debater tudo de mais quente rolou nesta última semana no mundo Apple. No ar! [Edição: Eduardo Garcia]

  • Introducing Nice Try! Utopian
    The Vergecast

    Nice Try! is a new podcast from Curbed and the Vox Media Podcast Network that explores stories of people who have tried to design a better world, and what happens when those designs don't go according to plan. Season one, Utopian, follows Avery Trufelman on her quest to understand the perpetual search for the perfect place. Enjoy this special preview of the first episode, Jamestown: Utopian for Whom, and subscribe to Nice Try! for free in your favorite podcast app.

  • Google Pixel 4 confirmed and E3 gaming
    Android Authority

    Joe, Jonathan, and Sam Moore talk about Google's confirmed leak of the Pixel 4, E3, Xiaomi Mi Band 4, more E3 and Google Stadia. What is the future of mobile gaming? Recorded June 13, 2019 New! - Connect with us! Time codes 2:30 – Google confirms a render of the Pixel 4 7:40 – Xiaomi Mi Band 4 16:50 – HTC U19e better than Pixel 3a? 36:25 – E3 2019 and Google Stadia The Android Authority podcast is: Adam Doud - @DeadTechnology Jonathan Feist - @JFeist1 / @DroneRushcom Joe Hindy - @ThatJoeHindy Sam Moore - @iamsmoores Produced by Jonathan Feist, Hosted by Joe Hindy Check out the other podcasts in our network! The DGiT Daily podcastThe SoundGuys Podcast

  • E3 2019: Nintendo, Nostalgie-Releases und endlich eine altmodische Überraschung
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Liebe Freunde, jetzt haben wir es hinter uns: Die großen Werbeshows der Spielehersteller sind alle gelaufen und wir haben für euch hingeschaut. Und diesmal geht es vor allem um Nintendo – mit seinen plumpen Gags, seinen Retro-Releases, neuen Spielen und einer großen Überraschung. Außerdem: Konami springt auf einen Trend auf, wir haben Gewissheit über Final Fantasy 7 als unendliche Remake-Geschichte und AMD stellt neue Grafikkarten vor. Darüber sprechen heute André und Sebastian. Wir wünschen gute Unterhaltung! Timecodes: 00:00 - Nintendo: Remakes, Re-Releases, neue Titel 46:01 - Ein neues Zelda, PC Engine Mini, neue Infos zu FFVII, Technologie

  • E3 2019: Ein Hauch neue Xbox, ein bisschen Keanu Reeves und viel Rendertrailer
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Die E3 hat mit den Shows von Microsoft, Bethesda und Devolver einen ordentlichen Gang zugelegt und schüttete erneut ein Füllhorn an Neuankündigungen, Release-Updates und weiteren Neuigkeiten über uns aus. Andre und Sebastian haben sich für euch durch die Flut von Trailern und mal eben kurz vorgestellten neuen Xboxen gewühlt. Hier das filtrierte Destillat in Podcastform. Viel Vergnügen! Links 12 Minutes Gameplay-Trailer: Ori & The Will of the Wisps Gameplay-Trailer: Cyberpunk Rendertrailer mit Keanu Reeves: Bethesda Orion Vorstellung: Doom Eternal Gameplay: Blair Witch Trailer: Deathloop Rendertrailer: Ghostwire Tokyo Rendertrailer: Xbox Project Scarlett Ankündigung: Fall Guys Rendertrailer: Carrion Gameplay-Trailer: Timecodes: 02:12 - Microsoft 49:43 - Bethesda 01:20:35 - Devolver

  • 17.06 Digitund: Virtuaalreaalsuses toimus just läbimurre
    Geenius Raadio

    Tänases Digitunnis on külas virtuaalreaalsuse režissöör Rein Zobel, kellega rääkime uuest VR-peakomplektist Oculus Quest, mis on nii tehnilises mõttes kui hinna poolest läbimurdeline toode. Mis seisus kauaoodatud ja paljuhaibitud VR ja AR praegu üldse on? Kas nende aeg on lõpuks kätte jõudmas? Kas sul peaks VR endal ka kodus olema? Saate teemad: iPhone ja Pixel 4 lekked, kas neid ühendab see, et nad on väga koledad? Huawei lükkab volditava telefoni edasi ... ja valmistub üpris hirmsaks müüginumbrite kukkumiseks Bolt on Londonis tagasi ja koos paanikanupuga PlayStationi saab nüüd 30 euro eest Saatejuhid Henrik Roonemaa ja Gregor Sibold uudisteportaalist

  • 15.06 Restart: Miks telkod oma seriaale teevad ja milline on televisiooni tulevik?
    Geenius Raadio

    Restardis on külas Telia Eesti juhatuse liige Holger Haljand, kellega räägime pikemalt sellest, miks telkod, nende hulgas ka Telia, on hakanud oma teleseriaale tegema. Mida nad sellest ootavad? Kas nad tahavad ise telekanaliteks saada? Kas traditsioonilised kanalid nagu TV3 ja Kanal 2 peaks mures olema? Kuidas inimesed täna telerit vaatavad ja kuidas see tulevikus muutub? Saatejuht Henrik Roonemaa uudisteportaalist

  • The Co-Optional Podcast Ep. 250 ft. Sacriel

    Watch The Co-Optional Podcast live at on Tuesdays at 3pm ET. Genna, Dodger & Jesse are joined by Sacriel in this episode of the Co-Optional Podcast. Enjoy! Sacriel Jesse Cox Dodger Follow Me ☆Twitter - ☆Instagram - ☆Twitch - ☆Discord - ☆Reddit- FTC ☆This video is NOT sponsored. #CoOptionalPodcast #Sacriel #Sacriel42 #GennaBain #JesseCox #DexBonus

  • E3 2019: Noch mehr Abos, Remakes, Spiele und Releasetermine!
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Liebe Freunde, wir haben uns die Augen viereckig geschaut und gleich vier Spiel-Dauerwerbesendungen geschaut, damit ihr es nicht tun müsst. Ihr könnt natürlich. Aber ihr könnt uns auch einfach zuhören und unsere Eindrücke und Erkenntnisse aus den Pressekonferenzen von Ubisoft und Square Enix sowie der PC Gaming Show und dem UploadVR E3-Showcase erfahren. Und da haben wir so einiges zu berichten, einzuschätzen, zu befürchten und zu bemerken. Viel Spaß dabei! Timecodes: 01:48 - Ubisoft 41:15 - Square Enix 58:26 - Upload VR und ein Kessel Buntes