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  • Podquisition Episode 177: We're Now A PUBG Clone

    We mentioned frying pans too many times, now our podcast copied PUBG! Elsewhere, we chat about Extinction, Gav's Warframe experience, and more Pokemon shenanigans. Also, some silliness about a loose-lipped NIS boss!

  • The Co-Optional Podcast Ep. 213 ft. Dogbert of CreativeAssembly [strong language] - April 13th, 2018

    Support Julian, the podcast animator: Discuss the podcast on our official subreddit: TB, Dodger and Jesse sit down with James Given for this episode of the Co-Optional Podcast. Enjoy! Original air date: April 10th, 2018 Welcome 00:00:45 Woof 00:03:52 Progamers 00:05:37 Monster Prom 00:13:12 Extinction 00:13:40 PAX East 00:24:22 It's an SNK game, honest 00:30:21 My genre is full! 00:37:23 Battletech 00:38:26 Into the Breach 00:47:04 Minit 00:51:04 Batman: The Enemy Within 00:56:12 Galactic Frontline 01:03:37 Pacific Rim Mobile 01:11:13 Darkest Dungeon DLC 01:17:05 Rainbow 6 01:25:24 Far Cry 5 01:34:28 Total War: Thrones of Britannia 01:43:57 Radical Heights 01:51:15 Lootboxes 02:11:19 Releases 02:13:46 --------- James Given Dodger Jesse Cox --------- Thanks for watching The Co-Optional Podcast! Follow TotalBiscuit on Twitter: Follow CynicalBrit on Twitter for video updates: Follow our Facebook page for announcements:

  • Stream #1: Stream
  • AntiCast 332 – O dia que Lula se Entregou

    Neste programa, Ivan Mizanzuk, João Carvalho (Decrépitos) e Larissa Coutinho (Revolushow) discutem sobre a prisão de Lula, o tempo recorde da decisão de Moro e aproveitam para avaliar o que que o ex-presidente poderia ter feito enquanto estava no poder para hoje em dia não ser uma figura tão controversa na esquerda brasileira. Por sinal, o que será que o PT fará agora para as eleições (se ocorrerem, né)? >> 0h05min14seg Pauta principal Links Curso Storytelling ONLINE - 22 de Abril Foto de capa: Francisco Proner / Farpa Fotocoletivo

  • Runde #158: Großartige Kleinigkeiten - und was Bonnie Tyler damit zu tun hat
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Kaum ist Sebastian im Urlaub, tanzen die beiden Podcast-Gründer auf dem Tisch und sprechen bei (zu viel?) Bier über großartige Kleinigkeiten in Spielen. Von Render-Intros über Zeitlupen-Animationen bis hin zu Songs von Bonnie Tyler. Ja, Bonnie Tyler. Einfach weil wir können. Und weil es wichtig ist. Wer übrigens einen guten Exorzisten kennt, möge Jochen kontaktieren. Nach dem Hören der Folge wissen Sie auch, warum.

  • Detroit: Become Human — Kara Main Theme By Philip Sheppard

    Three themes from Detroit: Become Human, each focusing on one of the title's main characters, and each scored by a different composer. Detroit: Become Human launches May 25, 2018 on PS4.

  • a16z Podcast: What to Know about GDPR

    with Lisa Hawke (@ldhawke) and Steven Sinofsky (@stevesi) Given concern around data breaches, the EU Parliament finally passed GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) after four years of preparation and debate; it goes into enforcement on May 25, 2018. Though it originated in Europe, GDPR is a form of long-arm jurisdiction that affects many U.S. companies -- including most software startups, because data collection and user privacy touch so much of what they do. With EU regulators focusing most on transparency, GDPR affects everything from user interface design to engineering to legal contracts and more. That's why it's really about "privacy by design", argues former environmental scientist and lawyer Lisa Hawke, who spent most of her career in regulatory compliance in the oil industry and is now Vice President of Security and Compliance at a16z portfolio company Everlaw (she also serves as Vice Chair for Women in Security and Privacy). And it's also why, observes a16z board partner Steven Sinofsky, everyone -- from founders to product managers to engineers and others -- should think about privacy and data regulations (like GDPR, HIPAA, etc.) as a culture... not just as "compliance".  The two break down the basics all about GDPR in this episode of the a16z Podcast -- the why, the what, the how, the who -- including the easy things startups can immediately do, and on their own. In fact, GDPR may give startups an edge over bigger companies and open up opportunities, argue Hawke and Sinofsky; even with fewer resources, startups have more organizational flexibility, if they're willing to put in the work.  for links mentioned in this episode (and other resources), please go to:

  • LTB #363 Three Hitlers
    Let's Talk Bitcoin!

    On Today's Episode... Stephanie Murphy, Andreas Antonopoulos, Jonathan Mohan and Adam B. Levine sit down for their last recording before they're all on-stage together in Chicago.   This week, topics include:   MtGox Back From the Dead? Joking, but not Joking with Vitalik India's Latest Ban and what it could mean

  • The Spin-off Doctors: Far Cry 5 - Inside Eden's Gate

    Ubisoft does a wank for thirty minutes.

  • Facebook sucks Future AMD GPUs could be GREAT! -

    Share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with Synergy 2 at Buy the be quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU Cooler on Newegg: Buy the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU Cooler on Newegg: Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off YouTube: Forum: Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89. 00:07:20 - Facebook users aren't changing privacy settings, despite uproar 00:20:45 - AMD Navi 00:29:17 - Google-branded 4K Android TV dongle 00:34:17 - Floatplane 00:38:17 - Sponsor: Symless 00:39:59 - Sponsor: be quiet! 00:41:22 - Sponsor: Squarespace 00:42:25 - WebAuthn 00:51:24 - Ransomware asks you to play PUBG 00:43:11 - FTC staff warns companies that it is illegal to condition warranty coverage on the use of specified parts or services 00:54:37 - Apple's HomePod isn't the hot seller it wanted 01:03:33 - New Gmail confidential mode

  • Detroit: Become Human — Connor Main Theme By Nima Fakhrara

    Three themes from Detroit: Become Human, each focusing on one of the title's main characters, and each scored by a different composer. Detroit: Become Human launches May 25, 2018 on PS4.

  • a16z Podcast: When (and How) Biology Becomes Engineering

    Hypothesis, test, revise -- that's science. Engineering, however, doesn't quite go that way: You have parts you know and understand (like legos), and then you use those parts to design and build something (like bridges). But the key is that when science -- time-consuming, unpredictable, slow, expensive -- becomes more like engineering -- faster, more methodical/repeatable, cheaper -- you can do new things... or do them in better ways. This means engineering disciplines like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and materials science can carry over to biology. But the question is HOW does this happen, and how can entrepreneurs apply principles from one discipline to another? How does it affect a healthcare startup's go to market, and how might a shift like this affect the healthcare industry as a whole? Vijay Pande and Jorge Conde (general partners on our bio fund) reflect on all this and more in this hallway-style conversation episode of the a16z Podcast, which was originally recorded as a video.

  • Detroit: Become Human — Markus Main Theme By John Paesano

    Three themes from Detroit: Become Human, each focusing on one of the title's main characters, and each scored by a different composer. Detroit: Become Human launches May 25, 2018 on PS4.

  • #265. Regras e dilemas da publicidade infantil

    As crianças são consideradas sensíveis e vulneráveis à publicidade, dessa forma, o Brasil já proíbe a publicidade dirigida a crianças menores de 12 anos na Constituição, no Código de Defesa do Consumidor, no Estatuto da Criança e do Adolescente e na Resolução 163/2014 do Conanda (Conselho Nacional dos Direitos da Criança e do Adolescente). Ainda assim, existem muitas dúvidas e abusos continuam sendo cometidos em campanhas na TV e em todo um novo cenário que a transformação digital criou. No Braincast 265, Ju Wallauer, Cris Dias, Luiz Hygino, Alexandre Maron conversam com Livia Cattaruzzi, advogada do programa Criança e Consumo, do Instituto Alana, sobre o impacto da publicidade infantil nas famílias e no mercado. Quais são as regras que precisam ser obedecidas? Qual é o papel do CONAR? Como fica a produção de conteúdo? Como fiscalizar o que é feito no YouTube? > 4:40 Pauta principal > 1:05:00 Qual é a boa? --- TORNE-SE ASSINANTE DO BRAINCAST Patreon: Apoia-se: --- Críticas, comentários, sugestões para [email protected] ou nos comentários desse post. > Edição: Caio Corraini > Sound Design: Caco Teixeira > Arte da Capa: Johnny Brito

  • PLAYSTATION 5: WHAT WE WANT! - Dude Soup #169
  • Episode 203 - Lone Frank
    Talk Nerdy

    In this episode of Talk Nerdy, Cara is joined in studio by science journalist Dr. Lone Frank, author of "The Pleasure Shock: The Rise of Deep Brain Stimulation and Its Forgotten Inventor." They discuss her work as a Danish science communicator and her history in academic neurobiology.  Then, Lone tells Cara about the fascinating history of Robert G. Heath, the Tulane psychiatrist who performed controversial surgeries and experiments while developing a groundbreaking procedure that was surely ahead of its time. Follow Lone: @Lone_Frank.

  • 207: Top 5 Greatest Superman Villains
    Geek History Lesson

    Who are the greatest villains in Superman's rogues' gallery? Only Stupid Answers co-host DJ Wooldridge ( joins us for a super special discussion. Be careful! This podcast contains SPOILERS. So if you don't want to know what happens, then you should come back later. Read our first comic book mini-series -- JUPITER JET! Get $125 off the Leesa mattress by going to - Support the show on Patreon and listen to the Patreon exclusive Geek History Lesson EXTRA podcast! GET OUR RECOMMENDED READING from this episode here: Follow the show on TWITTER! Make sure to visit our Facebook fan page: You can find Ashley at and Jason at https://twitter.comJawiin. Thanks for showing up to class today. Class dismissed!

  • a16z Podcast: Players and Paths for Healthcare Startups

    The creation of each new biotechnology enables a tool, a therapy, or a diagnostic: a molecule, a protein, an app, a platform. And the process underneath isn't just complex in the science and engineering of it, but in the go to market. So who are the stakeholders in this process? In this podcast (which was originally recorded as a video), a16z bio fund general partners Jorge Conde and Vijay Pande give a quick hallway-conversation style overview on the stakeholders -- as well as what the process is from inception to approval to market; how do go-to-market models differ; and what should founders know at the beginning of each path.

  • E170 - God of War, Minit, Pokemon Go, SGDQ, Destiny 2
    Level BackUp

    I ukens episode av podcasten vår har Rune spilt gjennom God of War, og har svært mye på hjertet etter den opplevelsen. Karl er tilbake på Pokemon Go-kjøret og har i tillegg ting og tang å si om Fortnite, Frida har spilt indie-hiten Minit og vi tar en lang diskusjon om kommende filmer basert på spill. God helg, alle sammen!

  • 16.04 Digitund: Sony telefonid on tagasi, aga kellel neid vaja võiks olla?
    Raadio 1

    Uued Sony telefonid on kohal ja me teeme esmase ülevaate Sony Xperia XZ2 Compactist. Vahepeal oli Sonyl mõõnaperiood, aga kas ja miks peaks keegi praegu mõtlema Sony ostmise peale? Saate teemad: Sony XZ2 Compact Hans sõidab eestlaste uue elektrirattaga ja proovib meid veenda, et tegu on vajaliku tootega Eesti arvamusliidreid tabas Twitteris botilaviin, miks ja mis kuri kavatsus võib selle taga olla? Alar Kolk räägib sellest, mis Eestis ja kogu Euroopas tehnoloogia arengu alal valesti on ja mida tuleks kiiresti ette võtta, et seda olukorda parandada Saatejuhid Hans Lõugas ja Henrik Roonemaa uudisteportaalist