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  • Podquisition 260: Eggs

    Eggs are amazing, and they get their dues - AT LAST - in today's videogame podcast. Also, we talk about Shenmue 3, that new Darksiders game, and Conrad's true gamer trial.

  • The Spin-Off Doctors: Doom Annihilation

    JOAN DARK and HECTOR SAVAGE fight one expensive monster suit in an otherwise dreary missed opportunity. Everything is here for a hilariously bad b-movie, but sadly the pacing is just too dull.

  • Niptech 363 - Green Friday
  • How Can Public Blockchains Have Privacy? | LTB #420 Dec 8th 2019
    Let's Talk Bitcoin!

    On todays show, we discuss the idea of true privacy on public, transparent blockchains and some of the ways it's working (or not) in Bitcoin or related projects right now. Selected shownotes: - Are transparent blockchains fundamentally incompatible with privacy? - The decreasing cost of passive surveillance - Mimble Wimble research Attack, Developer Rebuttal, and Alternative - Gossip Protocols and The Stasi Model - Skin in the game with Proof of Work - The moving target and the arms race - Obscuring origins and game theory security - Breaking links with lightning - Adversarial relationships are economic in nature - Attacks in theory vs. practice - Security through obscurity? - Researchers, cryptographers and state level actors - And more... This episode was sponsored by and Todays discussion featured Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan and Adam B. Levine. This episode was edited by Jonas, and featured music by Jared Rubens and General Fuzz. Any questions, comments or suggestions? Email [email protected] Thanks for listening!

  • A PORT-LESS iPHONE?? - WAN Show Dec 6, 2019

    Save 10% at Ridge Wallet with offer code LINUS at Check out Seasonic's PRIME 850 W Titanium on Amazon (Paid Link) at Save 15% today with offer code LTT on Displate at Timestamps: (Courtesy of Prasoon Tiwari) 0:00:00: Pre-intro topic highlights 0:01:04: Intro 0:01:34: Apple's portless iPhone & Wireless tech discussion 0:07:56 : YouTube Stream Issues (YouTube interface issues) 0:12:49: Upcoming Projects (FiberOptics in house) 0:13:30: Back to portless iPhone 0:17:36: Paul's Hardware & Bitwit Charity Live Stream 0:18:13: TikTok limiting reach of particular groups of individuals + Linus leave to shoot video 0:22:49: Craigslist now has an App (Facebook Marketplace comparison) 0:25:01: Linus is back + Cragslist discussion continues 0:30:22: [SPONSOR] Ridge Wallet 0:31:12: [SPONSOR] Seasonic 0:32:31: [SPONSOR] Displate (LTT Displate?) 0:35:25: Pitaka (casemaker) claims UnboxTherpy ripped off their design 0:42:40: (Sub-topic) UnboxTherpy issuing Copyright claims against Pitaka + Linus' own experience 0:46:00: Back to UnboxTherpy-Pitaka topic 0:50:28: TL;DW for the UnboxTherpy-Pitaka topic 0:54:55: Linus checking if Pitaka ever contacting him 0:57:00: Intel brings back 22nm Haswell 0:58:41: Superchats + Linus' apologizes for Stream quality and issues 1:10:30: WAN Show ends

  • Game of Roles : Magic - Saison 3, Episode 6

    Dernier épisode de l'année ! La Compagnie Créance quitte Kniga et fait route vers le Sud, sur la Via Exploratoris en direction des mines de cristaux gérées par un membre de la famille Von Trunkel (pas le plus brillant, ce qui est un paradoxe quand on parle cristal de Kniga) Bonne écoute et à l'année prochaine ! ==== Ecoutez Game of Roles sur Apple Podcasts: Ecoutez Game of Roles sur n'importe quelle app de podcasts: Ecoutez Game of Roles sur Soundcloud: Rejoignez-nous : Sur le twitter de Qualiter : Sur le forum de Qualiter: Vous pouvez également soutenir Qualiter en participant à notre patreon :

  • 203: Melissa Kirsch
    Cool Tools
    Cool Tools Show

    Our guest this week is Melissa Kirsch. Melissa is the editor-in-chief of Lifehacker, as well as the author of The Girl's Guide and the co-host of Lifehacker's podcast, The Upgrade. For show notes visit:

  • Rainbow Siege Toxic Chat
    Unlimited Lives

    This week host TJ Del Reno talks about Rainbow Six Siege's toxic chat, Playstation Plus games, NES and SNES new/old Switch releases, a Starship Troopers game in 2020, and a brief discussion about the film!

  • TMS 1839: Josh Brolin's Rear End Game
    Scott Johnson 24

    What's the Cheapest Real Housewife I Can Get. Annihilus Is Wreckin' The Arby's, Dontcha Know! Aba Daba Dah! You know, Shaggy. No Sitting for Old Men. What's the Standing Rats Name? 80% Italian, 20% Butter. Brian's Still On Ratzenburger. Hashtag Backhole Sunburn. Who's The Best Sexual Couple? Ladysmith African American Mambazo. You can get Tootie AND Natalie for $150. This ASMR Is So Quiet! Tom's Tech Time! Reccomentals and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

  • Current Geek 241: Dick Van Dyke Show.
    Scott Johnson 24

    Welcome to Current Geek: Autopilot Edition. A chance for us to watch the pilot episode of a TV show and geek out about it! I'm Scott Johnson, he's Tom Merritt, and this week, we're talking about the Dick Van Dyke Show.

  • CORE 202: Top and Bottom Gary
    Scott Johnson 24

    We are ALL over the place tonight, but at the core of CORE, we get into the long hunt for the perfect action RPG. Also, RE3 is getting a remake treatment it seems. Diablo 4 is dropping Ancient Legendaries from the whiteboard. A new segment tonight too! Oh, and why Xcom2 is soooooo good still. We will all play Gloomhaven when it's ready. And a great call from a deep voice tonight.

  • Episode 678: Rumors, rumors, and more rumors

    We’re got iPhone rumors, iPad rumors, and MacBook Pro rumors. All this and more on this episode of the Macworld Podcast.

  • MacGadka #177 – Pasek do szachów

    Kilka słów o nowych iPhone'ach, Apple Watchu i tradycyjnie odrobina humoru, czyli o tym jakie sporty można uprawiać z nylonowym paskiem do zegarka. Jest też sporo o filmach, których kolejne odcinki co tydzień są publikowane w usłudze Apple TV+.

  • Rad Crew Neon S13E09: Reisebrev fra Tsjernobyl + intervju m/ Val Verde Broadcasting
    Rad Crew Podcast

    Rad Crew gjenganger Thomas Jørgensen har vært på "ferie" i Ukraina og tok seg dermed en liten svipptur innom Tjsernobyl. Selvfølgelig måtte vi høre mer om denne opplevelsen, så i denne episoden gir Thomas oss sitt reisebrev i podcastform. Du får høre om alt fra ville sjåfører og veilledende fartsgrenser på ukrainske veier til forlatte fornøyelsesparker og radioaktive hunder.  Vi serverer dere også et intervju med Richard Jackson fra Val Verde Broadcasting på Youtube, en filmkanal som lager mye bra innhold: Med: Jostein Hakestad, Are Ness Fløgstad, Stian Askeland, Thomas Jørgensen og Ida Doris Joynt. Gjest: Richard Jackson

  • Rad Crew S18E23: De beste Kickstarter-spillene hittil
    Rad Crew Podcast

    Vi tar en litt chill uke etter vår episke 12 timers-livestream for Amnesty forrige lørdag, for å snakke litt om de beste spillene som har kommet ut av Kickstarter-fenomenet hittil. Dette sånn apropos Shenmue 3, som nettopp kom ut til både positiv og ikke fullt så positiv omtale. Pluss! Ukas spillnyheter og spillutgivelser, baby. Med: Thomas Jørgensen, Are Ness Fløgstad, Stian Askeland, Jostein Hakestad Støtt oss: RSS: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:…ast/id415698006 Facebook: Discord: Rad Community:

  • Insider Stadia, Microsoft's new Password
    The Sams Report

    On this edition of the Sams Report, Microsoft's Upcoming Password manager explains some oddities, I've got a bit of insider Stadia info, and there's a lot of mobile announcements this week too.

  • #250 - Wer sind wir eigentlich?
    Daddel Gebabbel

    Daniel, Maik und Jan reden über sich und 250 Folgen. Natürlich auch über 25 Jahre PlayStation und einige Perlen aus der jüngsten Vergangenheit. Alles andere findet ihr in den Timecodes: Beginn - 00:13:50 Intro aka RE3, 7 und 8, A PLague Tale 2 und Metal Gear Solid - Der Film Thema 00:13:50 - 00:55:57 Wer sind wir eigentlich? News 00:55:57 - 01:06:56 25 Jahre PlayStation Spiele 01:06:56 - 01:43:37 Pokémon Schild 01:43:37 - 02:00:14 Shenmue II Remaster 02:00:14 - 02:29:28 Shenmue III 02:29:28 - 02:48:10 Blacksad: Under the Skin 02:48:10 - 03:00:22 Lost Ember 03:00:22 - 03:19:15 Feedback 03:19:15 - 03:22:26 Stapel der Schande Updates 03:22:26 - 03:29:35 Was habt ihr zuletzt gespielt? 03:29:35 - 03:45:06 Was habt ihr zuletzt gesehen? 03:45:06 - Ende Verabschiedung mit etwas Nachgespräch Wenn ihr uns unterstützen möchtet, ist hier der Link zu unserer amazon Wunschliste: Kontakt zu uns: Podcast Account auf... Twitter: @DaddelGebabbel Facebook: Daniel ( @vondergraaf | PSN: Von_Der_Graaf ) Maik ( @lixmo | PSN: Lixmo ) Jan ( @FischerMinus88 | PSN: Fischer-88 )

  • S2 Ep19: One of us just prevented a ransomware attack
    Naked Security

    Peter Mackenzie saved a casino from a ransomware attack, a children's smartwatch leaks location data and HPE warns of impending SSD disk doom. Host Anna Brading is joined by Peter Mackenzie, Paul Ducklin and Mark Stockley. Related articles: Children's smartwatch: SSD disk impending doom:

  • Ep.365 — Snapdragon and Sundar ft. Daniel Bader
    Android Police Podcast

    The Qualcomm Tech Summit brought us the Snapdragon 865 and there's been plenty to flow from that. Anyone who signs on with this chipset has to be on the 5G ship by default. Android Central managing editor Daniel Bader joins us to chat about how that will play out in places near and far and to discuss Alphabet's new chapter without Sergey Brin and Larry Page as its figureheads on this edition of the Android Police Podcast coming to you from Maui, Hawai'i. ---- Consider supporting Android Police live programming by subscribing to us on Twitch. Link your Amazon Prime account and subscribe for free every month: “11” “22” and “28” by HOME is licensed under CC BY 3.0

  • Ep.367 — OnePlus Litens Up
    Android Police Podcast

    Stadia’s holding steady. The Pixels are percolating. And the OnePlus X may become a thing again. Sort of. This is the Android Police Podcast. ---- Consider supporting Android Police live programming by subscribing to us on Twitch. Link your Amazon Prime account and subscribe for free every month: “11” “22” and “28” by HOME is licensed under CC BY 3.0