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  • Jon Rundell - Reality - Octopus Black
    Jon Rundell

  • Champas @ Sons Of Techno Meets Endzeit // 20.05.18 Bogen 2


  • Giuseppe Provenza - Underground (Original Mix) [minimalism Records]
    minimalism Records

    We are presenting our first preview for release called "Underground", that is coming from young talented artist Guissepe Provenza, who is coming from Italy. Date of release soon.

  • MOOD53 2. Stephan Hinz - Cosmic Collision - Jay Clarke Galactic Groove Remix
    Mood Records Official

    Hip-deep into the year of his life, Stephan Hinz continues to shell us with premium pedigree techno excursions. Following thundering dispatches on Suara and Pan-Pot's Second State Audio this year comes another superlative fast-lane collection on Nicole Moudaber's MOOD. Making sure his return dents the discog indelibly, he's provided three show-stopping jams tailored perfectly for Ibiza and the festival season. 'Cosmic Collision' is as cool as it sounds with its purring electroid bass, 'Conspiracies' spools percussively amid a weave of pranged-out icy atmospheres while 'Fearless' lives up to its name thanks to its powerfully insistent psy-tinged synth hook and rolling percussive beats that refuse to quit. And if three spanking new Hinz originals aren't quite enough, MOOD have also installed two immense revisions from Fabric resident Jay Clarke who's provided two takes on 'Cosmic Collision'; the Galactic Groove is a full-thrust 95-fuelled rocket that's galvanised with pumping energy while the 5am Saint mix pays homage to the last man standing with oceanic textures that warp with grainy harmonic hypnosis. Five examples of on-point contemporary techno MOOD style. It's not just Hinz who's having the year of his life. With music like this, we all are.

  • L.I.E.S. Podcast 52 -Justin Aulis Long at Midwest Freaks

    Ahead of his appearence at Tresor's 313 Movement party at Tangent Galley in Detroit later this month we present a new live mix by cult Chicago DJ, Justin Aulis Long. Longtime a fan favorite, this recording took place during the witching hours at Interdimensional Transmissions’ Midwest Freaks gathering in Detroit on March 17th 2018. Within the vast caverns of the smoky room, asymmetrical forms draped from the ceiling. They seemed †o feel confused between being paranormal life form and architecture. Towers of speakers hovered in the dark corners. Ferociously voicing their titanic presence, while making no apologies. Transmitting various alchemical equations, amalgamated by the selector. Uncanny lighting provided a psychedelic and mystical atmosphere. Calling attention to themselves, and then quickly vanishing into thin air. For many of us mutant kids, this is home.

  • PREMIERE: Two Thoughts - Ethnic (Original Mix) [Aftertech Records]
    Melodic Deep
    Melodic Deep

    Like the Tune? Click the [Repost] ? button so more people can hear it! Release date: 2018-06-03 Follow Aftertech Records: ► SC: ► FB Page: Follow Two Thoughts: ► SC: ► FB Page: Follow us and stay updated! ► ► ► ► Info, inquiries: [email protected] Release infos: Aftertech Records 31st release This Aftertunes is massive! Ten tracks with each their own unique sound. There are many new faces on this one, but yet they all scream Aftertech Records. We are very happy with this one and we are sure many of these tracks will be played all around the world. Another duo which is new in the game. But wow, they know how to make themselves an entrance! The way they manipulate their never-ending melody is remarkable. Somehow it is the same thing over and over again but yet it is different every moment. Together with the deep and growling bassline and smartly placed percussion, this is a wonderful creation by Two Thoughts!

  • A2 - Farrago - Risin' (Kobosil Apathy Remix) (LENSKE001) Snippet

    LENSKE’s first release by Farrago, “Risin”, comes packing high velocity punches, including a collaboration with Amelie Lens and a remix from Kobosil. The EP’s A side is packed near 12 minutes of crisp machine driven techno with Farrago’s rattling peak-time “The Riddler” being the first to puncture. The title track, “Risin”, will only be released as the Kobosil remix, a titanium tour of auditory horrors, which also borrows from the EP’s other tracks. Lens’ signature sultry vocal samples on the B side’s “Jealousy” draw the contours of a jaw grinding banger, while “Hidden Power” rounds out the release with a blaring dance floor siren encased in exquisitely unpredictable arrangement. Look for LENSKE001 “Risin” May 25th, 2018.

  • Octopus Podcast 263 - Hidden Empire Guest Mix

    Octopus Podcast Episode 263 Featuring a guest mix by Hidden Empire. @hiddenempire Listen to all Octopus releases here:

  • Funk'n Deep Podcast 190 - Steve Shaden
    Funk'n Deep Records

    Funk'n Deep Podcast 190 - Steve Shaden Tracklist 1. Lander B - Dora (Steve Shaden Remix)[Funk'n Deep] 2. Radio Slave - Grindhouse (Slam 'Drum' Mix) 3. Slam - Paradox (Original Mix) 4. Steve Shaden - Scramble (Original Mix) 5. Flug - Insects (Chord Mix) 6. Angy Kore, Steve Shaden - Got The Drop (Original Mix) 7. Slam - Like This (Original Mix) 8. Ben Techy - Inner Conflict (Original Mix) 9. Steve Shaden - Twenty Seconds (Original Mix) 10. Steve Shaden - Black Mantra (Original Mix) 11. Clouds - Duke Street Fleet (Original Mix) 12. Valerio Panizio - Rave Day (David Temessi Remix) 13. Steve Shaden - Andromeda (Original Mix) 14. Perc - Look What Your Love Has Done To Me (Original Mix) 15. Mike Opani - Eternal Life (Steve Shaden Remix) ---------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ @funkn-deep ----------------------------------------

  • .The YellowHeads @ Kaivohuone (Helsinki) [Part.1]
    The YellowHeads

    Facebook: Soundcloud: Reload Facebook: Reload Soundcloud: TRACKLIST: 001 Christian Smith & Victor Ruiz - The Runner (Original Mix) 002 Weska - And Then There Was You (Original Mix) 003 Agent Orange - Mean Street (Original Mix) 004 Felix Kröcher - You Don't Know But (Raul Mezcolanza Remix) 005 Marck D, Buitrago - No One Else (Skober Remix) 006 Konrad (italy) - Strange (Original Mix) 007 Mushroom Cake - You Can Do (Original Mix) 008 Edo Messina - Anxious (Original Mix) 009 Aitor Ronda - Mercury (Original Mix) 010 Black Roof - Physicist (Original Mix) 011 Francesco Miele - Undefined Love (Original Mix) 012 Parallel Ground - Yeah (Banubis Remix) 013 Matt Mus - Fierce (Original Mix) 014 Francesco Miele - Turnpike Lane (Giovanni Carozza Remix) 015 Massiva - Triangular (Original Mix) 016 Spartaque - Human Resources (Original Mix)

  • Noir Recommends 065 // Live from Rio de Janeiro

    Recorded live at Rio Me festival in Rio de Janeiro. To see pictures and videos from the shows please visit Instagram: For more info please visit: 01. Umek - Percussionix (Mix 1) - Intec
 02. K.A.L.I.L. and Any mello - Involved (Original Mix) - Noir Music
 03. Noir - Eruption (Original Mix) - Noir Music
 04. Spiros Kaloumenos - Stellar Evolution (Original Mix) - Alleanza 
05. Arjun Vagale - Ultrasharp (Original Mix) - Odd Recordings 
06. Noir - Bataille (Original Mix) - Tronic 
07. SAMA - TBA (Original Mix) - TBA 
08. Alias - NRG (Original Mix) - Drumcode 
09. Noir & Victor Ruiz - I Am ft Cari Golden (Original Mix) - Senso Sounds 
10. Thomas Schumacher - Unconfused (Original Mix) - Noir Music 
11. Marco Bailey - Revoltuion (Original Mix / Edited) - Materia 
12. Drumcomplex - Eyesight (Original Mix) - Off
 13. David Granha - TBA (Original Mix) - TBA The show is syndicated worldwide by Syndicast ( If you are interested in airing the show please register your radio station here:

  • Luca Gaeta - Self Control (Original Mix) [Tronic]
    Tronic Music

    Stream on Spotify: We welcome Luca Gaeta for his first release on Tronic! The talented, hard-working, and ambitious Italian delivered three tracks that showcase his style!

  • Electronic Elephant @ Sisyphos Wintergarten Closing 14.05.2018
    Electronic Elephant
    Tech House

    Hier gibt es die ersten knapp 3h von meinem Wintergarten Closing am Montag <3 Danach war leider das Aufnahmegerät voll, aber finde es eh schöner wenn nicht alles online ist ;)

  • Xavi Megolla - ILMT Podcast 003 (22.05.2018)

    ILMT - I LOVE MINIMAL TECHNO presenting 3rd Podcast with Xavi Megolla Biography: Inspired by the music of Barcelona, London and Ibiza...Xavi Megolla moves to London after some experiences in Barcelona clubs. PB Music School, August of 2011, really started everything there. Studied sound engineering for two years, and hanging out every weekend in clubs like Fabric, Ministry Of Sound and many more, I wake up inside him that I wanted to be part of something ... I spent 2 or 3 summers going and coming from Ibiza because I really felt that this was the place I wanted to be. The music ran inside me and I was really learning a lot of things and getting to know a lot of interesting people. After a few years of learning, in 2016 my first EP came out and with the support of great artists. Xavi Megolla, envolved in different projects into Scene of Electronic Music. It's getting more and more involved in techno sounds, thanks to the people I've met on the way. - Follow I LOVE MINIMAL TECHNO Website: Facebook: Instagram: SoundCloud: @iloveminimaltechno - Follow Xavi Megolla Facebook: Xavi Megolla: @xavimegolladj

  • Curated by DSH #087: Yogg
    Deep Space Helsinki

    Curated by DSH #087: Yogg Deep Space Helsinki guest mix show. Airing on FM and stream every Friday at 22.00 EEST (21.00 Berlin, 20.00 London). TRACKLIST: 1. Ryo Murakami - Stunning 2. Yogg & Pharaoh - OMPTI 3. Autechre - Foil 4. Stanislav Tolkachev - The Fridge 1 5. Pris - Dodeca (Blawan Remix) 6. Yogg & Pharaoh - Maurice (Forthcoming) 7. Ctrls - The Wave 8. Planetary Assault Systems - Flat Tire 9. Exium - Expect Nothing (Oscar Mulero Remix) 10. Kwartz - Theory Of Emptiness 11. Manni Dee - Nicotine Kisses 12. Codex Empire - Hamartia 13. Talker - Battle Standard (Regis Remix) 14. Reeko - A Bad Day 15. Yogg & Pharaoh - Untitled (Unreleased) 16. Headless Horseman - Cannonball 17. Female - Surrounded By Enemies 18. Jeff Mills - Reverting 19. Oscar Mulero - Lifes For Rent 20. Exium - Synchro 21. Yogg - Rassco (Forthcoming) 22. British Murder Boys - Be Like I Am 23. Pessimist - Peter Hitchens 24. Kaczmarek - IIIIIIIII (VSK Remix) 25. Function - Montage 26. 440ppm - Sintered Bauxite 27. Yogg & Pharaoh - The Neverending Gever 28. Alva Noto - Uni Mic B 29. Diagenetic Origin - The Awakening 30. Drexciya - Digital Tsunami

  • Laboratory Techno Podcast 001 by Phunk D
    Laboratory Techno
  • r.hz - hello strange podcast #325
    hello ▼ strange

    r.hz - [ ] + [ ] TL: Nae:Tek - Secure (R.Hz Remix) (Superordinate Dub Waves) R.Hz - Deep Ocean (Moira Audio Recordings) R.Hz - Amnesia (Superordinate Dub Waves) R.Hz - Anabiosis (Substak Rmx) (Superordinate Dub Waves) R.Hz - Sea (Deep Electronics) R.Hz - Nothern Wind (Toxic Recordings) R.Hz - Edge (Original Mix) (Askance Discs) R.Hz - Sound Everywhere (Moira Audio Recordings) R.Hz - Ray of Light (Ubertrend Records) R.Hz - Sky Researcher (Toxic Recordings) strange instagram - facebook - bandcamp - telegram - blog -


    Exclusive Podcast from for Trax Magazine ! Tracklist: 006 A1 (Original Mix) - ONYVAA [Passeport Records] Neurons (Original Mix) - Jon Hester [Rekids] Wave 1 (Orginal Mix) - Truncate [Truncate] Steady Pulse (Original Mix) - Jeroen Search [Figure] Esferica (Original Mix) - Robert S (PT) [Robert Limited] Warmed Up (Original Mix) - Philippe Petit [Involve Records] Foreign Drum Sequence 1 (Original Mix) - CNCPT [Modularz] Reflect (Original Mix) - KONTAL [Soma Records] Anthem (Re:Axis Remix) - Reglitz [ARTS Digital] Cloudy River (Original Mix) - Maxime Dangles [Skryptom Records] Reality Surpasses Fiction (Original Mix) - Nima Khak [Odd Even] 006 B2 (Original Mix) - ONYVAA [Passeport Records]

  • Sommertrack 2018 (Free Download)