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  • Reclaim Your City 296 | Andrejko & Subjected
    Reclaim Your City

    Reclaim Your City 296 | Andrejko & Subjected (Berlin) Anomity as a function, mystical without usual clichés. No hiding behind masks, no digging in the past, no techno purism, no strive for fame. SUBJECTED stands for distinctly deep, identifiable techno. Designed in the shadows, to be consumed in the darkness. A label. Music, and nothing more. For Andrejko diversity is spelled with weight, hardness and this matchless robust groove. Flows from the realm of STATTBAD, where his closing sets on Sunday morning were clearly an institution of the Berlin club in the heart of Wedding before it closed. It’s all about the vibe, the energy, the feeling. Subjected
 Resident Advisor:
 Booking: [email protected] Andrejko
 Resident Advisor: 
 Booking: [email protected]

  • Gregor Tresher @ Club Berlin, Cordoba, Argentina, 22.09.2018
    Gregor Tresher

    Gregor Tresher DJ-Set, recorded at Club Berlin, Cordoba, Argentina, 23.09.2018

  • B2. Farrago - Desperate Flourish
    A R T S

    𝐚𝐯𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐧𝐨𝐰 | Farrago created a name for himself in this short time taking back the real roots of techno and rave and putting them in a new context... we said new, not different. This is his 3rd record on the label, and this time he goes beyond the idea of reminiscing the past, “Hard Light” shows how the rave can be alive in everyone of us, and absolutely not changing the formula he gives us this beautiful feeling of being back in the past, while you dig in a record shop and you find something that hits you, in our past was that record that gave us memories. In this case the work of this record is almost double, the record itself reminisces the past, but gives good hope for the future of genuine rave music without compromises. Streaming: ▬ Buy the 12" Worldwide or in these online shops: Vinyl: - #ARTSRECORDS Digital: Written & produced By Farrago P+C 2018 Arts Ltd ® all rights reserved ARTS.

  • SP-X - Dystopian Lotus

    Out now on vinyl & digital release - Little is known about mysterious producer SP-X. After a string of quality releases on Komisch, Time To Express, and PROJEKTS, the Brussels-based artist has garnered a strong following for his rolling techno sound. The enigmatic producer now joins Matt Edwards’ Rekids Special Projects roster, following on from releases by DJ Spider, Jon Hester, DJ Deep, FBK and Dustin Zahn among others. An amalgamation of metallic hits, powerful drums and plucky arpeggios commence the package in ‘Dystopian Lotus’ before the fast paced ‘Breaths Of Separation’ offers a rumbling low-end, frenzied atmospherics and cosmic chords. ‘The Orbiter’ delivers distorted top lines and a thundering kick on the flip, backed by mysterious sirens and resonant synth blips until the package rounds off with ‘Desire Of Invisibility’, a high-octane finish with sharp, organic percussion and a vacillating sub alongside stereo delayed stabs.

  • Frenchcore District - The Mastery (Exode Radio)
    Hardcore / Frenchcore

    my set for Frenchcore District show on Exode Radio ! 3njoy :)

  • Felix Kröcher Radioshow - Episode 166
    Felix Kroecher
    782 @felix-kroecher

  • Striker - Dark Labyrinth [VDR008 - 04/10/18]

    Artist: Striker Name : Dark Labyrinth Album : Striker - Legacy of my Sacrifice [VDR008] Label : Violent Disorder Date : 04/10/18 --------------------------------------- Striker on web : Facebook : Soundcloud : Youtube : Discogs : Label Exode Records : Hardtunes : --------------------------------------- Violent Disorder Records on web: Facebook: Soundcloud : Bandcamp : --------------------------------------- Exode Records on Web ! Website : Exode Radio: Facebook : Soundcloud : Youtube : Twitter : Instagram : Mixcloud : Discogs : Bandcamp : Hardtunes : Exode Records contact: [email protected] --------------------------------------- Exode Records Copyright 2018

  • Under Black Helmet - Essential Patterns [RAWC1 | Premiere]

    premiere of "Essential Patterns" by @under-black-helmet taken from the compilation "RAW Compilation First Blood", released soon on @rawppl Compilation Details:

  • MSLP008 - Another Channel - (dub)excursion(s) (previews)
    Moonshine Recordings

    Little preview of the forthcoming Another Channel's LP '(dub) excursion (s)' Release date: 5 October 2018 Pre-order vinyl: Pre-order digital: Track-list: A1. Run Dub A2. Amir Dub A3. (Yes!) Badness A4. Ael Na Dub B1. Solid B2. Ethiopian Dub B3. Uranus B4. Run (Babe Roots remix) Pure, distilled Dub. Upholding Jamaica’s legacy as well as Germany’s unequivocally influential Dub Techno spirit, Moonshine Recordings proudly welcomes their next addition to the roster. On the controls for the 9th full-length album release, a true-to-the-roots, all-analogue musician: Another Channel. Having put himself on the map with releases on Soukah’s Blacksoil Records, Bristol’s Transient Audio as well as on Australian imprint Modern Hypnosis, it’s now time for the album release, we’ve all been waiting for. No computer involved as impeccable arrangements and analogue reverberations unfold. Live and direct in the original Dub mixing fashion, the Augsburg-based artist uniquely transports the sonic characteristics of Rhythm & Sound into the present time. Subtle vinyl crackles gently introducing meditative beats, ‘Run Dub’ sets the pace. Keen listeners find themselves embedded in lively echoes and reverbs, left to bask in smooth, sonic contemplation. Engineered to soothe the soul, timeless foundation sound. Intensified groove meets low-frequency pressure in ‘Amir Dub’ among haunting melodica fragments. ‘(Yes!) Badness’ unsheathes its off-kilter swing, vocal and foley samples musing in the distance - further showcasing Another Channel’s technical prowess. Heavy chord stabs and delicate overdrive counterpoint the immense scope of conjured space in ‘Ael Na Dub’, concluding a beautiful A-Side. Lush chords lure us to the flip-side - ‘Solid’ kicks off with a staccato bass-line in the midst of lavish white noise surges and minimal drums. Rooted in endless feedback trails, steadily kept in check. Previously teased, the mighty ‘Ethiopian Dub’ steps through in full glory, carried by militant drum motion and forceful low-end. On a more spacious excursion, ‘Uranus’ takes a brightly lit stroll through the analogue Dub universe, led on by Another Channel’s signature groove propulsion. Pointing back towards A-Side, prolific Dub proponent Babe Roots presents his musical qualities in a monumental remix of ‘Run’. Another Channel FB: SC: DC: Babe Roots FB: YT: SC: Moonshine Recordings FB: SC: TW:

  • Michael Klein - Boot Sequence
    Second State

    Beatport: Vinyl: Michael Klein - Snapshot LP [SNDST053] 1: Boot Sequence 2: Flashes In Your Eyes 3: Dismantled Structure 4: Them Psychos 5: Dirty Daddy 6: Drink Those 7: 100 8: Wall Licker 9: Glitter Bath 10: So Far To Go 11: Dissolving To say Michael Klein has been on a roll as of late would be a gross understatement. Besides being a man of many creative talents, Klein has been pushing his unique and undeniably infectious sound to the masses as a DJ and producer all while running his own BLK DRP imprint, his platform for releasing only his originals. With huge releases and remixes on Second State, Octopus and most recently Dense & Pika’s highly lauded Kneaded Pains label, Michael Klein is fully en route on his trajectory to solidifying himself among the industry's elite. So, to be the platform for him to present his debut album ’Snapshot’ is an honor for us here at Second State. Over the course of eleven stunning tracks, Klein flexes his proverbial muscles showcasing his prowess for top notch productions that reveal a mastermind of modern Techno. From the very start Klein exhibits a maturity most take decades to achieve. Aptly titled ‘Boot Sequence’ the album commences with a euphoric tinged, broken beat excursion into the vast spaces of sonic wonder, setting the stage for the array of dance floor destruction to come. ‘Flashes In Your Eyes’ takes the baton and subtly, yet forcefully dives into full fledged elation as percussion is used with minimum direction letting a growing acid line takethe lead. Following suit, yet adding a touch more drums, ‘Dismantled Structure’ ups the ante and delivers a high octane ride laying the ground work for ‘Them Psychos’, where Klein’s trademark grooves take center stage. With an acute attention to detail the album builds slowly, track by track, adding one more element or variation to continue the climatic ascension when ‘Dirty Daddy’ steps into focus relying heavily on crisp, reeling percussion and a sinister low end rumble creeping up the spine. Eloquently taking a turn mid album, ‘Drink Those’ dives down into dreamy territories where melody steps front and center before the track ‘100’ veers into darker enclaves with an ominous lead and hypnotic percussives. They say “patience is a virtue“ – and it couldn’t be more true as Klein has saved the peak time antics for this point in the LP with the monster cut ‘Wall Licker’, before the reverb heavy ‘Glitter Bath’ takes over with not much more than just an incredible groove where the drums do all the work. Nearing the end of the album, Klein takes it back to where it all began with the ethereal setting of malevolent aural display of broken rhythms and deep space sonics on ‘So Far To Go’. Finally closing the album, the absolutely gorgeous ambient trek into the etheron appropriately named ‘Dissolving’ leaves his mark with subtle yet powerful washes of aural shimmers and a warm embrace of plush emotions. With an absolutely timeless aesthetic, Michael Klein has delivered a monumental amalgamation of a debut album with ‘Snapshot’... and there is no doubt in his intentions: to create immortal orchestras of electronic artifacts. He took a valiant effort in its creation and fell nothing short of hitting the bullseye dead center. Dive in and experience the debut long player from Michael Klein now. You won’t be sorry. @michaelkleinberlin @secondstateaudio

  • Der GigAnt 1100 Follower Special (Sitte Offensiv,Hystric,Pille ,Reteid)
    DerGigAnt (T.T.R.)Support by Z❤H❤T❤R

    Danke an die Mich feiern Mich Supporten Hier zu den 1100 Ein Special Track viel Spass Dabei

  • Miss Monique - Mind Games Podcast 083 (Live, Radio Intense 13.09.2018).MP3
    Miss Monique
    Progressive House

    Booking: [email protected] Download: Tracklist: 1 Luke Garcia, Th3 Oth3r - Argul (Original Mix) [[MoBlack Records]] 2 The Organism - Pryde (Original Mix) [Monza Ibiza Records] 3 Dirty Doering - Dagga (Philipp Kempnich Remix) [Einmusika Recordings] 4 Carsten Halm - Mondlicht (Original Mix) [Monkey League] 5 Tube & Berger, Alegant - CURE (Tube & Berger's Dust Lines Rework) [ Kittball] 6 Stan Kolev - Ingeminate (Original Mix) [Outta Limits] 7 KAYSEN - Dynamo (Original Mix) [Dear Deer Records] 8 Paul Ursin, Unorthodox - The Oscillator (Original Mix) [NONSTOP] 9 Felix Bernhardt, Pappenheimer - Small Lights (Original Mix) [Traum] 10 Mayro - The Creator (Original Mix) [Renesanz] 11 Madtales, Mark Synth - Calling (Madtales Remix) [Technosforza]

  • Deep Space Helsinki - 18th September 2018
    Deep Space Helsinki

    18th September 2018 episode with Juho Kusti. TRACKLIST 1. Glos - There Are Certain I Can Never Say No To - Non Print 2. Svarog - Lightning - Affin 3. Neel - Vanadio - Token 4. Ymir - Mada In Saleh - 5. Kaspiann - Ahde - Planet Rhythm 6. Shkedul - Prasent - ALK 7. Desroi - Vaccine - Desroi 8. ALPI - End Of Matter - Southern Lights 9. Cirkle - Oblate Spheroid - Float 10. Abstract Man - Preception - 11. Deivach - Primitish - ATT Series 12. William Arist - Perr Six - Perceverancia 13. Joton - Solar Flare - DYAD 14. Ancient Methods - I Am Your New King feat. King Dude - Ancient Methods 15. Klara - Absolution (Anetha Remix) - Unum 16. Symmetrical Behaviour - Deformation Gradient - Soma 17. Marco Effe - Transient (Patrik Skoog Remix) - Tek Support 18. Slam - Antonym - Soma 19. Alfredo Mazzilli - Divinus - 20. Lag - Rutra - Elements 21. Dold - Express Route - Blue Hour 22. VII Circle - Dogma (Wrong Assessment Remix) - Rapid Eyed Movement 23. Lenson - Nice Town. I'll Take it - Revenge3 24. Kill Ref - Nitzer Huntes Disco-Milf - KR/LF 25. Noneoftheabove - Our Special Place - Elements 26. Sev Dah - Poljud - Proletarijat 27. Regal - Double Standard - Involve 28. JoeFarr - Last Of All - ARTS Thanks for listening!

  • Bloody Shelby & Convergence System - Skagen (Severin Su Remix)
    Plaisirs Sonores Records
    Melodic House & Techno

    Bloody Shelby : @bloodyshelbymusic Severin Su : @severinsu Connect with us on facebook : After releasing on Stil Vor Talent & Bar 25, Bloody Shelby delivers a quality EP with 3 original tracks on Plaisirs Sonores Records. The main title is a dancefloor killer with noisy arp and groovy bass. 'Skagen', a collaboration with his friend Convergence System is a trippy yet groovy track and 'Birch' is an exciting opening track. There's also 3 stunning remixes part of it. A very dreamy one by Renato (DE) on 'Birch', an uplifting one by Severin Su on 'Skagen', and a raw techno oriented reinterpretation on 'Birch' by Lossless. Mastering by Rob Small Artwork by Nathan Limoges Release Date : October 3rd, 2018 Tracklist : 1. Bloody Shelby - We The North (Original Mix) 2. Bloody Shelby - Birch (Original Mix) 3. Bloody Shelby & Convergence System - Skagen (Original Mix) 4. Bloody Shelby & Convergence System - Skagen (Severin Su Remix) 5. Bloody Shelby - Birch (Renato (DE) Remix) 6. Bloody Shelby - Birch (Losless Remix)

  • B3. Farrago - Sundance
    A R T S

    𝐚𝐯𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐧𝐨𝐰 | Farrago created a name for himself in this short time taking back the real roots of techno and rave and putting them in a new context... we said new, not different. This is his 3rd record on the label, and this time he goes beyond the idea of reminiscing the past, “Hard Light” shows how the rave can be alive in everyone of us, and absolutely not changing the formula he gives us this beautiful feeling of being back in the past, while you dig in a record shop and you find something that hits you, in our past was that record that gave us memories. In this case the work of this record is almost double, the record itself reminisces the past, but gives good hope for the future of genuine rave music without compromises. Streaming: ▬ Buy the 12" Worldwide or in these online shops: Vinyl: - #ARTSRECORDS Digital: Written & produced By Farrago P+C 2018 Arts Ltd ® all rights reserved ARTS.

  • Invite's Choice Podcast 507 - The Futurist

    The 507th Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite's Choice. This show with guest: The Futurist The Futurist is a dutch techno dj & producer based in Groningen. For over 10 years of dj’ing and producing, his music ranges from deep experimental to banging techno. Played along side highly respected international and national artists, this artist already made his mark in the dutch techno scene and is still growing. Current project is brand new techno event Magnetic, providing a platform for pure deep and solid techno artists. Past events like Beatt, Loaded, Bliep, Accelerator and IntimaTech proofed they have been valuable for the northern dutch techno scene. Representing the techno from back the days influenced by new and fresh electronic music creates high musical standards. Also his productions reflecting this idea in music. With a few releases on Concern Records this guy can’t wait to contribute in the international scene. Tracklist: 01 Misleading Structures - Terrains [Ocean Network] 02 Invite - Excitation [Invite's Choice Records] 03 The Futurist - Drone exploration sector BF-762 [not on label] 04 Edit Select & Antonio Ruscito - Opening [Edit Select Records] 05 Curve - Falling free (Aphex Twin remix) [Warp] 06 Filip Xavi - D-UI [Decoder Recordings] 07 Oisel - Replicante [Thema Digital Series] 08 Mike Storm - At Certain Points [Chronical Records] 09 Stefano Infusino - Pendulum [Aivazovsky Waves] 10 Singular Anomalies - Genetic Editing [Greta Recordings] 11 Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff - Hyperion [Delsin Records] 12 Robert Hood - Untitled Sketches [M-Plant] 13 Invite - Bisonspoor [Invite's Choice Records] 14 Alfredo Mazzilli - Enchanted Pathways [Edit-Select] 15 Hemka - Piranha Plant [Float Records] 16 The Advent - The Ark [Kombination Research] 17 Aiken - Singularity [Chronical] 18 CRVEL - VEO III [Falling Ethics] 19 Christian Gerlach - Naos [Lanthan Audio] 20 Deniro - Don Dino [TRIP Records] 21 Alessandro F. - Subliminations [Kobayashi] 22 The Futurist - Drifting away [not on label] 23 Oisel - Omicron [Float Records] 24 Mike Parker - GPH17B1 [Geophone] 25 Zadig - Dr. Fastofle [Invite's Choice Records] 26 Der Amethyst - SLA-561V (Eric Fetcher Remix) [SR-IE] 27 Miller & Keane - As The Orbit Fails [Radio Matrix] 28 Inigo Kennedy - Aching To Get Beneath [Asymmetric] 29 Savas Pascalidis - Networks [I/Y] 30 The Futurist - Sonar distance calculation [not on label] 31 Milton Bradley - The Path To Mathematical Truth [Do Not Resist The Beat!] 32 P‰r Grindvik - One Day [Stockholm LTD] More info about The Futurist: Next show my Choice will be: Amotik For all news, Invite's Choice and other stuff about Invite follow him on Facebook:

  • Premiere: Mediane - Spiritual Rave (Andre Crom Remix) [OFF Recordings]
    When We Dip

    'French duo Mediane make their OFF debut. Based in the french Techno-capital Paris, the duo impress with their deep and atmospheric style...' Read More: Follow: @andre-crom // @mediane // @off-recordings Connect: When We Dip on Spotify - YT >>> FB >>> IN >>> TW >>>

  • EMERALD 002_Remco Beekwilder - Public Resistance EP

    Remco Beekwilder returns on EMERALD with his Public Resistance EP. Using the most powerful instrument of us humans, he summons you to stand up and grab life by it's throat. Limited available high quality (140gm black 12") vinyl copy of EMERALD 002. Comes with additional stickers! A1. Remco Beekwilder - Public Resistance A2. Remco Beekwilder - Save The Night B1. Remco Beekwilder - Queensbridge Murderer B2. Remco Beekwilder - Eerie Waves All tracks written and produced by Remco Beekwilder Cat. EMERALD002 – All rights reserved © EMERALD 2018

  • Talismann | Boiler Room x Dekmantel Festival 2018

    ► Back for the first time since he supported Ben UFO and Dixon for us in 2015, Talismann – aka Makam – ready for action ► Subscribe to our YT channel:

  • Manifesto Raw Culture / Various Artist [KTRCELERI002]
    Ketra Records

    Manifesto Raw Culture is a techno project based in Naples / Italy founded by Mark Morris owner of Ketra Records too ; here releasing some of the artists mostly appreciated by the crew . Kita Mori - Get Out Of My House (Original Mix) Tolebham - Caremar (Original Mix) Gi Napoletano - Scrap Metal Rusty (Original Mix) Mode Regressiøn - Competent (Original Mix) Archivone - No More (Original Mix) Technorawcrew - Sircam (Original Mix) Poison Affair - Buried (Original Mix) Sola Contagio - Too Many Stress (Original Mix) Computer Numerical Control - 16 - 2(Original Mix) WarinD - Afterlife (Original Mix) Exsiderurgica - Nevrastenia(Original Mix) OCD - Regen (Original Mix) LOLITA - Agony In Anger (Forbidden Love Mix)