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  • [MOHDIGI226] Deadly Guns Ft. Livid - Decimate To Dust
    Deadly Guns

    Track: Deadly Guns ft. MC Livid - Decimate To Dust Label: Masters of Hardcore Catalogue: MOHDIGI226 Social Media: Email: [email protected]

  • Deadly Guns Feat. Livid - Decimate To Dust
    Masters of Hardcore

    OUT NOW: It's time for another adrenaline pumping release from Hardcore's deadliest weapon, Deadly Guns. This time, he's teamed up with MC Livid and together, they'll make sure you "Decimate to Dust!" Deadly Guns Feat. Livid - Decimate To Dust [MOHDIGI226] is OUT NOW on Masters of Hardcore. Get your dose of MOH: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: @mastersofhardcore Website: Official MOH merchandise: Stick to your GUNS: Facebook: Soundcloud: Youtube: Instagram: Connect with Livid: Facebook: Instagram:

  • ProvenHate - Meet Me In The Back
    Uptempo HC Channel
    Uptempo Hardcore

    Hardtunes :

  • Rafa Pineda - Parallel Reflections (Original Mix)

    Stay Tuned on FB > ♩ ♪ ♫ ∞ ♥ Follow 8day > @8day-montreal ↻ Our resident Rafa Pineda share this Techno track with you. 🎶🔊 Tune in and enjoy this quality WAV new free download. ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ Follow the artist > @rafa-pineda FB> ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ All 8day premieres: All 8day podcasts: All GrrreatCasts: All Free Download: Releases Out now on 8day's imprint! Stream on Spotify: Download for free on The Artist Union

    Deep House

    Get it on Beatport: February 16 mobilee197 - GHEIST "SYSYGY" SYSYGY Versus 2018 sees another new entry on mobilee from long time label friends GHEIST making their debut with a darker, slightly more twisted sound to ring in the new year. Familiar faces on the Berlin scene for years, the boys from GHEIST have merged the technical expertise and production skill honed during time as a successful band, with the spirit and energy found on the underground dance floors of our infamous city to create a live act that captures the best of both worlds. The productions value and stage presence of a live act, the energy and raw emotion of a DJ set. From their base at the legendary Riverside studios, GHEIST’s deep and emotive sound encapsulates the essence of the underground.

  • Rockaforte - Sundaze

    Preview - soon via @endlesslabel

  • Somnambulism
  • Live In Brno 9_22_17
    Russell E.L. Butler

    Hiiii, this was one of my absolute faaaaaavorite gigs from last year! Brno is real af! Shoutout the Czech crew and Snazzy! This was hour 1 of a 4 hours set (1 hour live, 1 hour b2b, 2 hours dj) :)

  • KDR057 - KD Music Radio - Kaiserdisco (Live at Artheater, Cologne, Germany)
    Kaiserdisco (OFFICIAL)

    01. Dykkon - After Ego (Original Mix) - Gynoid Audio 02. Petter B - Autonomous Overdrive (Original Mix) - Odd Recordings 03. Axel Karakasis - Monochrome (Original Mix) - Remain 04. Mattias Fridell - Physical Facts (Original Mix) - Gynoid Audio 05. Helmut Kraft - Inner Timer (Original Mix) - Gynoid Audio 06. Fractious - Urban Decay (Original Mix) - KD RAW 025 07. D-Deck - Shedir (Original Mix) - Alleanza 08. Flug - Control (Original Mix) - Jam 09. Torsten Kanzler - Midi Express (Kaiserdisco Remix) - Bush 10. Olivier Giacomotto - Bipolar Star (Victor Ruiz Remix) - Noir Music 11. Dj Hyperactive - Wide Open (Len Faki DJ Edit) - Figure 12. Kaiserdisco - Analog Birds (Original Mix) - KD RAW 024 13. The Southern - Default2 (Original Mix) - Rawthing KD Music Podcast: Soundcloud: iTunes:

  • Nico Tober - Deep Techno Podcast #23
    Deep Techno Sounds
    Deep Techno

    Deep Techno Podcast #23 presents Nico Tober from KataHaifisch! "Aus den tiefen des Zauberwaldes stieg ich empor. Die lebendige Natur, als auch die Zivilisation nur ein Katzensprung entfernt. Aus diesem Refugium heraus schalte und walte, gehe und lebe ich. Offen für das neue, vertraue ich auf alt bewährtes. Dieses Set ist das Ergebnis einer spontanen, aber wohl durchdachten Suche. Im Fokus steht eine klare Linie. Sie verläuft wie ein bunter Farbklecks auf Pergament Papier. Sammelt sich am unteren Rand und fügt sich restrukturiert wieder zusammen. Werft einen Blick auf den Kern meiner Selbst, denn Musik ist der Spiegel dieser Seele." Follow: @deeptechnosounds

  • Monument 152: Primal Code

    For this weeks podcast Primal Code have curated an hour of hypnotic rhythm and sound, with ethereal atmospheres and tinges of acid. Sit back and drift away.

  • #070: Purple Pash *live - Montagssorbet mit Laut & Luise
    Laut & Luise

    Für die Ewigwachgebliebenen zum Feierabendbier, für die Frühaufsteher als Seelenfutter zum Wochenbeginn: Montagssorbet mit Laut & Luise. Alles erlaubt, was gut tut und Gedanken kreisen lässt, nur der Name ist Programm: cremig, fluffig und ganz schön weich. Ganz schön lange Wochenenden brauchen ganz schön schöne Montage. Ganz schön dann auch, dass das nun jetzt nach all der Karnevalei gerad dieser ist. Noch besser schön, auch sowieso, dass das ganz unverhofft ein kleiner Kolibré beschert, ganz langsam und ganz liebenswert, nicht nur gebützt, sondern richtig reingeküsst: @PurplePash. Eine kleine große Premiere, denn alles von ihm selbst und vieles auch ganz neu. Man sagen: Dankeschön! (Intro: Tim | Foto: Julia Moebus)

  • On The 5th Day Podcast #051 - ASC
    On the 5th Day

    ** Podcast #51 – ASC (aka James Clements) ** James Clements, otherwise known as ASC is the man behind On the 5th Day podcast #51 and this, 5th Day friends, is something really really special! If you’re familiar with ASC then simply seeing the name will most likely get your heart racing, as you’ll have a fairly good idea of what’s in store. Here is a madly talented artist who perfectly personifies On the 5th Day – with an undeniable talent for capturing and communicating feeling through his music, injecting a multitude of heart and soul into an everlasting stream of consistently beautiful tracks across ambient, techno and beyond for near on 20 years. Yeh, that pretty much does it for us! Producing since 1997, with his earlier musical undertakings focused on drum’n’bass (for which he was a prolific producer for over a decade), ASC’s sound took a more ambient and experimental direction in the late 2000s, at which point he took a strong following of dedicated, open-minded admirers of the Clements originality with him, all hungry to see what would follow. What was to follow was some of the most original and impactful music to circulate the electronic world, melding together ASC’s earlier cross-genre musical influences as well as his ongoing inspirations, the sci-fi world included. The launch of ASC’s Auxiliary label in 2010, intended as a blue print for quality deep electronic music (soon after growing a few sub-labels) went onto become a pioneering platform for his sound, with Sam KDC bought on board to help bring the boundary pushing vision of the label to life. Today, the imprint does everything it says on the tin - providing an abundance of quality deep vibes to lock you in, with its latest release being a collection of sequences programmed, performed and recorded live by the man himself. If ambient is your thing, then ASC is 100% your man! Naturally drawn towards emotional, atmospheric sounds, ASC’s outputs in this field – including 7 stunning releases on the renowned Silent Season label – are scintillating and alluring, so much so that some of this music led him to work on both film and video game scores. The musical journey ASC has crafted for us here, largely formed of brand new, unheard material, is the perfect trip showcasing the heavier side of his sound, whilst still encompassing the more emotional, atmospheric techno he's known for. This is another super special addition to the stream and one we’ll wholeheartedly treasure for a long time to come. Thank you ASC! Support here: SoundCloud: Facebook: RA:

  • PREMIERE: Chris Child - Trip (Original Mix) [New Violence Records]
    ∞ ♥

    Stay Tuned on FB > ♩ ♪ ♫ ∞ ♥ Follow 8day > @8day-montreal ↻ 

Greek producer Chris Child is New Violence's newest recruit with the tasty Trip EP featuring 3 slices of expertly cut Tech warming you up on those dark winter nights. With releases on NONSTOP, Under No Illusion and Subliminal, Chris is already an established name in the Greek scene and will be dropping onto a lot more radars this year.
 ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ Follow the artist > @chrischild ☁️ ☁️ Follow the label > @newviolencerecords Kicking things off is the title track Trip, an infectious, percussive groove is complimented by laid back stabs and a sultry female vocal setting the tone for things to come. Next up is Rumble, a much more driving affair with twisted FX, trippy vocal hits and techno inspired stabs, this one is perfect for late night. Closing things is Vivrant. Taking things in an entirely different direction, this one is a disco-infused loopy wonder! Chris Child – Trip EP is released on New Violence on 19th February 2018 Tracklist: 1 - Trip (Original Mix) 2 - Rumble (Original Mix) 3 - Vivrant (Original Mix) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ All 8day premieres: All 8day podcasts: All GrrreatCasts: All Free Download: Releases Out now on 8day's imprint! Stream on Spotify:

  • JOBE - Orcus (Soul Button Remix)
    Ethereal Techno

    Subscribe to our Channel: LISTEN & BUY: BEATPORT: iTUNES: GOOGLE PLAY: AMAZON: STEYOYOKE SHOP: SPOTIFY: APPLE MUSIC: DEEZER: YOUTUBE: DJ FEEDBACKS: DOWNLOAD THE APP: iTunes: Google Play: Artist: V.A. Title: Family Affair Vol.7 Label: Steyoyoke Format: Digital Release Date: February 19th, 2018 Cover Art: Emmanuel Lafont Cat No: SYYK074 Steyoyoke is proud to present the 7th edition of our Family Affair series, featuring four outstanding remixes from Soul Button, Nick Devon, JOBE and Clawz SG. Opening the collection is Soul Button’s take on “Orcus”. Its breathtaking sounds create anticipation of an unfaithful atmosphere, absorbing the mind and drawing images of an army setting on an epic mission. Nick Devon’s reconstruction of “Indra” is dark and powerful. Its intensity and domination evokes feelings of continuous abduction to the sound of repetitive synths. Clawz SG adds his signature touch to Devon’s “Symbiose”. Determined rhythm, delicate melodies and soft kicks capture an illusionary dream of retaliating sounds that intertwines and drift into climactic synths. Last, but not the least is JOBE’s version of “Constellations”. Infinite sparks of sound over the baseline holds the listener captive in a trance while pleasant melodies nurse the consciousness into the vast universe. Sink into the artfully shaped soundscapes of Family Affair Vol.7 whilst we look forward to another exciting episode coming soon in 2018. TRACKLIST: 01. JOBE - Orcus (Soul Button Remix) 02. Soul Button - Indra (Nick Devon Remix) 03. Nick Devon - Symbiose (Clawz SG Remix) 04. Clawz SG - Constellations (JOBE Remix)

  • Township Rebellion - Jeden Tag ein Set Podcast 053
    Tech House

    # Jeden Tag ein Set Podcast 053 # by Township Rebellion Ihre Tracks fanden sich im vergangenen Jahr in zahlreichen DJ-Sets und so langsam aber sicher haben sich Township Rebellion zu einer festen Größe in der Technowelt gemausert. Mit ihrem hervorragenden und freshem Sound brachten sie neuen Wind in die Szene und zählen unweigerlich zu den Acts der Stunde. So schafften sie es unter anderem beim Faze Mag Poll unter die besten Produzenten 2017 und auf Koletzkis Label Stil vor Talent auf dem bereits ihre Erfolgsnummern wie „Charlotte“, „Aphrodite“ oder ihr Remix für Several Definitions erschien. Dass sie nicht nur im Studio, sondern auch an den Decks ordentlich was drauf haben, bewiesen Township Rebellion unter anderem bei der 5 Jahre Jeden Tag ein Set - Party im vergangenen Jahr. In Kürze besuchen uns die Jungs erneut und zwar am 2. März bei unserem Event im Harry Klein in München. Bis dahin wünschen wir euch jetzt jedoch erstmal viel Spaß mit ihrem neuen Podcast für Jeden Tag ein Set. Besucht uns auch auf Township Rebellion findet ihr unter @township-rebellion

  • LT Podcast 038 // Uchi
    Lobster Theremin

    Techno breakthrough artist Uchi takes the reigns for this week's LT Podcast. With her stunning debut release landing last year on Plangent Records and new releases coming up this year, the Berlin-based Venezuelan artist has chalked-up gigs in some of the most significant as De School, Output, Panorama Bar & Säule/Berghain. This set was recorded back at LUX in Lisbon, and is a taste of her versatile music profile; shifting from dark, deep & banging techno to more astral electro sounds and spinning out into a full night-club trip. >> @uchpuch


    JUNKIE KUT takes a visceral approach to industrial rebellion music, fusing hardcore punk rock & metal with speedcore, terror and underground rave music. Since its conception as a solo project in 2008 Junkie Kut has performed consistently throughout Europe, (predominately Germany, Holland and the UK) at hardcore/speedcore parties such as Noisekicks Terrordrang, Fuck Parade, Hardshock Festival, Fucking Bastards, Trash N Core, Earthquake etc. Other countries include, France, Latvia, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria and Australia. Junkie Kut released his first EP “The Manifesto Of The Electronic Zombie Cyborg Mafia” on Splatterkore Reck-ords in 2009. Shortly after came “Death To The Red Grave Army” on Splitterblast Records, then the first full length album “Terror, Rage & Liberty” was released on Splatterkore and DTRASH Records in 2010. Following the success of an extensive back catalogue of free downloads and 12” records, he released his commercial debut album in 2012 entitled, “T.H.E.Y (The Hierarchy Enslaving You)” which was distributed by Plastic Head Distribution and was hailed by Terrorizer Magazine in May 2012. At the end of 2013 JUNKIE KUT transformed into a full live band and released their REBIRTH EP for free online on 20th March 2014. After numerous shows, the band biodegraded and went in hibernation. In late 2016 JUNKIE KUT relaunched as a solo-project, going back to his roots of speedcore/terror destruction. After touring Australia, he released “Enter The Dreamtime” in January 2018. JUNKIE KUT is on tour solidly throughout 2018. The future is unwritten! There is no such thing as reality! Make it happen! Fuck The Ego Empire. We Are One!