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  • #149 - Song 16: Empire of Black & Gold
    The History of China

    To the north of Song China, sandwiched between Goryeo Korea and the invincible Liao Empire, a new force arises on the banks of the Black and Gold Rivers, that will shake the very foundations of All Under Heaven... Time Period Covered: 1099-1123 CE

  • Balancing Denial

    In this BONUS to our Immersive episode, “Risk,” we explore denial and how most of our lives involve a careful balance of denial to cope with risk. Cindy Gagnon shares her avalanche story to illustrate how denial can be very unexpected. And we hear from several scientists to explain our cognitive coping mechanisms. Are you balancing your denial correctly? Our website: Listen to us on the RadioPublic app to help support the show:!afa59 iTunes subscription: Facebook: Twitter: @qualiapod Buy and read Prof. Philip Fernbach’s Book, The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone:

  • Home Cooking with Food52
    Selected Shorts
  • A Tale Of Two Sheelas
    Documentary On One, RTÉ

    Some call it treasure hunting , many more would call it looting. During the 1980’s and 1990’s archeological treasures in Ireland including coins, gold and stone carvings were stolen, exported and traded by gangs operating mostly in the midlands of Ireland. Tim Desmond uncovers a story of archeological theft and international intrigue and how one man became a suspect in a theft that continues to cause mystery and mischief. In January 1990 a Sheela na Gig, a medieval stone carving featuring exposed female genitalia , was taken from the ruins of Kiltinan Church , near Fetherd in County Tipperary . A publicity campaign was organised to find the carving which was estimated to be worth millions and the story flashed around the world. A local archeology enthusiast Jim O’Connor was questioned by Gardai about the theft. Jim maintains he was innocent and offered to carve a replica to replace the missing Sheela na gig. Some time later, in the United States, an attempt was made by another Irish man to sell stolen carvings to the Burns Library at Boston College, an institution which hosts a large archive of Irish historical material. That case also received international attention and led to a sting by the FBI, with the assistance of the Garda Siochána to recover the stolen goods. But was the Kiltinan Sheela na Gig part of that haul? Tim Desmond follows the story of the Two Sheelas

  • Vous êtes bien chez Sophie (1/3)
    ARTE Radio

    Pour ne pas que les voix s’effacent, Sophie a gardé tous les messages du répondeur téléphonique de ses 20 ans. Des dizaines de cassettes audio, des centaines de messages qui racontent les années 90, les amis, les amours et le temps qui passe... Episode 1 Le répondeur téléphonique fait partie de ces inventions, comme le minitel ou le bi-bop, qui ont révolutionné la façon de vivre d’une génération. C’est d’ailleurs le tout premier objet acheté par Sophie pour meubler son tout premier studio, dans le quartier de la Bastille, à Paris, en 1989. Pour elle et pour sa bande de copains, cette machine est vite devenue la pierre angulaire de leur vie sociale. Mais pour Sophie, atteinte du "syndrome du sablier" qui ne veut pas que le temps s’écoule ni que les bons moment disparaissent, le répondeur a vite représenté beaucoup plus que tout ça… Enregistrements : 1989-1994, juin 18 - Mise en ondes & mix : Arnaud Forest - Texte, voix, réalisation : Sophie Simonot - Illustration : Quentin Faucompré

  • GBA Extra - Passion Projects @ The London Podcast Festival
    Getting Better Acquainted

    This Getting Better Acquainted Extra is a talk I gave as part of the Maker Sessions at the London Podcast Festival 2018 at King’s Place. The title of the talk was: Passion Projects The blurb was: For better or worse, Dave Pickering has been working on passion projects since he can remember. In 2008, he wrote a drama series for a friend, which was nominated for a Sony Radio Award in 2009. He’s made podcasts in a variety of genres at the same time as working full time jobs and part time jobs, and for the last 4 years, around the paid freelance work that the passion projects have just about generated for him. His passion projects have won podcast awards, been recommended by the Guardian, Time Out and the Financial Times and have been featured on Radio 4, Radio 5 Live, Cbeebies Radio and Resonance FM. In this workshop, Dave will explore why you should follow your passions, why you should definitely not follow your passions, and how to find the perseverance to keep following your passions when no one else seems to be interested in them. Thanks to Martin Zaltz Austwick and Zoe Jeyes for asking me to do it. My Passions: Getting Better Acquainted: The Family Tree: Mansplaining Masculinity: What About the Men? Mansplaining Masculinity: Spark London: Stand Up Tragedy: Some things mentioned (tweet me at @goosefat101 if I’ve missed stuff as I’ve just moved house so haven’t given this the time I normally would): The Boy Who Hasn’t Lived:http:// Answer Me This: The Allusionist: Helen Zaltzman: Griefcast with Cariad Lloyd Where Shall We Begin? With Esther Perel: WTF with Marc Maron: http:// Richard Herring: FAKE FRIENDS EPISODE TWO: parasocial hel1 by StrucciMovies: Four Thought: Liberating Men: Liberating Men: In Pod We Trust: Welcome to Podland: Help more people get better acquainted. If you like what you hear why not write an iTunes review? Follow @GBApodcast on Twitter. Like Getting Better Acquainted on facebook. Tell your friends. Spread the word!

  • HBM101: Much Corruption
    Here Be Monsters

    Jeff Emtman finds himself distracted by dragons and their ilk as he kayaks with one of the world’s hairiest people. [[ Full description at ]]

  • Laisse pas traîner ton 06
    ARTE Radio

    Une semaine après la rentrée, Livo tue des vieux et vérifie si les lycéens savent qui les spamme par SMS (spoiler : c'est Laurent Wauquiez, Président de région et chef des Républicains). En prime, il offre une éolienne individuelle pour sauver le climat aux 10 premiers qui s'abonnent au podcast. Dépêche (2) : Laisse pas traîner ton 06 Chaque mardi, depuis sa piaule lyonnaise, Livo découpe les journaux avec son micro. Enregistrements : 8 septembre 18 - Mixage : Samuel Hirsch - Réalisation : Olivier Minot - Illustration : Robin Renard

  • "Moon" by Zach Goldberg

    as silent and holy as an empty church. a polished row of pews. you, moon in the sky, how do you do it? your one-handed gravity holding still the earth. astral magic trick, you newly christened old god. every family’s forgotten dance is a scar on your surface. memory like a bear trap. worldfodder magnet. wise old sledgehammer once smashed through our orbit longways. we were just a pie cooling on the galactic windowsill. now we say Light & mean your face, stretched our whole lives and once reached your shadow. pockmarked queen of all ships. all flags. can’t sing a note of worship if it doesn’t include a word of pain. the night sky’s opening bell and serene last call, nursing your craters like old wounds nursing your craters like children. your face held high and regal through eons of the same steady bruise and somehow you arrive to us with a bouquet of escape of routes. i have so much to learn from you, and not just about physics. how long did it take you to learn such luminescent confidence? your brilliant backlit halo, the way you just float and move everything, shine your own ligaments to dust. when people say they love each other to the You and back, is it about distance or about damage? about some man’s lonely footprint? and what do we know about damage next to you, anyway? all our blood clots thick with time but you have no winds to whisper your name. sometimes the healing does not rush through you. prehistoric ocean or otherwise. there are no channels you didn’t cut yourself. no way to say Over in the dead space. no one there to hear it but a silent star. and a billion other stars. ————————————– Zachary Goldberg called us from Oakland, CA. SUPPORT US ON PATREON:

  • Climate Change & Sacrifice Zones (Encore)
    Making Contact
    News & Politics

    Like this program? Please show us the love. Click here and support our non-profit journalism. Thanks! Since 2003 a rash of proposals have surfaced in communities throughout the Northwest to export vast amounts of fossil fuels to Asian markets via Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. If these plans go through the Northwest would become home to the largest oil terminal in North America, the largest coal export facility in North America, and the largest methanol refinery in the world. This week we present Part One of Sacrifice Zones by Barbara Bernstein. It’s the first in a two-part series on the pressure to transform a region of iconic landscapes and environmental stewardship into a global center for shipping fossil fuels. Bernstein investigates how proposals for petrochemical development in the Pacific Northwest threatens the region’s core cultural, social, and environmental values. Photo Credit: Paloma Ayala

  • Un podcast à soi (n°10) : Ainsi soient-elles
    ARTE Radio

    En lisant les versets misogynes du Coran, de la Bible et de la Torah, en écoutant les discours haineux de certaines imams, prêtres ou rabbins ou les paroles homophobes du pape, en constatant la responsabilité des religions dans les violences faites aux femmes... de nombreuses féministes estiment qu'il est impossible de concilier féminisme et religion. D'autres, au contraire, refusent de choisir entre leur foi et leurs combats pour les droits des femmes. Elles décident de lutter de l'intérieur pour « dépatriarcaliser » les croyances et les pratiques. Comment être féministe tout en étant croyante, pratiquante ? Quelles sont les luttes des féministes religieuses ? Comment vivent-elles ? Que se réapproprient-elles ? Pourquoi, jusqu'où ? Une féministe musulmane, une femme rabbin et une bonne soeur lesbienne racontent leurs engagements dans ce 10ème épisode d'Un podcast à soi. Avec : Faustine, Marie et Anna Delphine Horwilleur, rabbin au Mouvement Juif Libéral de France. Malika Hamidi, féministe musulmane et sociologue. Anne Soupat, fondatrice du Comité de la jupe. Lectures : « Qu'est-ce qu'un juif dans la solitude ? » de Adrienne Rich « Les Guérillères » et « Le corps lesbien » de Monique Wittig « Ma petite Mosquée » « Mon corps n'est pas votre champs de bataille » « Poussière de voyageur » de Mohja Kahf Chanson : Remix de « C'est la faute à Eve » d'Anne Sylvestre Pour aller plus loin : « Un féminisme musulman, et pourquoi pas ? Malika Hamidi « En tenue d'Eve. Masculin, Féminin, Pudeur . Delphine Horvilleur « Dieu aime t il les femmes ? » Anne Soupa « Anatomie de l'oppression » Inna Shevchenko et Pauline Hillier Association « Lallab » Association « Musawah » Association « David et Jonathan » « Le pouvoir du genre, Laïcité et religions » Florence Rochefort Les travaux de Béatrice de Gasquet sur les religions et le féminisme : Remerciements : Michelle Drouault, Aurélie, Anne-Joëlle Philippart, Bouchra, Sarah et Fatima, de l'association Lallab, Tatiana et Myriam Levain, Magali Calise, Isabelle Cambourakis, Sylvie Bienaimé Enregistrements : juin 2018 - Prise de son, montage, textes et voix : Charlotte Bienaimé - Réalisation et musique originale : Samuel Hirsch - Accompagnement éditorial : Fanny Essiye - Lectures : Estelle Clément Béalem - Illustrations : Anna Wanda Gogusey - Traductions Mohja Kahf : Oliv Zuretti, Meghan McNealy, Sylvie Bienaimé

  • "Invitation" by Tria Wood

    When are you going to move closer? The space aches between us. It invents its own language. The jagged edge of the ocean paints the sand dark, retreats into its own swollen urge, arcs forward to tease the shore with the inexorable inevitable that drives my hands into the unwritten dark to pull the tide of you over me. Drown me, roll me against you. Make me your pearl. ————————————– Tria Wood called us from Houston, TX. SUPPORT US ON PATREON:

  • Afl. 171 Familie duurt het langst: Mustafa Dunmez
    Echt Gebeurd

    Mustafa Dunmez laat zich overhalen tot een blind date.

  • S04 E04 - What to do when your friends & family aren't supportive of your relationship

    What do you do if your friends (or your partner's friends) are having a negative effect on your relationship? How can you respond if they're bringing you down, talking bad about your partner, or marriage in general? Hopefully this episode is relevant and helpful if you’re in that situation.

  • "200 Words About Airports" by Emryse Geye

    I. I fall in love every time I fly. Leaving Dallas: the medical student wearing headphones and a full headscarf just to forget her be-planed predicament. Above Tucson: the sorority sister with the strawberry hair whose father is waiting at the baggage claim; they leave, arms over shoulders over arms. In Denver. The woman in security: her bright eyes contradict the softening skin on her hands like Kleenex, like my mother’s. I desperately want to be travelling away from here with someone, with one of these walkabout-women at my side on a midnight-plane to anywhere: companionable silence, holding hands in anticipation. II. My parents call from twelve-and-a-half hours in the past to tell me that when they dropped me off for my flight to Seoul on the way out— they saw a woman striding confidently through the winding Sea-Tac security, carrying what they were sure was her whole life on her back, Emryse. She was going off somewhere. On her next adventure. I like to imagine her lived-in day-pack, her tried-and-tested shoes; her threadbare smile. I like to think she was happy because they told me they knew that would be me, one day, and they told me she had been alone. ————————————– Emryse Geye called us from Portland, OR. SUPPORT US ON PATREON:

  • L'ami des gibbons
    ARTE Radio

    Passionné depuis l'enfance par la nature et les grands singes, "Chanee" s'exile à 18 ans en Indonésie. Là le jeune Français vit une vie d'aventurier-écolo, se marie et adopte son nouveau pays. Devenu Indonésien, il créé le premier programme de sauvegarde des gibbons à Bornéo. Dans une magnifique balade sonore au milieu des grands singes, Chanee explique comment l'achat de terrains par l'association Kalaweit* est devenu la seule façon efficace de protéger la forêt contre son exploitation abusive. Et pourquoi "l'huile de palme responsable" n'est qu'une illusion pour les ONG et les fabriquants de pâtes à tartiner... A l'instar d'Aliette Jamart avec les chimpanzés du Congo, ou d'Hélène Collongues avec les singes laineux du Pérou, l'engagement personnel de Chanee est devenu un moteur concret de conservation locale et de prise de conscience globale. Rodolphe Alexis l'a suivi à "Kalaweit Supayang" le deuxième site de l'association, à la fois réserve forestière et centre de conservation, sur l'île de Sumatra-est. * Enregistrements : juillet 17 - Mise en ondes & mix : Charlie Marcelet - Réalisation : Rodolphe Alexis - Photo : Jean-Marc Bouve

  • "On Sundays" by Sara Hutchinson

    I stay in bed til 2 then get up and open all the windows. Make coffee and walk around the 5 x 10 space I call my living room. Turn my attention to the postcards and photographs on the fridge. Stare hard at all that evidence. Whisper: See, there’s no reason to be lonely. Smoke one cigarette and then another on the steps out front. Begin to cry over my own good luck. I never told you this but the truth is I would follow you to the edges of any map. I never told you this but that’s what scares me. And it’s not just that I love you. More often it’s a mixed melody of the same idea, which sounds quite a lot like: thank you. Forgive me one last time. Come back. This time I mean it. ————————————– Sara Hutchinson called us from Santa Cruz, CA. SUPPORT US ON PATREON:

  • 029 No Duties Without Rights
    Everything Is Stories

    A story of language, communism, and 9/11. As a young man growing up in the Dominican Republic, Miguel Vargas-Caba ;had an early interest in foreign language.  With minimal resources in a country wrapped up in political turmoil and an eventual civil war, Cabas began writing to people overseas to request books and stamps for his collection.  After teaching himself various languages from Latin to Russian, it was ultimately his curiosity in the latter that would land him in the United States after his mother feared for his life amongst an anti-communist culture. After adjusting to life in the U.S., Vargas-Caba would eventually earn his green card and contribute to the work force for the next 30 years in the computer industry.  In the days following the attacks on 9/11 he would put his love of language to the test. Produced by George Drake Jr., Garrett Crowe, Tyler Wray, and Mike Martinez Music by Lee Noble & Cough Cool. You can hear and purchase their music over at

  • The Announcement
    Documentary On One, RTÉ

    In April 2015, Dubliner Laura Molloy went for medical help after discovering changes in her body she didn’t recognise and that Google couldn’t get to the bottom of. A student in DIT, Laura met with the college doctor in the hope of getting answers to mysterious ailments that made her legs feel like they’d been pumped full of air and swelled the fingers on both hands. Her doctor immediately diagnosed a pregnancy. Only Laura had never missed a period, she wasn’t showing any bump and the result of a pregnancy test completed in the surgery that same afternoon concluded that Laura was NOT pregnant. So what was behind the ailments, declining energy and constant nausea? Laura was then in the middle of the final year of her degree in Film, Broadcasting and Irish, and working part-time in retail. She reasoned that her busy schedule might be behind the weariness, and peculiar symptoms. But lying on the doctor’s bed her mind raced back to the previous summer and California, where she had travelled with her boyfriend Luke on a student visa. Frat parties, parties that ran all day and into the night and a crazy summer that sung out to a soundtrack of their favourite hits, may have driven her energy so low she’d yet to fill back up. But, instinctively, Laura knew that something more substantive happened on that four month journey. Until that afternoon in DIT, that something had gone unnoticed and what she didn’t realise then was that her condition was about to turn conventional medical wisdom on its head and change her life forever.

  • "Whero" by Stacey Teague

    remember bodies at night how they glow how they bend into us like refracted light the memory of where a body was after it has left its phosphorescence you cocoon into the spaces around things find yourself in auburn eyes and hazel skin the red that flows from you you learn that aloneness is a softness a sky that pulls you through you see bodies as they are things that love you and then stop when you wake up it’s heavy water write down the deep green blue feelings like paua shells there is a pale existing in your head a light moving in your hair behind a colour in the lunar month you return home the whenua moves its arms up to greet you climb up the hill to see the faraway beach feel lonely like mislaid keys it’s good to be there in the quiet saying to yourself i’m real i’m real as the feelings inside shrink red into shape ————————————– Stacey Teague called us from Clonakilty, Ireland. SUPPORT US ON PATREON: