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  • Master Harold And The Boys (Part Two of Two)

    Academy-Award winner Athol Fugard, one of theatre's most acclaimed playwrights, finds humor and heartbreak in the friendship of Harold, a 17-year old white boy in 1950's South Africa, and the two middle-aged black servants who raised him. Racism unexpectedly shatters Harold's childhood and friendships in this absorbing, affecting coming of age play. An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Leon Addison Brown, Keith David and Bobby Steggert. Directed by Stuart K. Robinson.

  • S01 E01 - Mormon Marriages - The Divinity of Desire with Jennifer Finlayson Fife
    Religion & Spirituality

    "You come to know God through behavior, not ideas. It’s the way you act in our marriage that is a reflection of how much you understand God."

  • Listen to the entire Snap Judgment Presents "Ear Hustle Special : Left Behind"
    Snap Judgment

    Ear Hustle brings you stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it. The podcast is a partnership between Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams, currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison, and Nigel Poor, a Bay Area artist. The team works in San Quentin’s media lab to produce stories that are sometimes difficult, often funny, and always honest, offering a nuanced view of people living within the American prison system. Find out more about Ear Hustle and subscribe to the podcast on their website

  • Ecouter le monde (2/4) : Le chasseur de silence
    ARTE Radio

    Marc Namblard est audio-naturaliste. Il "chasse le silence" pour enregistrer les sons de la nature et des animaux. En France, les zones de silence sans bruit d'origine humaine sont devenues extrêmement rares et précieuses. Notre chasseur est contraint de parcourir plus de 600 km depuis les Vosges pour se rendre en Lozère, l'un des départements les plus silencieux de France. Très peu de trafic aérien et routier, peu de vent, et une riche faune sauvage. Sa mission du jour est de piéger le brâme du cerf. Il lui faut pour cela une base de silence la plus pure possible sur laquelle peindre au micro son paysage sonore. Rendez-vous entre le Causse Méjean et le Mont Aigoual. Les lieux précis de "chasse" seront tenus secrets, pour ne pas troubler la magie du silence... Enregistrement : octobre 17 - Mise en ondes & mix : Samuel Hirsch - Prises de sons : Aurélien Frances et Marc Namblard - Réalisation : Aurélien Frances

  • #89 Fruängen – Tomas Andersson Wij och vägen genom skogarna
    Staden Podcast

    Ett nytt avsnitt av podcasten Stadens syskonserie Var kommer du ifrån? En intervjupodd där vi träffar människor som vi är nyfikna på och pratar om deras hemorter. I det här avsnittet träffar vi musikern och låtskrivaren Tomas Andersson Wij, från Fruängen, slutstationen på tunnelbanans röde linje 14. Förorten som ritades upp på tre nätter av stadsbyggarna. Det blir en resa längs folkhemsförortens bläckfiskarmar, in i dess dunkla träddungar, öppna allmänningar och smala gångtunnlar, vidare till Hälsinglands fria stora skogar och sedan med de gröna tunnelbanevagnarna, med linje 14 in till storstadens lockande centrum – tidigt 1990-talet just när en stad i norra Europas utkanter börjar bli upptagen med sig själv på ett helt nytt sätt. Till The Capital of Scandinavia "bland de tvångsmässigt skämtande / bland ironiker och hämnare".

  • Deeply Talks: Fighting Illegal Fishing With Big Data, Robots and A.I.
    News Deeply
    News & Politics

    In this episode of Deeply Talks, Todd Woody, News Deeply's executive editor for environment, discusses how satellites, sensors, artificial intelligence and DNA scanners are creating powerful new tools to fight illegal fishing, with Mark Powell, Vulcan's senior ocean researcher, and Jake Hanft, an analyst at Schmidt Marine Technology Partners.

  • GBA 324 Edd Hedges
    Getting Better Acquainted

    In GBA 324 we get better acquainted with Edd Hedges. He talks about stand up comedy and storytelling, accepting that you are going to make mistakes and get things wrong, different types of silence and the appeal of going off into the woods to write sad songs. We talk about and around his true story show Wonderland, compare notes on doing storytelling shows about toxic masculinity (and the life experiences that inspired them) and mention Sofie Hagen a lot. Content note: bullying, domestic violence, violence in general, body issues Edd plugs: Wonderland: 31st April 1st, 2nd May at Soho Theatre Twitter: Facebook: Tour Dates: Look out for Wonderland touring, for Edd doing stand-up and previews of For Eva, Forever Ago I plug: Mansplaining Masculinity: The Book What About the Men? Mansplaining Masculinity: The Family Tree: We mention: The Bill Murry: Angel Comedy Club: NextUp: The Camden Head: Larry Dean: ASMR: Sofie Hagen: Spark London: Pheonix Artists Club: Sofie's podcast: Mike Birbiglia: Stand Up Tragedy: Sarah Kendall: Toxic Masculinity: #MeToo: Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago:,_Forever_Ago Tim Minchin: Rock and Roll Nerd: Intersectionality: Caitlyn Jenner: Help more people get better acquainted. If you like what you hear why not write an iTunes review? Follow @GBApodcast on Twitter. Like Getting Better Acquainted on facebook. Tell your friends. Spread the word!

  • Caretaking (full episode)
    State of the Human

    How do we take care of the past after it turns to ash? We visit with families digging through the rubble of their homes in Sonoma after the fires as they sift for memories. This episode asks how we care for people, and what to do if there's no obvious path to healing. Along the way, we meet a midwife, some worms, and a daughter caring for her mother and herself. Host: Claudia Heymach Producers: Claudia Heymach, Crystal Escolero, Emma Heath, Bella Lazzareschi, Helvia Taina, Sarah Jiang, Eileen Williams Featuring: Roshni Thachil, Ronnie Falcoa, Claire Mollard, Josh Weil Show music: "The Flight of the Lulu" by Possimiste Story 1: Midwife Crisis We don’t always think of caretaking in a professional terms, but for a homebirth midwife, the emotional and physical wellbeing of others is the whole job. Producer: Emma Heath Featuring: Ronnie Falcoa Story 2: From the Ashes We went to Sonoma County after the fires to help residents dig through the rubble of their homes. Along the way, we asked about what they took with them, what they wanted to take, and what they’re looking for now. Producers: Crystal Escolero, Helvia Taina, and Claudia Heymach Featuring: Claire Mollard and Josh Weil Story 3: Depression 1, 2, 3 Living with mental illness means living with the mysterious and mundane. Caretakers of loved ones with depression, anxiety or psychosis must come to grips with both sides, and resist the tug of their own demons in the process. This is an ongoing story about a mom, her daughter and the everyday work of love. Producers: Sarah Jiang and Eileen Williams Music: “Undersea Garden” and “Love Sprouts” by Podington Bear, "Tennessee Waltz" by Patti Page Show Image courtesy of Jake Warga

  • S02 E03 - Advice from a Sex Therapist: Where did my libido go after I had a baby?

    Having a baby comes with some major gifts and some serious side effects. Today we're going to talk about what happens to your body and your libido after you pop out a human... and what to do if your body isn't responding the way you hoped and dreamed it would. Join The Loveumentary’s Season 3 hosts, Nate Bagley and Kristin Hodson (LCSW and AASECT certified sex therapist) as they talk about how you can create a fulfilling, exciting, and satisfying sex life… because you deserve it! We’re excited to have you join us and answer your questions. Sign up for Demystifying Desire with Early Bird Pricing: Get the notes and a free handout for this episode here: Get a free ebook from Kristin here: Got a question for one of us, or for a future episode? Submit it here: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Follow The Loveumentary on Facebook: Contact Nate: [email protected] Contact Kristin:

  • Episode 280: Liliana Segura

    Liliana Segura writes for The Intercept. “My form of advocacy against the death penalty, frankly, has always been to tell those stories that other people aren’t seeing. And to humanize the people—not just the people facing execution, but everyone around them.” Thanks to MailChimp, Mubi, and for sponsoring this week's episode. @LilianaSegura Segura on Longform [01:50] "Dispatch From Angola: Faith-Based Slavery in a Louisiana Prison" (Colorlines • Aug 2011) [02:10] "What Happened to Rachel Gray" (The Intercept • Oct 2017) [02:15] "The Fire on Howard Avenue" (The Intercept • March 2017) [05:30] Bolton’s [06:10] Segura’s Archive at The Intercept [07:05] "Arkansas Plans to Execute Seven People This Month, Continuing Long Tradition of Assembly-Line" (The Intercept • April 2017) [11:00] "Playing With Fire" (The Intercept • Feb 2015) [25:30] "As Families in Charleston Share Stories and Pain, Dylann Roof Shows No Remorse" (The Intercept • Jan 2017) [25:30] "Will Dylann Roof’s Execution Bring Justice? Families of Victims Grapple With Forgiveness and Death" (The Intercept • Jan 2017) [28:50] "How a Daughter’s Search for her Biological Father Led to an Execution in Arkansas" (The Intercept • April 2017) [36:40] Segura’s Archive at Alter Net [38:40] "Five Women Are Accusing A Top Left-Leaning Media Executive Of Sexually Harassing Them" (Cora Lewis • BuzzFeed • Dec 2017) [46:10] "Publisher of The New Republic Resigns After Misconduct Claims" (Sydney Ember • NY Times • Nov 2017) [56:05] "A Living Death: Life Without Parole for Nonviolent Offenses" (ACLU Foundation • Nov 2013) [57:55] "Lead Prosecutor Apologizes for Role in Sending Man to Death Row" (A.M. "Marty" Stroud III • Shreveport Times • March 2015) [58:20] "A Prosecutor Seeks Redemption. Can We Allow Prisoners the Same?" (The Intercept • March 2015)

  • Kinari Webb: Tearing Down the Wall
    The Story Collider

    Kinari Webb’s philosophy as a scientist is shaped by her experience of the fall of the Berlin Wall as a teenager. Kinari Webb first developed the vision for Health In Harmony when studying orangutans in 1993 at Gunung Palung National Park in Indonesia. There she encountered not only a beautiful and threatened natural environment but also the dire health needs of the people surrounding the National Park. After this experience, Kinari decided to become a physician and return to Indonesia to work together with local communities both to improve their health and to preserve the natural environment. She graduated from Yale University School of Medicine with honors and then completed her residency in Family Medicine at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Martinez, California. Kinari founded Health In Harmony in 2005 to support the combined human and environmental work that she planned in Indonesia. After a year of traveling around Indonesia looking for the best site for this program (unmet health care needs, forest that could still be saved and a responsive government), Kinari helped co-found the Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI, which means “harmoniously balanced”) program in West Kalimantan with Hotlin Ompusunggu and Antonia Gorog. She is also an Ashoka Social Entrepreneur and Rainier Amhold Fellow. Kinari currently splits her time between Indonesia and the US. This story originally aired on Sept. 1, in an episode titled "Metamorphosis." Full episode and transcript here:

  • Remembering John Mahoney in David Mamet's "Reunion"

    The late John Mahoney lent his distinctive voice and remarkable talents to a number of LATW productions. Listen to his work in David Mamet's "Reunion," as he stars with Rebecca Pigeon in a story of a father and daughter meeting up after a long split.

  • #106: What if you had to fight to be yourself?

    "We don't have growth unless there's pain, and I needed that time to hit rockbottom, so that I could look for a solution." Producers: Whit Missildine - Instagram: @actuallyhappening You can follow today's guest, Patricio Manuel, on Instagram @team_pat_manuel Music: "Union Flow" - Spuntic This Is Actually Happening Team: Whit Missildine, Lisa Zaid and Ryan Black Outro Music: "The Moon is Down" - El Diablo & Adam Schraft (Rojo y Negro) @eldiablosf @rojo-y-negro

  • Caretaking - Story 2: From the Ashes
    State of the Human

    We went to Sonoma County after the fires to help residents dig through the rubble of their homes. Along the way, we asked about what they took with them, what they wanted to take, and what they’re looking for now. Producers: Crystal Escolero, Helvia Taina, and Claudia Heymach Featuring: Claire Mollard and Josh Weil Image courtesy of Jake Warga

  • How Bernie Made Off: Are we safe from the next Ponzi scheme?
    News & Politics

    Bernard Madoff may be a fading memory from the past, but for reporter Steve Fishman, the fallen financier’s story holds lessons for today. Madoff masterminded one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in history, duping thousands of investors out of tens of billions of dollars. His scam rocked Wall Street for years. In this episode, we trace the rise and fall of Madoff through Fishman, who spent years interviewing investors, regulators and even Madoff himself from inside federal prison. We learn how Madoff pulled off his scam, and why nobody caught on for decades. We also hear from experts who say that investors still are vulnerable to financial fraud, especially in the era of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. --- Head over to for more of our reporting. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @reveal. And to see some of what you're hearing, we're also on Instagram @revealnews.

  • Curious City: Chicago’s Nazi Neighborhood
  • John August
    Writers Who Don't Write

    John August is the author of Arlo Finch and the Valley of Fire and the host of Scriptnotes and Launch. He’s mostly known as a screenwriter. His credits include Go, Big Fish, Charlie’s Angels, Titan A.E., Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie. He also owns the company Quote-Unquote Apps, where he has released several popular apps and doodads, including Highland, Weekend Read, Bronson Watermarker, and Less IMDb.

  • Ghosts of the Korean War: Stop THAAD (Encore)
    Making Contact
    News & Politics

    Like this program? Please show us the love. Click here and support our non-profit journalism. Thanks! On this Making Contact encore, we head to Soseongri, a small village nestled in the mountains of Seongju County. There, grandmas and grandpas in the 70s, 80s, and 90s have gone from quietly farming to organizing daily protests and blockades to stop THAAD. THAAD is part of a missile defense system that gives the U.S. the ability to carry out a nuclear first strike. The region has historically been Korea’s conservative stronghold, but with the deployment of THAAD, people are re-evaluating the history they’ve been taught their entire lives. Archival audio is from the U.S. National Archives, AP Archives, U.S. State Department, and U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center. Special Thanks to Io Sunwoo, Juyeon Rhee, and Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans.

    Spoken Word

    I set down my flaming sword long enough to stare into a hunting trip photo at my Grandfather's memorial. It shows two men, and him between them in a dress and wig-hilarious joke (everyone laughed), "abomination" an Uncle scoffs casual-like now, tells story: "that's the ugliest woman I ever saw" man driving by says to man in passenger seat (everyone laughs). See: sadness and shame felt in my painted toenails hidden in socks, the tie too tight around my neck, clueless compliments about my long hair and hoops. Retell the story a different way: at 10, a buck strung for skinning from the eaves; the droppings he cut out and put in my palm. I can never breathe in church, but this morning I took communion for the first time in 9 years, for the old man-God knows why. Over his grave beside his stillborn first daughter's, I become the hospital where he died-Queen of the Valley (think meanest motherfucker: full crown of antlers on my head, long locks of weeping willow dyed with blood trailing in the wind, time turned back on itself, a naked Eve naming all the animals). Pulling my dress off the hanger, I bear witness: the empty center of the universe like a liver spot; wind in my hair, sun on my bare shoulders; and under the ground, hidden in the urn, his miserable ashes in drag. *Title quoted from the obituary for James E. Fidler published in the Napa Valley Register, 08/28/2017 ( --------------------------------------- SUPPORT US ON PATREON:

  • Caretaking - Story 1: Midwife Crisis
    State of the Human

    We don’t always think of caretaking in a professional terms, but for a homebirth midwife, the emotional and physical wellbeing of others is the whole job. Producer: Emma Heath Featuring: Ronnie Falcoa