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  • Memo Gul - Bağlama improvisation (Bêrîtan movie soundtrack)

    Beritan, Kurdish female guerilla fighter of PKK was killed in 1992 in Kurdistan mountains by Turkish fascism forces. Beritan, the movie telling her story made by one of her comrades director and guerilla fighter Khalil Dag, was released in 2016.

  • Uplifting Music - Inspiring Background Music | Indie Folk Music Background
    Background Music For Videos
    Background Music

    Inspiring Background Music: Link for licensing information (safe link): You can easily download the track to fit your future video or media project. Than you can follow "Buy License" link and purchase a license to use the track legally and without Youtube strikes. In this case you get clear track without watermarks. Hear more of the great Royalty Free tracks here (safe links): CORPORATE COMMERCIAL MUSIC HAPPY COMMERCIAL MUSIC EPIC / TRAILER COMMERCIAL MUSIC DRIVING COMMERCIAL MUSIC ------------------------------------------------------------------ FOLLOW TWISTERIUM ON AUDIOJUNGLE .NET FOLLOW TWISTERIUM ON YOUTUBE FOLLOW TWISTERIUM ON TWITTER FOLLOW TWISTERIUM ON FACEBOOK CHECK OUT TWISTERIUM'S TRACKS ON POND5 My new website with happy music here: Welcome! good background music, royalty free background music, background music for videos, background music download, best background music, presentation background music, music for presentation, best instrumental music, download instrumental music, youtube instrumental music, good instrumental music, beautiful instrumental music, production music, music licensing, commercial music, music library

  • Basecamp
    Blake Ewing
  • Trevor DeMaere - Seasons Of Peace (Epic Beautiful Emotional Orchestral)

    ➤ Follow: ✖ Facebook: ✖ Twitter: ✖ Website: ✖ Soundcloud: ✖ YouTube: ✖ Subscribe for more EPIC soundtrack content ✖ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ✖ Copyright Info © ✔ Be aware all music and pictures belongs to the original artists. ✔ I am in no position to give anyone permission to use this.

  • [Divergent Collisions] A Demigod And His Army (Reuploaded)
    Gabriel Sonicstar 3 & Knuckles: Oh Hell No!
    Genocide Asgore

    (Reuploaded because the FADING INTO MIDNIGHT lead was updated, also some of the mixing in the original was bad so I fixed it) And they said INFINITY WAR was the most ambitious crossover event in history. If it wasn't obvious, this is Genocide Benson Phase 2, by now he has absorbed the six Magicite Crystals (Human Soul Replacements) and has now become a Demigod of Souls. The fight starts off as sort of a mixture between the Benson and Chakravartin fights, but with hacking away at Benson's health instead of just surviving. But as you're about to land the final blow, Benson uses his newfound god powers to heal all of his health back, and then starts resurrecting Pops, Zant, Darth Vader, Roger, and Midna in that order to help him fight, and he goes into the background every time this happens so your only target is the resurrected main characters, who are now stronger than before (Midna's attacks stay the same though). Though since Midna can teleport out of the way every time she is attacked (As demonstrated in the fight with her that takes place before this one), and Benson will wake her up every time she falls asleep, there's pretty much no feasible way to kill her in this fight, so this particular phase ends after trying to attack Midna 10 times, and she's in the third phase too. This was heavily inspired by this: LEITMOTIFS ----------------- Microwave Wings (Regular Show) Terra's Theme (Final Fantasy VI) One Who Spins Samsara (Asura's Wrath) Party Tonight (Regular Show) Original (Pops Heartache Motif) Stallord Battle Phase 2 (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) Imperial March (Star Wars) Good Morning USA! (American Dad) Morpheel Battle Phase 2 (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)(Modified) Midna's Lament (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)(Modified) Diababa Battle Phase 2 (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)(Modified) BPM: 100 Key: A Minor (With Some Offkey)

  • on the move
    Tim Bashara
  • ANtarcticbreeze - Inapirational Corporate Piano | Commercial Background Music
    Background Music | Stock Music | Audiojungle
    Background Music

    Buy License for TV/Radio Broadcast, YouTube, Advertising, Film: After purchasing a license, you can download this track and use in your project. MUSIC NOT FREE. Clear AdRev Claim Here: Easy Listen: Subscribe new music by email: YouTube: Twitter: Website: MORE MUSIC: _____________________ CHRISTMAS MUSIC: _____________________ BESTSELLERS: _____________________ DUBSTEP & TRAP: _____________________ DRUM & BASS: _____________________ MUSIC KITS: _____________________ TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE: _____________________ MUSIC PACKS & BUNDLES SAVE MONEY: _____________________ EXTREME SPORT & ACTION: _____________________ CHEERFUL & FUN: _____________________ CORPORATE MOTIVATIONAL: _____________________ INDIE &PUNK ROCK: _____________________ UKULELE ACOUSTIC & FOLK: _____________________ HOUSE & ELECTRONIC: _____________________ EPIC CINEMATIC: _____________________ LOGOS & IDENTS: _____________________ MODERN POP: _____________________ DISCO & SYNTH POP: _____________________ Exclusive Royalty Free Music for Licensing wide range genre and styles, perfect for TV/Radio Broadcast, TV advertising, Web, Film, YouTube. All Rights Reserved Antarctic (ANtarcticbreeze) Stockmusicclouds, Upbeatsong

  • (Touhou: A Tale of Danmaku OST) - The Magic of Engineering
    Touhou: A Tale of Danmaku Soundtrack
    A Tale of Danmaku OST

    Well now, I haven't seen any humans in quite a while, excluding that Shrine Maiden. The name's Nitori, local kappa and friend of the humans! So, what brings you to a place like this? Motifs: Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "Kappa" ~ Candid Friend - Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith Credits: Undertale by Toby Fox. Touhou by ZUN. A Tale of Danmaku by SuperSilvulus. Composers: @silvulus-studios (SuperSilvulus) A Tale of Danmaku Discord: A Tale of Danmaku Gamejolt: A Tale of Danmaku Tumblr:

  • You Want a Pizza Me? OST - Humble Parlor
    Roy Berardo

    Soundtrack from LD42 Game Jam game 'You Want a Pizza Me?'

  • Toby the Tram Engine's Theme - Season 3
    AceofTrains Music

    This was probably easy to see coming. It's unfortunate how short the S3 version is. It sounds so good with the Proteus/2 Instruments, with the French Horn, Piccolo, Flute and Xylophone in the lead and the Arco Violas harmonizing. Anyways, here it is, as heard in "Time for Trouble." Hope you all enjoy! Arranged in Acoustica Mixcraft 7 using mulations of the instruments from the Roland Jupiter-6 Analog Synthesizer, an E-Mu Proteus/2 Soundfont, and a Linn LM-1 VST. Original Theme composed by Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell. Thomas and Friends is property of HiT Entertainment. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit has been, or will be, made from this.

  • Taylor Hertz - The Great Perhaps (Epic Beautiful Emotional Uplifting)

    ➤ Follow: ✖ Soundcloud: ✖ YouTube: ✖ Subscribe for more EPIC soundtrack content ✖ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ✖ Copyright Info © ✔ Be aware all music and pictures belongs to the original artists. ✔ I am in no position to give anyone permission to use this.

  • Cousin Silas - After The Sun Goes Down
    Cousin Silas
    Dark ambient/Atmospheric

    One from Short Stories Volume 3. Image is from the film Oh Whistle And I'll Come To You. Any objections I'll replace it.

  • "Doing Your Best" - Tsuki's Theme (Moving On OST Composed by Nevan Dove)
    Nevan Dove

    Tsuki's theme, based on the comic series by LunarAvocados. Check out "Moving On" here: Follow LunarAvocados on Twitter:

  • OMEN - Final Flight (Composed by Brian Delgado)
    Brian Delgado

    Music by : OMEN Composed by me

  • Death's Gambit - Dark Knight

    Death's Gambit is out tomorrow August 14th on Steam and PS4 Steam : "Death's Gambit is a hardcore 2D action platformer with rich RPG elements.". If you're a fan of Dark Souls and Metroidvania games you're sure to be interested in this. With beautiful pixel art and an epic soundtrack, Death's Gambit will be one of the best gaming experiences of the year. The challenge doesn't stop as you can fight bosses over and over, and New Game+ keeps the longevity going with tougher fights and new enemy placement. I was invited to write a song for the soundtrack and had a blast doing it. It seems like forever ago, I wrote the song back in January 2015. This is the first time my music will be featured in a game that releases on Steam and PS4 so I am really excited about it. Kyle Hnedak is the composer for the game and it sounds like it's going to be a really solid soundtrack, look out for the soundtrack when it releases! Today is actually my birthday too so the timing of the game is an awesome celebration for me. So check it out! For all the work that's gone into the game they are selling it at a very welcoming price and I think it's going to do well. Very proud of the team making the game and I'm so happy that all their effort over the last 4 or so years is finally paying off.

  • "Godzilla!" Mockup(Music by Alexandre Desplat)
    Emmanuel Rousseau
    Musiques de films

    Music composed by Alexandre Desplat (2014). Transcription & Mockup by Emmanuel Rousseau. Screencast :

  • Shallow Waters
    Zebestian ♫ | Composer

    Commission for Matthew Hare. "About halfway through the game the player has to visit an island off the southern coast of the continent they are on and they end up getting a small boat built for them, so that they can travel along the shallows along the coast."

  • Essence of Fantasy - Farewell (Instrumental)
    Valentina Mihaylovskaya

    Music - Valentina Mihaylovskaya, Olexandr Ignatov The arrangement, mixing, mastering - Olexandr Ignatov -- This is the first song from my upcoming album. I wrote a story for the album. But the story of this song was different. It's a soundtrack for my novel. It is about a warrior who goes to war. He says goodbye to his family knowing that maybe he won't come home again.

  • Aye Rabba - Bandish Puraan

    Back in 2015, me with my band Bandish Puraan composed this song for a full length Bollywood feature film known as In Search of Life. Unfortunately this movie will not be released. This will remain as one of our most prized possessions. Vocals & Lyrics: Subhajit Bhattacharjee Guitars & Arrangements: Arnab Ghosh Bass & Arrangements: Sudip Saha Drums: Subayu Banik Violin: Bhaswar Sen Tabla: Nilanjan Ghosh Keyboards & Synth: Shibasish Banerjee Recorded at: Arnab's Home Studio Red Earth Studio Music Room Studio Om Studios Mixed and Mastered by: Om Studios .

  • Medieval Pirates
    Ernesto Bringas Caire