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  • The Road Trip to Outer Space
    Tumble Podcast

    Got a long trip coming up? Turn it into an adventure into outer space! Marshall’s headed out on an intergalactic journey. He’s lined up the best episodes on astronomy for your road trip! See what it’s like to spend a year on Mars, take a wild ride through the solar system, find out if it’s possible to ship Co2 off our planet, search for alien life, and investigate black holes with the world’s top black hole hunter. You’ll be there in no time when time is flying by at warp speed!

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  • The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity
    Inquiring Minds

    We talk to Carl Zimmer, New York Times columnist and author of 13 books about science about his latest book She Has Her Mother's Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity.

  • Moon Rocks

    Episode 48 features Ryan Zeigler, a planetary scientist and the lunar sample curator, who talks about the moon rocks brought to Earth during Apollo, the facilities that keep them, and what we're still learning from them. This episode was recorded on February 14, 2018.

  • The Sound of the Strikes
    The Global Lab
    News & Politics

    In February and March, many Universities across the United Kingdom were affected by the largest wave of industrial action to hit the sector for many years. For this episode of the Global Lab, we spoke to Tony Brown and Sean Wallis from UCL's University and College Union branch about why the strikes took place. To give you a sense of what it felt like to be out on the streets during the dispute, we conducted interviews on the picket line and made binaural audio recordings of the two marches that took place in central London during the strikes. Binaural recordings are recorded using two microphones to create the illusion of a 3D soundscape. Best listened to on headphones… --- Produced by Valerio Signorelli and Duncan Hay ---

  • Nurse Talk's Healthcare In America With Donna Smith
    Nurse Talk

    Healthcare Activist and Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America-- Donna Smith takes on the latest assaults on the U.S. Healthcare system--most notably the dismantling of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Pre-existing conditions are the latest obstacle collateral damage. Donna also talks about the horrific border policies that are resulting in infants, toddlers and parents being separated.

  • The New and Improved Heredity Podcast!
    Nature Research

    Welcome to the first episode of the newly revamped Heredity podcast! What is the journal Heredity? How conserved is the molecular basis of spider silk? And what effect does the creation of human-made river barriers have on the genetic diversity of low-mobility fish populations? Tune in to hear discussions with the editors behind the journal and the people behind the research in June's edition of Heredity. Featured articles: Conservation of a pH-sensitive structure in the C-terminal region of spider silk extends across the entire silk gene family Artificial barriers prevent genetic recovery of small isolated populations of a low-mobility freshwater fish

  • Einheitlicher Natur-Ausgleich für Windräder
    SWR Umwelt und Ernährung

    Einheitlicher Natur-Ausgleich für Windräder

  • #ICYMI - Motorsports – Physics & Technology, with Will Buxton & Mario Andretti
    StarTalk Radio

    In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel… Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly race down the track, hairpin through the corner, and kick it into high gear as we explore the science-filled spectacle of auto racing with F1 journalist Will Buxton, physics professor Richard Bower, adventure journalist Jim Clash, and legendary driver Mario Andretti. NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here:

  • The psychological effects of inequality – Science Weekly podcast
    Guardian Science Weekly

    Wealth inequality has skyrocketed in the UK, as has anxiety, stress and mental illness. Could the two be linked? Richard Lea investigates

  • Dark Matter Eludes Particle Physicists

    Most of the stuff in the universe is invisible dark matter, if our theories are correct. So why is it so hard to find?

  • Global 21.06.18
  • 343 Roue libre avec Lê de Science4all
    Podcast Science

    Bonsoir. Ce soir, émission roue libre pour pédaler ensemble sur les routes de la science, avec diverses rubriques qui viendront, on l’espère, titiller votre esprit curieux. Nous sommes le 6 juin de l’an 2018, bienvenue dans Podcast Science émission 343. Au sommaire de cette émission : -Johan va nous parler de ce qu’il va faire l’année prochaine sur les grands télescopes -Lê, de la chaîne science for all vient nous parler de son dernier livre -La chronique d’Irène sur les femmes scientifiques et ce soir, il était enfin temps que nous lui rendions une ovation: nous allons parler de Barbara McClintock -La chronique de Robin sur la vulgarisation -La réponse tant attendue au quiz du mois : je vous rappelle de quoi il s’agit “On a plus mal aux articulations quand il fait humide : info ou intox?”

  • Nitrat - Klage - Hintergrund Zum Urteil Des EuGH.MP3
    SWR Umwelt und Ernährung

    Tut Deutschland zu wenig für saubere Gewässer? Die EU-Kommission hat sie vor knapp zwei Jahren gegen die Bundesrepublik geklagt, mit dem Argument: die Bundesregierung setze die Nitratrichtlinie der EU nicht richtig um. Heute entscheidet der Europäische Gerichtshof in dieser Sache

  • Up To Date | Don’t Eat Clay, Do Eat Dark Chocolate
    Inquiring Minds

    This week: New research shows a 6-month treatment for breast cancer is nearly as successful as the previously-standard 12-month course; the surprising effects that clay can have on your body; and a look into new studies that give new reasons why dark chocolate is good for you. Huge thanks to guest co-host Adam Bristol! Links mentioned:

  • Want To Find A New Species? Start In A Museum

    Brand new species were hiding in plain sight—€”in the vast, but incompletely catalogued collections of natural history museums.

  • Riding The Wave Of Kelp Farming

    The kelp revolution has reached the U.S. and it could change everything (including how cows fart).

  • Curiosity Digs Up Clues To The Early Martian Environment

    What do organic molecules on Mars tell us about how the planet works and the possibility of life on the planet?

  • Ambrosia
  • "Going To California" The mini supers
    Martyn Stewart
    Alternative Rock

    Patrick Cooke and Dan Brett present Led Zeppelin's "Going to California" I heard this version of "going to California" while visiting my local pub and was knocked out by this arrangement. Many people judge a voice according to its range and power, but I think Patrick's does something unique to this song. The acoustic guitar arrangement enhances the melody of the song for a more bluesy feel. It's a slower version of the song and different to anything I have heard here. Take a listen This video can be found here: Recorded at El Chivo, Nosara, Costa Rica. Audio: Martyn Stewart Camera: Martyn Stewart Camera 2: Noeleen Rooy Stewart. For more of Patrick's work please visit:

  • 30 Jahre Gurkenverordnung
    SWR Umwelt und Ernährung

    30 Jahre Gurkenverordnung: Ein Plädoyer für den EU-Irrsinn