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  • Sally Kohn and Erick Erickson — Relationship Across Rupture
    On Being Studios

    What happens when you call your Internet trolls. The peril of forgetting our next door neighbors. “You don’t have to love people to not hate them.” “People believe things that are mutually contradictory; I think we all do. I know I do.” — Erick Erickson Earlier this year, the University of Montana invited On Being to attempt an outside the box civil conversation between two political pundits on contrasting ends of the U.S. political spectrum. It became a sold-out, public event in the spirit of Montana’s Senator Mike Mansfield, who famously modeled integrity, courage, and humility across the partisan aisle in the tumult of 1960s and 70s. Sally Kohn and Erick Erickson are both controversial, lightning-rod figures, yet neither of them fits neatly into a partisan mold. The reaction of the youngest people in the room is what compelled us to put this on the air. They said they had not witnessed or imagined a political conversation like this possible: one marked at once by bedrock difference — and good will, humor, and a willingness to bring our questions as well as our arguments, our humanity as well as our positions, into the room, if only for an evening. Sally Kohn is a progressive columnist and political commentator for CNN. She’s also contributed to Fox News. She hosts the podcast, State of Resistance. She’s the author of The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide to Repairing Our Humanity. Erick Erickson is editor of the conservative blog, The Resurgent, host of The Erick Erickson Show on WSB Radio in Atlanta, and contributor to Fox News. He’s also contributed to CNN. He’s the author of Before You Wake: Life Lessons from a Father to His Children. Find the transcript for this show at

  • Oración - Andrés Corson - 11 octubre 2018
  • 2018-10-14 GFMT Sunday Sermon_Eng
    Gospel Fellowship

    We must be born again from above to go up

  • The Bad News & The Good News Is That You Still Must Go To Work This Monday Morning - 10/13/18
    Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    We're all fallible outside our areas of expertise, even famous heart-surgeons, and billionaires. The only way the government can give some people money is by first taking it from others. It does so by imposing confiscatory rates of taxation and by printing money. Why both activities leave you with less of your own money. Many intelligent and accomplished people who lack all wisdom have been predicting the end of work since 1801; tech advances will put millions out of work. Why they always have been wrong and always will be wrong.  

  • ¡Estoy en crisis! - Juan Muñoz - 10 Octubre 2018 | Prédicas Cristianas 2018
    Religión y espiritualidad
  • Мягкое сердце и щедрая рука
    Religion & Spirituality

    Шамиль Аляутдинов цитирует Св. Коран, 23:57–60 и рассказывает о черством сердце, которое есть в груди у тех, кто ругается и грубо общается. Мусульманину, который хочет быть мумином (верующим), важно обращать внимание на качество своего сердца.

  • Arsenio Ramírez - Rieles confusos
    Religión y espiritualidad

    Reunión de jóvenes del sábado 13 de octubre de 2018. Para obtener más audios de Casa de Oración México puede ingresar a nuestra página web: Visite nuestra página en Facebook: YouTube: Twitter:

  • 9- يا رب اجعلنا في قبورنا مطمئنين - مصطفى حسني
    Mustafa Hosny

    يا رب.. اجعلنا في قبورنا مطمئنين وعند قيام الأشهاد من الآمنين

  • 2018-10-10 Morning Prayer.mp3
    Gospel Fellowship
  • 11 de octubre de 2018 - Julio Márquez
    Religión y espiritualidad

    Para obtener más audios de Casa de Oración México puede ingresar a nuestra página web: Visite nuestra página en Facebook: YouTube: Twitter:

  • ROF 10/10/2018 Choosing To Walk Forward In JESUS Of Nazareth & Not Have A Setback In Sin
  • Four years ago (Minnesota recap) (10/15/18)
    Hangout in the Holy Land

    The guys recap another frustrating Ohio State victory, and try to understand why the same issues keep popping up each week.

  • 11 de octubre de 2018 - La elección de los siete diaconos - Julio Márquez
    Religión y espiritualidad

    Para obtener más audios de Casa de Oración México puede ingresar a nuestra página web: Visite nuestra página en Facebook: YouTube: Twitter:

  • Antonio Ortíz - Perdona y serás perdonado
    Religión y espiritualidad

    Para obtener más audios de Casa de Oración México puede ingresar a nuestra página web: Visite nuestra página en Facebook: YouTube: Twitter:

  • Ep. 239 - The IRS Revoked An Atheist Charity's Tax Exemption
    Friendly Atheist Podcast

    Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics. — Atheist charity Nonbelief Relief just had its tax exemption revoked by the IRS… arguably on purpose. The group says this amounts to religious discrimination by the government. (0:45) — Here are the major church/state separation cases in front of the Supreme Court that Brett Kavanaugh could soon be ruling on. (11:55) — Secular Democrats are among the most enthusiastic about the midterms. But will that mean votes? (18:38) — Mike Huckabee thinks Taylor Swift‘s endorsement for Democrats won’t matter. As usual, he’s wrong. (22:45) — The Mormon president said women should take a 10-day social media “fast”… right before the election. (27:24) — The new Quebec premier says a large crucifix in the National Assembly isn’t a religious symbol at all. (32:36) — Want an important take on the #MeToo movement? Don’t ask North Dakota GOP Senate candidate Kevin Cramer. (35:41) — A group representing Catholic moms released a video supporting Kavanaugh that was all about how false allegations could happen to the men in your lives. (41:41) — The UK Supreme Court just ruled in favor of Christian bakers who didn’t want to bake a cake for a gay customer. But this could backfire on Christians. (44:02) — Teachers at a middle school couldn’t decide what to do with a trans student during a lockdown drill. Thank goodness it was only a drill. (49:02) — Matthew Shepard will finally have a resting place nearly two decades after a hate crime took his life. (51:23) — When are government officials (including teachers) allowed to wear religious symbols? (55:42)

  • Unpacking: Marriage Readiness for The Unmarried
    Shadeed Muhammad

    This is a workshop conducted by Imam Shadeed Muhammad during the Manage My Flow one day marriage retreat in Maryland. Please LISTEN and SHARE with others.

  • Chovas Hatalmidim (6) - What Music Are Your Children Listening To - Rabbi Shlomo Katz
    Shlomo Katz
    Religion & Spirituality

    The influences on our precious children and our negligence in the matter