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  • 12. Herba Vibration Vs. N.O.F Ft. Mario - Mystical Dub
    Sub Squad Prod

    L'équipe Subsquad est heureuse de vous présenter sa première compilation ! Émanant de plusieurs générations de dubmakers de différents milieux, les morceaux proposés vous feront découvrir ou redécouvrir une palette de sonorités variées allant du reggae dub à la bass music, en passant par le hip-hop. La plupart de ces morceaux sont des exclusivités et la compilation est en téléchargement libre sur

  • Adam Prescott - Let Them Dub CLIP

    Green King Cuts 003 a. Adam Prescott Ft Amelia Harmony - Never Let them Hold You Down b. Adam Prescott - Let them Dub (Version) c. Von D - Rub a Dub Remix Green King Cuts. Audio Clips:…/sets/green-king-cuts-003 Unearthed Records Redeye Records: White Peach Records: Deejay: Intense: Release Date - February 2nd 2018

  • Strength Riddim 2018 - Mix
    Peter / MK

    ///Strength Riddim 2018/// produced by MUS - SEL & JAH OVA EVIL RECORDS Tracklist: Charlie Charley - Dem fi know Charlie Charley - Hard & Done Tony Joi - When you're blessed Capleton - Pray together Wyclef Jean - I pray Mix by Peter / Mortal Kombat Sound

  • Kazayah - Troddin'
    D.O.V.E. Muzik

    New single from Kazayah called "Troddin'" featuring Addis Pablo on Melodica. 01. Kazayah - Troddin' 02. Addis Pablo - Troddin To Addis Ababa 03. Wadadah II - Troddin' Dub Label: D.O.V.E. Muzik Produced by: Kazayah & Wadadah II Vocals: Kazayah (Princess Kazayah) Melodica: Addis Pablo Guitar: H.I.Z. Recorded & Mixed By: Ras Tzaddi Wadadah II Mastered By: Laurent 'Typpi' Alfred Available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. iTunes: Spotify: Amazon:

  • 11. Docteur Ganjah - Amnezia
    Sub Squad Prod

    L'équipe Subsquad est heureuse de vous présenter sa première compilation ! Émanant de plusieurs générations de dubmakers de différents milieux, les morceaux proposés vous feront découvrir ou redécouvrir une palette de sonorités variées allant du reggae dub à la bass music, en passant par le hip-hop. La plupart de ces morceaux sont des exclusivités et la compilation est en téléchargement libre sur

  • Metric Systems with Z Lovecraft - Jan 2018

    1 Yvonne Fair Say Yeah Yeah 2 Oh Som De LCV Tanganica 3 Paulette Balla Et Sas Balladinas 4 Fila Brazilia Nature Boy 5 Ohkrill Rising Track 6 Vivian Jones & Russ Disciple Fire Dub 7 Paul St. Hilarie Jah Love 8 Carlton And The Stones Never Let Me Go 9 Fuenfhaus In Volgeln-Zwei-Schwimmer 10 Creamshower Who Got The Key 11 D-Influence Good For We (Bonus Beats) 12 Brown Sugar On The Moon 13 Henry Keen Darbukeafrique 14 Crazy Penis Summer Bummer 15 P'taah No One, No How (Remix) 16 Toney Lee Reach Up 17 Garys Gang Knock Me Out 18 Jimi Bazzauko So So Ye 19 Home Alone Gimmee Your Love (Dub) 20 LNS & DJ Sotofett Tre 3 (Extended Mix)

  • Modern Roots

    Modern Roots. Best roots from the last couple of years. With some dubplates, exclusives and just a good vibe. Music with a spiritual and positive message!

    Studio IlhaRecords


  • STEVIE CULTURE - Heart Full Of Love / TruMon Dubplate
    Tru-Mon Productions

    JoyFul Soul Riddim - Greezzly Productions

  • War Ina West Soundclash 2018 Warmup By Mystical Force Sound
    War ina West Soundclash
    Reggae Dancehall

    Warm up of the War ina West 2018 6th of January @Kingzcorner Aachen between Heartical Sound from Paris France vs. Culture Rock from Düsseldorf Germany vs. Treasure Isle from Vienna Austris presented and hosted by Mystical Force Sound from Aachen Germany

    Natural Tribe Record

    01-The Rootman - Intifada (Partial Records) 02-Natural High Dubs - "WEST COAST" - Dub invaders 03-Islanders Sound System - Jah No Dead 04-Michael Exodus Meets Weeding Dub - Galactica (DuboMatic Records) 05-Stepper'one - Different dance (dubplate) 06-Wellette Seyon-Jah Jah Music (Black Redemption) 07-DisorDub - Egyptian Prophecy (Compil How Do U Dub) 08-Sub Masjesty meets Ras Tinny - Namaste 09-UNITED FOR A CAUSE - V.A. - Dub Invasion Records - Armagideon Time (Humble Brother prod.) 10-Dubzoic Feat SistaSara - Overcome The Dub (DuboMatic Records) 11-Mighty Prophet - David vs Goliath 12-Ras Mykha - No One (Emana Sound Records) 13-Fikir Amlak meets King Alpha - Affi Raar VOX 3 14-Mr Zèbre & Sis I-Leen - Open The Borders (Emana Sound Records) 15-Zongo Sound - Positive Charge Dub 16-iSt3p - Beyond The Border - (Equal Borthers Production) 18-Isayah Meets Topas - Rasta Forward (New Flower Records)

    Studio IlhaRecords


  • Bass Foundation Roots Mix For NiceUp
    NiceUp Crew

    Delhi Sultanate has long pioneered the sounds of reggae and hip hop in India. In addition to his solo career, he owns and runs @bassfoundationroots sound system with his partner Begum X. New Delhi's first hand built reggae sound system. He is also lead vocalist for India's first ska and rocksteady band The Ska Vengers. BFR Sound System play strictly vinyl selection across a range of Jamaican genres and a vast collection of dubplates. The sound supports free speech, political activism and community development. They are on a mission to take reggae music to the heart of India and connect worldwide. ______________________________________________________________________ Delhi says, "Reggae music means different things to different people and each one of us, selectors, artists, promoters have a role to play in what it can become. Reggae can be banal, meaningless hippie feel good music, it can be murder music, it can be homophobic and materialistic. Reggae can also express ideas of pan-Africanism, Blackness and Negritude connecting us to the philosophy of Aime Cesaire and the grandiose worlds of thought of Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X. It can forever remind us of the brutality of colonial history and the grace and dignity of those who have fought against it. This is what sets reggae apart from all other popular forms of music. To quote Sizzla, “We wont bow to the colonial slave master nor their principle – not time at all - that is why we have reggae music – reggae music don’t only mean you come sing and dance and put on red gold and green nothing nah guh so”. I try to cut dubs in a unique way so when people come to a BFR Sound System session, they get a chance to hear from their favourite artists in ways they have not before. Sometimes, I also like to develop a theme through riddim selections. The mix opens with a couple of cuts on a version of the Money Money Money riddim produced by Chris McGuiness. The original tune is a combination with myself, Sizzla and a singer from India called Comrade Bant Singh and has not yet been released. It’s my wish that some of you google who Bant Singh is and learn about his story. Bant Singh, was attacked by powerful land lords in his area for fighting a case against them after the rape of his daughter. He was attacked so viciously that his arms and legs had to be amputated. Not long after the operation, he was on his hospital bed. Singing songs against the opressors. His words are like drops of blood. After a few cuts on Sizzla’s version of ‘Everyman a Little Way Different’ you’ll hear a one away cut of Errol Dunkleys tune. This is an acetate from the mighty Coxsone collective. I don’t believe that this version of the cut was ever released. I hope you enjoy the mix. Come visit one of our sound system sessions if you happen to pass through India at the right time. Zindabad".

  • Digital Messiahs Theme feat: Brother Culture,Colourman, Donovan Kingjay & Dark Angel
    Vibration Lab

    Forged in the "live" sessions at Reggae Roast Soundsystem in London, Vibration Lab specialize in throw-back juggling style, reminisent of the "old-school" Jamaican soundsystems who would have a team of MC's and singers to perform over riddims in the dance. Vibration Lab realized the power of these sets and set-forth to capture the excitement of these Digtial Reggae Dancehall cifers in the studio. Vibration Lab set about to create some new riddims in homage to the Digital Reggae they grew up on, but with their own modern twist. Then they assembled the group of incredible talent and voiced at the legendary UK Reggae Producer Nick Manasseh's studio. The result was amazing! Digital Messiah's Theme - featuring: Brother Culture, Colourman, Donovan Kingjay and Dark Angel aka Mowty Mahlyka This song is an introduction to the group which showcase's each performers unique style and delivery: Brother Culture who has been chatting on soundsystems since 1982, sets things off by introducing the crew, then super soulful singer Donovan Kingjay delivers the hook in his strong soulful way. The unique voice of the legendary Jamaican MC Colourman takes over in a style and patteren all his own, this is followed by the power of the chorus once again delivered sweatly by Donovan but backed up by the whole crew. Next comes the understated deepness and power from the incredible MC Dark Angel aka Mowty Maylyka who , finally the "Captain" of the team Brother Culture steps up with a mastery of lyrical flow through is years chatting on countless soundsystems. This tune is an announcement of intent of this new team to the world! Here come the Wu-Tang Clan of Digital Reggae!

  • Bookman on the Airwaves [January 14, 2018]

    The chump in the white house made recent remarks blanketing entire nations of Africans as "shithole countries" and has mostly been met with silence from leaders on the continent. Bookman agrees that official responses might be a waste of energy when Africa has more pressing issues to address. Environmental urgencies like persistent droughts have been a nuisance to goat and sheep herders in Somalia as well as for the entire capital city of Cape Town, South Africa which is about to lock off its municipal water supply indefinitely. Meanwhile, the Kenyan people are facing the prospect of a lower life expectancy due to poor air quality. Music by Rootz Underground, Horace Andy, Damian Marley, Kabaka Pyramid, Koro Fyah, Daniel Bambaata Marley, Dre Island, Midnite, Pentateuch, Rootz Lions, Hornsman Coyote, Aisha, Kazayah, Addis Pablo, Massive Dub Corporation, Queen Omega, Bunny Wailer, Chosen Brothers, Freddy McGregor, Junior Murvin, Exile Di Brave, Kelissa. 'Bookman on the Airwaves' is a weekly music and talk program seeking to enhance principles of collective security and international morality. It is produced and hosted by Dutty Bookman in South Florida on WZPP 96.1 FM (Miami and surrounding areas) and WZOP 92.7 FM (Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas), and it streams live at WZPPRADIO.COM on Sunday nights, 10pm to midnight EST.

  • Roots Bound mixtape pt. 1
    Dub Manza Soundsystem

    Greetings people! Coming directly out of the Dub Manza stable - Copenhagen, Denmark - a musical journey into the deep reality of heavy roots music. We spent a night selecting our favorite roots tunes, strictly from vinyl. Sit back and enjoy the vibes, inna rootikal style. Blessings and guidance!

  • "The Cool Ruler" Best Of Gregory Isaacs Part 2

    The best of Gregory Isaacs Part 2 leads up to when Gregory Isaacs was called ”The Cool Ruler” partly due to an enormous popularity in Jamaica late 70’s and early 80’s. But also because of his cool laid back style which shines through in songs like the wonderful ’Special Guest’ or the erotic ’Cool You’ and in big hits like ’Mr. Brown’. The later is a well known plot in his songs where he takes the richer daughter out whatever her parents say. How music defeats poverty and hunger for a while is another common theme. In ’John Public’ he announces that he really got something special going on with the starting line ”she was between 18 and 21…” Well age ain’t nothing but a number! ’A Riot’ deals with Gregory Isaacs early time spent in jail, a heavy biting tune with a lot of rage and threats towards the jail system. ’Poor And Clean’ is my favourite tune and a typical left wing tune where he states that being poor is better than living rich in corruption. Heard it first almost 30 years ago but I still listen to it 3-4 times in a row. For me this list of songs are the best reason in the world to listen to reggae from the late 70’s. It just ain’t getting better than songs like ’One More Time’ or ’Border’! The best of Gregory Isaacs Part 2 ”The Cool Ruler” 1. Party in the Slum 2. Going Downtown 3. Raving Tonight 4. Mr. Brown 5. One More Time 6. John Public 7. (Let Me Be Your) Special Guest 8. Cool You 9. Uncle Joe 10. Tribute To Waddy 11. Freedom 12. A Riot 13. Village Of The Under Privileged 14. Motherless Children 15. Slave Driver 16. Slave Market 17. Words Of The Farmer 18. Mr. Know It All 19. Border 20. Babylon Too Rough 21. Universal Tribulation 22. Black Liberation Struggle 23. Poor And Clean 24. My Number One 25. Lonely Girl 26. Tear Drops 27. Tumbling Tears 28. Willow Tree 29. Story Book Children 30. Hang On 31. Each Day 32. No Speech, No Language 33. Get Ready 34. Look Before You Leap 35. My Relationship 36. Double Attack

  • Dub Shack 1st Anniversary Mixtape

    Since January 2017, Dub Shack have been hosting regular events at the legendary Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield. Over that time we've invited sound systems, DJs and MCs for dances focused on positivity and consciousness - celebrating the best in dub, roots and steppas. For your listening pleasure... this mix is a 3 hour selection of tunes you will of heard at our events over the last year. Vibes on vibes on vibes!! Shout out to Chief Pukka Soundsystem, Akid, DEM, Parly B, Sinai Soundsystem, Matt Bulloch, FTF Sound Systems, Roots, KOG, Franz Von, Insub Audio, Stagger, Nicole Jewitt, Podge, Flibb, YT, Junglist Alliance, King David, Dubcentral, Tixxy, Komatik Audio, Dubcafe, Displace, Break Promotions and everyone else who has been part of the last year! Peace and love. Dub Shack x

  • Payoh SoulRebel & Cool Up Records - Lone Ranger
    Cool Up Records

    "What a Vibe" is ´s first solo LP under the exclusive production of, a young record label from Seville (Spain) formed by & What a vibe is a tribute to the Jamaican deep/pure music, what we have grown with, enjoying so. The main style is Reggae Roots, with Rocksteady shapes and early digital from the 80's. The album name is about all the energy that it gives off, from the creation process to the final message that it transmits. The love to the music, the happiness and the positivity are some of the topics that Payoh SoulRebel sings demonstrating mastery and elegance, through his excellent voice. Released January 9, 2018. “Lone Ranger“ Official Music Video: Download and listen: Bandcamp: Youtube: iTunes; Spotify: Credits: Produced, Composed and Arranged by Cool Up Records: Francisco Narbona (Alameda Sound) and Mario García (Legalize Sound) Recorded & Mixed by Mario Garcia at Legalize Sound Studio, El Coronil (Seville) Spain (2016-2017) Lyrics & Vocals by Payoh Soulrebel Brass arragements by Alex Hazas Mastered by Ibon larruzea at Euridia Estudios, Bilbao (Spain) Artwork by Mr John Vanilla and Delvina McKinson Musicians: Tunelon Iration: Drums and Kete. Vocal featuring on “Happiness” Francisco Narbona: Keyboards and Bass Mario García: Keyboards, Bass, Percussion and Melodica Davide Gagliano: Rythm and Lead Guitar Alex Hazas: Sax and Flute Urtzi Martin: Trumpet Diego Martínez: Clavinet and Hammond on “Move ya” Juan José Valiente: Rythm Guitar on “Lone Ranger” and Lead guitar on “Move ya” Suso Díaz: Lead Guitar and Harmonica on “Lone Ranger Rafael Arcos: Rythm Guitar on “Move ya” Curro Barroso (Variedub): Dub version on “Sweet Music” Burian Fyah: Vocal featuring on “Time to refresh” Payoh SoulRebel: Lead and backing vocals For more info please visit:

  • Brother Culture / Mr.Zebre dubplate +Dub version
    Rootsman Selecta

    Dubplate Specialist Roostman selecta Brother Culture "ING" Mr.Zebre "Under pressure riddim" Grabado en Tlachco Studio mx mezclado en AKS studio en francia Por Mr Zebre. Jah sound system 2018