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  • Pedro Ernesto comenta no Atualidade – 25/09/2018
  • Maurits Martijn leest zijn en Dimitri Tokmetzis' verhaal voor uit 'Dit was het nieuws niet'
    De Correspondent

    Dat grote techbedrijven een gevaar kunnen vormen voor de democratie is geen nieuws meer. Maar wat eraan te doen? Een ding staat vast: zij zelf zullen het probleem nooit oplossen. Voorpublicatie uit ons boek ‘Dit was het nieuws niet’.

  • The Awful and Awesome Entertainment Wrap Ep 85: Emmy, Manmarziyaan, #BigBoss and more

    After the hiatus last week, The Awful and Awesome Entertainment wrap is back with a bang, along with our hosts Rajyasree Sen and Abhinandan Sekhri. The conversation starts with Rajyasree’s review on the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards; she found all of the 60-minute show boring, and shares the things that were talked about at the awards: Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage—who is known to play Tyrion Lannister in the series—won the 'sexiest dwarf' award. Netflix had many nominations and both hosts discuss how the media-service provider makes its money. Abhinandan goes on to tell us about a Time Magazine article review on the Emmy Awards and his opinion about the show. The conversation then moves towards Big Boss. “I have always felt that Big Boss, in the larger picture, is a commentary on the lowest that is in us as performers, as producers, as viewers and also as advertisers,” said Abhinandan. Rajyasree informs us that this is the last season of Big brother (UK). She then talks about how, apart from Anup Jalota, she had no idea who the other people were in Big Boss 12. Both hosts have a nice laugh at Anup Jalota, his girlfriend who is also his student, and their ‘Vichitr Jodi.’ Abhinandan sheds light on the movie called Manmarziyaan, directed by one of his favourite Indian Director Anurag Kashyap. Its cast includes Vicky Kaushal, Taapsee Pannu, and Abhishek Bachchan. Abhinandan expresses his admiration for the film’s music, composed by Amit Trivedi, with Shelly on lyrics—especially the song ‘Hallah’. He also thinks that Jr. Bachchan is one of the worst actors in Indian cinema, whereas, on the other hand, Vicky Kaushal did a brilliant job. Rajyasree says: “I felt that the film had potential but then the potential was not achieved.” Rajyasree goes on to review a movie called I Tonya based on the true story of a talented figure skater—Tonya Harding—and her life, which goes down the drain after an attack on a beautiful figure skater named Nancy Kerrigan. According to Rajyasree, it is a dark-humoured movie, and she was amazed at Margo Robbie’s performance in it. Our hosts then discuss Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool. Rajyasree insists on giving this movie, starring Annet Bening and based on a memoir by Peter Turner, a shot. She also highly recommends The Killing of Scared Deer for all the mystery aficionados out there. Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell play lead characters in the movie, making it worth a watch. The new trailer of Captain Marvel also released and it did not impress Abhinandan at all, whereas Rajyasree thought that the trailer did just fine. She mentions that as a child, she grew up watching superhero films. Abhinandan, then expresses his views on the new phenomenon of releasing a book along with a TV series type of trailer, something started by Indian authors Chetan Bhagat and Amish Tripathi. Both hosts discuss the new trailer of Chetan Bhagat’s The Girl in Room 105 and more. Tune in to listen to the entire episode.

  • Delegado Ajaribe Rocha Pinto, Fala Sobre Assassinato Na Redenção 25/09/2018
  • PAREDAO COM POTTER BLOCO 01 = 22/09/2018
  • Hemphill 1 Law
    KICD/KMRR News
  • ZONE MIXTE 24 - 09
  • Episode 1022: Authority Question (Broadcast - September 22 2018)
    This is Hell!
    News & Politics

    Detroit's housing chaos [25:29] / The new voter suppression [1:05:09] / The case for anti-authoritarianism [2:10:04] / Childcare under capitalism [3:06:36] / On microgenerations [3:49:45]

  • 09-24-18
    The Erick Erickson Show

    Tonight on the show the Kavanaugh confirmation circus continues with another even more flimsy accusation of sexual misconduct.

  • What is the Deep State?
    Endtime Ministries

    By now, you’ve probably heard the term “the deep state”. But, what is the deep state? The deep state is another term for “the establishment”. Candidate Donald Trump warned against the establishment while running for the presidency. We’ll explain today what the establishment is. You need to know!

  • Ep.130 | Michael Knowles and Elisha Krauss Sound Off on the Term "Latinx"
    The News And Why It Matters

    Crime in America is down 8% while crime rates in Great Britain continue to rise

    Both knife and gun crimes are realities of life in the U.K.

    We have a new dictionary entry at the behest of social justice warriors - "Latinx" - a non-gendered term to be used instead of Latino or Latina

    LeBron James is settling down in Hollywood ahead of his move to the Los Angeles Lakers - A remake of "Space Jam" is on the horizon

    An "intersex" person sued because passports only allow male and female – and a judge ruled that a third option should be allowed

    Jobless claims hit 49-year low, and President Trump wants to make sure that people know that the economy is booming

  • 24.08.18 Le Grand Journal
    News & Politics
    Actualités & politique
  • ساعت ششم - سرنگونی حکومت؛ از خیال تا واقعیت
    Radio Farda رادیو فردا

    آیا براندازی ممکن است به واقعیت بپیوندد؟ چگونه؟ در چه شرایطی؟ و نتیجه آن چه می‌تواند باشد؟ در صورت تحقق تغییر رژیم، چه جایگزینی می‌توان برای حکومت فعلی متصور شد؟

  • Политолог-востоковед Кирилл Семенов о сбитом в Сирии Ил-20 и приостановке наступления на Идлиб
    Радио Свобода

    Минобороны России признало, что ПВО Башара Асада 17 сентября сбили российский военный самолет Ил-20 с 14 военнослужащими на борту, однако обвинили в этом ВВС Израиля. Первые сообщения о новых российских потерях в Сирии поступили сразу после переговоров в Сочи Владимира Путина и Реджепа Эрдогана, во время которых они договорились о приостановке давно готовящегося наступления войск Асада, при российской и иранской поддержке, на Идлиб – последний оплот противостоящих Дамаску повстанцев.

  • September 25, 2018
    Texas Standard
    News & Politics

    Proposed changes to legal immigration here in the U.S. that would especially affect the poor. We'll take a look at the possible impacts. And: President Trump has signed the largest VA budget ever. What the money is going towards and where it's coming from. Also: We'll head to Sonora, Texas where unprecedented flooding has damaged hundreds of homes. Plus: We'll hear how Texas waterways when not causing the damage like in that city, can provide access to parts of the state that are otherwise off-limits. And why Mexico's new president-elect could change the messaging on birth control, and why Laredo city officials have found themselves in a tough position when it comes to next steps for a border wall. All those stories and so much more today on the Texas Standard:

  • Citi Breakfast Show, Monday 24th September, 2018

    On Monday, 24th September, 2018, the Citi Breakfast Show team discussed the digital migration contract among others.

  • PAREDAO COM POTTER BLOCO 02 = 22/09/2018
  • Are Labour Inching Toward 'Remain'? / A Far-Right Threat in Brazil
    World View - The Foreign Affairs Podcast
    News & Politics

    Denis Staunton is in Liverpool for the Labour Party conference. The party's official stance on Brexit has always masked a deep division between principle and pragmatism. Is that about to change? Tom Hennigan reports from Sao Paolo on the candidacy of Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right demagogue with a history of misogyny and a fondness for authoritarian figures. Could he ride an anti-political mood to power in Brazil's presidential election?

  • Jay Donovan Show: Is 78 too old to run the JCIDA?
    News & Politics