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  • Chernobyl Studios - Reignited - Soundiron Voices of Rage
    52 Chernobyl Studios official demo track for Voices of Rage is a dressed demo using Voices of rage in the context of a metal mix. Voices Of Rage is an aggressive death metal, hardcore and power metal vocal library that combines awesome vocal performances, powerful word and lyric building systems, tempo-synched phrase step sequencing features, multiple mic types, rack multi-FX and tons of cutting edge content and capabilities. It explores the raw, brutal and guttural vocal style that death metal is known for, in all of its roaring, screaming, hissing and screeching glory. We recorded vocalists Evan "Severed" Seidlitz, Alecia "Mixi" Demner (Stitched Up Heart), Jason Kocol (Impaled) and Aaron Boynton (The Sky We Scrape). Each singer offers their own unique style and technique, giving you options to work with a broad range of metal sub-genres. We pushed them to their absolute physical limits to build a massive array of fully playable lyrics. The huge Wordmaster dictionary includes 100 words, covering a variety of nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives. Each word was chosen to create an effective lyrical toolbox, with sustaining and staccato variants - in both guttural death and acidic screaming tones. We also recorded hundreds of live micro-phrases that can be assembled into your own songs using our phrase step-sequencer and tempo-synched, stretched, layered and blended in all manner of ways.

  • Shredageddon
    Boom Kitty

    The Shredageddon is real. Enjoy this filthy combo of phat bass and savage heavy metal riffs. YouTube: Spotify: Apple Music: Twitter:


    New monthly tape series featuring music from underground bands in various hard rock genres! Be open minded and go support the bands featured! We entitled the tapes this because every unknown band is fighting the same uphill battle to gain traction in the music industry! Cover art by: @ScumbagDesign - @byJamessCargill TRACKLIST - Bands of the Battle Vol. 1 01 A FRIEND, A FOE - GREY MATTER 02 CROSS YOUR FINGERS - PREY (FEAT. FRONZ) 03 PERSONA GREY - VIGIL 04 LOVE ME NATALIE - DENIAL 05 LAMPWIKK - ALL THE WRONG REASONS 06 VERA, FOREVER - POISON TOUCH 07 LIFT - HIVE MIND 08 A NOBODIES ACHIEVEMENT - THE AWAKENING 09 THE HUMAN CONDITION - OBSESSION 10 DARKEST DAYS - EXTINCTION (FEAT. JOE EDWARDS OF SHIELDS) 11 ALISTAIR - OBSIDIAN 12 WAYSIDE - MY FAVORITE HOBBY

  • Zombie Cats - World Ends (Eatbrain063)
    Drum & Bass

    //artist @zombiecatsofficial //label The mass of supplicants prostrated just beyond its twisted paws, their pathetic mewling pleasantly caressing the towering feline fiend’s ears as they expressed their divine agony. Drinking up the delicious earmilk of their pain, it reclined languidly in its glorious pedestal; a mass of flesh and sinews with the fine carved bones from the countless many condemned to this realm of eternal torment. Its three eyes rolled apathetically to fall upon one particular beggar, drained of almost all remaining life from her years pennance, spent at the foot of the infernal throne, worshipping the glory of pain in all its truth and crying for salvation. The utter futility of this endeavor suddenly dawned on the great cat, as the constancy of myriad calls made for escape fell upon his ears at once. Suddenly annoyed by this ever-present sound, he reached out, spearing the pathetic being before him with a claw and flinging her from into rock and into the depths of the molten river below. His eyes watched her form ignite and fade in the heat, her soul joining others to be swept into its current on a journey to be reborn as pitiful lesser devils elsewhere in the plane. How benevolent an act, the cat thought to itself, freeing the pitiful creature from her suffering for a brief moment and more even - giving her the opportunity of such an esteemed metamorphosis. Even though the pathetic fiend she would be reborn as would hold not even a candle to his own magnificence, it would still be a marked improvement against the limits of her prior flesh. Sated by his own thoughts, he leaned forward once, rotating his vast ears to better drink in the fresh desperate energy of the remaining supplicants. Its hideous mouth opened to a wide, sharp smile, revealing cruelly serrated fangs that shone unnaturally with a umbral hue. “A reward for my benevolence,” he thought as he plucked the nearest wretch from the rock with a single talon, his pupils sharpening with focussed malevolence as he tossed them into his fur-lined maw. Satisfied, his hunger temporarily sated, there was but one thing left to do. He would take a nap. The ZOMBIE CATS return to the label that set the fire on their ferocious project back in 2014, placing them on a fierce trajectory of furiously kinetic releases that have brought them to the present, their most pointed assault on the eardrums yet with the WORLD’S END EP on EATBRAIN. With the title track tearing out of the mouth of hell with slower bpm but highly charged energy, further establishing the newly forming neurowave genre, the cats make a bold statement from the outset. Also featuring 2 intense collaborations with masters of their art ABIS and MALUX, alongside 3 further astounding intensely fresh solo cuts, the WORLD’S END EP is a welcome return for one of tech dnb’s most respected duo’s, on one of the genres most consistent labels. The end is here, and it’s one hell of a ride. //release date 8th August Beatport & Spotify excl. 22nd August worldwide

  • Siberia (Coming Soon)
    Bitter Lake
    Experimental Black Metal

    when the storm calls you home

  • These Are Words, But Take Them Wisely ×××... w/ a6m rei-sen [prod. arksen]

    produced by @arksen [lyrics] (Quarantine) Guided by darkness Ive done lost it Hang my noose quick So the poltergeist will purge me Infernal sinner Black blood is The cure to my ingulfment but theres no saving me Im in the depths of hell hanging by a tree My brain is melting Black tar will burn me We two are dying These are words But take them wisley A6m- reisen) I’m dismembering corpses Setting them to flames with torches Dancing around in circles chanting baphomets name I am a beast,strain me with chains Or i will continue my rampage Slice through everyone in my way Make theses streets their fucking graves

  • Develop Device | Legacy ft. Jose Diaz & Neal Romero

    Original mix and stems: Composed, all instruments recorded, programmed by Jaroslav Holub Mixing & mastering services: Vocals recorded & lyrics by Jose Diaz (Scream Vocals) and Neal Romero (Clean Vocals) Contact for guest vocal: mixed by Ben

  • The Void
    Matty M.

    It's been a while since I could record a full song. Hope you like it! Enjoy :)

  • One Minute Winter - "Raindown" (Hatsune Miku 11th Anniversary / Neural DSP Darkglass Demo)

    Happy 11th Birthday to Hatsune Miku! Also, huge shoutouts to Maxime at Solemn Tones for really getting the plugin right! This track is also a demo for the Neural DSP Darkglass B7K Ultra plugin, as not only have we used the B7K Ultra on the bass, but we have also used it on some of the lead guitars! WintermintP Vocaloids used: Miku V4 English Checking if they have delivered on what they said they'll do Only to find out that it was again a lie all over again This is the world of the politics it was built upon lies They simply need to just play their own numbers game just for the gains This injustice has really got to go We rain down upon our enemies tonight Watch as this world's death toll starts to roll We rain down upon our enemies tonight Everybody's having a good time We rain down upon our enemies tonight It won't last long, soon they'll pay the price We rain down upon our enemies tonight You try to get away with Blank lies that are obvious You try to get away with Blank lies Blank lies Blank lies Checking if others have suffered from the same as I did only to find out that all of my neighbourhood got the same cuts This is the world of the politics it was built upon lies Whatever, they will know they will be getting all kinds of our fuss Fortune favours wealth but we have proof We rain down upon our enemies tonight We know they have really gone and goofed We rain down upon our enemies tonight Soon you'll know the pain you can't explain We rain down upon our enemies tonight We just have to rain down upon their parade We rain down upon our enemies tonight You try to get away with Blank lies that are obvious You try to get away with Blank lies We rain down upon the city hall to knock on their doorstep, debunk all that they said We call down the final nail in the coffin now WE RAIN DOWN (solo 1: WintermintP) (solo 2: WintermintP)

  • Guiding Our Divinity - Inanna Shachar Utu (live)

    I AM, that, I am WE ARE, all, we are Inanna Shachar Utu (ISU) recorded live 8.13.18

  • Caught In The Crossfire
    Delete! Delete!

    An Ep inspired by the melodic progressive metal sounds of Fightstar


    RELEASE DATE: 09.08.2018 LYRICS; everything is able to burn how u could to able this anything u wanna build will be destroyed by me every human on the earth is a little piece of scum garbage does not need a life so i gonna take it back vomiting mass is on your knees but for my dogs its a dish Warrior of Light is sick but its from my parasites bringing me back from astral place i cant navigate right here holy nova is a key to my win and u cant see i can see undigested piece of your bleeding liver i am fucking dead knight pushing sponges in your head when i bleated on your body corrupted liquid killed me its the omen of a fact that your life came to an end every time i die u smile save my life from sacrifice when i reborn my brain is sucks i feel no pain NO ghouls from my dungeon spiting out a piece of your brain if u were a smart solution i would even freed it out

  • Fullmoon Sorcery
    Fallen Temple

    Opus 3 from Demo MMXVIII

  • Flesh Coffin Vocal Cover
    Solid Dude

    Love this band, had to do it.

  • Matadero
    Brutal Agresión (Chile)
  • Rebirth The Aeons-Chaotic Retreat
    Only Metalcore
    Relapse Reload
  • Evig Gonoré - Fear Of No Death
    Black Metal

    If you would like to support me, please buy my music. I have made it available for downloads to promote it. Thank you.

  • Abbess - Satan's Favorite Sacrifice
    Jacob Blanchard

    Abbess's very first song. Enjoy!

  • Afflicted

    Heavy-ish deal