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  • Who Does Online Learning Really Serve?
    EdSurge On Air

    Online education has been touted as a way to increase access to education. But it’s increasingly unclear if online learning is living up to its promise for students, even as digital learning makes its way into more institutions’ offerings. The quality of online courses still varies drastically, and research shows there are major racial disparities in digital-learning outcomes. This has all left us asking: Who does online education really serve? To help answer that question, we recently brought two online learning experts to EdSurge Live, a monthly video-based town hall event, to talk about their work and research in online education, and what’s needed to better serve students in the digital space. Our guests were Michelle Pacansky-Brock, faculty mentor for the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative and @ONE (Online Network of Educators), and Di Xu an assistant professor at UC Irvine School of Education.

  • Professor Jonathan L. Walton - The Lenses of Love Part II | Sunday Sermons
    Harvard University

    Professor Jonathan L. Walton, Plummer Professor of Christian Morals and Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church, Sunday sermon May 6, 2018 in the Memorial Church of Harvard University.

  • Abstract Expressionism
    National Gallery of Art

    David Gariff, senior lecturer, National Gallery of Art, August 14, 2018. From the mid-1940s through the 1950s painters in New York imbued their work with a heady new confidence, scale, and energy. Before and during World War II European émigrés poured into New York, including artists Max Ernst, Fernand Léger, Piet Mondrian, and the writer and surrealist leader André Breton. Their influence led to the exploration of biomorphic forms, archaic themes, and accidental processes designed to unleash the unconscious, like dripping and scraping. It is in the large canvases of the 1950s, by Jackson Pollock and others, that what one critic called “the triumph of American painting” can really be felt. These paintings increased ambition and introduced new techniques: Pollock’s rhythmic pours and drips, Clyfford Still’s dry palette-knifing, Newman’s masking-taped “zips,” Franz Kline’s chiseled gestures, and Joan Mitchell’s flurries of strokes. This generation of artists revealed new horizons in the practice of painting and the experience of viewing. As part of the series Celebrating the East Building: 20th-Century Art, senior lecturer David Gariff explores the triumph of American painting in postwar America. This lecture was presented on August 14, 2018, at the National Gallery of Art.

  • El estado de la seguridad alimentaria y la nutrición en el mundo 2018

    11 de septiembre de 2018, Roma--- La nueva edición de El estado de la seguridad alimentaria y la nutrición en el mundo (SOFI) ofrece datos actualizados sobre la cantidad de personas que padecen hambre en el mundo y las últimas cifras sobre el retraso en el crecimiento y la emaciación infantil, así como sobre la obesidad en la población adulta e infantil. Se trata de un indicador importante para medir el progreso realizado hacia el Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible de Hambre Cero. El informe ofrece también un análisis de las causas del hambre y la malnutrición, y este año incluye un apartado especial sobre el impacto del cambio climático y los fenómenos meteorológicos extremos. Marco Sanchez-Cantillo, Director adjunto, División de Economía del Desarrollo Agrícola de la FAO, explica más sobre la nueva edición del informe SOFI 2018. Entrevista conducida por Murielle Sarr

  • Loss of trust in pet vaccines: the history of why this has happened

    Some pet owners have lost their trust in vaccinations, and as a consequence, they are refusing to have their pets vaccinated according to their vets' recommendations. As a result, epidemics of diseases like Parvovirus are starting to happen again. This podcast runs over the history and background to this topic.

  • 2018 Indonesia Political Update Lecture and Panel Discussion
    The Lowy Institute
    News & Politics

    Tom Power of the Australia National University (ANU) Indonesia Project delivered the 2018 political update (approximately 35 minutes), followed by a panel discussion on Indonesia’s upcoming April 2019 elections (approximately 40 minutes) featuring Power, ANU; Sidney Jones, the director of the Institute for Policy Analysis in Jakarta; and Aaron Connelly, the director of the Southeast Asia Project at the Lowy Institute. Ulla Fionna moderated.

  • VOA: Sube el número de muertos por el huracán Florence
    VOA Noticias

    El número de muertos por el huracán Florence asciende a 23 en Carolina del Norte y Carolina del Sur. Informa desde la Voz de América en Washington, Tony Cano.

  • VOA: Líder demócrata advierte que el TLCAN debe ser trilateral
    VOA Noticias

    Líder demócrata de Congreso EE.UU. dice que el TLCAN debe seguir siendo un pacto trilateral. Informa desde la Voz de América en Washington, Tony Cano.

  • 771: The dance of life is like a winding river
    The Positive Head Podcast

    Brandon welcomes his friend Koko Kercher to accompany him on this episode and they read a question that Koko had sent over a year before, then put the answer into context based on what she experienced during the interim and how she grew and expanded her perspective with relationship to money, her child's father and her own mother.

  • The Millennial Panel on kink, dating and the internet
    Dr. Laurie Betito

    The Millennial Panel on kink, dating and the internet

  • Press Event: Corot: Women
    National Gallery of Art

    At the press preview for Corot: Women on Wednesday, September 5, 2018, remarks were given by Mary Morton, curator and head of the department of French paintings at the National Gallery of Art. She was introduced by Earl A. Powell III, director, National Gallery of Art.

  • 772: Pal-Wow with "Vacation Vibration" Kinesio-Alchemist Charles Clay
    The Positive Head Podcast

    Charles Clay was originally a kinesiologist but, after enduring a rough accident, he began to search for ways to heal his body and express more of his potential in other areas of his life. He now uses simple physiological principles including meditation and breath control to assist individuals in summoning any desired state, particularly an exciting one he calls "vacation vibration".

  • 770: Awaken, and live the dream
    The Positive Head Podcast

    The theme of the episode is the dream-like nature of reality, and Brandon exhorts the audience to get playful with this fact, dream big, have confidence and probe deeper into this manifold truth to create the life of our dreams.

  • Should U.S. Companies Still Care About the Paris Climate Change Agreement?
    Harvard University

    American President Donald Trump pulled out of the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change just over a year ago. What does that mean for the role of United States companies and business leaders in confronting climate change challenges? Assistant Professor Vincent Pons looks at the historical debate and what the road ahead looks like for the role of business in improving the environment.

  • Here's your New DTB!
    BMJ talk medicine

    In September's podcast, James Cave (DTB Editor-in-Chief) and David Phizackerley (DTB Deputy Editor) highlight some of the changes to DTB that have taken place this month and discuss the background and rationale to these changes. Read this month's editorial: The editors also consider the place for monitored dosage systems ( and discuss the evidence for using labetalol as a first-line treatment option for hypertension in pregnancy ( Meet the new DTB here:

  • Haley Curtin '18 - April 30, 2018 | Morning Prayers
    Harvard University

    Morning Prayers service with speaker Haley Curtin '18, Harvard College, Adams House, April 27, 2018.

  • Sex in the news: hook-ups, dating and Paul McCartney
    Dr. Laurie Betito

    Sex in the news: hook-ups, dating and Paul McCartney

  • Conversando con la VOA
    VOA Noticias

    La Voz de América entrevista, en cinco minutos, a expertos en diversos temas.

  • Changing the way home insurance is sold with Hippo's Assaf Wand
    Tearsheet Podcast

    There's been a rash of activity and a big influx of new capital into insurtech. Insurance almost feels like it was the last holdout to be targeted by fintech firms. That's because it's a really big problem to solve. Today's guest, Assaf Wand is the founder and CEO of Hippo Insurance. Hippo isn't Assaf's first startup and he doesn't shy away from big problems. To hear him tell it, Assaf wanted to be in the insurance business since he was a little kid. But startup technology costs were always too prohibitive, the lack of historical consumer data prevented him from competing, and customers just weren't ready to switch. That's all different now as Hippo is attempting to change the way home insurance is sold (spoiler: the buyers aren't just millennials). Hippo's Assaf Wand is my guest today on the Tearsheet Podcast. Before we jump into the interview — If you get value out of this podcast, we'd appreciate a review wherever you get your podcasts. We do this for you and reviews are the fuel that make this podcast go and help others to discover it.

  • Cuarteto Latinoamericano
    National Gallery of Art

    Program: Music by Brouwer and Ginastera. Cuarteto Latinoamericano performs Leo Brouwer’s Third String Quartet and Alberto Ginastera’s Second String Quartet in this concert held at the National Gallery of Art on Sunday, January 29, 2017. Founded in Mexico in 1982, Cuarteto Latinoamericano is one of the world’s renowned string quartets. A leading proponent of Latin American music, the quartet has a discography of more than 80 recordings, including the complete string quartet cycles of Alberto Ginastera and Heitor Villa-Lobos.