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  • VOA: Trump: Khashoggi parece estar muerto y advierte a Arabia Saudita
    VOA Noticias

    Trump: Khashoggi "parece estar" muerto; advierte de duras consecuencias para Arabia Saudita. Informa desde la Voz de América en Washington, Tony Cano.

  • Renewing Sociology in the Digital Age [Audio]
    LSE Podcasts
    News & Politics

    Speaker(s): Professor Susan Halford | It is now well-established that digital devices, techniques and new forms of data are deeply implicated in the re-working of social life, and this has only just begun. At the same time, these devices, techniques and data are shaping what we know about social life, fuelling stark questions about the value of the established academic disciplines. Most famously, it has been claimed that only mathematics and computer science will be necessary in this Brave New World. Such disciplinary troubles are not new. Tracing their roots undermines both the imperialist tendencies of data evangelists and any temptation to insist on stabilising the recognised academic disciplines of the pre-digital era. Instead, this talk argues that we must stay with the disciplinary troubles that have been provoked by the digital era. Moving beyond any simple call for interdisciplinary collaboration, the talk explores computational thinking to reveal surprising similarities as well as differences from sociological thinking. Taken together, both similarities and differences offer possibilities for making something new. This line of thinking not only explains the current positioning of sociologists as guardians of ‘ethical, legal and social implications’ in digital research and innovation but shows where this should be radically extended. Far from marginal, sociology is central if we are craft shared, meaningful and effective response-abilities in the digital era. Susan Halford (@susanjhalford) is President, British Sociological Association, and Professor of Sociology and Director, Web Science Institute, University of Southampton. Mike Savage (@MikeSav47032563) is Professor of Sociology and Director of the International Inequalities Institute, LSE. Established in 1904, the Department of Sociology @LSEsociology at LSE is committed to empirically rich, conceptually sophisticated, and socially and politically relevant research and scholarship. Building upon the traditions of the discipline, we play a key role in the development of the social sciences into the new intellectual areas, social problems, and ethical dilemmas that face our society today.

  • Taking Refuge
    San Francisco Zen Center

    09/29/2018, Hozan Alan Senauke, dharma talk at City Center.

  • VOA: Muertes en Nicaragua ascienden a 325 asegura CIDH
    VOA Noticias

    CIDH: Muertes en Nicaragua ascienden a 325. Informa desde la Voz de América en Washington, Tony Cano.

  • Entretenimiento - 5:30pm
    VOA Noticias

    Tres minutos de información del mundo del entretenimiento, la música y los estrenos cinematográficos de Estados Unidos.

  • Let's talk sex, medicine and film. Reporting from Egypt Medfest 2018
    BMJ talk medicine

    Mina Elnaggar, an Egyptian doctor and film-maker, outlines the first Arab forum for medicine in film, Egypt Medfest, in conversation with Medical Humanities Film Correspondent Khalid Ali. Read the Medical Humanities' blog for more on film and media in medicine:

  • EE.UU.: Solicitudes semanales de subsidios por desempleo caen más de lo previsto
    VOA Noticias
  • VOA: Pompeo habla con presidente de Panamá sobre Venezuela y Nicaragua
    VOA Noticias

    Venezuela y Nicaragua en la agenda de la reunión del Secretario de Estado, Mike Pompeo y el presidente de Panamá, Juan Carlos Varela. Informa desde la Voz de América en Washington, Tony Cano.

  • Alejandro Escalona informa desde Washington...
    VOA Noticias
  • VOA: Ecuador expulsa a embajadora venezolana por “expresiones ofensivas”
    VOA Noticias

    Título: Ecuador expulsa a embajadora de Venezuela en respuesta a “expresiones ofensivas” de ministro. Informa desde la Voz de América en Washington, Tony Cano.

  • Disruptive: Soft Robotics for Deep Sea Exploration
    Harvard University

    The deep ocean is the least explored environment on Earth, and scientists estimate that many thousands of species are yet to be encountered. Marine researchers depend on tools primarily developed for the military or the oil and gas industry to study and capture undersea organisms. Many of them are extremely fragile, some thousands of years old, and too often they are damaged or destroyed by equipment that is hard, bulky, and hard to control. In this episode of Disruptive, Rob Wood, a roboticist and Core Faculty member at the Wyss Institute, and David Gruber, a marine biologist at Baruch College, discuss a chance encounter that led them to develop soft robotic tools that enable a new, non-invasive approach to interacting with deep ocean life.

  • Manish Chandra: Channeling an Adaptive Mindset
    Stanford eCorner

    Throughout his career, Manish Chandra, founder and CEO at Poshmark, learned to evolve, grow, and adapt to the economical and career changes he faced. His vision for a mobile shopping platform was ahead of its time. Chandra shares his thoughts on how to persevere in the face of doubt, how to partner with founders that share a common goal, and why focusing on engagement and community is critical for scaling successfully.

  • Deutsch lernen (B2/C1) | Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten vom 16.10.2018
    DW - Learn German
    Deutsch lernen

    Klickt hier, um zum Manuskript zu gelangen: Täglich von Montag bis Samstag findet ihr hier aktuelle Tagesnachrichten der DW – langsam und verständlich gesprochen. Neben der Audio-Datei gibt es auch den vollständigen Text zum Mitlesen. Hier geht's zur Übersichtsseite:

  • S12E04: Ljud i trafiken

    Vi gästas av Sebastian Örndahl från Vinge som lär oss om Finland och matte. Han berättar om sin superhäftiga hemsida Juriografiska ( som gör statistik av HD-avgörandena. Mårten berättar om den nya egendomsskyddsdomen i HD och Tove har grävt orimligt djupt för att gå till botten med huruvida glassbilarnas trudelutter verkligen är lagliga. Extra tack till våra gulliga kompisar på Vinge som hostade denna inspelning, men också tack till våra sponsorer Delphi, G&D och Lindahl!

  • TBT - Full Body Vs. Split Training: Pros And Cons
    Open Sky Fitness

    Rather than just going to the gym and randomly selecting workouts to do, it’s always best to go in with a plan. Click here to see the original show notes Check out OSF 206 The Power of Mindset: Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets Read The Power of Curiosity by the Harvard Business Review Please leave us a review at Check out the 7 Day Paleo Reset That’s why on this week’s TBT episode of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast, Devon and I are sharing the pros and cons of both split and full body workouts PLUS when one type of workout is better than the other. Either is great and you will see benefits with both. However, if you are hitting a plateau and not seeing any new results, you might want to try something new.

  • Outlining Strategies and Techniques With Daniel Richardson ’18
    UVA Law

    Daniel Richardson ’18, former editor-in-chief of the Virginia Law Review and the 2018 graduate with the highest GPA, provides law students with advice about preparing for upcoming mid-terms and finals. (University of Virginia School of Law, Oct. 16, 2018)

  • Conversando con la VOA
    VOA Noticias

    La Voz de América entrevista, en cinco minutos, a expertos en diversos temas.

  • Buenos Días América
    VOA Noticias

    Información ágil y actualizada en las voces de los protagonistas con todo lo que sucede en el mundo, los deportes y el entretenimiento.

  • Reflector V Flash, Oct 2018 Adobe Updates, And Shooting Basketball
    Master Photography Podcast

    Reflector or flash to fill in shadows on an outdoor portrait shoot? What's new with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 8.0 and Adobe Photoshop CC 20?  What are the basic tips for photographing indoor basketball?

  • VOA: EE.UU. Pompeo confiado en investigación sobre Khashoggi
    VOA Noticias

    El secretario estadounidense de Estado, Mike Pompeo, retornó a Washington DC y se reunió con el presidente Trump confiado en un pronto resultado de las investigaciones de Arabia Saudita y Turquía en el caso Khashoggi. Desde la Voz de América en Washington DC informa Gioconda Tapia.