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  • Cómo ganar dinero con el Day Trading, con Borja Muñoz
    The Success Academy
    borja muñoz

    Borja Muñoz (Borjatube) se dedica al Day Trading desde el 2010, y es uno de los day traders más reconocidos del panorama actual. Si alguna vez te has preguntado cómo ganar dinero con el day trading, nada mejor que contar con la opinión de un day trader experto como es Borja. Su amplia experiencia en el mercado bursátil como broker y profesor, ha quedado plasmada en su libro "El pequeño libro del Day Trading" publicado con la editorial Alienta (Planeta). Hoy en The Success Academy nos hablará de: - Qué es el day trading - Si el trading es para todo el mundo o no - De la famosa estadística del 90-90-90 y qué hace falta para formar parte del 10% que gana dinero con el day trading - Cuánto capital necesitamos para empezar en el day trading - Si el day trading es una profesión de tiempo completo o lo podemos hacer adicionalmente a tener un trabajo - Cuánto dinero puede llegar a ganar un day trader que empieza, uno que lleva un par de años y lo que puede ganar un day trader experto - Si es recomendable que esta actividad la haga otra persona por nosotros - Cómo poner tu dinero a trabajar por ti - Su opinión sobre las criptomonedas Todas las respuestas, en esta entrevista. Blog de Víctor Martín ➡ Sponsor: Libro Desata tu Éxito: Canción:

  • Three Marks
    San Francisco Zen Center

    03/02/2018, Ryushin Paul Haller, dharma talk at Tassajara.

  • Achilles and patellar tendinopathy loading principles with Dr. Peter Malliaras. Episode #326
    BMJ talk medicine

    “There is no real optimal exercise program. There’s no such thing it doesn’t really exist.” LIVE from Copenhagen at the 14th Scandinavian Congress of Medicine & Science in Sports, Dr. Karen Litzy, PT, DPT, with the Healthy, Wealthy and Smart Podcast, interviews Dr. Peter Malliaras about exercise principles for patellar and Achilles tendinopathy. Peter Malliaras is an Associate Professor at Monash University in the Department of Physiotherapy. His research focus is musculoskeletal disorders, sports medicine and tendinopathy. In 2006 he completed his PhD in tendinopathy identifying novel risk factors, and since has undertaken post-doctoral research in the UK and Australia. Peter maintains a strong clinical focus, specializing in difficult tendinopathy cases and delivering clinical postgraduate education for clinicians in Australia and internationally. In this podcast, Peter discusses different loading programs, pain responses and the value of imaging for patellar and Achilles tendinopathy. Resources Peter Malliaras Twitter - Scandinavian Congress of Medicine & Science in Sports - Peter Malliaras Research Gate Profile - Tendinopathy Rehabilitation - Achilles and patellar tendinopathy loading programmes : a systematic review comparing clinical outcomes and identifying potential mechanisms for effectiveness - Monash University Peter Malliaras Profile -

  • Steven Pinker: A New Enlightenment
    The Long Now Foundation

    The Enlightenment worked, says Steven Pinker. By promoting reason, science, humanism, progress, and peace, the programs set in motion by the 18th-Century intellectual movement became so successful we’ve lost track of what that success came from. Some even discount the success itself, preferring to ignore or deny how much better off humanity keeps becoming, decade after decade, in terms of health, food, money, safety, education, justice, and opportunity. The temptation is to focus on the daily news, which is often dire, and let it obscure the long term news, which is shockingly good. This is the 21st Century, not the 18th, with different problems and different tools. What are Enlightenment values and programs for now? A psychology professor at Harvard, Steven Pinker is the author of: Enlightenment Now (2018); The Better Angels of Our Nature (2011); The Blank Slate (2002); How the Mind Works (1997); and The Language Instinct (1994).

  • 646: Many of us learned the "Be-Do-Have" paradigm backwards
    The Positive Head Podcast

    Brandon and Chris Jackson have another freewheeling conversation, talking about everything from the most subjective aspects of the self to ongoing shifts in our societies and civilizations, all tied together by a loose thread of "solar" associations and at one point discussing the "Be-Do-Have" paradigm that most people understand backwards (as "Have-Do-Be") from the way it was intended.

  • 1974: From Documentary Filmmaker to $3 Million/Year: How to Identify Your Perfect Business with Marisa Murgatroyd

    Visit for complete show notes of every Podcast episode. Marisa is the founder of Live Your Message, where she turns entrepreneurs into online superheroes so they can change the world from their living room. Sponsors: I Love Franchising: If you’re tired of Corporate America and want to step into owning your own business, then the time to make a move is NOW. …And why not make that move into franchising? Erik of I Love Franchising has personally helped over 1,000 people transition out of Corporate American and into Franchise Ownership, and you can take your first step towards doing the same today. Visit to download Erik’s free eBook, The Franchising Playbook, today! DesignCrowd: If you’re not much of a designer, but are looking for ideas for your next logo, websites design or even your new business cards, then DesignCrowd can help! Visit for a special one $100 VIP offer for Fire Nation! Pitney Bowes: Print postage right from your office and take advantage of special discounts! ​Plans start AS LOW AS ​$5 per month. Visit PB​.com/fire​ to learn more and sign up for your free trial. Terms apply, see site for details.

  • Cézanne Portraits-Man in a Blue Smock
    National Gallery of Art

    EARL A. POWELL: The subject of this portrait is a man named Alexandre, who worked on Cézanne’s family estate. Behind him is a screen Cézanne painted earlier in his career. Its presence indicates that Cézanne painted the portrait in the main house of the estate. JOHN ELDERFIELD: We wonder why Cézanne put them together. Was it the contrast between this rather decorative, rather silly eighteenth-century screen and a solid working man? Is that what Cézanne wanted? Is he making some kind of sly joke about the woman looking at the peasant? Or did he really just want to have something of that pastoral, relaxed quality from the screen to be surrounding the worker perhaps? It has a delicacy and lightness to it, which is in contrast to the rather more grave quality that Cézanne gives to people. EARL A. POWELL: Another point of contrast is the solid, three-dimensional quality of the man, and the many passages of blank canvas, which make his jacket appear to dissolve. The decorative screen also provides a vertical line that offsets the looser, organic forms of the figure. JOHN ELDERFIELD: He’s interested in presenting it in such a way that the vertical form seems like a recapitulation of the geometry of the vertical forms of the canvas, so that you are aware of that, even as he’s departing almost entirely from vertical and horizontal forms within the picture.

  • Deutsch lernen (B2) | Das Alphatier
    DW - Learn German
    Deutsch lernen

    Um jemanden zu bauchpinseln, braucht man keine Farbe, Extrawürste kann man nicht essen und Rabenmütter sind keine Vögel. Warum das so ist, erfahrt ihr hier. Jede Woche stellen wir euch ein ein kurioses deutsches Wort vor – in unserem „Wort der Woche“. Klickt hier für mehr kuriose Wörter:

  • 9. Emil Sax: The Recluse from Voloska
    Mises Institute

    Written by Eugen-Maria Schulak and Herbert Unterköfler. Narrated by Paul Strikwerda.

  • Preface
    Mises Institute

    Written by Eugen-Maria Schulak and Herbert Unterköfler. Narrated by Paul Strikwerda.

  • 1975: Growth phase companies using social video to drive millions in sales with Travis Chambers

    Visit for complete show notes of every Podcast episode. Travis makes scalable social videos and is responsible for 270 million views, 3 million social shares and $30M in sales for his clients. Sponsors: Billy Gene Is Marketing:  To find out how Billy Gene can help you fix your Facebook ads, visit today! Right Networks: Helps entrepreneurs securely transition applications like QuickBooks Desktop or Microsoft Office to the cloud. To learn more give Right Networks a call at 888-469-5905. And for a special 10% discount mention “Entrepreneurs On Fire” before May 1, 2018! Pitney Bowes: Print postage right from your office and take advantage of special discounts! ​Plans start AS LOW AS ​$5 per month. Visit PB​.com/fire​ to learn more and sign up for your free trial. Terms apply, see site for details.

  • Where Are You From?
    San Francisco Zen Center

    02/28/2018, Ryushin Paul Haller, dharma talk at Tassajara.

  • [I have become wealthy in a foreign land] by Johannes Göransson
    The Poetry Foundation

    Johannes Göransson catalogs his summer travels through Berlin and Stockholm. Produced by Sarah Geis.

  • Designing Better Solutions for Development
    World Bank

    Joe Gebbia, Co-founder of Airbnb, talks about the new digital economy and its impact on development.

  • Deutsch lernen (B1) | Hilfe – die Touristen kommen
    DW - Learn German
    Deutsch lernen

    Testet euer Wissen mit interaktiven Übungen: Mit dem Top-Thema könnt ihr euch gleichzeitig über Neues aus aller Welt informieren und euren Wortschatz erweitern. Wir bieten euch zwei leicht verständliche Berichte mit Vokabelangaben und Fragen zum Text pro Woche. Hier geht's zur Übersichtsseite:

  • On the consciousness of cows
    Freedom, Books, Flowers & The Moon

    Science reporter Jennie Erin Smith joins us to discuss our desire, or evolutionary compulsion, to delve into the minds of other animals, from cows and penguins to the dismally misunderstood hyena; the TLS's George Berridge shares new insights into the work of Cormac McCarthy and the various (failed) attempts at adapting his novels; much has been said about how literary blogs killed off 'proper', print criticism. Jennifer Howard explains why the picture is far more complicated, and positive, than that

  • Evidence for off label prescribing - explore less, confirm more
    BMJ talk medicine

    When a new drug reaches market, the race is on to find more indications for its use - exploratory trials are set up, and positive results can lead to the off label prescriptions (eg Pregabalin for lower back pain. However, these initial indications are rarely confirmed with further, better quality, evidence. Jonathan Kimmelman is an associate professor at MCgill University in Canada, thinks it's time to explore less, and confirm more - and joins us to explain why. Read the full analysis:

  • 1. Vienna in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
    Mises Institute

    Written by Eugen-Maria Schulak and Herbert Unterköfler. Narrated by Paul Strikwerda.

  • How to stop generic drug price hikes (or at least reduce them)
    BMJ talk medicine

    Ravi Gupta, is a resident in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore - and as he said has seen the influence of sudden price hikes on his patients - between 2010 and 2015 more than 300 drugs in the U.S. have seen sudden increases of over %100. Ravi and his co-authors have suggested, and tested the feasibility of, a possible answer to those price hikes - a small tweak that should protect patients from the possibility that they’ll suddenly be unable to afford their essential medication. Read the full research:

  • Pre 3 - 18 - 18 Best Diets, Hysterectomy Dangers, Alcohol And More
    Dr. Joe Esposito