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  • What We Want In Mirrorless And 5 Signs Of Progression
    Master Photography Podcast

    Jeff hosts with Connor at the round table to talk about what they want in a mirrorless body and 5 signs that you are progressing as a photographer. Resources: Nikon Rumors: Nikon mirrorless camera rumors: THE BIG RECAP Photo Taco: Histogram Explained Photo Taco: AFMA Explained Photo Taco: AFMA Revisited Photo Taco: How To ETTR (Expose to the right)  Petapixel: 5 Signs You’re Progressing

  • Monet at Vétheuil
    National Gallery of Art

    Kimberly A. Jones, curator of 19th-century French paintings, National Gallery of Art. Two of Claude Monet’s paintings of the garden at his home in Vétheuil, France, have been reunited for the first time since they were created more than 100 years ago, thanks to a long-term series of loan exchanges between the National Gallery of Art, Washington, and the Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena. In celebration of this special installation, Kimberly A. Jones discusses the genesis of the four versions of The Artist’s Garden at Vétheuil (1881) and their place within the larger context of Monet’s artistic development during his three-year sojourn at Vétheuil, a period marked by personal tragedy and intense creativity.

  • Dr Alison Grimaldi on managing gluteal tendinopathy. Episode #343
    BMJ talk medicine

    Fresh off ‘BJSM Podcast World Cup’ victory, superstar physiotherapist Dr. Alison Grimaldi returns for what is sure to be another chart-topping podcast.  On this week’s episode, Dr. Alison Grimaldi (@alisongrimaldi) joins BJSM’s Daniel Friedman (@ddfriedman) to discuss the results from her latest clinical trial – the LEAP trial - that was recently published in the BMJ.     With 25 years of clinical experience and particular expertise in the management of hip, groin and lumbo-pelvic pain and dysfunction, Alison is Principal Physiotherapist at Physiotec in Brisbane, Australia, and an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. Alison also has a special interest in the assessment and optimisation of lumbo-pelvic and lower limb biomechanics for running, change of direction and all weight bearing sports. She is currently involved with research studies through the University of Queensland and University of Melbourne. Alison explains the clinical significance of the findings from the LEAP trial and shares some practical physiotherapy tips for clinicians helping patients manage gluteal tendinopathy pain. She discusses:        Treatment options for managing gluteal tendinopathy pain      Load management for gluteal tendinopathy        Specific exercises for gluteal tendinopathy Alison continues to publish, present and provide practical workshops for other health professionals, and will be coming to Vancouver in September 2018 for her hip and groin pain masterclass! You can listen to Dr. Grimaldi’s previous BJSM podcast on treating lateral hip pain here:

  • women of Excellence Call - 08.14.2018
  • The Pivotal Activity Of All Buddhas Part Two
  • Solitude in Community and Spiritual Practice
    San Francisco Zen Center

    08/11/2018, Kyoshin Wendy Lewis, dharma talk at City Center.

  • Nutrition and Food Science: Episode II

    YJBM editors and podcast hosts chat with David Hafler, the Chair of the Department of Neurology and Professor of Neurology and Immunobiology at Yale, about the connection between food and metabolism, the nervous system, and the immune system for our second episode about food and nutritional science.

  • Ep. 102: On Feeling Like A 'Failure' (Why Are You Still Single? Why Aren't You More Successful?)
    Baggage Reclaim with Natalie Lue

    In this episode, Natalie talks about confronting her fear of failure, fear of success. Email: [email protected] Instagram: Show notes: Blog: Workshops: Twitter:

  • #431 - C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa
    Natural Habitat Podcast

    Mikey, Bil and Ty (AKA The C.O.W. Boiis of Moo Mesa) are back in the saddle again! Today we discuss Lando Calrissian's sexual orientation, Reefer Madness, we call Starbucks customer service and ask for Muzzie swag and much much more! SUBSCRIBE NOW -

  • "The Friend with the Knife in His Back" by Ben Loory
    The Kenyon Review
  • The diagnosis and treatment of dyspareunia
    BMJ talk medicine

    Dyspareunia is a common but poorly understood problem affecting around 7.5% of sexually active women. It is an important and neglected area of female health, associated with substantial morbidity and distress. Women may be seen by several clinicians before a diagnosis is reached, There are also specialist psychosexual clinics, where men and women can be referred for sexual problems. Little has been written on the holistic approach to care for women with dyspareunia, therefore, some of the advice here is based on expert experience. Joining us to talk about care are Leila Frodsham, consultant gynaecologist and lead for psychosexual medicine, and Nikki Lee, speciality trainee in obstetrics & gynaecology, both at King’s College London. We’re also joined by Poppy, who experienced dyspareunia and has undergone treatment. Read the full education article:

  • Narek Hakhnazaryan and Noreen Cassidy-Polera
    National Gallery of Art

    Cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan and pianist Noreen Cassidy-Polera perform Johannes Brahms's Cello Sonata in F Major, op. 99, Sulkhan Fyodorovich Tsintsadze's Five Pieces on Folk Themes for Cello and Piano, and Niccolò Paganini's Variations on a Theme of Rossini, in this concert held at the National Gallery of Art on Sunday, February 25, 2018. Hakhnazaryan was born in Yerevan, Armenia, into a family of musicians and was mentored by the late Mstislav Rostropovich. Cassidy-Polera is one of the most highly regarded and diverse chamber artists performing today. Her career has taken her to major music centers in the United States, Europe, and Asia, with recent performances at Carnegie Hall, Jordan Hall in Boston, and the Kennedy Center.

  • DCPL Radio -- Episode 33 -- Notes from the Library: Documenting & Sharing Regional Music
    DC Public Library

    DC has an active music scene, but guest Jay Bruder researches, archives, and writes about its "early music" - blues, bluegrass, country, and pop music. Additional guests in town for annual archives conference will share stories about archiving local music scenes in Akron, Ohio (Calvin Rydbom) and Lousiville, KY (Heather Fox).

  • [나는의사다] 589회 - 여행에서만큼은 피하고 싶은 '급성설사'

    들뜬 마음을 안고 산으로, 바다로, 해외로 여행을 떠났는데 아뿔싸! 슬슬 배가 아파옵니다. 신나게 세웠던 여러 계획들이 갑자기 찾아온 설사 때문에 망한 경험, 한 번쯤 있으실 텐데요. 특히 이동 중에 신호가 오면 눈앞이 캄캄해집니다. 여행 중 겪는 급성설사, 대체 왜 생기고 어떻게 대처해야 하는지 쭈니(세브란스병원 노년내과 김광준 교수)와 깜신(건양대학교 이비인후과 김종엽 교수)이 알려드립니다. 00:00 ~ 00:03 오프닝 00:03 ~ 00:11 급성설사(물갈이)와 만성설사 00:11 ~ 00:29 급성설사의 원인 00:29 ~ 00:30 클로징

  • Surviving A Wildfire
    The Housing Hour

  • Juan Benet: Long Term Info-structure
    The Long Now Foundation

    "We live in a spectacular time,” says Juan Benet. "We're a century into our computing phase transition. The latest stages have created astonishing powers for individuals, groups, and our species as a whole. We are also faced with accumulating dangers -- the capabilities to end the whole humanity experiment are growing and are ever more accessible. In light of the promethean fire that is computing, we must prevent bad outcomes and lock in good ones to build robust foundations for our knowledge, and a safe future. There is much we can do in the short-term to secure the long-term.” "I come from the front lines of computing platform design to share a number of new super-powers at our disposal, some old challenges that are now soluble, and some new open problems. In this next decade, we’ll need to leverage peer-to-peer networks, crypto-economics, blockchains, Open Source, Open Services, decentralization, incentive-structure engineering, and so much more to ensure short-term safety and the long-term flourishing of humanity.” Juan Benet is the inventor of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)---a new protocol which uses content-addressing to make the web faster, safer, and more open—and the creator of Filecoin, a cryptocurrency-incentivized storage market.

  • Controlling Missouri, Part 2: This Means War
    Mises Institute

    After the “Walnut Street Massacre” in St. Louis, more people shift their support to the Confederacy. In response, Nathaniel Lyon declares war on the state of Missouri, and wages the first small, but significant, battle of the state in Booneville. Chris Calton recounts the controversial history of the Civil War. This is the 18th episode in the third season of Historical Controversies. You may support this podcast financially at Music: "On the Ground" by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • Wings of Peace, Around the World
    San Francisco Zen Center

    08/05/2018, Wendy Johnson, dharma talk at Green Gulch Farm.

  • How toxic is your vape?
    BMJ talk medicine

    The study discussed in this podcast cautions against the widely held opinion that e-cigarettes are safe. Listen to the conversation between the Multimedia Associate Editor of Thorax Rachael Moses and Professor David Thickett (Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, University of Birmingham, UK) and read the study 'Pro-inflammatory effects of e-cigarette vapour condensate on human alveolar' on the Thorax website: You can subscribe to the Thorax Podcast in all major podcast Apps. If you enjoy the show, please leave us a podcast review at

  • 754: (P)Head Posse Episode Twenty-Nine—Angelique Liston
    The Positive Head Podcast

    Angelique Liston is a fellow listener and self-described "generational pattern breaker" who walked away from a lucrative sales job to become a healer, specifically in the EFT or "tapping" modality that ought to be familiar to (P)Heads thanks to regular contributors Sonya Sophia and Alexa herself.