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  • No Way
    Jamie Rhind

    Just a little funk. Talking to myself Thanks as always for your generous time listening, for your comments and for your shares

  • 1. Chico

    ==Album Notes== This album reflects where I was in my life around 2018. It was the final project to satisfy the requirements of a Bachelor’s Degree is General Music (unofficial emphasis in composition) at California State University Chico. This album is mostly gapless. ==Ensembles== 2. Apophenia – Chico State Jazz Xpress Alumni Orchestra 3. Piano Heap – Chico State Spring 2018 Wind Ensemble 5. Seek – Downtown Chico Express 6. I Spy with a Catcher's Eye – Chico State Spring 2018 Jazz Xpress   ==Personnel== Chico State Jazz Xpress Alumni Orchestra Saxophones Tanner Johns (Alto/Flute) Geoffrey Felver (Alto) Greg D’Augelli (Tenor/Flute) Ryan Heimlick (Tenor) Ruben Morales (Baritone) Trumpets Chris Navarette Tom Molina Ayako Nakamura Josh Jerge Trombones Casson Sowcroft Juan Aguilar Laura Antonius Alan Burwell Joe West Rhythm Section Katlyn Hansen (Bass) Tino Maruffo (Drums) Robert Delgardo (Drums) Shigemi Minetaka (Piano) Chico State Spring 2018 Wind Ensemble - TBA Downtown Chico Express Aman Cowell - Trumpet Dillon Novotny - Tenor Saxophone Daniel Michelson - Piano Aron Linker - Bass Anthony Paneno - Drums Timothy Knight - Guitar Chico State Spring 2018 Jazz Xpress Saxophones Becca Solis (Alto) Chris Thorne (Alto) Dillon Novotny (Tenor) Jillian Olivar (Tenor) Ruben Morales (Baritone) Trumpets Aman Cowell Bjorn Larsen Kedar Rozi Roxanne Winslow Trombones Alex Giovanni Barragan Aria Radick Nate Forero Seann Romero Rhythm Section Aron Linker (Bass) Anthony Paneno (Drums) Timothy Knight (Guitar Tracks 3 and 7 were recorded by the Spring 2018 Mobile Recording Class led by Profressor Dann Sargent. Track 6 was recorded by Timothy Knight, Cody Whitman and Dylan Dutro. All other tracks were recorded by Daniel Micheson. All tracks were mixed by Daniel Michelson. ==Acknowledgements== Thank you to my family for being loving and supportive of all my endeavors, artistic and otherwise. Thank you to my composition professor David Dvorin. I have been his student and friend for many years, and his continually encouragement to explore and create has been fundamental to this project, and to my ongoing love of music. Thank you to Rocky Winslow and Greg D’Augelli for fostering an appreciation of Jazz and life, two things not too dissimilar. Thank you to Dr. Tevis for having patient faith in me and for always keeping the right doors open. Thank you to the numerous recording arts faculty and students who helped me bring this project to life. Thank you to the numerous Chico State students, faculty and staff that I have laughed with, cried with, and shared music and stories with. Thank you to the Chico community for welcoming me to what has been a wonderful home these past 6 years.

  • Sunday Jam n°68-Here Comes the Family (James Stewart for Nova Lyon 89.8fm)
    James Stewart !
    Black Atlantic Grooves

    Sunday on Nova Lyon 89.8 fm 8 to 10p.m playlist: Jimi tenor-Quantum connection James Stewart featuring Martha Thom & Jacob Mafuleni-Mugara Nega Lindigo - Tany Be (Alma Negra Rework) The Mauskovic Dance Band-Continue The Fun Cote d’Ivoire-Unknown (yet) Andrés Landero-Busca La Careta Gabriel Omolo & His Apollo Komesha-Wed Today Divorce Tomorrow Kabongo - Wêtu_Bolingo Aimé 22 Band-Madomani Volta Jazz-Wêrê Wêrê Magne Thahoun Gessesse - Aykedashem labé The Mombasa Vikings-Mama Matotoya (Kenya) The Barbecues-Aaya lolo Steele Beautttah-Africa Basa Basa-Homowo Valorie Keys-Listen here Blue Mitchell- Gal Costa-Pontos De Luz Marcos Valle-Vio cego Momo Wandel Soumah-Afro Blue Alain Peters-Mangé pou le cœur Billy Gault-Mode For Trane Family Of Percussion & Archie Shepp-Here comes the family

  • Moonlight In Vermont L-5
  • Soulmeka Acid Jazz Selection pt.1
    Soulmeka Family
    Acid JAzz

    Playlist Guru-Introduction Omar-There's Nothing Like This The James Taylor Quartet-Lover Let Me Stay Les Nubians-Tabou (Roots Remix) Incognito-Spellbound And Speechless Carleen Anderson-True Spirit Guru-When You're Near Digable Planets-Jettin' Young Disciples-All I Have (Young Ideas Mix) Galliano-prince of peace Bluey from Incognito-got to let my feelings show Incognito-Don't You Worry 'bout A Thing Repercussions-promise me nothing Corduroy-Something in My Eye The Brand New Heavies-I Dont Know Why I Love You

  • That Distant Shore (Steven Universe) - Swing Cover But I Can't Afford A Horn Section
    Kid Yuki
    Jazz & Blues

    An jazzy acousticy cover of Lapis's song from the newest episode of Steven Universe. Video:

  • Tune For Moira

    Sax - Jasmine Whalley Keys - Nick Ward Bass - Owen Burns Kit - George Hall

  • In a Sentimental Mood

    Gravacions de la quarta edició de ViP (2018). Voice in Progress és la triatló de cant a Musicàrea: preparar, gravar, cantar en públic. Enguany, amb més música en viu que mai.

  • Black Orpheus
    Nikolaj Frehr
    Jazz & Blues

    Antonio Carlos Jobim - Black Orpheus Solo guitar cover Arr. Enrico Rosa

  • 7.5
    Neal Perrine
    Jazz & Blues

    7.5 by Bill Stewart played by the Neal Perrine Trio, live @ Clementine 5/11/18 Abinnet Berhanu - Drums Jack Sheehan - Alto Sax Neal Perrine - Bass

  • One Afternoon
    Jazz & Blues

    British born double bass player Gary Brunton's new trio featuring Bojan Z on piano & Simon Goubert on drums.

  • Tango-Despacio Cortina

    vadimpetrenko: music, concept, mixing, digital touch tools: piano, strings, generator, drums, chinese kit, taiko

  • Adam Deitch Quartet - Egyptian Secrets 5/1/18 New Orleans, LA @ Blue Nile
    Jazz & Blues

    Adam Deitch Quartet May 1, 2018 New Orleans, LA @ Blue Nile Sony EMC-MS908C stereo mic > Canon XA20 video camera > Vegas Pro (slight eq) > 16/48 WAV > Cool Edit Pro > 16/44 WAV > CD Wave Editor > FLAC Recorded by Funk It Blog Adam Deitch Quartet: Adam Deitch - drums Wil Blades - organ Eric "Benny" Bloom - trumpet Ryan Zoidis - saxophone download the full audio here: or watch the video here:

  • 1 Time
    dmitry belousov
  • Recado Bossa
    The Warheads

    Composer: Djalma Ferreira

  • Conduction LIMS-Martusciello

    This tracks recorded on Sunday May 2018 at Urbino Jazz Club. The recordings picked-up during the final concert after a conduction workshop by Elio Martusciello electroacoustic musician and composer. Performers on stage: Susanna Polzoni: voice Anais del Sordo: voice Sara Gambaccini: voice e effects Massimo Valentini: sax, flutes e voice Francesco Salmaso: tenor sax Greta Romani: clarinet e handmade flute Raffaele Conti: accordeon Pierpaolo Ovarini: elettronic devices Pasquale Savignano: elettronic devices Emil Brusco: elettronic devices Francesco Maccario: elettronic devices Giovanni Onorato: elettronic devices Claudio Compagnucci: synths Lanfranco Fornari: sound objects & drums Mirco Ballabene: doublebass Francesco Cini: darbuka Binotti Lorenzo: Keybords Alessandro Biagini: guitar and effects Francesco Colocci: gustar and effects

  • Hip Is Hop
    Jamie Rhind
    Hip-hop & Rap

    Get your hip on Thanks as always for your generous time listening, for your comments and for your shares

  • G5 (Fees)
    DJ Set

    Tracklist: 1. Return Of The Jaded & Juliet Sikora - Did You Take My Money 2. - 3. Egorythmia - S.M.O.T.U. 4. Paradis - Parfait Tirage 5. Spaceschneider - Obedub (Edit) 6. Miles Davis - So What 7. Meterius Johnson Feat. Memphis - Love Town (Ekkohaus Remix) 8. Miles Davis - Freeloader 9. Maik Yells - YAR 10. KiNK - Neutrino 11. King Tubby - Take Five 5 Dub (Declaration of Dub) 12. Nutia - Em Pessoa 13. Miles Davis - Flamenco Sketches 14. Goro - Naas 15. Cirez D - On Off Mixed & Artwork by Spaceschneider, with alongside Synthesizer and Percussions Friday Evening Easy Session with some friends @ Schneiderstube From Vinyl: Kind of Blue by Miles Davis (a & b-side)

  • Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
    Emil Snabb

    Once again, me and my wife found time in the evening for a quick recording of one of our favourite jazz standards. A big thanks to our kids for being asleep long enough for us to make a whole recording.