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  • Strawberry Blonde
    Secret Garden
    Alternative Rock
  • Castillo de Naipes
    Martin Diaz Velez

    Tema compuesto en 2015. Grabado en Buenos Aires, Argentina durante Noviembre de 2016 y Agosto 2017 en Estudios ION. Agradecimientos y Créditos a los que estuvieron colaborando en este proyecto: Mariano Beyoglonian (Ingeniero de Grabación), Maricel Turkovich (Cello), Martín Díaz Vélez (Voz, Piano, Arreglos y Composición), Edición (Martín Díaz Vélez), Ari Lavigna (Mezcla), Andrés Mayo (Mastering). Producido por Martín Díaz Vélez y María Andrea Farina (Arreglo de clarinete). Song composed in 2015. Recorded at Buenos Aires, Argentina during November of 2016 y August 2017 at Estudios ION. Thanks and Credits to the people involved on this proyect: Mariano Beyoglonian (Recording Engineer), Maricel Turkovich (Cello), Martín Díaz Vélez (Vox, Piano, Arranger, & Composer), Edit (Martín Díaz Vélez), Ari Lavigna (Mix), Andrés Mayo (Mastering). Produced by Martín Díaz Vélez y María Andrea Farina (Clarinet arrangement).

  • Onions Boi
    The Urban Flower

    Me and My sister played this song on some GeeTars. I played backwards on a Lefty Elec Geetar. Wow I played the bass on this as well. I taught my sister to play an acoustic Geetar. Also, here are some lyrics i guess: Head to ceiling and heart to the ground oooOoooOoo I have such loud feelings but they don’t make a sound OoooOoOo I feel it in my heart when I can’t sleep I feel in my stomach when I can’t eat I feel it in my mind, stuck on repeat It’s no longer discreet when I can feel my heartbeat After the nights passed Then comes the morning After the last gasp Comes the mourning Ba-Doo Da-Da Ba-Doo Da Deedy Dah-Aha Uh everything’s so loud you know Everything’s just so loud it’s hard to think But I really shouldn’t be doing that I should probably just be feeling Instead of doing the thinky think thinky think think Head to ceiling and heart to the ground oooOoooOoo

  • Neutral Milk Hotel- The King Of Carrot Flowers Pt.1
    I AM Lion
    Indie Folk

    Version 2, now with stereo vocals, just like in the original song. Thanks to Woese ( for the idea.

  • Children
    Sierra Manhattan

    All songs written, recorded and mixed by Sierra Manhattan except lyrics and melody on "Losing" 's verses by Jokari Drum sample on "Resolution" off Can's "Vitamine C" Drum sample on "Losing" off Homeshake's "Haters" Artwork by Apolicarpio Huge thanks to da Sierra Boyz ( Flomzu, Jahlex, Rem'DMI, La Noonz ) ; Jokari ; Chris Booty ; Apolicarpio ; Jo Poperttelli & Sophia ; Chris Chaine ; Hugdol Padique ; Morizowsky ; Sauvage ; Présent Parfait & everyone who helped for this mini album in any way. AB Records - 2018

  • who knows who cares - local natives (cover)
    Alternative Rock
  • Nothings Gonna Change
    Valium State
  • Beehive
    lieutenant cross

    fall in a beehive! cover art by Emma Winn Bandcamp: Youtube:

  • Peach Beach
    Kylie Beee
    Kylie Beee
  • The BEST Independent Music Artists - Powered by

    The BEST Independent Music from around the world: EDM, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, R & B, Rap, Reggae, Jazz & more...Hosted by DTong Advertising & Sponsorship: Guaranteed Song Play & Promotion: BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Livin' the Dream: A dark comedic web series Dr. Weiler & THE SUGAR STOP! Become Something: by Justin C Howard The 'Hypnosis Everywhere' podcast Wall Street Kitchen by Victor Chiu EIOS Thermosystem Revolutionizing Insulations Quantum Genius Furniture Removal Harness The 'Millionaires Unveiled' podcast Also New Music from: Spaneo 'We Feel It Together' Samhach 'Lotus' Roberto Cusimano 'Summer Night' Kamryn Marie 'Together' Written By Me w/ a Back2Back Verity White 'Own Me' GodR 'Act 1 - Prosperity' Hero 'Drop This' HILA 'I'm Freedom' JeffRussell J Swole w/ a Back2Back Ejima 'Bail It' Eddie Lee w/ a Back2Back Icy 'Why Don't You' Losh 'Keep It A Buck' Hondo Les 'Opp Hunt' Vitto Banks 'Front u a pack' Zandro 'Froze' Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer 'I'm Loco I'm Crazy' Catch the show on iTunes, iHeartRadio, PlayerFM, Periscope, Google Play, TuneIn, Stitcher, Soundcloud, &

  • The Smittens - Three States
    Fika Recordings

    Three States is the opening track from The Smittens’ new record City Rock Dove. A brave and bold track written by Dana Kaplan, it features the shift in his vocals front and foremost, which were recorded over 2 years during the course of his gender transition. It’s a farewell to his former higher vocal parts with The Smittens, a reckoning during a time of tumultuous change and a glimpse of a brighter future. Dana explains further: “Three States is a coming out/transition anthem, I wrote this song amidst a need to capture the complexity of identity, politics, and everything so many of us get caught in between. There’s pressure on all of us to conform to certain standards, and it’s nearly impossible not to internalise the toxicity. The idea of three states came to me while driving back to Vermont after being at NYC Pride.  It’s a window into vulnerability, fear, determination, growth, and ultimately, better living through modern day medicine. There’s beauty in complexity. What’s holding you back? What worlds are you caught between? May we all find the spaces in which we belong. Fuck the binary, baby.” The Smittens are a 6-piece indiepop band that make upbeat and introspective tunes, tinged with vulnerability and optimism. While sonically the elements of multi-layered harmonies, countermelodies and ba-ba-ba singalong hooks still play a large part in The Smittens’ approach to songwriting, as each of the 4 main songwriters has grown, the overall perspective of the songs seems a bit moodier, and more serious. They’ve long since left behind the label of being a ‘cute’ or ‘twee’ band since their debut album 15 years ago. City Rock Dove is instead an album of transition, ennui and nihilism; honing in on personal politics and gender queerness. The album contends with the turbulent changes of modern America serving only to cement the status quo - and it’s not just the outside world that’s changing either: The Smittens are also singing about the changes in themselves and taking a hard look inside. Gary Olson (Ladybug Transistor) returned to mix the new album, having been instrumental in helping develop the richer textures first seen on 2016’s Love Record Breaker EP. The band is friends first and open-hearted indiepop revolutionaries after that. Max Andrucki, Missy Bly, Colin Clary, Dana Kaplan, Holly Chagnon, and David Zacharis switch up instruments, song-writing, and singing to create catchy, harmony-driven pop anthems and queer love songs—always brilliantly lyrical, and often brazenly political. They’re based in Burlington, Vermont and in New York City. City Rock Dove is their 6th studio album, and third release with Fika Recordings. The Smittens will be in the UK late July playing dates in Cambridge, London and Sheffield before performing at the Indietracks Festival in Derbyshire. “The vocal arrangements sound great, the reverb 1950s guitar sound wonderful. There will be no dancing at the indie disco to this and its all the better for it… Arguably their most important album to date.” Neon Filler “each and every song they write is a rampant musical pleasure – they could force a smile on the sourest face.” Bearded Magazine “To pull off diversity in sound is a feat in itself, but to do so with a coherent sound is pure magic. Somehow, The Smittens do just that without any sign of strain. May they continue with equal exuberance.” The Big Takeover

  • Home Sweet Home
    Kylie Beee
  • Lonely Soda
    Kylie Beee

    This is our 3RD INDIE EP! FEATURING UNDERRATED MUSIC FROM THE UNDERGROUND INDIE SCENE! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTISTS! Cover art by: @ScumbagDesign - (@LvckTheDesigner) WAYFARER EP #3 TRACKLIST: ROAR - Pathétique Say Lou Lou - Ana Dreamgirl - Pretty Sexual The Buttertones - Lemonade Saint Raymond - Carried Away Roosevelt - Under The Sun Sports - Don't Tell Me​

  • Let My Baby Stay - Mac DeMarco l Madison Berard Cover
    Madison Berard
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter
  • Back of the Line
    Johnny Something
  • Motivational Inspiring Indie Rock Stock Background Music (6031)
    Royalty Free Music
    Royalty Free Music

    ✔️ Get License here: SIMILAR TRACKS: Motivational Indie Rock Upbeat Indie Rock Motivate And Inspire Inspiring Indie Folk Inspiring Indie Rock Travel Adventure Upbeat Guitar CHECK OUT MY NEW TRACK: Upbeat Indie Rock Here is an upbeat, positive, inspiring and motivational music for your projects. Featured instruments: electric guitar, bass, drums, claps, percussion, bright orchestral strings, piano. Perfect for motivational videos, commercials, advertising, presentations, slideshow, corporate, movies, films, trailers, teasers, travel video, adventures, family videos. 4 versions included: Motivational Indie Rock (2:44) Motivational Indie Rock Medium Version (1:22) Motivational Indie Rock Short Version (0:54) Motivational Indie Roc

  • Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (FULL ALBUM) Instrumental Cover
    Dan Van Nard

    Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (Full Album Instrumental Cover by Dan Van Nard) LYRICS : Star Treatment - 00:00 One Point Perspective - 05:27 American Sports - 08:56 Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino - 11:34 Golden Trunks - 15:09 Four Out of Five - 17:55 The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip - 23:00 Science Fiction - 25:54 She Looks Like Fun - 28:56 Batphone - 31:56 The Ultracheese - 36:14 Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (stylised as Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino) is the sixth studio album by English indie rock band Arctic Monkeys. It was released on 11 May 2018 through the Domino Recording Company, following up AM (2013). It is produced by frequent Arctic Monkeys collaborator James Ford and band frontman Alex Turner. The album was written by Turner on a piano, and features a lush sound; a departure from the band's previous guitar-heavy work. Its lyrical content is heavily influenced by science fiction and film (particularly neo-noir) from the 1960s, 70s and 80s, and explores politics, religion and technology. Cover by Dan Van Nard Dan Van Nard | Free Listening on YouTube : Dan Van Nard Project | ReverbNation : Dan Van Nard - Dailymotion :

  • Shes Thunderstorms(old Radio/Rain) Version
    arturo renteria

    i wanted to recreate the sound of a vintage radio sound playing in the rain. hopefully it turned out! i do not own the rights to this song.