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  • Never Let Me Go (Florence + The Machine Cover)
    Vander Bloom
    Alternative Rock

    I'm not giving up, I'm just giving in.

  • night swims
    feedback 2002

    suns out now on all platforms!

  • I'll Trust Anybody
    Nichard Dixon (Gulf.)

    A single

  • INDIOS 2.0
    Rubén KST

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  • A Mess
    Pink Skeletons
    Alternative Rock

    is what I am. Photo by Spider Vector >:) Lyrics: Plastic teeth align With the words I find Fill up my mind I grind them down To gums Nerves bare I’m well aware You never cared I wasn’t there I could see it in your dead blank faces I could feel it in your cold embrace In every time I stopped and watched myself Try to reach up at the empty shelf I pledge allegiance to the flag I wave To those who let me make the mess I made To all the problems that I ever had They got me here, so I’m not too mad Walking on the outside while the inside stays at home Let my body start to roam away to places so unknown So maybe I can wake up for a second of this dream My reality is streaming with delays, it always seems While my face is staring at the clock that’s working fine Ticking slower every time Running backwards in my mind It’s not a race I keep repeating Spastically my heart retreating I will never hit the finish Cause there is no finish line I pledge allegiance to the flag I wave To those who let me make the mess I made To all the problems that I ever had They got me here, so I’m not too mad I pledge allegiance to the flag I wave To those who let me make the mess I made To all the problems that I ever had They got me here, so I’m not too mad I wish that I was all right But it’s all right that I’m not I feel it fading like the moonlight Pavement yellow in the dawn It’s okay that I am scared now It’s alright am I sad Looking up from untied sneakers Nothing around me looks too bad

  • You Do Mutilate? - of Montreal (cover)
    Sparky Fluff

    for ashfi, my beloved favourite track off of false priest and of the best album outros ever. [Intro] Uh uh uh uh UHH I need to mutilate We're going to celebrate our emotional poverty Give the answers all away [Verse 1] I painted my suitcase red for the reading Which only ended in conversation rape All they want, genetic telephonic pills Until the Spanish kids got so ill I was home-schooling with a knife in my shoe [Verse 2] Never seen corpses act so cruel The self brutality was oh so angular I made him a potion in a newspaper cup Smiled, gave me a shrug, said I was a fuck-up Now I see your face selling Chinese urine [Verse 3] She came over the fence With an argument in her head, no empathy Escape strategy I understood her We were trying to share a genuine human moment Just like the way they do in movies [Verse 4] I've hit a wall with this suicidal depression It's not the star I'm trying to call I've been standing on the strand far too long y'all Go ahead, go ahead! [Bridge] What you want? somebody who will slap away your Blindness? What you want? somebody who would corrupt your heart With too much kindness? Salute to your Busta Rhymes-ness [Refrain] I got a black fang in Chicago My superwoman licked I don't need a refill of this shit I need something that works motherfucker! I wondered were you flattered, I tried to get you drunk I know you're collecting disciples I know you want to be the godmother of soul-punk Someday, someday They're all skyscrapers for you Jane Never use your given name I want to set you up for a sequel Make you feel like promised people I always knew you were special Your best friend told me he saw you crying Everybody wants to crescendo Take home a memento [Chorus?] We tried to isolate XX infinite pleasure XY Yet I still was their family secret A white symptom of some wilderness hate ceremony Custodian for experimental post human relationships, in fact We tried to isolate XX infinite pleasure XY ineffectually Now I know I'm not allowed to show the pain Not allowed to expose the pain I still was their family secret A white symptom of some wilderness hate ceremony Custodian for experimental post human relationships, in fact We tried to isolate XX infinite pleasure XY ineffectually Now I know i'm not allowed to show the pain Not allowed to expose the pain [Outro] All the white people from my neighborhood are dead All the black people have turned pink for the winter Everybody's searching for a cause A reason to blow themselves up Could be anything When will certain people realize, an afterlife Is nothing to live for, nothing to die for, nothing to fight for If those in this life are not sacred, then nothing that's a part of it is sacred either If you think God is more important than your neighbor, you're capable of terrible evil If you think some prophet's words are more important than your brother and your sister, you're ill, and you're wrong You're wrong

  • Same As You Wanted
    Jackson Davis

    Real happy to finally be releasing this single from my upcoming project. 701 EP 7/27/18 ___ Let me up. Let me in. When I'm lost in my thoughts, and I'm lost in my whims. Everything, feels the same, when you're locked in your room, and you're locked in your brain. I want everything but it's never the same. You just wanted me but I wasn't the same. It's not so easy to find beauty when you're growing. Welcome to the world, welcome to the world. Let it loose. Let it out. When you're stuck in your dreams, And you're trapped in your doubts. Everything, Starts to change. When you open your eyes, and you turn off your brain. I fell in love with a dream but it wasn't the same. I fell in love with a dream, it's never the same. ___ Written, Mixed, Produced, and Mastered by Jackson Davis Art by Anna Korol

  • hate me
    Don't do it, Neil

    old Don't do it, Neil song, written & recorded three years ago when i was depressed & listening to too much Say Anything. i did everything except the bass, which was performed by my friend Adam Dincorn. enjoy. lyrics: i'm not here to make amends. i'm just here to tell you about my regrets i tried to be honest, i tried to be true but all i've ever done is deceive you i'm glad to have met someone who hates me more than i do don't let me stop you now tell me all the ways i made you proud then tell me all the ways i let you down cuz i'm glad to have met someone who hates me more than i do don't hold back your vitriolic spew clue me in on the ways that you would love to get back at me cuz i'm glad to have met someone who hates me more than i do and when daylight came i fessed up and told you the ways that i had changed and then you wanted us to go our separate ways but when we walked all night i saw the moon in your eyes and when i saw, i believed but then the next day i grieved i felt a great void within forgive me for all of my sins cuz you're the reason i breathe so please just come back to me the city dreams

  • An Uplifting Indie Pop Song

    Don't You worry About One Damn thing We'll be okay We'll be okay We did not choose to be conflicted Stuck in the muk of anxieties We are meant for something greater than these Insecurities We are worthy Of all good things That come our way That come our way...

  • Which Witch (Florence + The Machine Cover)
    Vander Bloom
    Alternative Rock

    And it's my whole heart, burned but not buried this time.

  • Indie Pop Ascending Always The Rock. MixTape By Chus Saves

    Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending. Jack White - Corporation. APRE - All Yours. Vs. Booka Shade - Tyrell (Edit) The Shins - The Fear (Flipped) Mute Choir - Election Season. Franz Ferdinand - Feel the Love Go. Franz Ferdinand - Glimpse of Love. Calexico - Dead In The Water. Vacances - Callin. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - King of Bones. Los Planetas - Hierro y Níquel. Jack White - Over And Over And Over. El Imperio del Perro - Si Quieres Volver. Belle & Sebastian - Show Me The Sun. The Vaccines - I Can't Quit. Dorian - Noches Blancas. Vs. Black Spuma - Hundred Fingers Man (Edit) Glas - Hoy Todo Puede Suceder (David Kano Remix) Brazilian Girls - We Stopped Carolina Durante - Cayetano. The Breeders - Wait In The Car. Cycle - 100 Vidas. POPTONE - Go!

  • Suicidal Stars

    ghost wings spread flames mistaken world tasting my colorless wings tasting lost words choking the silence until it stares back at me eyes heavy with salt and missed connection silence bleeding lingering stills of velvet legs entering all eyes reflecting showing her nature roots and stems and blooming rose welts melting on wasted air rendering itself luminous bloomingness using caress as knife using kiss as hard fist rendering itself using this thick air turned wet whisper on fire a circle of moons cutting down the noose the ceiling of my ocean hanging like dust in yellow rooms death jumped from my chest and off bridges into shallow water when the mouths wilted, fingers shifted a wedding ring strangling flowers. limp gardens, a body given back to wilderness, a vine so raw only sun could skin silence cancelling hands weeping with hairs wisp the disguise charming suffering in its cage-shine screaming to be stifled, bloody dusk under agony holding, gardening these bodies, shutting off the trees happy to hold this, happy hunting fossils in the house, you, treasured in my chest where the heart belts out bullets, spins cobwebs on my arms humming survival chasing angels groundless deflowered in pain running in place frosting a cake, telling secrets to the floor peeking through the curtains handcuffed in sadness counting corners , unspoken words or crushed flowers under suicidal stars. moonless bridges and the roots of my blue crystals, grown in canyons of dead doves echoing the same nothingness; trying to erase a noose around my razors or my name in your clouds. leaving gravestones for the strays to find, baby kittens seeking shelter baby kitten soft like melting butter under shy sun my father shouting run under petrified sun like night in a coma this coffin of petals, fucking water red fucking blueness into me like tattoos leaking too much pressure ink drying into scar sucking roses at midnight sucking blood in twilight fantasizing those eyes pierce the neck the mother wind blue with wilderness arrows howling thorns. the night collapses in my mouth, drooling the broken arrows now crying salty crystals how to wish with tongue stung with splinters burning in a river, i was hoping your poison through a throat, face is castle spit a moat dear defective, one hand clinging to the bridge, air too old to speak the stars write the last note asking if they are gold or worthy, the moon can’t read no eyes no mouth no words the sound of fainting light could be sunset or the last punch in a fist fight silence burns, black eye swollen staring at the broken sky

  • Show Time Upbeat Indie Rock - Commercial Background Music | Audiojungle
    Background Music | Stock Music | Audiojungle
    Background Music

    Buy License for TV/Radio Broadcast, YouTube, Advertising, Film: After purchasing a license, you can download this track and use in your project. MUSIC NOT FREE. Clear AdRev Claim Here: Easy Listen: Subscribe new music by email: YouTube: Twitter: Website: MORE MUSIC: _____________________ CHRISTMAS MUSIC: _____________________ BESTSELLERS: _____________________ DUBSTEP & TRAP: _____________________ DRUM & BASS: _____________________ MUSIC KITS: _____________________ TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE: _____________________ MUSIC PACKS & BUNDLES SAVE MONEY: _____________________ EXTREME SPORT & ACTION: _____________________ CHEERFUL & FUN: _____________________ CORPORATE MOTIVATIONAL: _____________________ INDIE &PUNK ROCK: _____________________ UKULELE ACOUSTIC & FOLK: _____________________ HOUSE & ELECTRONIC: _____________________ EPIC CINEMATIC: _____________________ LOGOS & IDENTS: _____________________ MODERN POP: _____________________ DISCO & SYNTH POP: _____________________ Exclusive Royalty Free Music for Licensing wide range genre and styles, perfect for TV/Radio Broadcast, TV advertising, Web, Film, YouTube. All Rights Reserved Antarctic (ANtarcticbreeze) Stockmusicclouds, Upbeatsong


    This is our 3RD INDIE EP! FEATURING UNDERRATED MUSIC FROM THE UNDERGROUND INDIE SCENE! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTISTS! Cover art by: @ScumbagDesign - (@LvckTheDesigner) WAYFARER EP #3 TRACKLIST: ROAR - Pathétique Say Lou Lou - Ana Dreamgirl - Pretty Sexual The Buttertones - Lemonade Saint Raymond - Carried Away Roosevelt - Under The Sun Sports - Don't Tell Me​

  • Black Beauty (Lana Del Rey Cover)
    Vander Bloom
    Alternative Rock

    Life is beautiful, but you don't have a clue.

  • everything you've come to expect - the last shadow puppets (cover)

    it's been forever since the last time i touched my piano, and i still suck like i've always been

  • Tall Thief - Slipped
    Tall Thief
    Alternative Rock

    Hey guys. Here is a demo of a track I have been working on. Inspiration for the song came from me being the cause of a broken relationship and losing the person that I loved.

    heimdall 全知

    tried some new glitchy sounds (still ended up with a post-rock track lol) Enjoy a part ambient, part math rock track! Drum samples from the first half I made by hitting my acoustic in random places lol Purchase: Follow me: Subscribe: Gear: - Interface: PreSonus AudioBox iOne - Guitar: Ibanez RGAIX7FM - Drums: MT Power Drum Kit - DAW: Garage Band

  • 4 AM
    Mr. Quiet

    LYRICS Been walking with you lately in the dark, It seems as though we're gonna have another start. Yet this time without each other, yes, I'm very self aware that we're gonna be apart. And I know that you notice how you made me worried, 'Cause I want you to know, How much I genuinely care about you. 'Cause your loss of hope is beating me down, So I'm sorry that I keep trying to move that frown upside-down. At least that temporary smile will still come around, And when it happens I hope you enjoy it as, As much as I have now. Depression feels eternal again, Now nothing bothers you anymore. People say "Only you can save yourself." But you lift my soul when we talk just because we're "bored." 'Cause when you say you're "fine" I just want to hug you tight, Until my heartbeat reaches your spine, Until it makes you smile. Now I lie awake until 4 AM, Because now everything reminds me of you again. (You again) And I know you don't want me to care so much, But I just want to let you know, You deserve the love you've given to me too. (Me too) yea. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And also, yes, this ISN'T an original beat. This beat is produced by 8ROKEBOY. I basically just sung over an instrumental i found in Youtube cus i am, in fact, that lazy. I am guilty and I admit it. Here is the instrumental I used (i regret nothing). P.S. If you're listening to this very late at night (or at 4 AM Oooooo... im literally so lame and i know it smh) or whenever idfk anymore, I just want you to know that this song is made because I care about you so much and you deserve all the happiness and love u can possibly get in this psychotically depressing world. Now smile bitch! You're so fucking precious yet so unaware of it.

  • Sad Songs For Sad Days
    Void Patterns

    0:00 journal entry 005 2:32 im tired of everything 4:44 heater buzz 6:47 pizza 8:50 whale noises 10:54 sylvia 13:05 rambling at 2 am 14:44 untitled 15:35 pizza (alternate version)