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  • London.
    Ben Zaidi

    Written & Produced by Ben Zaidi. Trumpet by Tree Palmedo. Bass & Electric Guitar by Connor Schultze. Recorded in Seattle, WA & New York, NY. Mastered by John Webber for AIR Studios. Lyrics: i nearly fell apart in london but then i fell in love with you & i don't think you saw it coming but somehow i knew i would make you breakfast & we lay side by side & watched the cranes outside my window tearing at the sky & for the first time i didn't want nothing to change for the first time i didn't want nothing to change i met you at the station i was waiting for your train & i looked at all the thousand faces coming through the gate & i got to thinking maybe after all it's true that out of all the people there's one waiting there for you & from that first time i'm not walking away from that first time i'm not walking away

  • blue

    the vocals sound weird bc i dont have a mic still some1 pls get me 1 for christmas so i can make more music ty also here r the lyrics blue my back yard is covered in weeds i havent mowed the lawn in weeks these lady bugs keep creeping back to my house something tells me i should sleep but my blanket doesn’t cover my feet anymore ive grown too tall for this bed now i’m sitting here, its 4 am, bleaching my hair all over again just so it looks how i feel so blue i know i should just speak up but theyll think i’m a sensitive fuck who cries all day but i mean theyre not wrong its nice to have them as friends so i wont be lonely again but is this type of love really worth the pain? i’m still sitting here, its 6 am, crying in the shower all over again why do i always feel so blue why do i always feel so fucking blue?

  • Wasting Time
    dream pop

    2nd single for the upcoming album Facebook: Spotify: Free Download: Vinyl Record: Music video made by youtuber Lamadelynn:

  • Broken Social Scene - Lover's Spit (V4YS Like It All Rework)

    Revisiting a classic song from my cherished Canadian indie tribe, Broken Social Scene. "Lover's Spit" first appeared in 2003 as part of their second album "You Forgot I In People", before reaching new heights in 2004, with a new version featuring Leslie Feist on vocals. This second take was released on their album "Bee Hives", which is probably my favorite record from the band, an absolute masterpiece highly recommended if you're not familiar with them. As an aside, if you're also into quality independent movies, lots of songs of Bee Hives, including Lover's Spit, feature on the soundtrack of 2006 Ryan Fleck movie "Half Nelson", starring an unknown young US actor at the time, named Ryan Gosling. A beautiful melancholic friendship story between a disillusioned History high-school teacher and one of his student. Here is my slo-mo, DJ-friendly rework of the Bee Hives version of the song. Download for free on The Artist Union

  • Song 2
    12 Decembers

    Track 6 from '12 Decembers'. Lyrics: the sun has set on your front steps and im still alone again you're 200 miles away I've no time to see your face some day we'll be together side by side still broken but we'd have each other just happy to be alive i believe what you did was for you, not for me you lie to me, and a kiss sealed my fate like a dream you appear to me everyday and i hope that you know i believe that you froze my heart colder than snow no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no sometimes I feel my mind giving up can't keep your memory at the forefront of my thoughts I can't control the hairs standing on my arms or the way your smile shines your face under neon lights or the way you keep your hair tied all your quips with a sarcastic bite the little details shape who you are inside i believe what you did was for you, not for me you lie to me, and a kiss sealed my fate like a dream you appear to me everyday and i hope that you know i believe that you froze my heart colder than snow no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • stay here please
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter
  • Oxygen
    12 Decembers

    Track 9 from '12 Decembers'. Lyrics: the willow bent before the wren catatonic and content ferns unfurled their tender ears while the sun would catch it's breath you became just like a myth the kind that convolutes you and your drew me like a breath like smoke fated to rise my heart will crystallize like oxygen i lost you to a breeze again please come back to me again pouring words so cavalier joy i'm cursed to borrow did i lose you in the dark allegories we would paint spinning vines into the years falling like wisteria did i lose you? did you lose me? when i shiver corners crumble from my dreams but we were once called spring we were once called spring

  • Pale Lights - Mother Cries
    Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten|KUS
    Indie Pop, 60s Pop

    Pale Lights are fronted by Phil Sutton on vocals & guitar(ex-Comet Gain/Velocette/Kicker)with Andy Adler on lead guitar(Crystal Stilts),Lisa Goldstein on drums(Knight School),Maria Pace on bass guitar & Suzanne Nienaber on vocals(Great Lakes).Recorded with Gary Olson at his Marlborough Farms studio. Organ on this song by Kyle Forester(The Ladybug Transistor/Crystal Stilts)and tambourine by Hamish Kilgour(The Clean/The Mad Scene). Taken from their 2nd LP "The Stars Seemed Brighter" (KUS 011)will be released on December 15th. Available at our shop on Discogs: or write a mail to: [email protected]

  • Lost In You Now
    Written Years
    Alternative Rock

    This is 'Lost In You Now', we hope you enjoy. This song completely changed our idea of what we wanted to do with our sophomore album. We had originally meant it to be a late left-field dance track but, after "finishing" the record and spending some time underground, it became the blueprint. We re-shaped and re-wrote most of the new material around this song. We very much hope you will enjoy it and please share if you do. It's about late night social anxiety and trying to be a decent human being in the modern world. Love, Wade, Kane, Brian, Alex Lyrics: After dark in a crowded apartment / my head's caving in with silence / I am here, are you with me? We slowly wilt with the crackle and stream / of a muddy ageing feeling / are you still breathing with me? I'm still tearing apart but I can't find you / screaming inside 'til I come to / I'm not lost in you now / I'm not lost in you now Now we're on the corner, our lungs on fire / my mind's buzzing with the streetlights / I am here, are you with me? Somewhere in all of this noise, I'll find something that's real / and somewhere in all of this noise, I'll take anything real I'm still tearing apart but I can't find you / screaming inside 'til I come to / I'm not lost in you now / I'm not lost in you now With my heart on the wire, I've lost my head / Inside of your arms, I'm still searching / for the back of the crowd / for the back of the crowd Somewhere in all of this noise, I'll find something that's real / and somewhere in all of this noise, I'll take anything real I'm still tearing apart but I can't find you / screaming inside 'til I come to / I'm not lost in you now / I'm not lost in you now With my heart on the wire, I've lost my head / Inside of your arms, I'm still searching / for the back of the crowd / and I'm not lost in you now Credits: Recorded & Mixed at Echoplant Studios with Ryan Worsley Co-Produced by Written Years Assistant Engineer Matt DiPomponio Mastered by Huntley Miller

  • Flora Cash - You're Somebody Else
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    Flora Cash are a testament to the power of music bringing people together. The couple met on Soundcloud in 2012 looking for new music. Since then, Cole Randall (USA) and Shpresa Lleshaj (SWE) fell in love with each other’s sound which led to a musical and personal partnership spanning 5 years now. Back in April 2017, the duo released their album, Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine), via Icons Creating Evil Art. Their album earned praise from Noisey, Paste, The Music Ninja, Earmilk, Interview Magazine and other tastemaker blogs. “You’re Somebody Else’’ gently blends acoustic soundscapes and layers of atmospheric production hinting at Mt Wolf, Poliça, and Vogue Dots. Kulture transforms the song into a tropical house anthem; emphasizing the acoustic guitar and piano chords, while preserving Cole’s emotional vocals. D I S C O V E R (Flora Cash) Spotify: Youtube: Facebook:
 Twitter: Official webpage: --- P & C 2017 Icons Creating Evil Art. All rights reserved.

  • Darker

    "Darker" appears on Typhoon's forthcoming full length album, Offerings. Offerings will be released on January 12, 2018 on Roll Call Records. Pre-order Offerings CD, 2xLP, digital: Listen to "Darker" on Spotify, Apple Music: LYRICS: I tried, you know, just to tow the line: love all the neighbors, live in the light. Sure I stumbled sometimes. Self-contained (a convenient lie). Every source of pain, every sting of pride had to come from the outside. But you. You won't even fight me fair. Wait for the darkness catch me unaware. You pull me close. Then you twist the knife. I don't wanna live with the kinds of trouble I keep finding myself in. Mirror to my left, mirror to my right. A void stretching out on either side. Is it your face or mine? Try to leave a mark. We carve our names. All cornered animals behave the same then get eaten alive. So that's it. I wash my hands, I cut my ties to the world and it's vicious appetites. Yes I am ready to die. I don't wanna live with the kinds of trouble I keep finding myself in. Something’s gotta give when the water keeps on rising and the walls are closing in. How long can I keep this tired act together? It's one short ambulance ride and then the waiting room forever. Tell me how do I make the right move now? Prepare me for the moment when my mind goes out. I am trying hard to follow the sound.

  • Broadripple Is Burning (Cover)

    Cover of Margot and the Nuclear So and So's' "Broadripple is Burning"

  • Let My Baby Stay Mac Demarco - Cover
    Аляска Виктория
    Blue Wave

    I am not have authored in music, any problems with the music please contact me at [email protected] The music is from the @yashibaker youtube link :

  • Bayu & Moopie - I Won't Have To Think About You NTS 24.11.17
    a colourful storm

    Bits from Australia and New Zealand. Tracklist: Love Positions - Into Your Arms (Half A Cow, 1990) Pearly Gatecrashers - Fly (Zero Hour, 1992) Maestros & Dipsos - Inertia (unreleased) Huon - Bad Friend (Library, 1998) The Cannanes - Seatbelt (self-released, 1989) The Pin Group - Long Night (Flying Nun, 1982) The Ampersands - Light The Beacon (unreleased) Rat Columns - New Girl In Town (Adagio830, 2015) Minimum Chips - Know You Too Well (Trifekta, 2005) Garbage & The Flowers - Sandy Skies (Grapefruit, 2016) Height/Dismay - Girl From Ipanema (M Squared, 1980) Tuesday Piranha - Telephone Disease (Method, 1983) Look Blue Go Purple - Grace (Flying Nun, 1986) The Particles - Apricot's Dream (Certain, 1980 / Chapter, 2001) The Cat's Miaow - Note On The Table (Drive-In, 1997) Traffic Island Sound - First Steps (Moontown, 2016 / Another Dark Age, 2017) The Clean - I Can See (Flying Nun, 1990) Primo! - Bronte Blues (self-released, 2016) Morning And The Sleepy Kids - Holy War (Alberts Basement, 2010) Hydroplane - Wurlitzer Jukebox (Drive-In, 1997) Even As We Speak - Swimming Song (Sarah, 1993) Bart And Friends - A Summer's Dream (Matinée, 2012) Pel Mel - Fool's House (unreleased) The Shapiros - Do You Know (Fantastic, 1995) I Won't Have To Think About You: Compiled by Bayu and Moopie out now on vinyl and digital formats.

  • Music Ninja Radio #95: Baseer's Indie & R&B Vibes

    @themusicninja Radio: Live Fridays from 4-6PMPT on @bffdotfm. Episode #95 - 12/8/2017 The latest episode of TMN Radio was curated by @baseerahmad who brought a wide range of vibes. From breezy alternative to indie pop with clever songwriting to silky R&B/soul, there's a little something for everyone--all tied together by a common thread of quirkiness. More Info: ~Tracklist~ @toramusic - Blame @truebluewho - Bad Behaviour @vansire-624239522 - Halcyon Age @beach_body - Plain Life @vacationsfanclub - Moving Out @slenderbodies - Anemone @camel-power-club - Altaïr @lovedeluxemusic - Cool Breeze Over The Mountains @hhhamjam - Ballad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @ralphcastelli - I Hate Swimming @thecactuschannel - Storefront Bekon - Cold as Ice Triathalon - Couch @kiefdaddy - Reinvent Yo Self @softglas - Glass House (feat. Sunni Colon) SiR - Something Foreight (feat. ScHoolboy Q) @sophie-meiers - Medication @raveenaloves - If Only Miguel - Banana Clip Zimmer - Fire @firstbeige - Sole Reality (feat. These Guy) Opal People - Gotta Work @jerryfolkmusic - Stuck With This Obsession Mansionair - Astronaut @men-i-trust - Tailwhip @stwosc - Over U Paradis - Paradis (Reprise) Calypso Rose - Leave Me Alone (@kraejiyaeji Remix) HAIM - Walking Away (Mura Masa Remix) Glass Animals - Life Itself (Roosevelt Remix)

  • Grass Stains (Cover/Switch Up)
    Will Monahan

    Song originally by Rex Orange County I mixed the instrumental and the lyrics/flow were changed

  • IMRE LODBROG & SA PETITE AMIE ALBUM teaser (see credits and links)

    Hey friends on the cloud(s), happy to share our first album ! Recorded at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen Studio Brooklyn by Oliver Ignatius. Imre Lodbrog : vcls, guitars, toy piano Barbara Browning : vcls, uke, cello Oliver Ignatius : bass, piano, keyboards, melodica, add vcls Ethan Mayer : drums, percussions Gary Reeves : drums on Shuffle Hope you'll enjoy ITUNES AMAZON FR AMAZON US SPOTIFY

  • Looking For a Stranger
    Emma Palm
  • Normil Hawaiians - Yellow Rain
    Upset The Rhythm
    British Kosmische

    'Yellow Rain' is taken from Normil Hawaiians' debut album 'More Wealth Than Money' (1982). Remastered and reissued this December through Upset The Rhythm. Normil Hawaiians had a transformative 1982. With two 7” singles and a 12” EP under their belts they suddenly found themselves disillusioned with the increasingly generic sounds surrounding them, so they forced the hand of change and began reaching out with that very hand. The band’s true constant in Guy Smith soon found himself with a new crew of musicians, Simon Marchant, Noel Blanden and Mark Tyler. Normil Hawaiians’ communal take on post punk quickly sprouted leaves from its mouth, and began carving out a new furrow. Greater emphasis was awarded to improvisation within the group and as a result their songs embarked on longer, freer journeys towards the beaten bounds. They wanted these new songs to bear the weight of their new collective spirit so comfort zones had to be left behind. Tape loops, echo boxes, extended percussive sessions and duteous faith in the tones emanating from a particular old wah-wah pedal were all employed by Normil Hawaiians to stretch their sonic fabric into wild and redolent new dimensions. With Illuminated Records interested in the band’s new visionary approach, Normil Hawaiians relocated from their South London dystopia to a rural idyll in the Welsh hills, determined to develop further this raw language for themselves. They booked into Foel Studios near Llanfair Caereinion for an extended period of time, set the tapes rolling and didn’t look back. They were somewhere they knew they could experiment; at a studio that understood the results would be uncertain. Dave Anderson, who managed and engineered at Foel was exactly the right person to work with them. Anderson had come from an experimental background himself, having played in Hawkwind and Amon Duul II. Normil Hawaiians were encouraged to explore their ideas beyond limitations with Anderson happy to leave the tape recording to capture their embryonic improvisations taking shape. Anderson even joined in on bass for several of those sessions as the ensemble strove to find its authentic voice, supplemented further when their cellist friend Klaus dropped by to spend a spell with them. At this very moment Normil Hawaiians existed solely for the music, living together in a small cottage in the studio’s shadow, sharing everything together and working long days to nurture and then burnish the music they had discovered between them. This is how the band’s debut album ‘More Wealth Than Money’ was formed, through trial and close listening, through cultivation and patient growth. Of course there were significant amounts of mushrooms involved too and several UFO sightings, but when the sheep began to march in time to the music Normil Hawaiians knew they were creating something unique. On December 1st, 35 years since the album first appeared, Upset The Rhythm will be reissuing the newly re-mastered ‘More Wealth Than Money’ album, alongside a further full-length collection of demos and unreleased tracks from the album’s overlooked corners. Both the 2xCD and DLP versions also come with a booklet contextualizing the release, full of anecdotes and photos from all band members. This release follows on from 2015’s ‘Return Of The Ranters’, Normil Hawaiians’ lost final album from 1985, which ultimately saw the light of day in a different age through Upset The Rhythm too.

  • First Day of My Life (Bright Eyes Cover)
    James Wrobel

    My cover of First Day of my Life by Bright Eyes I uploaded it three times because I kept making improvements