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#Folk & Singer-Songwriter

  • binary sleep - piano jam (oct 13 2018)

    This was an idea from a couple of years ago that I did in a very synth heavy demo. I don't really like the arrangement or production on that demo, but I do like the chords and some of the melody ideas, so I sat down to just play the bare bones on the piano.

  • Um cover ruim de: Quando Bate Aquela Saudade - Rubel
  • anvil (demo)
    andrew gavin williams
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    written 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. oct 5 you and i were like brothers when we were younger when you warmed my gut like the sweetness of home cooking the sweetness in the hall falls, falls away the floorboards cannot curl up just to hold some old aroma so we open all the windows and we close ourselves to some things

  • The Pessimist
    Folk en Singer-Songwriter

    The first time I ever recorded a song in the studio! It's a song I wrote a year ago. A big thanks to Cas Samson the producer, Dani on the guitar and Leon on the synths. So happy with it. :)

  • watch your back: a spooky season song
    Alternative Rock

    a spooky season song that i wrote last year

  • Queen Of The Savages
    Elementary Particles

    All songs written by Stephin Merritt Performed by Martin Cloonan and Alison Eales Produced by Paul Savage at Chem 19, Glasgow, on 26 July 2018

  • (R-98) I Have Found My Love (IETT)
    Providence English Music

    I HAVE FOUND MY LOVE (IETT_Revised 2018.03) LORD Now the time’s come, I must go To a far land, I must leave now PART 1 He has gone away, I’ve waited so long, still he’s not back Drifting o’er mountains and seas, I hear mere rumors of~ him I have waited ages it seems, yet I have seen nothing of him I will seek him out, I must go! I will seek him out, I must go! PART 2 I have traveled thousands of miles Asking if anyone has seen him at all I’ve asked everyone, but no one has seen him North and south, east, west-- I have searched them all Breathless, anxiously calling him PART 3 Then I was guided somewhere unknown, by the Spirit and Son There he was alone, out of sight, where the waves cast him, waves of the times There he was! There he was! I have found him! Found my love! I embraced him, tears streaming down my face Virtuous love and peace shone so bright in his eyes And he told me, “Love, all this time I was with you where you went.” ENDING I have found my love finally! Hand in hand we made our way home, reunited ‘Til the end, love never fails - it’s eternal I have found my love finally! Hand in hand, we made our way home, reunited ‘Til the end, love never fails - it’s eternal ‘Til the end, love never fails - it’s eternal

  • Gypsy Princess

    I heard this tune in a lovely recent post. Then listened to other versions of this popular piece on youtube . I decided to play it in a different key ( Eb )and tried for an "oldtime" style as well. The second tune is Banes Barn Dance. I'll think about this version a while and see if I like better than the other versions I've heard.

  • Possibility

    So I revamped a song that I wrote a long time ago. Please note that this song only fulfills the purpose of music now and nothing else. I simply, moved on from the feelings that I had when I wrote this. This is an old favorite nonetheless. Here are the lyrics: You could have been My favorite song, I've ever sung You could have been A winter morning, sleeping in I could have been Electric blue only for you You could have been A firework sky, the colors in my eyes You were a dream I don't deserve to see Divine all along Rock in a sea I was too deep You got me all wrong Possibility, You Can't let you turn grey I am anyway Can't keep away So please stay Possibility, You. enjoy xoxo

  • Nothin' (Townes Van Zandt Cover)

    Recorded and mastered by Vlad Boroda (

  • The Prince
    friday at 3

    THE PRINCE 091118 Everybody knew it But no one would say That’s how the prince of darkness Has his way Robed in royal scarlet Brandishing a smile That’s how the prince of harlots Hocked his wiles Oh, the broken body Of the spotless bride Sins cry out for vengeance To the sky Everybody knew it But no one would say That’s how the the prince of darkness Held his sway Cloaked in crimson garments A grin across his face That’s how the prince of harlots Hunts his prey Oh, the broken bodies Of the vanquished sons Oh, what deeds of darkness Have you done? Interlude Oh, the broken bodies Of the ravaged souls Oh, the shameful deeds Yet to be told Everybody knew it But no one would say That’s how the prince of darkness Had his way Now everybody knows it And everyone can see How the prince of harlots Came to be Words and Music Copyright 2018 G. Peter Irving III. All rights reserved.

  • Heart & Sword

    We can't just lay here, sulk and stay here, feel your veins, thrive with the pain, we can't just lay here silken cloth seared, feel your veins, outwit your brain, I'll take your head and sever your tongue, look to the east look to the young, what have you done to the you that we would have known, don't come to me expecting to keep your throne, We can't just lay here sulk and stay here, feel your veins, thrive with the pain, we can't just lay here, silken cloth seared, feel your veins, outwit your brain, With this guitar, ill bury you, you've traveled too far, bearing no truth, just tell me you lied, can't turn back the time, no death defied, brain death denied, Peel back the twine, turn blood to wine, admit divine, peel back the twine, wrongful design, admit divine, We can't just lay here, sulk and stay here, feel your veins, thrive with the pain, we can't just lay here, sultans cross feared, feel your veins, outwit your brain,

  • Cherry Wine Cover
    H & R Music
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    This is one of my favourite songs by Hozier and one of my favourite to sing. Hope you enjoy :) Vocals by Isaiah Rogan Guitar by Chris Hoekstra Produced by Chris Hoekstra

  • Visions of Mt. Athos
    Helios the Sun God
  • Villiöndin
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    Icelandic translation of the finnish folk song On suuri sun rantas autius

  • nothing will save us

    maybe i will die alone maybe i will die with a ghost don't want you to see my face don't want you to die this way i wish i was okay wish you were here today we'd sit and cry in the rain everything would be okay i want you to be in a good way

  • Reasons (James'Tune)
    Stewart Bae
    Jazz & Blues

    Reasons (James’ Tune) In the silence, lives this heart of mine Like a bird with clipped wings, but she was meant to fly People come and go, but friends are hard to find You ask for reasons, but the answer’s in disguise… These fragile moments, we could survive But knowing there’s no escape, I could not bear And all alone, I’ve walked all the way But I am still lost, wondering somewhere… There are reasons for the rain There are reasons for the rain And the way our life has come to be There are reasons for the rain And when we stumble and fall Remember there’s a reason For you and me… By Stewart Bae Lyric Number 270 Words-11/25/2017 Music-12/2/2017 ©Copyright 2017

  • These Days (Jackson Browne cover)
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter
  • (R-128) Spring Days Go By, The (IETT)
    Providence English Music

    THE SPRING DAYS GO BY (IETT) VERSE Here and there, in the hills, azaleas bloom In the field, flowers bloom Fruit is ripe in the~ trees Sending forth their sweet perfume Mountain birds start to appear, listen Hear them sing of the spring As the spring~ days~ float by CHORUS Flowers bloom on all the fruit trees My~ garden is full of beauty Though the flowers wilt, since they bear fruit lovely and grand That is my hope and my joy Pine fragrance wafting through my hometown As the spring days~ float by INTERLUDE CHORUS

  • Try
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    Written and Performed by Nat Daniels and Craig Durgy Copyright © Daniels&Durgy 2018 The ones we lose never truly leave us.. Lyrics: Try was a cold and long November the sky turned into grey we talked away the hours with the things you had to say we all kept on denying but the truth behind it all began to fall though you barely had the strength to stand and say goodbye I just hugged you tight before my flight and wondered why.. How can I just walk away and never see your face look at me once again And then you said: Promise me you’ll try To say goodbye That you’ll get by Without me in your life You gotta try live for me you gotta try You held onto the window I could hear each shallow breath your eyes were sheer defiance like a lion facing death you told me how you loved me and how you proud you were of all the things I’ve done you left your words of wisdom that would follow me never turn your back on God, be kind, do righteous things watching over you that night I had a feeling we would never talk again and then you said : promise me you’ll try to say goodbye that you’ll get by without me in your life promise me, you’ll live for me, you gotta try