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#Folk & Singer-Songwriter

  • My Great Grandparents Were Refugees
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    It's autobiographical. Lyrics: My great grandparents were refugees That should be a normal thing to say I was born in New York City My people came from far away They fled the generals and dictators The warlords of Moscow and Budapest You could be conscripted for the rest of your life Or you could head west My great great grandparents were refugees, too Just north and west of Brittany Farmers in the hills somewhere On the starving side of the Irish Sea They fled their colonial torturers They fled starvation, slavery They fled across the Atlantic Along with millions of other refugees My great grandparents were refugees But getting to the other side Took such a toll it seems That my great grandfather died So when his son was a little kid He grew up without a dad And that's typical of the hard life So many other refugees had My great grandparents were refugees Let me tell you what that means They were escaping war-torn lands Ruled by tyrants, kings and queens They did not come seeking fortune They were not pioneers Leaving home, their hearts were broken And all their cries fell on deaf ears My great grandparents were refugees No one taught me that in school It's dangerous information In the old game of divide and rule My name is David Rovics And I know who my people are They're on that raft upon the ocean They're in the trunk of that car

  • DJ Bebi - Summer Balkan Mix 2018
    Balkan Summer

    Evo nešto novo iz radionice :) Hitovi leta u jednom mixu od sat i tridesetak minuta...Uživajte i bacite neki share :) ... Ukoliko trebate download bez reklame pošaljite poruku na facebook ili u komentar... DOWNLOAD: TRACKLIST: 01. Lapsus Band - Santa leda 02. Mc Stojan - La Miami 03. Maya Berović feat.Buba Corelli - Pravo Vreme (RichMee Remix) 04. Buba Corelli - Balenciaga (RichMee Remix) 05. Milena Ceranić - Šefica 06. Maya Berović feat. Jala Brat - V.I.P. 07. Ami G feat. Young Palk - Bumerang 08. Aco Pejović - Fatalna doza 09. Aca Lukas feat. Milica Pavlović - Kidaš me 10. Maya Berović - Sahara 11. Tanja Savić - Soba Zablude 12. Severina feat. Ljuba Stanković - Tutorial 13. Maya Berović - Načisto 14. Relja Popović - Latino Evropa 15. Maya Berović - Sama 16. Miligram feat. Severina - Od Leta Do Leta 17. In Vivo feat. Teodora - Gledaj Mene 18. Vojke Đans feat. Young Palk - Non Stop 19. Relja - Dolce Vita 20. Anastasija - Savršen par 21. Leon feat. Maya Berović - Legalna 22. Severina feat. Jala Brat - Magija 23. Miša Laguna - Istina Je Drugovi 24. Milica Todorović - Show Program 25. Maya Berović - Zora 26. Leon & Rada Manojlović - Lavlje Krzno 27. Sloba Radanović - Stjuardesa 28. Kija Kockar & Ministarke - Ne Vraćam Se Na Staro 29. Lexington - Inkognito 30. Maya Berović - Neka stvar 31. Jala Brat & Buba Corelli - Mafia (RichMee Remix) 32. Seka Aleksić - Oslobodi Me 33. Milan Stanković - Trance 34. Dara Bubamara - Amnezija 35. Marina Visković - Ona ne zna 36. Teodora - Kristijan Grey 37. Jala Brat feat.Buba Corelli feat.Coby - Ona'e (RichMee Remix) 38. Maya Berović - Dilajla 39. Gazda Paja feat.DJ A.S.One - 1000 Evra 40. Rasta - Adio Amore 41. Saša Matić feat. Aleksandra Prijović - Ko si ti 42. Lapsus Band - Lažo

  • What is your favorite FREE activity, why? By /u/ChickenSashay
    Dan Hough
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    I wrote this song for a Reddit user called ChickenSashay, who was sharing their favourite FREE activity. It is the twelfth of (potentially) many songs that I intend to write out of interesting Reddit comments or posts :) Here's the lyrics and chords. The original comment can be found here: VERSE: G D C G I was born in the city And for most of my life I didn't realise that there were Lights up in the sky And then one day I heard a song It turned my world around The lyrics really blew my mind And this is how it sounds CHORUS: G D C Look at the stars Look how they shine for you And everything you Cause they were all yellow And I thought, "I'm going crazy" Cause I'd looked up at the sky And I didn't see a thing except The odd plane flying by But then one day I left my home Camped in the countryside I lay there in the dead of night I turned my gaze up and then I Looked at the stars They shined a gorgeous hue They shined for me and you But they were not yellow I questioned everything I knew How could they write this song Surely Coldplay knows their lyrics Are completely wrong But then I found out Coldplay Are a city-dwelling band And light pollution meant They'd never even seen a star cause if you Look at the stars You'll see them shine for you And everything you do But they are not yellow

  • Dear Florence
    Bios Cracklight
    Folk & Auteur-compositeur

    The Door was open i'm coming up sing you a song, sing you our song but you're not home A bottle on the table a piece of bread i'll drink some wine , i'll wait on the stairs you'll be back home , you'll be back in this old house so many memories and nights i want some more give me some more the wine ends, i hear your footsteps and from the window i'm shouting to you where were you my love where were you dear Florence, oh Florence !

  • The Shitcoin Song Part II

    The coins look red in the valley tonight not a living soul to see A Monarchy of traders and they All look dead to me Then Windows freezes up again, as I just had clicked refresh, Can not keep this song inside so I do what I do best. Dont let them win dont let them see Buy the BOTTOM, shut up, and be free Exchange/Exchange, Bring it on! cause here we come! Let us GO, Let us GO! Fill the bags down below Let us GO, Let us GO! These Merkle Trees will GROW I don't care what the Losers say Let the bulls ride ON! The Moon Never Bothered me anyway! It's funny how the price before all look pretty small And the fears of missing out can't get to me at all It's time to see what I can do Set some targets up there and break through a little down a little up, THEN MORE UP Let us GO, Let us GO! Can't hold us back anymore Let us GO, Let us GO! These shitcoin bags will grow! I dont care what Outsiders say Let them buy the TOP! My SteemPower flurries throug 5000s of acccounts My Soul is spiraling from EOS fractals all around And one thought crystallizes like an icy mask! I'm never going back, we are setting all-time highs! Let us go, let us go! And we will rise like Steem Monsters Cards Let us go, let us go That Steempower is too low! Here we stand and it is time to buy! Let the bull ride come! Buying Cheap never bothered me anyway!

  • Constellations
    Amelia Adler
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    Here's a song I wrote: Fifty years strapped to his chest, He kissed his best friend And then he left, Saying, "a proud man does things he's proud of." He was once nineteen On that midnight scene And love back then would tear your doors open. Say, can't you see these constellations of things I've done Stuck to places where I've been and hung my clothes out, Constellations of hands stretching inwards And feeding from the flesh I have inside. You're already here, you might as well stay the night. Is it really so insane to want, want something better Than the ceiling etcha sketching out your mind. Baby I will take you out to an island way out on the sea. We will have our holiday and bring our family, Spend our nights making love out on the sand. And I'll show you these constellations of things I've done, Left in places where I've been and hung my clothes out. Constellation of hands stretching inwards And taking from the flesh I have inside. I love you baby, come on, come on, be my life. She says, "I am racing home to check up on you baby, I'm worried you'll do something bad. You keep talking about those years you'll never get back." How'd I find a woman like you to take me on? My mother was an awful drinker, and I'm her wayward son. I'm so glad you called me tonight Cos I want to call you, and We all know what these itchy fingers wish that they could do. I am a proud man, I do things I'm proud of. I am a proud man, I do things I'm proud of. Can't you see this constellation, all that I have become? I am a mess of stars, and the blazing of suns. A constellation, these hands always in me, Taking taking never putting back. We wait up smoking til the sky turns black.

  • Wait for the Rain
    Bryn van Vliet - NZ
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    Original tune written, recorded, and mixed by yours truly from the comfort of my bedroom. Best heard with headphones :) All instruments/vocals performed by Bryn van Vliet. Enjoy!

  • Better Love (iPhone recorded)
    The Atman
    Acoustic Rock

    This is a raw recording of my song Better Love, going to studio to fully flesh this piece out. Thanks for listening. ☺️

  • Anson Seabra - Kerosene
    Anson Seabra
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    instagram : youtube : twitter : facebook : lyrics: empty bottles on a dusty wooden floor a remedy I’ve tried too many times echos in my mind of shouts and slamming doors I’ve done better with goodbyes now the sun is heading back into it’s grave it’s a cold october night taste the autumn air and try to find a way to keep the dark out of my mind kerosene kerosene she lit me up she left me numb I call her kerosene light a candle as I  lay me down to sleep watch the room around me glow listen quietly to wind and rustling the leaves in the silence I’m at home in my dreams I see her sitting by the fire granite eyes reflect the flames humming softly til the embers start to tire a faded memory I saved chorus humming chorus :-)

  • John Wayne Gacy Jr - Sufjan Stevens Cover
    Dan Chaplin
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    me likey sufjan stevens

  • The Water's Cadency
    Rhona Stevens

    A song I wrote a few weeks ago. This is a reflection of water flow and it's parallels with the way life works.. Unpredictable, constantly flowing thus creating and taking on different and unanticipated shapes and colours. Inspired by a beautiful spot not far from home in Callander where the water dances the most mesmerising patterns and the long grass follows the water's rhythm during the summer months :) x

  • Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)
    Jake Dasilva

    A huge thanks to Seelensack for gifting me his magnificent instrumental to use. This song is a masterpiece. I hope you feel I have done it justice. Check out Seelensack's music at: @seelensack Lyrics: Leonard Cohen / Jake Dasilva Guitar & Ukulele: Seelensack Orchestral Strings: Jake Dasilva Vocals: Jake Dasilva Spoken Word: Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe "Do I feel happy in life? Um... Um, let's see. Let's say I'm.. I hope I'm finding happiness. Right?" No copyright infringement intended.

  • Monsters Under My Bed - Sabs (Original)

    lyrics: i try to keep myself away from the monsters under my bed, they are the thoughts that cloud my head they keep me up and wide awake i can’t run away, i can’t hide, it’s a feeling that i can’t shake they yell at me all day, they scream at me all night they tell me i am not okay, that this is not a fight i can fight there’s a war waging in my mind, it never ends the monsters underneath my bed, they’re not my friends they’re not my friends everyday is a battle to survive but i found the love that keeps me alive i found the love in you i found the love in myself, too you make me want my own heart to beat you make me love to need to breathe i see my flaws on my skin, but they’re not flaws anymore they’re who i am, where i’ve been, everything i’ve endured the monsters under my bed, when they creep up on me they tell me i have nothing left no friends, no family they tell me that nobody loves me but i love me and i tell them that they got nothing on me I’m stronger than i was back then, way back when i was a foolish little kid who didn’t fit in my skin now i’m happy to be alive, i’ve found a place for myself where i can not just survive, but thrive not just survive, but thrive //oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh oooh, oooh, oooh// everyday is a battle to survive but i found the love that keeps me alive i found the love in you i found the love in myself, too you make me want my own heart to beat you make me love to need to breathe i see my flaws on my skin, but they’re not flaws anymore they’re who i am, where i’ve been, everything i’ve endured i found the strength that i need to go on to fight this fight, to win this war the monsters under my bed, they’re not my friends they're not my friends

  • Bow your head
    Ronn van Etten
    Folk en Singer-Songwriter

    A new song inspired by the remembrance day on 4-5-2018, that will be included on my album : WAVES (2018) Een nieuw nummer naar aanleiding van de dodenherdenking op 4-5-2018, dat wordt opgenomen in het album : WAVES (2018)

  • Fire And Rain -James Taylor cover (with Alfonso Llorente Sardi & Jaime Barrera)
    David Lee Louthan
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    Acoustic Guitar, String arrangements - Alfonso Llorente Sardi Piano - Jaime Barrera Vocals - DLL Me ;)

  • Percheron
    Three Little Bops

    Words and Music by Adrian McKenna Copyright 2018 Rehearsal session, with harmony vocal overdubs. Drums- Richard Blanchard Bass- Christian Topman Doused in the flames, metal annealed The horses are soaking, the men dread the steel The papers arrive, the orders revealed- To gallop and conquer with sword, flag and shield Thunder curtailed by magnesium light Explosion has frozen the tortuous sight He tumbles as many do, cratered in soil In rivers of rain, blood, tears and oil Hurtling rush sparking the spurs Leaping towards the battlefield's curse Revenant sigh, sing Lorelei Today is not a good day to die His eyes pierce the havoc, his steed stands and waits To whisk him beyond the clutch of hell's gates And vanish with dawn as the truth is revealed No hooves pressed the clay from the killing fields Hurtling rush, sparking the spurs Leaping beyond the battlefield's curse Revenant sigh, sing Lorelei Today is not a good day to die

  • Good Night, Dream Away
    Tom Roth

    I wrote this simple lullaby for my daughter at the end of a recording session.

  • Autumn Leaves (Quiet Morning Version)
    Kristoffer Lindgren
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    The tree and I finally agreed, and the distant hum of thought only seemed like echoes in my mind - what I’ve become is what entropy in time will do the sun. As early autumn twilight I slowly march, and like an orange leaf you’re waiting for an answer. But I’m not the one to prevent your fall, I got no such aid at hand, not a thing at all. To me you’re already made. You’re already done. I make my way just fine without a clock; I see all the perfection of the world in your teardrops, and I think you’d be so brave - just let go and fall through this dream. But only if truth be your call. To me you’re already made. You’re already done.

  • Arirang - Butterfly Slip Jigs

    Arirang - Butterfly Slip Jigs Miryang Arirang - Korean Traditional Folk Song, Arirang from Miryang region in the South of Korean Peninsular, ca. 19th Century by Detour

  • Hurt (Johnny Cash) - Teaser
    Pierrick Jean
    Folk & Auteur-compositeur