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    Ground Zero Media

    According to the Trump administration, biological threats to the U.S. homeland are growing. Congruently, FEMA will be conducting an unprecedented emergency test on cell phones across the country this Thursday. What is worse is that if what is being planned is a biological false flag, then this is what recent advances in the life sciences have delivered us today — more ways to cull a population in order to provide more resources but also to kindle the flames of further wars all over the globe for the globalist takeover of our way of life. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about THE APOCALYPSE STRAIN - THE END WE BEGIN FROM

  • "DICK MOVE"-September 19, 2018
    Ground Zero Media

    The mainstream media has lost their way and there is a war for the hearts and minds of the people. It is time to bring down the negative propaganda machine and start respecting the autonomy of the individual and their right to self-determination without all of the noise and disruption from spurious and tangential news reports. We should demand that America be informed again with objective reporting from a media that doesn’t resort to dick moves in order to embarrass a sitting president or the country. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about DICK MOVE. #ExclusiveArticle for #GroundZero #DickMove

    Ground Zero Media

    Planet Vulcan, which most people are familiar with because it is the home planet to Mr. Spock on Star Trek, became a little more real recently, thanks to some exoplanet research. And while NASA still contends there is no threat from a doomsday planet, there are still other astronomers who are still looking for Nibiru - just as they have for Planet Vulcan. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks with NASA researcher and author, Richard C. Hoagland about VULCAN - ANSWERS IN THE GALACTIC BACKYARD

    Ground Zero Media

    Why is there such incredible excitement in Israel right now? Because on August 28, 2018, “a perfectly red heifer was born in the land of Israel" and was examined and certified by a board of Rabbis. Furthermore, there is the suspicion that recent news about a red heifer being born is the product of genetic engineering. It is believed that the Temple of God cannot be rebuilt without the sacrifice of a red heifer. As we appear to be at the advent of the apocalypse, the Abrahamic faiths believe that their way of thinking should be the one true way at the time of the eschaton. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks with prophecy teacher and pastor, Paul Begley and Rabbi Gerson Winkler about PARAH ADUMAH - THE ADVENT OF THE APOCALYPSE COW

  • The Joe Budden Podcast
    The Joe Budden Podcast

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  • 'Social Justice Postmodernism Madness'? - 9/20/18
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1 
    House of Cards and the politically Soro's funded hit job on Kavanaugh, the play-by-play... ...Lobster paranoia?...the hip new humane way to boil lobsters?...stoning them? ...Fat cars for Michael Moore?... and How Not to dispose of a dead whale?...a new meaning to dumpster diving?
    Hour 2
    Glenn introduces his hero of the week?...Former Parkland student takes plays right out of the 'Addicted To Outrage' playbook? ...Movie director, Nick Searcy, joins to discuss his new, upcoming movie "Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer"...a 'real' American horror story...abortion clinic of filth?...a story the media always ignores...afraid of the 'truth' Oct 12 ...What the heck is on Glenn's hand?
    Hour 3
    Dopamine & Social Media with author, Judith Donath...outrage and culture of deception...We've stopped seeing each other as human...stating truth vs. refuting falsehoods? ...Good News: The Crime rate is way down, like big time down...Stu shares the #'s ...Kavanaugh Accuser's classmate: 'That It Happened or Not, I Have No Idea'?...the media is determined to take down Kavnaugh by any means necessary? 

  • Alpha Wann, l’élève qui met les profs à genoux

    UMLA, le premier album solo d’Alpha Wann sort enfin. Contrairement à ses collègues du collectif L’Entourage dont le succès a été très rapide, Alpha Wann a pris son temps et c’est une réussite. “Une main lave l’autre” est un album de rap, pour les amateurs de rap et pour les connaisseurs de rap. Techniquement rien à redire tant Alpha Wann est maître de la discipline, dans la lignée de ses références Dany Dan ou ILL. Alpha Wann ne cherche pas le succès mais simplement à faire ce qu’il aime et ses choix le confirment comme celui d’inviter Infinit’ sur une prod plutôt que Nekfeu ou Joke. Sans entrer dans le titre à thème, Alpha Wann distille tout au long de l’album des petites phrases qui parlent de lui et de ses doutes, comme son physique et sa difficulté à choper, ou encore sa peur lors des Rap Contenders, sans ne jamais tomber dans l’égo-trip. Dans cet album, Alpha Wann parle tout seul devant sa glace et puisqu’il rappe comme il parle, ça fait du bien à tous. Animé par Mehdi Maïzi avec Brice Bossavie, Raphaël Da Cruz et Aurélien Chapuis. RÉFÉRENCES CITÉES DANS L’ÉMISSION 1995, L’entourage, Nekfeu, Deen Burbigo, Jazzy Bazz, Alpha Wann, UMLA (Alpha Wann, 2018), Iman (Dinos, 2018), Olive et Tom (Alpha Wann, 2018), Pour celles (Alpha Wann, 2018), Dany Dan, ILL, Starsky & hutch (Alpha Wann, 2018), Une main lave l’autre (Alpha Wann, 2018), Casse la baraque (X-men, 1998), Da Storm (O.G.C, 1996), Le combat continue (Ideal J, 1998), Fugees (Alpha Wann, 2018), Infinit’, Joke, Sneazzy, Doums, Les sages poètes de la rue, Areno Jaz, Poétiquement Correct (Dany Dan, 2006), Salif, Nubi, Alph Lauren 3 (Alpha Wann, 2018), Éternité (Jazzy Bazz flat Nekfeu, 2018), S.Pri Noir, Bus tour (Alph Lauren 1, Alpha Wann, 2014), Joe Budden, Eminem, Cascade (Alpha Wann, 2018), La tour 20 (Nakk, 2001), Dégeulasse (Caballero & JeanJass, 2018), Hamza, Méthode Man & Redman, Masta Killa, Quarter Thing (Joey Purp, 2018), Just Blaze, Veust, Akhenaton, 361 Records, Le singe fume sa cigarette (Hologram Lo’, Lomepal & Caballero), En sous-marin (Nekfeu feat Alpha Wann, 2011), Dans ta Réssoi (Nekfeu feat Alpha Wann, 2011). RECOMMANDATIONS ET COUPS DE COEURS LA RECO D’AURÉLIEN : L’album “Quarter Thing” de Joey Purp, qui se rapproche d’Alpha Wann par son côté rap puriste mais qui, grâce un savant mélange, rend un projet protéiforme. LA RECO DE RAPHAËL : Le rappeur niçois Veust, à la voix “fauvesque”, et qui a sorti trois nouveaux morceaux cet été. LA RECO DE BRICE : Le projet “Le singe fume sa cigarette” de Hologram Lo’, Lomepal & Caballero, à leurs débuts. LA RECO DE MEHDI : “En sous-marin” , le projet commun de Nekfeu et Alpha Wann qui s’amusent à rapper comme ils l’aiment, bien avant leur célébrité. CRÉDITS Enregistré le 13 septembre 2018 à L’Antenne Paris (10 rue la Vacquerie, Paris 11ème). NoFun est une production Binge Audio. Générique : Shkyd. Réalisation : Quentin Bresson. Chargée de production : Juliette LIvartowski. Chargée d’édition : Judith Hillebrant. Direction des programmes : Joël Ronez. Direction des programmes : David Carzon. Direction générale : Gabrielle Boeri-Charles.

  • 'Truth or Only Outrage'? - 9/19/18
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1

    The New Social Justice Movement is in full-effect...the political is personal and the personal is political? ...Fake News Outrage: Bert & Ernie are Gay?...Words of wisdom from Muppets co-creator Frank Oz: they're not gay and why does it matter?...outrage and The Rainbow Connection? ...Glenn sat down with 'Anti-PC' Professor Michael suing NYU and Four Professors for defamation and wants you to know it..."I was a good citizen, until I said the wrong thing"? ...Bill Gates fears another global pandemic 'Virus X' is coming?


    Hour 2

    Feinstein the Flame Thrower?...has Kavanaugh on the ropes?...accuser still mum on hearing scheduled for this Monday...Flashback: Clarence Thomas Responds to Anita Hill...the press have a lower approval rating than gonorrhea? ...Update on the Sunspot Solar observatory mysterious black-helicopter shutdown?...sensible theory? ...Venezuela's President feasts on steak, while the people feast on family pets?..the good o'l days of Venezuela from a Park& Rec. perspective?


    Hour 3

    Deconstruction is the function of the left...weeding through the outrage isn't and easy task?...How thinking like a recovering addict can heal the country?...the key and the cure...moral outrage and a badge of honor? ...Glenn critiques Glenn?...'Addicted To Outrage' the audio know you're addicted to outrage when?...encouraging 'facts' with discussion ...Sign up for the Glenn Beck Podcast Today at Glenn Beck Dot Com

  • The Weekly Roast & Toast - September 19th, 2018
    Double Toasted

    CAPTAIN MARVEL TRAILER | PICTURES SURFACE OF NEW JOKER | AND MORE – The Weekly Roast & Toast LIVE @ 9:30 PM CST It’s Trailer Tuesday! You toasties may have been waiting fairly impatiently to see something from Captain Marvel especially after seeing her logo pop up just a few months ago at the end of a particular movie. Now we have a trailer! Was it good? Was it bad? Find out tonight! We’re also talking some more comic book news concerning DC this time! Pictures have surfaced online of Jaoquin Phoenix’s new Joker look. We’ll be the judge of whether this is acceptable or not. That is not all as we are also talking about another person shamed on social media. Watch the show to find out what this one’s all about. And finally! The most important part of our festivities tonight … it’s NATIONAL BURGER DAY! Celebrate with us on tonight’s show!

  • 'Facts First Then Credibility'? - 9/21/18
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1

    Corey 'Spartacus' Booker is sewing the seeds of desperately wants to be President 2020?...'of course I would consider it'...Spartacus wept?...Booker admits to groping (date rape) classmate in high school, 1992...after Booker himself, issued a call for sexual respect...the pen is mightier than the spear?


    Hour 2

    Pompous leftist virtue signaling and the hell holes that they run...states like California, have some of the most ridiculous laws you've ever heard's a crime to ride a bicycle in swimming pool? ...Bill O'Reilly Friday: Kavanaugh vs. The Media =  Salem Witch Trials?...crazy, nutty, stuff? can't even question allegations anymore?...totalitarian run media...Stalin-ism is all over the left ...'Addicted To Outrage' is now available everywhere...Glenn Beck Dot Com 


    Hour 3

    Another victory for tone deaf feminists?...'mansplaining' is on the decline?...Now Muslim women in India have been given the legal right to have a say in their own divorce? ...Should we only just believe the accuser?...needing more to go on...digging up all the women and Emmett Till?...him against her?...injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere? ...Kavanaugh's family is getting death threats, meanwhile the Democrats believe Keith Ellison and not his accuser?...there's always the a double-standard for the left


  • The Movie Review Extravaganza! 9-19-18
    Double Toasted

    It's time for that Ganza! Yet again! Tonight we are talking about the film with the longest title this whole month! The House With A Clock In It's Walls will be reviewed tonight and although we haven't talked much about this movie leading up to today, the quality of this film could go either way! Will it be good or bad? Find out tonight! Also tonight Will reviews Nick Cage's 'Mandy'. Just how insane is it? We'll find out tonight!

  • Podcast #202 - Celebrity Superfight
    Jenna & Julien Podcast

    Welcome to the Jenna & Julien Podcast where we talk about all the things. If you are looking for your everyday, normal, by the book podcast, then you're in the wrong place. We created this because we tend to have awesome, random, and sometimes drunk conversations that we realized had to be shared with the lovely internet world. So here we are. Subscribe to this channel for new podcasts EVERY MONDAY We are on iTunes: And SoundCloud: We're also live on Twitch every monday: You can follow us on all the things: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Jenna: IG: TW: YT: 2nd Chanel: Julien: IG: TW: YT:

  • 155 - Drunk Fruit Squirrels
    Dear Hank & John

    Can I wear my Tuesday shirt on other days? How do I give advice that doesn't hurt feelings but is still helpful? Did I steal this plant? And more! Email us: [email protected]

  • 'Officially' Addicted To Outrage? with Dennis Prager- 9/18/18
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1
    Glenn and Stu are officially 'Addicted To Outrage'..."Happy Book Release Day!" ...Is the Western Way of life worth saving? ...Kavanaugh denies sexual allegations from 34 years ago...desperate times (for Democrats), means desperate measures...who's to believe here?...she never reported it, no proof, zero, none, she can't remember anything?...2nd woman is now emerging? 
    Hour 2
    Bernie Sanders: America starves and bombs little children?...the post-modernism progressive playbook is playing out...will there be country left for our children, when it's all said done?...there is no 'reason' in anger ...Sunspot solar observatory reopens after mysterious shutdown?...why was it closed down? hawk helicopters and the FBI investigate, UFO's? ...Trump tariffs are starting to make an impact and it's not looking/feeling good?
    Hour 3
    Iran, Syria, and Russia are teaming up?...the situation is a powder keg and anything can set it off? ...Top 10 Things that tell us you're white? may be white if?...have pets, 'trusts' people, own a gun and a flashlight? ...Glenn wonders into 'creepyville'? ...Dennis Prager joins Glenn to discuss the 'Outrage culture'...Fear of the left: The most powerful force in America today?

  • 'Justice Must Be Blind'? with Jonathan Haidt- 9/17/18
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1 The #MeToo era of Supreme Court justice confirmation?...bad doesn't stand a chance when it's up against hysteria?...the Democrats will get their Hail Mary pass ...One of the worst Senators of all time? ...Happy Constitution Day!...does anyone care anymore?...getting things right with flawed men...check & balances and the brilliance of a living and breathing document ...that is being dismantled?...the cure to progressive-ism? Hour 2  'The Coddling of the American Mind', with Author Jonathan Haidt...How good intentions and bad ideas are setting up a generation for media has changed everything?...a generation of fragile snowflakes...'we did this to our kids'...over protection parenting (helicopter) began in the 90's...the decline of the American family as the end of Democracy nears? ...prepare your child for the road ahead and not the road for the child Hour 3 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Spending $40 Trillion will save us money, but I Don't Know How? ...'Addicted To Outrage', Glenn's New book out tomorrow, Tuesday September 18th ...Glenn meets the only conservative living in California? ...Three hours on a tarmac with Stu Burguiere?...what's with the First Class 'curtain'...necessary vs. not necessary? ...Desperate for outrage...diversity and Ice Cream?...OK is now the symbol of hate?

  • HALFCAST PODCAST: What's Your Credit Like?

    Let's have a conversation about money. The Urban Financier came in to discuss credit scores, how to build your credit, strategies to manage & invest your money plus alot more. #HalfcastPodcast @ChuckieOnline @Savage_Dan_ Guest: @UrbanFinancier

  • PODCAST: Tentacle Feelings (Textual Healing) (9/20/18)
  • 2nd Date Update PODCAST: I've Gotta Fly
  • Ebro in the Morning-Sexual Harassment in the Workplace+ Kanyes Rant(Full Show) -9-21-18
  • Ebro in the Morning-Kids Say The Meanest Things+Trump Said What?(Full Show)-9-20-18