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  • Krystal Davis ‘So Smooth’ (Yam Who? Extended Rework)

    Coming in strong with an update on another classic track, Glitterbox Recordings presents Krystal Davis ‘So Smooth’ featuring remixes from Kon and Yam Who? alongside the 12” original and instrumental. One of the last in a rare breed of dedicated crate-diggers, Kon’s vast knowledge of the heavily swung rhythms of classic disco make him a reverent remixer for this mid-tempo Krystal Davis disco hit, originally released in 1985 on New York label Urban Rock Records Inc. His version amps up the pace, tailoring the record for any discerning contemporary disco set. Midnight Riot Records head Yam Who? goes blissed out with the synths for an irresistible mix that’s smoother than smooth. The release is rounded off with the original 12” version and instrumental.

  • J a m e s B r o w n - M i n d P o w e r (Congo Dandy Skunk FUNK Mix)
    Disco Police

    THE JAMWAX CREW presents Br3akZ! (The Block Party repertoire COLLECTION) A cut-and-paste ODYSSEY covering music from hard funk, underground disco, original breaks, extended disco mixes and heavy funk ... The tempo picks up, the disco,… ... Soul Stew - Funk, Soul, Disco & Break Beats; an intergalactic break dance across a lighted disco floor. Dipping and spinning..... A glittering tour de force of disco and FUNK. Good To Groove Killer Cuts REMASTERED, REGROOVED, RESTRUCTURED, RE-EDITED, REMIXED & REPRODUCED BY THE JAMWAX CREW Mixed at M.A.R.R.S.

  • Krystal Davis ‘So Smooth’

    Coming in strong with an update on another classic track, Glitterbox Recordings presents Krystal Davis ‘So Smooth’ featuring remixes from Kon and Yam Who? alongside the 12” original and instrumental. One of the last in a rare breed of dedicated crate-diggers, Kon’s vast knowledge of the heavily swung rhythms of classic disco make him a reverent remixer for this mid-tempo Krystal Davis disco hit, originally released in 1985 on New York label Urban Rock Records Inc. His version amps up the pace, tailoring the record for any discerning contemporary disco set. Midnight Riot Records head Yam Who? goes blissed out with the synths for an irresistible mix that’s smoother than smooth. The release is rounded off with the original 12” version and instrumental.

  • J a k k i - SUN (Weather Underground Deep DISKO Mix)
    Pied Piper (Official)
    Deep House

    Black Magic Disco UNDERGROUND DISCO / DISCOID FUNK / PROTO HOUSE / DEEP HOUSE (Deep House, NU-Jazz, Breaks, Astro-Jazz, Balearic, Deep Disco, Techno, Space Jazz, Future-Jazz, Avant-garde, Experimental Electronic, Ambient) REMASTERED, REGROOVED, RESTRUCTURED, RE-EDITED, REMIXED & REPRODUCED BY THE WEATHERMEN & Electronic Warfare Committee Underground House Rarities & Future Dance Classics A heady trip of sonic extravagance packed with retro-futuristic, cosmic-disco grooves; the sharpest tech-house, techno, disco, deep house and unashamed party bangers.

  • Fingerman @ Sound Department Ascolti, Taranto, Italy 9/6/18

    For bookings email: [email protected] Full recording of my 3 hour set from Sound Department Ascolti in Taranto Italy. Played from 3.30am - 6.30am when the sun came up. Truth be told it was one of the best gigs I've ever had the fortune of playing and big thanks to Marco and all the folks at Sound Department for booking me and having confidence in me to play there. Also fair play to everyone who felt the groove that morning x Tracklist 6th Borough Project - Bad News (Fingerman Extended Edit)(Roar Groove) Thatmanmonkz - The Assassinator (Better Listen) Fingerman - Family Ties (Get Down Edits) Don Dayglow - Dig It (Hot Digits Music) KH - Question (White Label) Frank Virgilio - Too Hot To Touch (Chewy Rubs Re-Shuffle) (Hot Digits Music) Hotmood - Montuno (Hot Digits Music) Daniel T Edits - Hit The Streets (Razor N Tape) Ejay - Move That Thang (Unknown) Moon Rocket - Strategy (Doomusic) Phonk D - Gonzo (Martin Rupert) Discotron - D's Disco Party (Tasty) Birdee - Groove Me (Body Heat) Fingerman - Strobin' (Midnight Riot) D-Train - Musik (Late Nite Tuff Guy Rework) (Unreleased) Mix & Fairbanks - URD1 (Hot Digits Music) Chewy Rubs - Garage Disco (Bandolier) JB Dizzy - Transistor (Golden Soul) Bas Roos - Ugly House (Exploited Germany) The Soup Dragons - I'm Free (Yam Who? & Alan Dixon Remix) (Midnight Riot) Dr Packer - Wanna Phunk (Masterworks) Massey & Paulette - Sheroes (Black Riot) Crazy P - Changes (Hot Toddy Mix) (20:20 Vision) Ash Reynolds - Darlin' Baby (Hot Digits Music) Dr Packer - Outta Sight (Bandcamp) Art Of Tones - Reprise De Fonk (House Of Disco) Tiger & Woods - Chili Dip (T&W) Purple Disco Machine - Dished (Male Stripper) (Club Sweat) Plastikman - Spastik (Mute) Bizcutz - She Don't Want (Hot Digits Music) Natasha Kitty Katt - After The Dance Don Dayglow - DCI 2Ci (Fingerman's Wobbly Disco Rework) Idris Muhummad - Heaven (Late Nite Tuff Guy Rework) Dan Shake - Wake Bake & Shake Teddy Douglas & Luis Radio - The Violin HiFi Sean & Celeda - The Music The Revenge - Long Lost Love Andy Buchan - Spectral (Dr Packer Acid Disco Remix) Dr Packer - I Feel Acid

  • Sponooch - Laserdance (Laserdisc Junkies Edit)
    Björn Fogelberg

    Proto Space / Italo Disco slowed down, remade.

  • LOVE PENALTY Radio Show June 2018

    Here is this month's LOVE PENALTY Radio Show aired on @lyl_radio. Freestyle mixing to the max, nothing prepared really just random live selection as I felt it... I hope you will enjoy it! * * * * Inspiration Information * * * * Pinny Johnson - Don’t Stop The Music June Evans - Open Your Eyes Starvue - Body Fusion Sarah - Acao Super 8 Nel Oliver - Mama Mother Randolph Baker - Getting Next To You Chain Reaction - Search For Tomorrow Tied Up On Love Ojeda Penn - Brotherson Dexter Wansel - I'll Never Forget (My Favorite Disco) Sergio Mendes & New Brasil 77 - The Real Thing One Way - I Didn't Mean To Break Your Heart Steve Khan & Co - Got To Have Your Lovin (Instr) DC Larue - Cathedrals (JKriv Dub) Bobbi Humphrey - Tailor Made Groovin' - Al Tone Edits Livy Ekemezie "Classic Lover" (BAM edit) Silver Flash Funk - Funky Space Player (Instr) Can't Stop - Al Kent Edit No Stranger - Tom Bolas Edit Skymark - Our Shelter The Advanced Workers with The Anti-Imperialist Singers - Better Red Let Others Be Dead Claudia - Ana Cor De Cana Leci Brandao - Questão De Gosto Starvue - Love Struck Candido - Thousand Finger Man Lo End - Le Beat Coachhouse Rhythm Section - Nobody Got Time Lonnie Givens - The Heat Is On Squish - Get Up

  • Dj Muzikinside - JUNE 18 (Disco-Funk Session)
    Dj Muzikinside
    Nu-Disco Funk

    @ More: 01- Robb Scott - Neptune Atmosphere (Phil Asher & Mighty Zaf 80's Remix) EXPANSION HOUSE 02- Ourra feat. Andre Espeut - When There's No Love (Original Mix) STAR CREATURE UNIVERSAL VIBRATIONS 03- S.e.l feat. Gary Hudgins - The Sweetest Pain (John Morales M+M Vocal Remix) QUANTIZE RECORDINGS 04- Mousse T. feat. TAZ & Inaya Day - Rock The Mic GLITTERBOX RECORDINGS 05- The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra feat. Arthur Vercoai & John Morales - Step into My Life (M&M Mix by John Morales) FAR OUT RECORDINGS 06- D.C.LaRUE - Cathedrals (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix) Z RECORDS 07- Brooklyn Classic - Your Pants Are Hot (Pts. 1, 2 & 3) FUNKSKOOL DIGITAL 08- Doug Willis - Doug's Disco Theme Z RECORDS 09- First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder (Dr Packer Rework) SALSOUL RECORDS FREE DOWNLOAD

  • Lost In Disko #037
    Massimo (The Smoker)
    funk soul disco nudisco reedit

    Lost In Disko Radio Show #Funk #Disco #Nudisco #ReEdit #NuFunk #Soul selected and mixed by Massimo Vanoni aka Massimo aka The Smoker aka MV Edit (Editorial-Midnight Riot-Masterworks Music-DiscoDat-Atop Records-Hot Dogits Music and athers) All Monday 9.00 pm (Italian Time) on IsGoodForYou @massimo-vanoni)

  • Fingerman Exclusive on Spin City Vol.039

    This was my Spin City Show that aired live on on 11/06/2018. For this show I had the honour of handing over the reins to Gregg Holmes aka Fingerman, for a blinding two hour set, exclusive to Spin City. Massive props to Gregg for agreeing to be a guest on Spin City. Tracklist: Mix & Fairbanks - Can I Borrow A Feeling? C Da Afro - Kissing (Fingerman’s Disco Strutt Re-Edit) Dusty - Brick Fingerman - Family Ties Thatmanmonkz - The Assassinator Frank Virgilio - Too Hot To Touch (Chewy Rubs Re-Shuffle) Hotmood - Montuno Daniel T Edits - Hit The Streets Ejay - Move That Thang Moon Rocket - Strategy Andy Buchan - Say A Prayer Harry Wolfman - The Accord Chewy Rubs - Garage Disco Down Under Disco - Gettin’ Loose (Saskin S Club Mix) JB Dizzy - Transistor Birdee Feat. Stee Downes - The Power Ash Reynolds - Darlin’ Baby Tiger & Woods - Chili Dip Bizcutz - She Don’t Want Parissior - Corrupted Don Dayglow - DCI 2Ci (Fingerman’s Wobbly Disco Rework) Idris Muhummad - Heaven (Late Nite Tuff Guy Rework) Down Under Disco - Horn Bag Bio: A little bit more about my guest for this week: Fingerman has been djing since the mid 90's. Hailing from Portsmouth originally before re-locating to Brighton UK, Gregg Holmes AKA Fingerman has moved between styles ranging from Techno to House before finding his feet with Disco in the past 5-6 years. He set up a vinyl residency at the legendary Casablanca Jazz club along with a friend playing strictly extended disco twelves which led to his own dj friendly edits surfacing on Soundcloud. His editing style caught the ears of many respected djs on the scene such as Dimitri from Paris and Greg Wilson (who has charted Fingerman edits consecutively for the past 4 years even to the point of releasing a few of them on his own vinyl imprint A&R edits) Along with releasing and remixing on labels such as Midnight Riot, Hotbox Boogie, Wall Of Fame and Discodat, Fingerman set up his own label Hot Digits Music (along with Vinyl Only offshoot Wax Digits) This label has been placed on the coveted number one slot on Juno many times since its birth in 2014 releasing up and coming and established editors and original artists such as Dr Packer, Late Nite Tuff Guy, OOFT!, Situation, Get Down Edits, Dave Gerrard, Andy Buchan, P-Sol and Massimo Vanoni to name but a few. He has played at nightclubs and bars worldwide over the past few years alongside DJ's such as Greg Wilson, Rayko, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Mr Mendel, Melon Bomb, Nightmares On Wax and Ron Basejam. He has also made appearances spinning disco at numerous festival and outdoor events such as Festival Number 6, Alfresco, Melon Bomb in Ibiza, Farmfest and the much lauded Pride Village Street Parties in Brighton creating roadblock proportion good time vibes.

  • B.T. E x p r e s s - G i v e Up The F u n k (Pimpin Willie DISKO Regroove)


  • Mixlr Show with "Your Groove" Guest" Pete Le Freq (Alpaca Edits) 17:06:18

    Last Sundays Mixlr live radio show with all the regular features, including the Weekly Revision with another big Reflex Rework, the Archive Edit mix, Hip Hop Hooray and finally The Classic House Traxx to close the show ! This shows guest selector for the "Your Grooves" feature is Pete Le Freq (Alpaca Edits), with his top 3 favourite tracks of all time Track listings 1. Dj Snatch - Light My Fire 2. The Meters - Cissy strut 3. Donald Byrd - Places and Spaces 4. Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansions 5. Chaka Khan - Some Love 6 .The Reflex - Groove Is In The Heart 7. Robert Palmer - Every Kinda People (Joey Negro Mix) 8. Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 (Digital Visions Reedit) 9. Casual Connection - Diggity 10. A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It 11. Fingerman - Button Pusher (Dr Packer Remix) 12. Shit Hot Sound System - Flashback 13. The Whispers - And The Beat Goes on ( Sanfrandiskos Edit) 14. Oh What Why - Dr Packer Rework 15. Globe & Whiz kid - Play That Beat 16. DST - Why Is It Fresh 17. Whodini -Freaks Come Out Of Night Pete Le Freq (Alpaca Edits) Selects for "Your Grooves" Feature 18. Chic - Le Freak 19. Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al 20. Sub Sub - Aint No Use 21. LFO - LFO 22. Zero B - Lock Up 23. Obital - Chime

  • DJ History Podcast #453 | Bill Brewster
    Bill Brewster

    Weekly podcast presented by Bill Brewster, wit, DJ, raconteur, idiot. Featuring a mixture of brand new dance music, mixed with classics of all styles, put together in Brewster's inimitably incompetent style. This week features new music from Gorillaz, Afriqua, Lexx, David Axelrod, George Kelly and loads more. DAVID AXELROD - Holy Thursday NATHAN SURREAL - Hanakotoba LEXX FT HARRIET BROWN - Hot Weather AFRIQUA - Noumenon ESSS - Take Your Body Down MNDSGN - U & Ya Frenz GORILLAZ - Lake Zurich GEORGE KELLY - Uptempo Cruise (Vaudafunk Balearic Mix)

  • B e g i n n i n g Of The End - N a s s a u G o n e F u n k a y (Pied Piper Total Jammage Redux)
    Disco Police


  • Gotta Have Cash! By Feniece Filliams! (Cassette)
    Louie Gordy's Funktown Records

    Feniece Filliams! Is Sexy! Feniece Filliams! Will Turn You On! Feniece Filliams! Has A Mass Commercial Success! Feniece Filliams! Exemplifies The Brooklyn Sound! Feniece Filliams! Is On! Like Hot Buttered PopCorn! Feniece Filliams! Is Hotter Than Fish Grease In The SummerTime! Feniece Filliams! Is Da Sound That Speaks To You! Feniece Filliams!Will Stir Your Heart! & Open your Mind! Feniece Filliams! Has Extreme Success! Feniece Filliams!Only On: Louie Gordy's Boogie Records! *(The Woogie That Makes The World Boogie!)* **(Special Thanks To The Producers:Maurice Black & Earth,Water & Mud! & Stevie Curious & Funkman(funk7779))**! ****Check Out, :FunkmanFunk7779 Radio! At Jango.Com!**** (Funkmanfunk7779 Radio Plays The Greatest Hits Of Funkmanfunk7779 & Similar artist! At Jango.Com) FunksVille USA! ***Louie Gordy's White7 Productions!***&*** Louie Gordy's Money7 Productions!*** ***Louie Gordy's 7White Productions!***&*** Louie Gordy's 7Money Productions!*** ***Louie Gordy's Black7 Productions!***&*** Louie Gordy's 7Black Productions!*** Notable Today™ is recognizing Louie Gordy with inclusion in the prestigious Notables List™. Louie Gordy Of The FunkTown Records Corporation, is among a number of individuals to have demonstrated or achieved notability, as determined by the editors of Notable Today™. Recognition on a Notables List™ highlights individuals who have become worthy of attention or notice in their local communities though either through career success, demonstration of a high level of personal integrity, worthwhile volunteer contributions or other considerations. Louie Gordy's Soul Subway!- The Hippest Trip In The World! Louie Gordy!!-Dig It!-Solid! Funksville U.S.A.!-Boogie On Down! To The Louie Gordy Sound! Louie Gordy's Funktown Records Is Not Only Making Music, They're Making History! Louie Gordy's Funktown 25: Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow! FunkTown!-The Alpha & The Omega In Popular Music! FunkTown!-Plan 7 From Outer Space! Coming Soon From FunkTownTrip-Hop Funksta-Rap!: 3-Pac!,Tuff Daddy!,Small Daddy Wayne!,Snap Kitty Kat!,Kool O’Cee!,LL Hot J!,FWA!, Dr.Tray!,Ice Tube!,Public Friends!,Jay –Y!,& Biggie Bigs! FunkTown!-The Major Force In Pop Music! Louie Gordy's Funktown Records are On! Like Hot Buttered PopCorn! FunkTown!-Sooths The Soul!,Loosens Tension!,& Feeds The Intellect! Listening To Louie Gordy’s FunkTown Records, Will Make You Rich$! & Wealthy$! FunkTown!-No Stoppin Dis Musik! Louie Gordy!-The Music! & The Magic!(Ain't No Jive Brotha!) FunksVille USA!-The Land of Funk!-Da Super Soul Movement! Louie Gordy’s FunkTown Records Has Become a National Phenomenon! **(Special Thanks To The Producer: Funkman(funk7779-Da Soul Messenger!)** Louie Gordy's Soul Subway!- The Hippest Trip In The World! Louie Gordy's FTV! Funksville U.S.A.!-Boogie On Down! To The Louie Gordy Sound! The Louie Gordy's Funktown Record Label Produces More gut-bucket Soul Music, Southern Rhythm and Blues! (& HipHop!) The Names Funksville & FunkTown Conjures Up Great Music! FunkTown’s Digital Disco Records! The Louie Gordy's Funktown Records!-Sounds of The Universe! The Louie Gordy's Funktown Records!-Epicly Awesome! FunkTown!-Where Blk Is Beautiful! FunkTown!-Da Creative Force! FunkTown!-FreeSoul! FreeMind! Funk7779!-Da Cosmic Beat Maker & Producer! Funk7779!-Is Legendary! Funk7779!- The Upper-Echelon of Producers! FunksVille USA! Louie Gordy's FTV! Louie Gordy's Soul Subway!- The Hippest Trip In The World! The Louie Gordy's Boogie Record Label Produces More gut-bucket Soul Music, Southern Rhythm and Blues! A Special Thanks To The FunkTown Records Head: Louie Gordy who Signed Ms. Feniece Filliams!To The Label! & A Special Thanks To The FunkTown Records Head: Louie Gordy! Available On MusiCassettes & Stereo 8-Track Tapes! Also Available On F-Tunes! I Can Dig da Scene! Johnson Products Co., Maker of Afro Sheen & other hair-care goods.

  • 2018 - 06 - Top Funky House

    Not my usual style of DJ mix, for sure! This is the result of it being summer and not being able to avoid listening to house, and kinda enjoying it again! This is a mix of the top 50 tracks from beatport's funk / r&b / disco charts for may/june 2018. What that essentially means is a load of 'new' tracks featuring 'old' samples of classic 70s and 80s disco. Think early daft punk-style house sampling, with a chilled out, uplifting vibe. 00:00 alene barnet - the percussionist (70s mix) 04:13 paolo bardelli - i can feel it 09:48 shuya okino - still in love 15:11 funk the beat - funky city (funk mix) 19:05 ministry of funk - sax machine 25:14 yadava - all the fills 29:30 gizelle smith - dust 33:25 claborg - driving in circle 36:19 ron basejam - time feat vern 41:05 giman - up & down 45:11 candido - jingo (dr. packer rework) 51:02 funk the beat - disco (original mix) 55:22 duke dumont - inhale (the tribe of good remix) 61:14 gibson brothers - heaven (gerd janson & sham edit) 67:10 dr. packer - wanna phunk 71:44 disko junkie - without love 76:22 art of tones - where the one is 79:02 joey negro - must be the music 82:46 stanislas tohon - owhaaou! (raphael top-secret) 87:21 first choice - let no man put asunder (dr. packer mix) 92:10 funk the beat - in the mix 94:14 dr. packer - baby you make my 109:09 john ross - everybody 104:58 soul rebels - i'll be good (feat. lisa millett) 107:44 dr. packer - rollerskating jam (disco rap mix) 112:28 discotron - disco ballin' 118:18 the internet - roll (burbank funk) - kaytranda remix 121:11 discotron - play that funky music 126:17 double exposure - everyman - late nite tuff guy remix 130:49 discotron - slicker than your average 135:34 disco tron - wish i didn't miss you 137:06 featurecast - funky introduction 137:28 first choice - doctor love (late nite tuff guy) 142:28 christian S - do you do (sax edit) 146:24 disco tron - want u 2 remember 149:56 thedjlawyer - funkey 153:11 late nite tuff guy - wonderland (lntg muscle mix) 158:42 thedjlawyer - sad girls 161:42 babert - boogie oogie 166:42 felipe avelar - funky lowdown 172:22 funk the beat - old ways 174:42 the family's jam - boogie power 179:02 d.c. larue - cathedrals (joey negro extended) 185:16 ministry of funk - the dancer (greatest mix) 186:52 groove motion - try it 191:24 gibson brothers - ooh what a life (gerd janson & shan edit) 198:47 babert - fresh 203:51 enzo painzola mr trend - funky 208:05 skyy - here's to you (dr packer)

  • Too Much Disco
    Pete Rypstra

    Too Much Disco Journeys Into The Bright World (Original Mix) - Pulp Disco and The Outcasts Pajama Stomp (Original Mix) - Coeo Hang Together (Keep Schtum re-edit) - Keep Schtum Celebre (The Revenge Remix) - Harry Wolfman, Skinny Love Kidden Rung (Original Mix) - The Silver Rider Dove Sei (Original Deep Mix) - Lovebirds Strategy - Moon Rocket Something Strange (Nicolass Disco Mix) - Arthur Reynolds, Nicolass Fab Freddy Said (Peter Horrevorts Remix) - Jay C I don't have a drum machine - Yuksek Let's Get Down (Bassline Remix) - Babert It's So Nice (Original Mix) - Flight Mode Turn It (feat. Mavin) (Sleazy McQueen Dub) - Snax Everywhere (Psychemagik Edit) - Fleetwood Mac

  • Guest Mix 072 Dirty Old Vinyl

    Chris Tibs hosting proceeding's this week and it's an all Scottish affair with vinyl veteran's Dirty Old Vinyl doing what they do best and supplying a fantastic guest mix for your pleasure... We listen, dance (fall down, get back up) play & record the most choice selection of Disco, Nu-Disco, Re-Edits, Deep House, Funky and Soulful grooves that we can find…The last 6 months has been overwhelming, growing from only 60 followers to over 330 followers and with regular likes, comments and reposts from: Disco Funk Spinner - D.F.S, Hotmood, Goz - Spin City Radio,The Silver Rider, San Fran Disko, Chugging Edits, Ste‘Esteban’Hendry Hi-Fi Sean, Bombyce, DJ Shmeejay, Bad Barbie, The Poet, Down Under Disco, JuJu Disco, J&M Brothers and Soultronic, but to name a few. F&J. ***Listen online at or download the Noisevandals app for android and Apple. You can also tune into the station on the TuneIn app on both platforms. You can contact the Show by dropping us a message online from the Noisevandals webpage (click message the Dj) or through Facebook, Twitter (@housetheorynv) or text the studio line on 07999444123***

  • Moonlight DJ - Session XXXVIII (Devotion)
    Italo Disco

    Moonlight DJ - Session XXXVIII (Devotion) Mextazuma RL - Close to You Lenroy - Do You Johnny M5 - Loreen Dyva - If You're Feeling Blue C.C. Catch - Soul survivor Lenroy - You Are The Girl Michael Rimini - Summertime in my Heart Grant Miller - Colder than Ice Alan Barry - Hie Hie Hie Brian Ice - Over Again Steve Burbon - Night In Motion (Space Mix) Rick de Moore - Flash on the Floor Cyber Space - Danger to train Divine - You Think You're A Man (Dead Or Alive Mix) Divine - Love Reaction Baby Baby - The Day of Doom Doom Steve Burbon Project feat Mirko Hirsch - The Vibe Digital Emotion - Full Control Galactic Warriors - Memories Zion & Kristian Conde - 80's Come back to Us Fellin - Italoheaven (Minimal Mix) Luzan - Me olvidé de ti (Brayan Master Mix)

  • Ralf Passon - Italo Disco Mix
    Ralf Passon
    Italo Disco

    This funky Italo Disco Mix was recorded by using only vinyls and contains songs from the following artists: MC1, Tamara Silvera, Tulio de Piscopo, Koto, The Hacker, Valerie Dore, Pet Shop Boys, Divine, Doctors Cat, Company B, The Break, Atelier Folie, Mr Flagio