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  • Fabrizio Paterlini - Dawn
    Memory Recordings

    First track of the new album by Fabrizio Paterlini "Winter Stories" out on Feb 23rd 2018.

  • Al-Andaluz Project - Morena (jack essek edit)
    Jack Essek
    deep folk

    Al Andaluz Project est une collaboration active depuis 2006 entre des musiciens allemands, espagnols et marocains venant des formations Estampie, L'Ham de Foc et Aman Aman. Le projet est né du désir de faire revivre aujourd'hui les aspects particuliers de spiritualités multiples, de sérénité studieuse et créativité musicale et poétique de l'époque fleurie de la culture Andalouse du VII siècle. On découvre trois voix féminines (Sigi Hausen pour le christianisme, Mara Aranda pour les séfarades et Iman al Kandoussi pour la tradition musulmane) qui alternent solo et choeur d'accompagnement. Au renouveau des musiques médiévales, méditerranéennes et sépharades se mèlent les chants antiques qui dialoguent en utilisant des langues et des cultures musicales différentes dans une vision de tolérance, de beauté et de spiritualité. Les instruments de l'ensemble se composent d'instruments traditionnels comme l'oud, kanoun ou vielle à roue. La musique qui en ressort est atmosphérique, intense, émotionnellement et techniquement au plus haut niveau. Al Andaluz Project is an active collaboration since 2006 between German, Spanish and Moroccan musicians from Estampie, Ham de Foc and Aman Aman. The project was born from the desire to revive today the particular aspects of multiple spirituality, studious serenity and musical and poetic creativity of the flowering period of the Andalusian culture of the seventh century. We discover three female voices (Sigi Hausen for Christianity, Mara Aranda for Sephardim and Iman al Kandoussi for the Muslim tradition) who alternate solo and accompanying choir. In the revival of Medieval, Mediterranean and Sephardic music, ancient songs are mingled with dialogue, using different languages ​​and musical cultures in a vision of tolerance, beauty and spirituality. The instruments of the ensemble consist of traditional instruments such as oud, kanoun or hurdy-gurdy. The music that emerges is atmospheric, intense, emotionally and technically at the highest level. Mara Aranda: chant Iman al Kandoussi: chant Sigrid Hausen: chant, flute Michael Popp: ud, saz, fidel Ernst Schwindl: vielle, nyckelharpa, harmonium indien Jota Martinez: vielle, citola, lavta Aziz Samsaoui: quanun Sascha Gotowtschikow: percussion

  • Until the End

    Recorded in the quiet of the night with practice felt on my upright piano> A gentle, reflective piece. 'Nightsongs' - Album coming soon

  • Cold Hands Working - Homay Schmitz
  • Rush Garcia - Regardless of Distance
    Rush Garcia

    "You've done enough, pretty hard to forget. That's why I'll love you, regardless of distance." Happy Valentines Day!

  • 04:01
  • Devotion.

    Dark Piano - Sociopath

  • Blue Abyss (prod. Fifty Grand) {VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION}

    Written and Recorded on Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon, CA. Watch "Blue Abyss" Live In The Studio feat. Fifty Grand, Classics Unlimited string quartet + harpist. conducted by Fifty Grand. Produced, Co-Written & Composed by: Fifty Grand ( Engineered by: Hiram Hernandez ( Art by: Robert Gotham (

  • Claire's vday mix

    @editorialmag's vday mix for UNIF

  • SIHanatsuka & Yukino - Ruins In The Mirage

    SIHanatsuka & Yukino - Ruins in the Mirage Follow me on soundcloud: @hanatsuka on facebook: illustrator: Huang Chen Deemo 3.2 - Shattered Memories 2 @ Rayark Inc. All Rights Reserved

  • Magic Forest
    Roy Salasar

    Inspired by Paul Anthony Romero's music.

  • Dil Diyan Gallan Piano instrumental ♡
    Adeel Shahzad 12
  • "Spring's Melody, Friend A" (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) | Ghibli Piano, Cello, And Orchestra
    Seycara - The Anime Orchestra

    Follow us on Spotify and YouTube! Support us on Patreon and Bandcamp! Credits: Composition/Orchestration/Arrangement - Yuang Chen Original Spring's Melody theme - Masaru Yokoyama Cello/Editing - Hubert Jacobs Orchestra - The Seycara Orchestra ( Thumbnail - Kimagure Blue Background - Kiiko OUR EPIC PATREON SUPPORTERS: Amelien Bergerot ($10) iPigMoon ($10) Invisibleman ($10) Florent Brotons ($5) Andrew McKenney ($5) Daniel ($5) ProSombra ($5) Zaxman ($5) Alastair Goldberg ($5) Jordan ($1) Program used: Finale, Studio One Visit our Soundcloud for more Seycara tunes: Website: Contact: [email protected] Orchestration: 1 Flute 1 Clarinet 1 Bassoon 1 Horn in F 3 Trombones Timpani + 1 percussion Piano Solo Cello Strings ------------------------------ Please do not re-upload without permission. ------------------------------

  • NTS Radio 02/10/2018
    Phil Struck

    This mix is a very special contribution for Space Afrika on NTS Radio. Recorded in November 2017 and aired on the 10th of February 2018. TRACKLIST: 1. Robin Minard – 4 Raume (excerpt) 2. Microstoria – Endless Summer / Work Place 3. Jan Jelinek – Helmut Schmidt Plays Bach 4. Christian Wolff – Duo For Violin And Pianist 5. Limpe Fuchs – Touch Stones 6. Deben Bhattacharya – Kandagan 7. C – Tenno 8. Lee Gamble – Skorokhodz 9. Giraffe – Untitled 01 / Untitled 02 10. Orchestra of the Eighth Day – Why East Winds Chill 11. Piero Umiliani – Sottosuolo 12. Dirty Beaches – Floating Under Water Watching Waves 13. Khan – Orgien II 14. Terry Riley – Across The Lake Of The Ancient Word 15. Richard Von Der Schulenburg – Nachtwanderung Durch Die Rheinauen Am 19.05.2016 16. Asmus Tietchens – Belehrung 1 17. Prof. Bruce Lacey – Earth Spirit 10 18. Phil Struck – Klint 19. Mapstation – Verbessern 20. Unknown – Dawn at New Hope, Pennsylvania 21. Michael William Gilbert – Ascents 22. John Cage – First Construction In Metal 23. Taj Mahal Travellers – Live At Moderna Museet, Stockholm 1971 24. Blutiger Jupiter – Europa, 4th Movement 25. Giraffe – Untitled 03 26. Nils Quak – No Title 27. Gerard Lavender – The Public Image, Part 1 28. John Cage – Cartridge Music 29. Toah Dynamic – Long Haired Ponies 30. Poligam – Junglejazz 31. Sollmann & Gurtler – Gegen Die Zeit 32. Asmus Tietchens – Die Tranen einer Wurst 33. Sonja Tofik & Mar-llena – Lumi 34. Unknown – Unkown 35. Jake Marshall – Fresh Water 36. Phil Struck – Tension 37. Robin Minard – 4 Raume (excerpt) 38. Phil Struck – Tarar

  • Priya Prakash Varrier - Manikya Malaraya Poovi Song - Piano Version

    video on youtube Download for free on The Artist Union

  • The Little Mermaid - the Sea Witch
    Bruce Klepper | Composer
    Contemporary Dance

    The Little Mermaid - the Sea Witch February 2018 Duration: 4:00 Painting by Marie-Jose Payannet The scene is for the Little Mermaid who visits the Sea Witch. The Sea Witch knows that the Little Mermaid wants to get rid of her fish's tail and have two legs like human beings on earth so that the young Prince may fall in love with her. The Sea Witch tells The Little Mermaid she will take the best thing she possess for the price of her potion. The Sea Witch tells the Little Mermaid to put out her tongue and cuts it off as her payment. The Little Mermaid takes on a human form but becomes mute and will never sing again. For Modern Dance / Contemporary Ballet Music for Danse Etoile Ballet ( who will be performing The Little Mermaid Ballet June 2018 in Colorado. For strings, clarinet, bass clarinet, contrbass clarinet, basson, contrabassoon, piano, virtual instrument and percussion.

  • Bach Well Tempered Clavier Fuga 16 (Behringer Model D)

    Hi Folks, In the spirit of Wendy Carlos I decided to use my Model D to do a classical number. I chose this one because its much less popular for these sort of transpositions. The sounds I used are muddy, warm and some of the attack is dialed back to offer a marginally softer, brassy sound. I Split the song in to 4 melody parts as the Synthesiser is monophonic. Chorus was applied somewhat to offer a better dynamic spread.

  • String Quartet in E-Flat Major | Moderato I
    Malek Jandali | مـالـك جـنـدلـي

    String Quartet No. 1 in E Flat Major by Malek Jandali ( consists of six short movements that integrate Syrian folk melodies into a classical Western string quartet. Most of the thematic material is derived from the rich musical heritage of ancient Aleppo. Each of the six movements represents a traditional melody colored with unique harmonies and interesting rhythmic patterns. This unique combination is introducing a new vocabulary into the Western chamber music literature while preserving the beauty of the cultural identity of Syria. A solemn introduction, Moderato, transports us to ancient Syria and the rich musical heritage of Aleppo. The next Moderato is also based on a folk melody, although it possesses unexpected chromatic elements. The third movement is marked Vivo and consists of a traditional Syrian melody, which undergoes several variations with counterpoint. By contrast, the following Andantino in 5/8 is technically a little gem, with personality and grace in the melody. The dreamy slow movement, an Adagio, immediately creates a mood characterized by a melody in 5/4 (simplified from the original 10/8) and rich harmonic invention, clearly inspired by Jandali’s Syrian heritage. The impetuously energetic finale rounds off the work with the sounds of authentic Arabic maqams (modes), which demonstrates the extent of Jandali’s technical progress in writing for chamber music and his skills to fuse Syrian melodies in Western classical forms. This work was written in the summer of 2016 in New York City, at the time when Aleppo was being bombed and destroyed. The World Premiere was performed by the Apollo Chamber Players at Carnegie Hall on February 4, 2017. String Quartet No. 1 in E Flat Major I Moderato II Moderato III Vivo IV Andantino V Adagio VI Allegro Molto

  • Trioson

    I might have given Bach a bit of a nightmare now too! Trio Sonata No. 5, Largo, BWV 529 There was an earlier version of this briefly. Sorry about that. This is final. WARNING: Max volume is perhaps not advisable