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  • BP Money 151: From Single Dad w/ $61K in Student Loans to Financially Savvy Real Estate Investor
    BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast
    69 You may know Tony J Robinson as the co-host of the Real Estate Rookie podcast, but you probably don’t know his backstory. As a single dad working his way through college and student debt, Tony knew that he needed to have a plan in place to pursue his goals and find financial freedom. He also knew he didn’t want to repeat the same real estate mistakes as his parents. He went from an engineering student, to owning a small tutoring business, to marketing, and finally landed a sweet gig at Tesla! After paying off debt, creating a healthy reserve fund, and divvying his money into over 20 different checking accounts (yes, 20+), he was able to reap the rewards of smart financial management and chase down freedom through real estate. If you’re trying to consolidate debt, find ways to make more money at a job, or leverage creative funding to finance your next deal, Tony has a solution to your problem.

  • LISTEN: Streaming video surges during pandemic. But will it survive Jobkeeper tapering?

    A report by advisory firm PWC has found that spending on video-on-demand services has surged during the pandemic while traditional media has seen advertising revenue crushed. Like most parts of the economy, Australia's media and entertainment sector has been hit hard by the pandemic as advertising revenue continues to sink. PWC's annual media & entertainment outlook has found demand for streaming services for binge-watching of TV blockbusters, movies, sport has boomed. But PWC partner Justin Papps tells ABC's Peter Ryan there are signs the spending surge could be hit when emergency measures like JobKeeper are tapered back in March. Featured: Justin Papps, PWC partner; Peter Ryan, ABC

  • Editor’s Picks: November 16th 2020
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, Suddenly, hope: covid-19 vaccines, The world and Joe Biden: Great Expectations (09:25) And, how Princess Diana shaped British politics (14:05).



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  • The Entrepreneurs - Benriach and Chantecaille
    M24: The Entrepreneurs

    This week we meet two women whose life’s work is inspired by the natural surroundings in which they grew up. Dr Rachel Barrie, known as the “first lady of Scotch” is the master blender of Benriach. We also hear from a beauty-industry pioneer, Sylvie Chantecaille, who worked with Estée Lauder before starting her own label dedicated to conservation.

  • visions that change things
  • MBA1665 - Q&A Wednesday: Should I get interns to work for my startup?
    The $100 MBA Show
    16,208 - You get what you pay for — even when it’s free. It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’ve got a tech startup founder who’s considering bringing on interns. It sounds like a can’t-lose: free labor from qualified young go-getters, right? But are there drawbacks? Spoiler alert: yes. Lots. Today, we discuss what you really take on when you “hire” an intern — and why it may not be the no-brainer it appears to be. We’ll explain what it actually costs to have one, even if it’s not an actual salary. On the bright side, there are ways to get a good ROI from an intern, depending on the work you give them. Get all the details — Click Play! Subscribe for FREE Lessons on iTunes: For more on The $100 MBA, visit

  • MBA1664 - Are Government Grants Worth Applying For?
    The $100 MBA Show
    84,676 - Most national and state governments offer grants to businesses. Where’s yours? Today, we share our experience applying for grants. How much time and effort do you really have to invest? How much money? And of it remotely worth it? We’ll discuss the best ways to find out what grants are available in your country and industry, and how to apply in a way that increases your odds of success. Spoiler alert: it might be worth enlisting some help. You could be leaving (public) money on the table. Click Play! Subscribe for FREE Lessons on iTunes: For more on The $100 MBA, visit

  • Markets Update: A Biden Presidency, a Possible Vaccine and the Future of the S&P
    Goldman Sachs

    David Kostin, Goldman Sachs Research’s Chief U.S. Equity Strategist, looks back at an events-heavy week and what it means for markets in the days ahead.

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal November 18, 2020
    News & Politics

    The President fires top cybersecurity official who defended integrity of election, new coronavirus restrictions in place as record 73,000 hospitalized, and runaway dog from Canada crosses border into United States.

  • 4 more years: Trump freezes 2024 presidential field
    News & Politics

    Donald Trump may be eyeing 2024 for another run at the White House. Alex Isenstadt from POLITICO and Gordon Deal discuss.

  • Avsnitt 377 - Bostongurka Consulting Group

    Börsen trummar på uppåt efter vaccinbeskedet och Johan försöker bena ut var vinnarna finns samt går igenom det senaste inom bettingbolagen. John försöker greenwasha sig själv med ett Teslaköp och gör en recension i äkta Lynch-anda. Effektsökeri på hög nivå har inte gått Börspodden förbi som också har hakat upp sig på ett industriområde i Breemen. Lyssna! Börspoddens huvudsponsor är CMC Markets, besök dom på

  • Bloomberg Opinion Radio: Weekend Edition for 11-13-20 (Podcast)
    Bloomberg Opinion

    Hosted by June Grasso. Guests: Max Nisen, Bloomberg Opinion health care columnist: "Pfizer Vaccine Data Offers Real Pandemic Optimism." Ramesh Ponnuru, Senior Editor for National Review and Bloomberg Opinion columnist: "Progressives Refuse to Hear What Voters Said." Brian Chappatta, Bloomberg Opinion debt columnist: "Vaccine Hope Better Than Blue Wave for Markets." Scott Duke Kominers, Professor at Harvard Business School, a faculty affiliate of the Harvard Department of Economics, and a Bloomberg Opinion columnist: "The Case for a Covid Vaccine Lottery." Noah Smith, Bloomberg Opinion columnist: "Biden Will Need to Get Creative to Save the Economy."

  • How could a vaccine rollout by Pfizer and Moderna look?
    News & Politics

    Dr. Dean Fanelli gives us a look at what a covid-19 vaccine rollout could look like.

  • How the 'reinfection phenomenon' could impact vaccines, herd immunity and human behavior
    News & Politics

    Are you infected again or just still suffering? Karen Weintraub from USA Today breaks down how the reinfection phenomenon could impact vaccines.

  • Mayflower Landing: 400th Anniversary
    Legal Talk Network

    400 years ago the Mayflower arrived in the New World. Before the passengers could set foot on shore, they needed to assemble a new set of laws to hold the colony together. Professor Julia Ernst from the University of North Dakota School of Law tells us the story of the Mayflower Compact, our first representative government. Sources: History Channel article ‘’ Wikipedia article ‘’

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal November 17, 2020
    News & Politics

    President-Elect Joe Biden says delayed transition could affect coronavirus response, vote recount in Georgia finds over 2,600 ballots in Floyd County, and mystery Texas woman returns boy to his family after he gets off at the wrong bus stop.

  • Building and Measuring Brand Awareness Through Employer Brand, with Ashley Cheretes of Cigna
    The Employer Branding Podcast

    As this health insurance company has learned, growing brand awareness (and battling industry stigma) when you're not a top-of-mind employer requires exceptional employer brand strategy and measurement. Ashley Cheretes is Head of Marketing, Talent Acquisition at Cigna. Ashley Cheretes on LinkedIn: Ashley Cheretes online: Cigna Careers: Subscribe to this podcast: Measure your employer brand: Thanks for tuning in!

  • Can a second career save my retirement?
    FT Money Show

    For 61-year old Margaret, and millions of other women, being able to retire with a pension has become an unaffordable dream. She has relied on working as a supply teacher to pay the bills. But she says employers don’t want to hire older workers. After many unsuccessful job applications, Margaret has gone back to university to study creative writing and to seek a new career. Lindsay Cook, the FT’s Money Mentor columnist, suggests how women in Margaret’s situation can maximise their retirement income, and Stuart Lewis, the founder of over-50s online community Rest Less, has plenty of tips for older jobseekers.

    If you would like to talk to Claer for a future episode, please email the Money Clinic team at [email protected] with a short description of your dilemma, and how you would like us to help. Follow Claer on Twitter and Instagram @Claerb and read her weekly Serious Money column in the FT Money section of the FT Weekend newspaper.

    Further reading:

    -The experts had plenty of practical tips for UK listeners looking to get on top of their retirement planning.

    -To track down lost pensions, Lindsay Cook suggested that Margaret uses the government’s Pensions Tracing Service, which is free to use. As we said on the show, please be careful of copycat websites run by commercial firms.

    -You can also check how many years’ worth of State Pension contributions you’ve made, and what you could receive in retirement

    -Looking for a job in your 50s and 60s can be a very challenging and lonely experience, as Margaret has found. Rest Less is an online community and recruitment website for older workers which is packed with all kinds of tips and advice. Membership is free, and has trebled since the start of lockdown.

    -Claer’s latest FT column is full of practical advice for job seekers, drawing on a live video Q&A with Jonathan Black, the FT’s “Dear Jonathan’ columnist and director of the careers service at Oxford University. This contains useful suggestions of how to reach out to contacts for help finding your next position, and the strange theory of why wearing smart shoes in Zoom interviews could boost your performance — even though your feet are out of shot!

    -Finally, if you’re considering going back to university in later life, you may be concerned about student loans. In the UK, these operate more like a graduate tax than a conventional loan, as this free to read column by Claer explains.


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  • Democrats see young voters as critical in Georgia runoffs
    News & Politics

    Julia Manchester from The Hill explains why young voters are so crucial for Georgia Democrats.

  • Prashant Fluoria, CEO of Fundbox
    Around The Coin - The Premier Fintech Podcast

    Kinsa Durst interviews Prashant Fuloria, CEO of Fundbox. Prashant became CEO of Fundbox in 2020, after serving as COO and CPO. He joined Fundbox in 2016 from Yahoo, where he was SVP of Advertising Products. Prashant came to Yahoo through the acquisition of Flurry, then the world’s largest mobile analytics platform, where he was CPO. Before Flurry, he was Senior Product Director at Facebook, responsible for advertising products and monetizing the Facebook platform. Prior to that, Prashant was an early product leader at Google where he built the company’s global billing and payment network and ran all products for the APAC region. Prashant holds a B. Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, where he was the President’s Gold Medalist. He also holds a Ph.D. in Business with a Minor in Engineering-Economic Systems & Operations Research, an MA in Business Research, and an MS in Statistics, all from Stanford University. Sponsors: Otter Labs - Hire great and inexpensive developer with staff augmentation through Otter. DeFi Code Go-to-market agency for cryptocurrency companies. Make your project stand out and gain maximum impact in the industry.