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  • Solid results for W Cape's Spear REIT as it ups dividend for shareholders

    JOHANNESBURG — Despite concerns over a crippling drought in a region where it primarily focuses, Spear REIT Limited posted a solid set of year-end financial results for the period ended February 2018. Spear has positioned itself as unique in that it places all its focus on Western Cape properties. Some of its properties include assets like DoubleTree by Hilton as well as Sable Square. In this interview, Mike Flax, executive deputy chairman of Spear, goes through the company's latest results. - Gareth van Zyl

  • RADIO DE FACTO - Авилгатай тэмцэгч, аймшиггүй комиссарын эрэл
    Business Radio 98.9

    RADIO DE FACTO Авилгатай тэмцэгч, аймшиггүй комиссарын эрэл 2018.05.02

  • ТАНЫ САНХҮҮГИЙН БОЛОВСРОЛД - Хүүхдэд мөнгөний тухай ойлголтыг зөв өгөх
    Business Radio 98.9

    ТАНЫ САНХҮҮГИЙН БОЛОВСРОЛД - Хүүхдэд мөнгөний тухай ойлголтыг зөв өгөх

  • The Urbanist - Tall Stories 106: Wellington’s waterfront
    Monocle 24: The Urbanist

    This week we head to New Zealand’s capital to discover the resourceful way the city has expanded since its 19th-century European settlement.

  • Retiring tax-free in Portugal (for at least 10 years) - here’s how you do it

    JOHANNESBURG — In a bid to resurrect itself after the 2008 financial crisis, Portugal has positioned itself to become a magnet for high net-worth individuals from across the globe. Portugal’s Non-Habitual Residence programme is just one such initiative that lets you retire in the country for 10 years, tax-free, as long as you meet certain conditions. It's a fascinating model. And with the help of programmes like this, Portugal's economy has started to get back on track. In 2017, Portugal's economy expanded at its fastest pace in a decade while unemployment also sank to 9.2%, down from 17.5% in 2013. And with probably some of the best weather in Europe, it may be an attractive hub for more South Africans in years to come. - Gareth van Zyl

  • АМЬДРАЛЫН ЗАМ-Та тушаал дэвшихэд бэлэн үү-Карьерийн зөвлөх Н.Жавхлан
    Business Radio 98.9

    АМЬДРАЛЫН ЗАМ-Та тушаал дэвшихэд бэлэн үү-Карьерийн зөвлөх Н.Жавхлан

  • Avsnitt 246 - Börsprat plus G5 Vlad

    Veckas Börspodd vill du inte missa då det självklart innehåller en lägesrapport om börsen och dess bolag men även en VD intervju med G5s Vlad. G5 är mobilspelsbolaget som tar nya All Time High nivåer varje dag på börsen med en trogen skara fans.

  • The Bulletin with UBS - Investing and football: the World Cup in Russia
    M24 The Bulletin with UBS

    The World Cup kicks off in Moscow on 14 June. Our experts preview the event with the help of a new UBS report exploring the intersection of good investment practice and the beautiful game.

  • 219: Meet the Meanest Woman Alive – Linda Smith
    Achieve Your Goals

    Over her 40+ year career, Linda Smith has reached the summit of the legal profession. She’s litigated on behalf of IBM and Intel, and dealt with male egos as big as Michael Dell’s and Mick Jagger’s without ever breaking a stride. Linda is also a blogger and author at She writes about confronting gender stereotypes, self-sabotage, alpha males, and how to seize and hold on to leadership positions. She believes that women should abandon the societal norms dictated by men and use their own playbook - as well as uniquely feminine advantages - to dominate in business. Today, Linda joins the podcast to discuss that playbook, Smashing Glass and Kicking Ass: Lessons from the Meanest Woman Alive. We talk about why a lack of women in leadership roles holds both women and great companies back, the potentially traumatic experiences that helped Linda become who she is today, and what “mean” really means. To get access to today's show notes, transcript, & resources mentioned, visit

  • 145. Få oppmerksomhet på Facebook
    GrunderKanalen + Mye Mer

    Er du en av oss som vil få kunder med Facebook? Da er det essensielt at du får engasjement – hvordan du gjør det lærer du i denne episoden.

  • How Dell Manages a Global Employer Brand Function, with Jennifer Newbill
    The Employer Branding Podcast

    Jennifer Newbill is the Director Global Employment Brand at Dell, and has a relentless focus on consistent candidate experience and engagement, including: employment brand design and asset creation, vendor management, global recruiting tools and optimization, social strategy and measurement of candidate engagement, employee advocacy programs, global referral programs and overall candidate experience. In this episode we'll be diving into how Jennifer built the employer brand team from the ground up, is competing with smaller tech companies and differentiated their global employer brand to stand out. Jennifer has over 20 years of Human Resources experience including start-up and global Fortune 50 companies in various roles. Connect with Jennifer on LinkedIn: Show-notes will be available at Subscribe to the Link Humans newsletter: Check out the Employer Brand Index: Got questions or feedback? Email: [email protected]

  • ASIC boss James Shipton slams banks on "trust deficit", worries about risks to financial system

    ASIC chairman James Shipton has slammed banks for creating "a trust deficit" after widespread unethical and unlawful conduct revealed at the financial services royal commission. Mr Shipton tells ABC's Peter Ryan he's worried that Royal Commission fallout is threatening the integrity of Australia's financial system.

  • The Economist asks: What is the role of the male in modern culture?
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    David Mamet, award winning playwright and screenwriter, talks to Anne McElvoy about the gender wars and why his new play, inspired by the Harvey Weinstein saga, is best treated as a comedy. And he fires back on the rights and wrongs of owning a gun.  Music by Chris Zabriskie “Divider” (CC by 4.0 UK)

  • These beaten down retailers are expected to make a comeback this earnings season
    The Estimize Roundtable

    This week on the Estimize Roundtable, Estimize’s CEO, Leigh Drogen and SVP of Media, Christine Short, are joined by Jeff Macke, head of Macke Asset Management. The group discusses the upcoming deluge of retail earnings, or as Jeff calls it “real earnings season” because we’ll finally get a real peek into the health of the US consumer. Topics include why Victoria’s Secret is striking out with millennials right now, why Lululemon is beating American Eagle at the summer swimwear game, a look into Abercrombie’s continually improving bottom line and expected comebacks from Urban Outfitters and Macy’s. (Photo credit: Mike Mozart)

  • 643. Köp posten på börsen

    Det snackas mycket fastigheter i dagens Börslunch som bland annat gästas av Wihlborgs vd Ulrika Hallengren. Men det snackas även post och flyg.

  • Where’s the Party?
    News & Politics

    Why aren't investors partying over the stock market? Jonathan Clements from HumbleDollar has the story.

  • The week ahead: Trump's Iran gamble
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    What damage has been done by Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal? Also, the shock result in Malaysia's general election. And the problems meeting global demand for blood plasma. Richard Cockett hosts

  • Petit Pot: The Proof Is in the Pudding (#35)
    The Pitch

    Max Pouvreau has built gourmet pudding company Petit Pot with his Michelin star background and scrappy customer acquisition. Now he wants VC backing to take it to the next level—and potentially a big acquisition. Today's investors are Jillian Manus, Phil Nadel, Daniel Gulati, and Michael Hyatt.

  • 05/19/2018 Part 1 - Investment Quotes - Barbara Bush
  • ДРЕСС КОД-П.Оюу-Эмэгтэй Трэнд
    Business Radio 98.9

    ДРЕСС КОД-П.Оюу-Эмэгтэй Трэнд