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  • Fox Losing Money on World Cup Without U.S. Team
    News & Politics

    Listen as the Wall Street Journal's Joe Flint tells Gordon how Fox is losing money on televising the World Cup because of the significant time difference in Russia and the absence of an American team.

  • 227: The Most Inspiring Person I’ve Ever Met – Nick Santonastasso
    Achieve Your Goals

    When Nick Santonastasso was born, he was given a 30% chance of surviving birth. One of only 12 people in the world born with Hanhart Syndrome – an extremely rare genetic disorder that caused Nick to be born with no legs, only one arm, and one finger. Growing up was hard, and Nick found himself self-loathing and thinking about ending his life. However, more than just surviving, Nick found his WHY when he became a high school wrestler and professional bodybuilder. Now, he is sharing his experience with people all over the world as a keynote speaker at schools, non-profits, as well as Fortune 500 companies. He can even count Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tony Robbins among his admirers. I’m meeting Nick for the very first time today on the podcast. He shares stories of how he overcame his limitations to achieve everything he’s ever wanted, so that you can do the same. You’ll hear about what he did to survive the darkest years of his life, and how he’s built a truly extraordinary career out of using challenges to inspire people to push through their suffering and live life without limitations - just like he does. Get access to the full show notes, including the transcript, key takeaways, and links to all the resources mentioned by visiting

  • Street Video, Social Growth, & Positive Takes On Negative Subjects | Meeting with Dose Of Society

    Had a great time meeting with this duo that started the channel Dose of Society, where they travel to different cities to interview locals about their opinions on local topics. I review their content and give a few recommendations on what I think can help them grow in the long term, by formatting their style and implementing a few tactics.

  • A Guide to User-Generated Video Content for Employer Branding, with Alykhan Rehmatullah
    The Employer Branding Podcast

    Creating employer brand films is costly and the lifespan of videos are not what they used to be. Hence today we’re going to chat about user-generated video content. Alykhan Rehmatullah is the CEO & Co-Founder of Altru, a mobile-first platform that allows candidates to engage directly with a company's employees, allowing employees to share their firsthand perspectives through short-form video. Learn more about Altru: Connect with Alykhan on LinkedIn: Podcast show-notes: Employee Advocacy: The Ultimate Handbook FREE on Amazon until Friday:

  • Rising household debt leaves Australia "vulnerable to economic shock", Reserve Bank warns

    High levels of household debt fuelled by record low interest rates and easy access to finance is a prominent feature of the Australia's real estate market, the Reserve Bank has warned. In the minutes from its most recent meeting, the RBA says some households are "more vulnerable to economic shocks". ABC's Peter Ryan goes through the minutes.

  • How We Need to Tackle The Immigration Crisis
    News & Politics

    Listen as Congresswoman Susan Brooks tells Gordon how America needs to attack the immigration crisis it faces.

  • Avsnitt 254 - Sommarpoddare Per Johansson - Bodenholm

    Sverige är i kvartsfinal! Det firar Börspodden genom att släppa ett riktigt jäkla superavsnitt. Vi har träffat Per Johansson som driver hedgefonden Bodenholm. Han berättar om åren på Fidelity, Peter Lynch och hur Bodenholm jobbar för att vaska fram aktieidéer. Dessutom går vi igenom några av fondens bästa case just nu. Måstelyssning!

  • When You Change Then Everything Will Change For You
    Magnetic Leaders

    Dave Johnson shares some powerful ideas written by Jim Rohn.

  • 07/14/2018 Part 1 - National Retirement Crisis Spotlight...possibly
  • Introducing Practical Law The Journal
    Legal Talk Network

    Thomson Reuters’ Practical Law The Journal earned its circulation of approximately 95,000 by providing valuable insight on the latest legal trends and law practice management to firms of all sizes. In this episode of Thomson Reuters: Down the Hall with Practical Law, host Haile Arrindell talks to Meagan Crowley Hsu about what readers can expect to see in the current issue of Thomson Reuters’ Practical Law, The Journal: Litigation. They discuss the featured articles about trademark litigation and data security and delve into their favorite recurring sections that cover topics like ediscovery. Meagan Crowley-Hsu is the deputy editor of Thomson Reuters’ Practical Law The Journal: Litigation.

  • Your 20s Are Your Learning Years - 30s Are Your Earning Years - You Dont Owe Them An Explanation
    Landscaping Employee Trap

    How to Quit Your Job and Start Your Own Landscaping Business   ▶ Check out my gear on Kit: SUBSCRIBE Get my 3 FREE* Videos Series Now Rip out shrubs fast with ropes carabiners & Truck tight around the tow hitch pay attention to these techniques. This video is an analogy of how your life can feel like a fight. You feel like your back is against the wall and you're not getting anywhere. There comes a time when you're so sick and tired of being sick that you Finally Snap n fight your way out of a corner and win. Like Rocky Balboa in Rocky four that's what happened to me I was backed into a corner and I knew I couldn't get out so I clench my fists and you know the rest of the story. This is a huge business and life lesson about being a man that when you want something so bad sometimes you gotta cry for it fight for it die for it stand up and take it no matter what and don't let nobody stop you. Just barely surviving and barely making it is for the birds let's start taking some calculated risks and become a successful living our dreams without letting negative people whiners are cry babies hold us back. You can start your own lawn care or landscaping or tree service company all it takes is some practice knowledge and will to win it's simple but not easy but you can do it you can do it I believe in you. Go to my website Watch "Full Episodes" Landscaping: Window Cleaning Business - How to Start a Window Washing Business Tools tips & techniques - Window Cleaning Blueprint: Keith's Life & Vlogs Episodes: Keith Landscaping Talk - How To: "How to Start a Landscaping & Small Business Tips & Tricks: Inspirational Talks by Keith - Motivational Inspirational - Small Business Success: Motivational Talks by Keith - Sales Selling, Money and Business: Tips & Advice - In The Field - Landscaping and Window Cleaning Tools & Business "How To":   Send me mail: Keith K 13854 Lakeside Circle Suite #213 Sterling Heights , MI 48313 #lawncare #Windowcleaning #snowplowing #landscaping The Landscaping Employee Trap Whether you dream of starting your own lawn care, landscape or snow plowing biz. With a basic understanding of even shrub trimming, tree service, horticulture, garden maintenance, arboriculture, window cleaning flowers, botany, gardening or any of the above combined with a will to succeed it's all very possible. The Landscaping Employee Trap Ditch-Your-job-and-Start-Your-Own-Damn-Company How-To-Start-a-Landscaping-Company-With-No-Money More Awesome Info here. and

  • How The Media Miffed Brett Kavanaugh's Nomination
    Legal Talk Network

    Barring some unforeseen parliamentary math, Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the DC Circuit will be the next associate justice of the Supreme Court. But as we come to the end of a whirlwind couple of weeks leading up to this announcement... did anything in we talked about matter? We all thought Kavanaugh was going to be the pick and after a ton of wild coverage Kavanaugh was still the pick. Joe and Elie discuss how the media got duped into following a horse race that never existed. Special thanks to our sponsor Major, Lindsey & Africa.

  • Parents Are Borrowing Even More to Pay for Their Kids' College
    News & Politics

    Listen as MarketWatch's Jillian Berman tells Gordon how parents are borrowing more and more money to pay for their kids' college tuition.

  • Rethinking the Democrats
    Full Disclosure
    News & Politics

    John Prideaux, U.S. editor of The Economist, on the many doubts and hard questions the Democrats face in the era of Pres. Trump and GOP domination of Capitol Hill. During Barack Obama's two terms in the White House, his party gave up more than 1,000 seats across Congress, state legislatures and governors' mansions. Where to now?

  • BP Money Podcast 28: How Anyone Can Easily Make Extra Money Using Side Hustles with Nick Loper
    BiggerPockets Podcast
    442 Side hustle is a huge buzzword in the FI community. Make extra money on the side doing something fun, something you love, or even just something that pays really well. Today we bring in Nick Loper, Founder of Side Hustle Nation, to share his expertise about side hustling: What they are, who they’re for, and how to implement one of your own. Nick also shares some of his favorite side hustles, including some surprisingly easy ways to make money. Looking to increase your income? You MUST listen to this episode!

  • Patience, Building An Audience & Pranks | An Interview With Ryan Hamilton [@HAMMY.TV]

    LOVED sitting down to chat with Ryan & his girlfriend, two prank masters to talk about their build up, and strategies for them to utilize and their audience for a long term play. This was a really important meeting that a lot of you should hear - they're being patient and their reasoning will really apply to you. Great great stuff. Hope u enjoy <3 

  • 1. Fondförvaltaren Johan Thorén

    I premiären av Börslunch Sommar sammanfattar fondförvaltaren Johan Thorén vårens börsturbulens och berättar varför småbolag är lättare att analysera än stora bolag. Det snackas även om retailbolagens tuffa tid och om H&M:s lager. Att den svalnade bostadsmarknaden påverkar konsumentbeteendet som ger ringar på vattnet är ett annat ämne. Liksom varför handelskriget kan vara ett tecken på att vi är på väg in i en depression.

  • Four Words Missing in the New Tax Law Give Restaurants Heartburn
    News & Politics

    Richard Rubin from The Wall Street Journal breaks down the legislative mistake that is causing some restaurants to postpone renovations.

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal July 11, 2018
    News & Politics

    President Trump criticizes NATO allies at summit, the U.S. unveils another $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods and tips on how to keep cord-cutting prices down.

  • RVP Glenn Robb - Create Your Vision, Believe It Is Possible!

    These audios have been produced by an Independent Consultant and are not official materials prepared or provided by Arbonne. Arbonne makes no promises or guarantees that any Independent Consultant will be financially successful as each independent Consultants results are dependent on his or her own skills and effort.