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  • This Weekend with Gordon Deal July 14, 2018
    News & Politics

    Walmart is stepping into the social justice world, the World Cup has highlighted the best in flops, and ways to keep your smart home from being hacked.

  • Americans are finally making progress paying back their debts
    News & Politics

    Maria LaMagna from MarketWatch explains why more people are able to pay back their loans and credit card debts on time.

  • Trump is right about the NATO deadbeats
    News & Politics

    Rick Newman of Yahoo! Finance discusses the contributions NATO members have made to mutual defense.

  • Do This!
    Magnetic Leaders
  • July 15, 2018 - Allan Small
    Sunday Money Show
  • 636: Architect Daniel Libeskind on Working Unconventionally
    HBR IdeaCast
    Professional Transitions

    Daniel Libeskind, a former academic turned architect and urban designer, discusses his unorthodox career path and repeat success at high-profile, emotionally charged projects. He also talks about his unusual creative process and shares tips for collaborating and managing emotions and expectations of multiple stakeholders. Libeskind was interviewed for the July-August 2018 issue of Harvard Business Review.

  • As More New Dads Get Paternity Leave, Companies Push Them to Take It
    News & Politics

    Vanessa Fuhrmans from The Wall Street Journal explores the stigma about men taking paternity leave.

  • The Entrepreneurs - Anatomē
    M24: The Entrepreneurs

    Brendan Murdock made his name as the founder of well-designed barbershops, which he called Murdock London. The brand was right at the forefront of a wave of new spots catering to men who care about their appearance and are willing to pay good money for smart grooming products. But Murdock has since left that eponymous firm to set up a more intriguing company: a health-and-wellness brand called Anatomē. Now he’s in the business of advising customers on their wellbeing and recommending vitamins, supplements and essential oils. The brand also has a flagship store in Shoreditch.

  • Health Law Is an Issue in Fight Over Supreme Court Pick Brett Kavanaugh
    News & Politics

    Stephanie Armour of The Wall Street Journal details the debates that Democrats and Republicans are having about Brett Kavanaugh.

  • Rivals Fairfax, News Corp in historic deal to share printing presses

    In a deal that confirms the financial viability of published newspapers remains pressured, Fairfax Media and News Corporation Australia have agreed to share their printing sites, which will see a number of plants ultimately close. ABC's Peter Ryan analyses a deal that a decade ago would have been considered unthinkable.

  • Tasting menu: Audio highlights from the July 7th 2018 edition
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    A transatlantic rift is growing – why is NATO worth saving? Plus Jaron Lanier, a pioneer of VR, on why people should delete their social media accounts and get back to reality. And how the longest heatwave for nearly half a century is disrupting both Britain’s courts and its pubs. Anne McElvoy hosts

  • 178 Tommy Sobel - Phone Habits For Healthy People
    Are You Being Real Podcast

    Tommy Sobel has a unique resume: he was a published student of neuroscience, he's been Steven Spielberg's right-hand man on set, and he became the top executive at Amblin Partner's New Media division (formally DreamWorks Studios). He knows very well just how enticing our phones can be (it was his job to keep us glued to them through his company's content).  Now, he's left that all behind to help us have a healthier relationship with our phone and technology.  He's founded, which shows us how through one simple phone hack, we can reclaim some of our time back and truly connect with the world and the people in it. In this episode, I sit down with Tommy to talk about lessons he's learned along the way going from student, to set assistant, to new media executive, to social entrepreneur.  We talk about how his new phone usage habits affect his relationships, his business, and how we can benefit from the same.  You'll also see how a simple object as a pen can make all the difference in your life. Learn more about Are You Being Real at

  • 57. Allt om största Brexitkrisen
    News & Politics

    De senaste dygnen har varit dramatiska för brittiska Tories och det talas om att “Brexit-drömmen är över”. I denna specialinsatta podd tittar Maria Borelius och Katrine Marçal in bakom kulisserna på det drama som utspelade sig på Theresa Mays sommarresidens Chequers. Där ministrarna Johnson och Davis gjorde sorti. Och Hunt och Raab gjorde ny entré.

  • Why A Number One Hit Is Terrifying, Creative Freedom & Being a Musical Pioneer | Meeting with LABRINTH

    Was awesome to have Labrinth come through and play and hang at the VaynerX lounge in Cannes, France two weeks ago. Loved sitting down with him for this little impromptu interview, chatting about number one hits and creative freedom, he also does a live performance at the end ;)

  • The Small Business Report for July 13, 2018

    Smartphones at the office can be a help and a hindrance for individual employees. Hear how some bosses are trying to manage a workable policy about their use; and the best cities to start a business.

  • Where Will Gas Prices End Up This Summer?
    News & Politics

    Head of Global Energy Analysis at Oil Price Information Service Tom Kloza breaks down these rising gas prices for us.

  • The Bulletin with UBS - Nico Rosberg and Donald Sadoway
    M24 The Bulletin with UBS

    What happens when a scintillating Formula 1 world champion and a brilliant MIT professor sit down to discuss the future of mobility and sustainable energy? Join them to find out in a special edition of the programme, as Nico Rosberg takes over the microphone to interview UBS global visionary Donald Sadoway

  • Exchanges #201: PillPack und das Service-Potenzial bei Online-Apotheken
    exchanges | by Exciting Commerce

    Jochen Krisch und Marcel Weiß schauen sich die jüngste Amazon-Übernahme PillPack genauer an und sprechen in den neuesten Exchanges über die Service-Potenziale nicht nur bei Online-Apotheken. Werbepartner: Der Podcast wird gesponsert von der Digitalagentur dotSource – wir digitalisieren Marketing, Vertrieb und Services.

  • HTE 433: Embracing the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle | Ernie Bray
    Hack the Entrepreneur

    Ernie Bray is a 6-time Inc 5000 CEO, 2x Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year" Semi-Finalist, and the cofounder of AutoClaims Direct. Founded in 2003, AutoClaims direct has grown to a 8-figure virtual claims technology company that has processed nearly $4 billion in collision losses. He truly lives the entrepreneur lifestyle and spends a lot of time focusing on optimization in health, fitness, and work. In this conversation we discuss: The struggles with leaving the working world behind to start your own business How to set up a morning routine that enables you to get more done Why the victory is ALWAYS in the journey Now, let's hack... Ernie Bray.

  • Alexa: Don’t Let My 2-Year-Old Talk to You That Way
    News & Politics

    Sue Shellenbarger of The Wall Street Journal details the bad habits some children are picking up from using smart speakers such as Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri.