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  • The Chequers deal explained

    This is the first of a series of podcasts the SRI Public Policy has commissioned with key speakers involved in the Cambridge event. In this 25-minute audio podcast. Professor Catherine Barnard discusses the background to the Chequers deal and what agreement she believes will eventually be reached.

  • 4. Har du råd med högre räntor?

    I veckans avsnitt diskuterar vi boendeekonomi med Claudia Wörmann, boendeekonom på SBAB och Lena Fahlén, makroekonom på Handelsbanken. Bland annat ställs frågan om det är köparens marknad som väntar framöver?

  • The primaries are over, now it's on to the fall classic
    News & Politics

    With the primaries over D.C. gets set for the midterm elections. James W. Antle from the Washington Examiner has the story.

  • 237: An Unconventional Approach to Making This Your Best Year Ever
    Achieve Your Goals

    Each December, Jon Berghoff and I team up with the Front Row Foundation to present the Best Year Ever Blueprint LIVE experience in San Diego, California. It’s a community-created experience… scientifically designed to invite reflection, awareness and reconnection with of your highest/best self… and artfully engineered with nature, music, movement and space to help you amplify your most powerful strengths and access your biggest future. On today’s podcast, I’m joined by both Jon Berghoff and Front Row Foundation founder Jon Vroman to reveal an unconventional approach that you can immediately implement into your world, which happens to be exactly what makes the BYEB Live experience unlike any other in the world (literally). We want you to have your best day… year… and life ever—no matter where you’re at or what you’re doing—and to give you universally applicable principles to help you amplify your results for you, everyone you love, and everyone you lead. Join us for this Year's Best Year Ever LIVE Experience!  To get more details on joining us for this year’s Best Year Ever Blueprint LIVE experience, visit Get Today's Show Notes To get access to today's show notes, transcript, an resources mentioned, visit

  • Brexit Has Brought Britain to a Standstill, Read Aloud
    News & Politics

    Brexit Has Brought Britain to a Standstill: While the government spars with the European Union, the U.K.—as an administrative entity—has virtually stopped working. Featured in the August 24, 2018 European edition of Bloomberg Businessweek.

  • Riding out the storm in SC
    News & Politics

    Jimmy Watts joins us from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where he decided to ride out Hurricane Florence.

  • Getting Rid of Swimsuits Was Just the Beginning, Read Aloud

    Getting Rid of Swimsuits Was Just the Beginning: Miss America has been trying to evolve for the #MeToo era. It’ll have to do a lot more to fix a funding death spiral and an internal revolt. Featured in the August 24, 2018 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek.

  • The Fight to Protect the Fed From Trump's Rate Hike Barbs, Read Aloud
    News & Politics

    The Fight to Protect the Fed From Trump’s Rate-Hike Barbs: Central bank Chairman Jerome Powell is working the halls of Congress. Featured in the August 24, 2018 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek.

  • We’re Living in What May Be the Most Boring Bull Market Ever, Read Aloud
  • Human Capital "Ярьж байгаа зүйлдээ итгэх,итгүүлэх"
  • With N.F.L. Kickers, You Get What You Pay For
    News & Politics

    Why don't place kickers get much love in the NFL? Bill Pennington from the New York Times gives us a look.

  • Babbage: Ma waves ali bye bye
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    How China will struggle to produce another Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, who steps down as chairman next year. And we discuss cyber-security with former United States Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. Kenneth Cukier hosts

  • Exchanges #207: Farfetch unter der Lupe
    exchanges | by Exciting Commerce

    Jochen Krisch und Marcel Weiß nehmen den Börsenprospekt zum Anlass und sprechen in den neuesten Exchanges über Farfetch und Marktplatzstrategien. Werbepartner: DHL – Das taggleiche Lieferversprechen unter:

  • Personal Finance Show: Emerging market dips and inflation-busting assets
    Investors Chronicle

    The team are joined by Alex Neilson, investment manager at Investec Click & Invest, to discuss recent investment and market news including inflation and emerging market volatility. There's a discussion about the spike in inflation to 2.7 per cent and what this might mean for interest rates and inflation-linked bonds, and also why the latest round of anger between the US and China did not impact markets, and what might be needed for positive sentiment to stay the course. Emma Agyemang, personal finance writer, gives us an update on management changes at the IC Top 100 Schroder High Yield Opportunities Fund (GB00B5143284). She also profiles a Chinese equity fund at a time when markets could be providing an attractive entry point.

  • North Korea to Allow Outside Inspectors to Visit Missile Test Site
    News & Politics

    Jonathan Cheng from the Wall Street Journal has a look at the latest meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea.

  • The Small Business Report for September 18, 2018

    Industries uniting against tariffs by the Trump administration; and guidelines for texting work colleagues when all you’ve done before is email them...or speak to them in person.

  • Why Kindness Is The Best Business Strategy | Writing An Article With Team GaryVee

    This was a super cool little clip that not only demonstrates how I relate the importance of kindness & empathy to business- but also shows the way I write articles with my team, sitting down with TeamGaryVee's new writer, Raghav - some cool lessons in here I think you'll like. <3 

  • 63. Galet rika asiater
    News & Politics

    Filmen Crazy Rich Asians har slagit publikrekord i USA. Den visar hur den ekonomiska makten skjuts österut och de superrika i dag i allt högre grad kommer från Asien. Londonpodden diskuterar konsekvenserna.

  • 62. 10 år efter Lehman Brothers

    Londonpoddens Katrine Marçal och Maria Borelius återger bilden av Lehman Brothers konkurs och den efterföljande finanskrisen. Hur påverkades Europa och inte minst Londons finanscentrum? Vi hör om karaktärerna mitt i - Dick, Drottningen och The Lord of Darkness – och många andra som figurerade och kan ha påverkat den finansvärld vi har i dag.

  • BiggerPockets Podcast 296: From Farm Boy Beginnings to $15M in Real Estate Holdings with Rock Thomas
    BiggerPockets Podcast
    383 What does it take to truly find financial independence? Money? Deals? Mentors? Or could it be something else entirely… something intangible? In this episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with Rock Thomas, a real estate investor and agent who shows others the simple mindset shifts needed to achieve financial freedom. In other words, it’s time to work on YOUR “money blueprint.” Through Rock’s story, you’ll learn the most important skills any individual needs to achieve in any field, the best way to find and attract mentors who can teach you the path, how to change your “operating system” to one that is far more successful, and so much more. With powerful stories, humor, and insight, Rock’s story is one you won’t want to miss!