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  • Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 11.13.20
    Sprott Money News

    This week we have special guest Chris Vermeulen pitch-hitting as Eric will be taking a few weeks off from the WWU to spend some time with his family. Chris provides his opinion on the precious metals and the mining shares. Visit our website for more news. You can submit your questions to [email protected]

  • The Urbanist - People power
    Monocle 24: The Urbanist

    Cities run on people power. But how do we get the average citizen to pitch in on urban-planning ideas and city governance?

  • BPP 419: Defeating Distraction and Why “To-Do” Lists are Dangerous with Nir Eyal
    BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast
    25 Ever missed out on an important moment because you were staring at your phone, distracted by TV, or just zoning out? Nir Eyal, author of Indistractable, felt the same way when he missed an important moment with his daughter because he was locked in on his phone. This spurred Nir’s curiosity on why people get distracted, what they’re getting distracted by, and how people can turn their distractions into the opposite: traction. As a business owner, angel investor, Stanford lecturer, and father, Nir understands what it feels like to live a hectic life, but he also understands that most of the time, we ourselves are the ones making it hectic. So what prompts us to take action? What prompts us to take inaction? How can we make ourselves do the things we need to do, with better results, and still have time for our children, relationships, hobbies, and even down time? It’s all possible, and the key to a distraction-free life is even easier than you would think.

  • Behind the Scenes of Seedcamp Fund V
    This Much I Know

    Seedcamp Fund V is here. It’s our strongest fund to-date and we're thrilled that so many friends and founders have put their faith in us to continue backing Europe’s finest entrepreneurs. We don’t believe in draping fund announcements in a vague veil of splendour, so we want to give you the inside scoop of Fund V: the who, what, when, why, and how. In addition to publishing our fundraising pitch deck here, our Managing Partners Reshma and Carlos, Partners Tom and Sia, and Head of Brand & Marketing Natasha jumped on to this week’s ‘This Much I Know’ to explain what you can expect from Fund V. The Seedcamp Nation includes the brains behind some of Europe’s most exciting companies including the likes of Hopin, Revolut, Primer, and Sorare. If you’re looking for pre-seed funding, we want to hear from you. Tell us what you’re building at Links: Fundraising pitch deck: Seedcamp Announcement: Seedcamp: Looking for Funding?:

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal November 18, 2020
    News & Politics

    The President fires top cybersecurity official who defended integrity of election, new coronavirus restrictions in place as record 73,000 hospitalized, and runaway dog from Canada crosses border into United States.

  • Congress’s New Faces Include Ex-Astronaut, Citadel’s First Female Grad
    News & Politics

    Natalie Andrews from the Wall Street Journal gives us a look at the new members coming into Congress.

  • Big Tech Between and Rock and Hard Place on censorship
    News & Politics

    Tech Analyst Rob Enderle joined Gordon Deal this morning with a look at the tight rope Twitter and Facebook are walking when it comes to censorship.

  • Rookie Podcast 38: Balancing a Career, Family, and Lots of Deals with Adam Whitney
    BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast
    56 Feeling stretched for time in your investing career? Today we talk with Adam Whitney, an active duty military member, working full-time, with children, a wife, and an active investment portfolio! With so much going on at once, Adam makes it look easy, juggling his hectic military life while accomplishing his long term goals. Adam started learning about real estate over a decade ago, but didn’t dive in until 2017. Thanks to his “ruthless work ethic”, he’s been able to stack up his rental portfolio, make meaningful mentor connections, and join masterminds in only a few years! Adam talks about getting 0% down loans, locking down long-distance real estate deals, doing thorough inspections when buying sight-unseen, and how to start relationships with mentors and real estate professionals you look up to. With a healthy portfolio of rental properties spanning across the country, Adam is the perfect example of someone who found the time to accomplish his (and his family’s) dreams of financial independence!

  • Exchanges #265: Corona forever?
    exchanges | by Exciting Commerce

    Jochen Krisch und Marcel Weiß sprechen in den neuesten Exchanges über Realitätsverweigerung und notwendige Massnahmen von Unternehmen in einer Welt, in der der Bruch durch das Coronavirus mehr als ein vorübergehender Zustand ist. Werbepartner: * Unzer - der Payment Partner für superflexible Bezahl-Lösungen

  • The Entrepreneurs - The Spirit Lives On: Howard Hughes
    M24: The Entrepreneurs

    Howard Hughes was a lot of things: one of America’s first billionaires, a film producer and an entrepreneur in industries from media to oil to property. But Hughes was also a keen aviator and owner of the airline TWA, who broke round-the-world records and paved the way for competition in international air travel.

  • Bloomberg Opinion Radio: Weekend Edition for 11-13-20 (Podcast)
    Bloomberg Opinion

    Hosted by June Grasso. Guests: Max Nisen, Bloomberg Opinion health care columnist: "Pfizer Vaccine Data Offers Real Pandemic Optimism." Ramesh Ponnuru, Senior Editor for National Review and Bloomberg Opinion columnist: "Progressives Refuse to Hear What Voters Said." Brian Chappatta, Bloomberg Opinion debt columnist: "Vaccine Hope Better Than Blue Wave for Markets." Scott Duke Kominers, Professor at Harvard Business School, a faculty affiliate of the Harvard Department of Economics, and a Bloomberg Opinion columnist: "The Case for a Covid Vaccine Lottery." Noah Smith, Bloomberg Opinion columnist: "Biden Will Need to Get Creative to Save the Economy."

  • COVID vaccine candidate from Pfizer must be stored at minus 112, prompting a rush on dry ice
    News & Politics

    Dry ice will soon become a hot commodity. Elizabeth Weise from USA Today takes us behind the headline.

  • Brian Chappatta on the Junk Bond Rally (Podcast)
    Bloomberg Opinion

    Bloomberg Opinion columnist Brian Chappatta presents a column explaining that the rally in junk bonds, which has pushed yields to as low as 4.56%, is deceiving in more ways than one.

  • Classic lecture - London's Aircraft Manufacturers by Dr Ron Smith FRAeS
    AeroSociety Podcast
    Aviation & Aerospace

    London’s aircraft firms dominated the industry during the early part of the twentieth century and never more so than during World War I. In this lecture from 2012, Dr Ron Smith takes us on a tour of London’s airfields and manufacturers. As well as exploring the “Big five” – Grahame-White, Handley Page, de Havillands/Airco, Fairey & Sopwith/Hawkers – he looks at many of the smaller companies that were once found within London’s boroughs. Dr Ron Smith FRAeS addressed a meeting organised by the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Historical Group on 22 February 2012. The lecture was introduced by Peter Elliott and the podcast was edited by Eur Ing Mike Stanberry FRAeS.

  • The Bulletin with UBS - The Year Ahead 2021
    M24 The Bulletin with UBS

    The latest annual investment research report from the CIO of UBS Wealth Management is subtitled (perhaps inevitably given the last nine months) ‘A Year of Renewal’. Our panellists explore how best to navigate the next 12 months: from whether and how the world will shift back to pre-pandemic norms to the prospect of renewed growth, the hunt for yield and setting the optimum course through a new – and renewable – future.

  • BP Money 151: From Single Dad w/ $61K in Student Loans to Financially Savvy Real Estate Investor
    BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast
    58 You may know Tony J Robinson as the co-host of the Real Estate Rookie podcast, but you probably don’t know his backstory. As a single dad working his way through college and student debt, Tony knew that he needed to have a plan in place to pursue his goals and find financial freedom. He also knew he didn’t want to repeat the same real estate mistakes as his parents. He went from an engineering student, to owning a small tutoring business, to marketing, and finally landed a sweet gig at Tesla! After paying off debt, creating a healthy reserve fund, and divvying his money into over 20 different checking accounts (yes, 20+), he was able to reap the rewards of smart financial management and chase down freedom through real estate. If you’re trying to consolidate debt, find ways to make more money at a job, or leverage creative funding to finance your next deal, Tony has a solution to your problem.

  • Avsnitt 377 - Bostongurka Consulting Group

    Börsen trummar på uppåt efter vaccinbeskedet och Johan försöker bena ut var vinnarna finns samt går igenom det senaste inom bettingbolagen. John försöker greenwasha sig själv med ett Teslaköp och gör en recension i äkta Lynch-anda. Effektsökeri på hög nivå har inte gått Börspodden förbi som också har hakat upp sig på ett industriområde i Breemen. Lyssna! Börspoddens huvudsponsor är CMC Markets, besök dom på

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal November 17, 2020
    News & Politics

    President-Elect Joe Biden says delayed transition could affect coronavirus response, vote recount in Georgia finds over 2,600 ballots in Floyd County, and mystery Texas woman returns boy to his family after he gets off at the wrong bus stop.

  • How the 'reinfection phenomenon' could impact vaccines, herd immunity and human behavior
    News & Politics

    Are you infected again or just still suffering? Karen Weintraub from USA Today breaks down how the reinfection phenomenon could impact vaccines.

  • 4 more years: Trump freezes 2024 presidential field
    News & Politics

    Donald Trump may be eyeing 2024 for another run at the White House. Alex Isenstadt from POLITICO and Gordon Deal discuss.