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  • Many Breast Cancer Patients Don't Get Recommended Follow-Up, Study Finds
    News & Politics

    Listen as the Wall Street Journal's Melanie Evans tells Gordon how there are many breast cancer patients who don't receive a follow-up appointment.

  • Money talks: Make trade not war
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    Is there a way out of trade war? The US tariffs and the global repercussions. Bringing electricity to the remotest and poorest parts of the world - are mini-grids the answer? And is WeWork worth its $20bn valuation? Helen Joyce hosts

  • Russia is Not Our Friend
    News & Politics

    Listen as Republican U.S. Congressman Jim Banks from Indiana tells Gordon how President Trump needs to be harsher in his dealings with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  • A Guide to Branded Candidate Experience Design, with Russell Miyaki
    The Employer Branding Podcast

    According to McKinsey, 90% of major brands are making it a top priority to focus on branded customer experiences as their main differentiator. Hence it makes sense that the focus includes the quality of the branded candidate experience as well. Russell Miyaki is Senior Vice President, Global Creative Director at TMP Worldwide in New York. In this episode, he gives us the full scoop on branded candidate journeys. Connect with Russell on LinkedIn: WEBINAR: The Secret to Boosting Your Employer Brand with Predictive Hiring, feat. Kristen Hamilton of Koru, July 25th at 12 noon EDT, sign up now ==> BOOK: Employee Advocacy: The Ultimate Handbook: Learn more about The Employer Brand Index: Sign up to the Link Humans newsletter:

  • The Small Business Report for July 17, 2018

    An old practice is falling by the wayside when it comes to the women’s clothing section of some stores; and managing the office air conditioner during the summer.

  • How the American Dream has changed, and how to achieve it
    News & Politics

    Financial adviser Gary Sirak and Gordon Deal discuss how the American dream has changed over the years.

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal July 13, 2018
    News & Politics

    FBI agent denies claims of bias against President Trump in acrimonious House hearing, why companies are pushing new dads to take paternity leave, and the best states for retirement.

  • 228: How to Get More Out of Life with Chip Franks
    Achieve Your Goals

    It wasn't very long ago that Chip Franks was taken out on a stretcher in the middle of a conference for entrepreneurs after just having a stroke. As his wife cried and his children were alone in their hotel room, one question consumed his mind: "Did I tell them everything I wanted to tell them?" This led to him quitting his job to write a book outlining everything he’d want his kids to know if he wasn't around. The result? Life Lessons From Dad: 101 Ways To Get More Out of Life From Someone Who Loves You - a 685 page handbook for life. Chip is an entrepreneur at heart - he started early, selling calendars door to door as a child, and went on to build and sell a real estate and property management company after 20 years as a broker. He’s shared stages with Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, Lewis Howes, Daymond John, Simon Sinek, and today, he joins the podcast to share life lessons and his practical instructions for how to realize them. To get access to the full show notes, including key takeaways, transcript, and links to all resources mentioned, visit

  • The Entrepreneurs - Eureka 106: Tailor Made London
    M24: The Entrepreneurs

    When bespoke tailoring fell short of his expectations, former Goldman Sachs banker John Buni launched Tailor Made London. The company uses high-precision body scanners to map customers’ bodies and create a perfect fit.

  • 2. Analytikern Sharish Aziz

    Har bettingbolagen kunnat gräva guld under Fotbolls-VM som nu närmar sig sitt slut? Börslunch Sommar har bjudit in analytikern och bettingspecialisten Sharish Aziz för att svara på detta och för att snacka om USA-marknaden, regleringar, vilka bolag som är heta och kalla med mera.

  • The Entrepreneurs - Kestin Hare
    M24: The Entrepreneurs

    Edinburgh-based fashion designer Kestin Hare worked with a number of labels including Nigel Cabourn and Burberry before launching his eponymous label in 2014. The brand now has two shops, one in Shoreditch and one in the Leith area of the Scottish capital. Made in the UK, the styles are a nod to the working-class roots of his native Leith and are quickly changing the perception of Scottish design. Kestin’s wife Gemma worked with Harvey Nichols before taking over brand, marketing and strategy for her husband’s label.

  • The Urbanist - Time to cool it
    Monocle 24: The Urbanist

    We take a step back, look at the life unfolding around us and ask: have our cities become a little too orderly?

  • 283: 5 Ways To Work As Unto God, Not People
    Chris LoCurto

    We spend so much of our lives in our work life trying to please people, almost every single one of us. In this episode you'll learn 5 ways to work to please God, not people.

  • Monday Motivational Mashup: Part Of The Equation

    This mashup helps embody a ton of my beliefs and pillars of content into one powerful message that'll get you to crush this entire week.

  • A Vested Interest
    Magnetic Leaders

    The most valuable thing I can do with my time is to be face to face with a “class A” prospect who I’ve been sent to see by someone I have respect for and time to tell my story under favorable conditions, and they have money to buy. The second most important thing I can do with my time is getting on the phone and getting more appointments to do that. And the third most important thing I can do with my time would be to get some more names to do that! I am an ‘inverted paranoid’. I just believe that everybody in the world is out to get me and help me do whatever I want to do. Everybody wants to be my partner. Everybody wants to be my customer. When I walk up to a door, I visualize a red carpet rolled out and they are waiting to do business with me, because they not only want to buy from me, they want to be my friend. If you don’t get a chance to associate with me, you are going to miss something, baby! Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon. . . must inevitably come to pass. -Paul J Meyer Now that is the right attitude!

  • Trump Feels GOP Heat on Putin, But Will It Linger?
    News & Politics

    Listen as Real Clear Politics' Caitlin Huey Burns tells Mike Gavin how it is unclear if the heat President Trump faces from his Republican party after his dealings with Putin will last.

  • Many States Are Likely Unprepared for Next Downturn
    News & Politics

    David Harrison from the Wall Street Journal explains why many states might be in trouble during another downturn.

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal July 12, 2018
    News & Politics

    Trump calls on NATO allies to double military spending, the founder of Papa John's resigns as chairman after using racial slur and why parents are borrowing even more to pay for their kids' college.

  • Ryanair Wins PR Battle, When to Sell Our Bank Shares
    Inside Business with Ciarán Hancock
    News & Politics

    This week: 100 Ryanair pilots will go on strike this Thursday (July 12th) for the first time in the airline’s history. But just how effective will the action prove? Only 30 of its 290 scheduled flights out of Dublin that day have been cancelled as a result of the strike, so has Ryanair won the PR battle this time? Barry O’Halloran has the latest. Later in the podcast, Owen Callan, financial analyst with Investec, joins Ciarán Hancock and Cliff Taylor to discuss comments by NTMA chief executive Conor O’Kelly this week, urging the State to sell bank shares as ‘dark clouds’ gather on horizon. But first, Peter Hamilton has a roundup of some of the week’s other stories, including further woe for Irish Ferries and INM back at the High Court in their case with Office for the director of corporate enforcement.

  • Personal Finance Show: Building investment trust portfolios and the IPE resolution
    Investors Chronicle

    The saga engulfing the Invesco Perpetual Enhanced Income (IPE) investment trust came to an end last month following on from a dispute between the investment manager, Invesco Perpetual, and the board. Peter Hewitt, shareholder and manager of the F&C Managed Portfolio Trust range, and Emma Agyemang, personal finance writer at Investors Chronicle, talk through the episode, the final resolution, and what investors should do when corporate spats affect an investment trust's share price. Peter also discusses how he goes about building his portfolio of investment trusts, what he looks for in a fund, how he reacts to share price premiums and discounts, and why he chooses to solely use investment trusts over other collective investment funds.