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  • Ask The Expert - May
    Sprott Money News

    James Grant of Grant's Interest Rate Observer fields questions concerning the current rally in the US dollar, Fed policy, the bond market and the future of gold prices

  • 629: Dual-Career Couples Are Forcing Firms to Rethink Talent Management
    HBR IdeaCast
    Talent Management

    Jennifer Petriglieri, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD, asks company leaders to consider whether they really need to relocate their high-potential employees or make them travel so much. She says moving around is particularly hard on dual-career couples. And if workers can't set boundaries around mobility and flexibility, she argues, firms lose out on talent. Petriglieri is the author of the HBR article “Talent Management and the Dual-Career Couple.”

  • Tasting menu: Audio highlights from the May 12th 2018 edition
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    Masayoshi Son is betting $100bn on the world's most exciting technology startups. Win or lose, his Vision Fund is shaking up the tech industry and those that invest in it. Plus, the Pulitzer-prize winning playwright David Mamet on his new comedy inspired by Harvey Weinstein. And are smartphones the key to escaping poverty?

  • Live Q&A In A Car In Boston | The How & Why Of Wine Library

    Sometimes there's not enough time in a day to film a dailyvee, between meetings and confidential things that can't be shown, so we came up with the smart idea to source questions from Babin's instagram to do a live Q&A in the car while traveling in Boston. We talk about time distribution, how I balance between personal brand & running a business, and a bunch more. Great questions here - hope u all like this one. 

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal May 18, 2018
    News & Politics

    President Trump doubles down on North Korea, Senate confirms Gina Haspel as CIA Director, and get ready for a multibillion-dollar summer-movie battle royale.

  • BiggerPockets Podcast 279: How to Find Overlooked Opportunities in a Hot Market with Andrew Cushman
    BiggerPockets Podcast
    232 Are you ready to jump into real estate investing, but don’t believe you can find deals in today’s hot market? In this episode, we sit down with multifamily expert Andrew Cushman, who's actively doing deals in today’s market — and turning big profits. In this show, Andrew explains how he’s finding deals, what metrics he uses to qualify them, where he’s buying today, and what his secret tricks are for finding the “overlooked opportunities” most investors miss — including how he found an amazing deal in the “trash can” for bad deals! You’ll love hearing how Andrew creates millions of dollars in equity and builds relationships with deal-finders so that they bring him the best deals first. Be sure to download this episode and share it with your friends, so you, too, can master the secrets that the pros are using to snag killer deals!

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal May 17, 2018
    News & Politics

    President Trump calls some criminal illegal immigrants "animals," White House still plans on talks with North Korea, and a quarter of Americans spend all day inside.

  • 646. Djuriska börskänslor – kan dubblas på kort sikt

    Det är dagen efter 17 maj och Börslunch lämnar Norge bakom sig. I stället snackas det bland annat om Swedencare, djurbusiness, Astra och byggbolag.

  • Advice to Every Teenager Struggling With Being Accepted |RAW AUDIO: Dailyvee 442

    So many of you are struggling with being accepted and overvaluing other people's POV... If one person declines you, go to the market. Don't dwell on the fact that one person rejected you or your ideas. This entire Dailyvee reflects advice for you young people struggling with this point in your life.

  • The Urbanist - Mobility and more
    Monocle 24: The Urbanist

    This week we report from a new exhibition highlighting how London changes once the sun sets, have a discussion about driverless cars and ask if a light-rail project is finally coming to Canberra?

  • Prof Edgar Morgenroth on IMF warnings, Housing, Metrolink, & more
    Inside Business with Ciarán Hancock

    The IMF's urged the Government not to cut taxes in the upcoming budget, to protect against future fiscal shocks. DCU professor of economics Edgar Morgenroth, Cliff Taylor and Eoin Burke-Kennedy discuss why Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe would do well to heed the warning, contained in the fund's latest assessment of State’s economic performance. They also discuss whether Ireland is headed for another property bubble, if it is time for price parity between petrol and diesel, and why the government must get the planning for MetroLink right, if it is get any bang for its buck. But first, Peter Hamilton has a roundup of some of the week’s other stories, including Glanbia chief executive Siobhán Talbot being named The Irish Times Business Person of the Year for 2018

  • ‘I Lost It’: The Boss Who Banned Phones, and What Came Next
    News & Politics

    Bosses are starting to put their foot down when it comes to cells phones. The Wall Street Journal's John Simons and Gordon Deal discuss.

  • The Entrepreneurs - Eureka 98: Paul Schütze Perfume
    M24: The Entrepreneurs

    Composer Paul Schütze and husband Chris Rickwood set out to launch a perfume house four years ago, Paul Schütze Perfume. Their five fragrances are inspired by memory and architecture, and packaged in the Cotswolds.

  • 645. Är småbolagsfönstret stängt?

    Denna 17 maj snackas det givetvis Norge i Börslunch. Men det finns även plats för Turkiet och småbolag.

  • 644. ”Man sover gott om natten med Nibe”

    Det snackas en hel del läkemedel i dagens Börslunch. Dessutom bjuds det på en intervju med BTS Groups vd Henrik Ekelund.

  • BiggerPockets Money Podcast 20: The Simple Path to Wealth—Index Funds Explained with JL Collins
    BiggerPockets Podcast
    356 Jim Collins has literally done it all. From busboy, produce, clerk, and gas station attendant, to ad agency founder, sales trainer, radio co-host, and publisher. He is a prolific world traveler, having visited more than 30 countries on five continents via motorcycle, car, train, plane, boat—and even elephant. Jim has lived a very good life. And along the way, Jim has learned that money is a tool that can offer the freedom to live the life you want to live. He’s also figured out that there is a very simple path to wealth. While you can make money picking individual stocks, the index fund is a very easy way to grow your wealth in the stock market without spending time researching companies. This episode truly is the show for anyone who has money or wants to have more.

  • AMP class action bid hits court as law firms woo jilted shareholders

    The first of five class actions against the embattled wealth management company AMP got underway in Sydney this morning. Law firm Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart Sullivan is seeking approval from the NSW Supreme Court to act for AMP shareholders who bought AMP stock from May 2013 to mid-April. AMP shares have plunged in value during the Royal Commission and more than 24 percent this year.

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal May 16, 2018
    News & Politics

    North Korea says it won't be backed into a corner on nukes, deadly blast in Southern California medical building investigated as intentional, and what's it cost to fill up your car.

  • ДРЕСС КОД-П.Оюу-Дүр сонгох
    Business Radio 98.9

    ДРЕСС КОД-П.Оюу-Дүр сонгох

  • The Entrepreneurs - Wish you were here?
    M24: The Entrepreneurs

    This week we are taking a closer look at company culture and what it takes to build a thriving environment where people want to work. We’ll meet the entrepreneurs behind growing businesses who are leading by example.