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  • Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 7.31.20
    Sprott Money News

    Eric Sprott recaps a great month for the precious metals and looks ahead to earnings season for the mining companies.

  • Avsnitt 363 - Den är trevlig

    Det är sista veckan på resande fot för Börspodden och stämningen börjar påverkas. Johan har hittat en utbombad sektor som kan vara attraktiv att köpa in sig i och drar några case. John har hittat ett bolag som är en blandning mellan Itab och Lammhult men som ändå kan vara nåt. Lyssna!

  • How Automated Robots are Supporting the Surge in E-commerce
    Goldman Sachs

    In this episode of our Venture Capital Horizon series with Heath Terry of Goldman Sachs Research, we dive into the future of e-commerce and the adoption of robotics in everything from manufacturing to packaging and delivery.

  • 230. How to develop an 'on all time' marketing strategy
    Small Business lifestyle

    One of the lessons of being disrupted by COVID-19 has been a reminder of the power of running a truly flexible small business. Yellow Account Manager David Costi joins Flying Solo editor Lucy Kippist to discuss how we can create a marketing strategy that reflects this kind of “on all the time” mentality.

  • 378: Growing Up in the Social Media Age
    Chris LoCurto

    This week we have a special guest on the show to talk to us about what it was like to grow up in the social media age! We have our very own team member, Steph Hansen on the show this week to discuss her life as she grew up discovering social media! She and I dive into what she experienced as a young teenager, how her parents handled the new generation and where she stands now at 21 years old looking back on her teen years in social media!

  • John Templeton - How To Have More Money Even If The Economy Collapses

    John Templeton is a transformational speaker, mindset and wealth creation coach. He is also an ex-military soldier who loves teaching how we can overcome any struggle if we learn the right mindset tools to achieve self mastery. In this episode John will be sharing how you can make and keep more money in hard economic times. Follow John at @johntempletonofficial on Instagram.

  • RAeS Webinar: The Supply of Future Combat Aircraft
    AeroSociety Podcast

    This webinar will be delivered by Dr Michael John Pryce MRAeS, Senior Air Systems Analyst of Future Projects Research. Mike will explore the challenges in meeting the future needs for combat aircraft across the globe. He will also look at enduring issues that challenge the development and support of future combat aircraft, and how to overcome them within resource constraints and political limitations. Three main areas will be explored: - Design for Combat Air - A Low Cost Industry - Combat Air Transformation These build on work done as an advisor during the development of the UK Combat Air Strategy. The webinar will take into account recent developments in the United States, Europe and East Asia, where public debates are rapidly evolving, and explore their implications for the UK.

  • RAeS Webinar: Artificial Intelligence and Aviation
    AeroSociety Podcast

    Great technical strides in Artificial intelligence (AI) over the last ten years have seen machines rival or exceed human capabilities in multiple fields, including transport, life sciences, entertainment, retail and finance. AI, and particularly machine learning, has the potential to disrupt industries and change society by automating automation itself and doing so at an increasing rate. Yet, current AI also has fundamental technical shortcomings, such as a lack of transparency, a vulnerability to bias and brittleness of operation. Together, these factors raise new social, commercial, legal and ethical challenges. Around the world, private companies, governments and inter-governmental bodies are debating how to ensure responsible use of AI through codes of ethics, regulation and legal reform. The use of AI technology in commercial aviation has brought some significant changes in the ways aircraft are operated and maintained. From the engines in the aircraft, ground based AI is used to analyse engine data transmitted whilst the aircraft is in flight – from thousands of engines simultaneously – to monitor their health and enable maintenance teams to predict when the engines will arrive in overhaul shops and plan inventory and workscopes accordingly, thereby providing massive benefits to the turn-around times and hence the availability of Airlines’ assets. The world’s leading airlines and travel companies are now using AI tools and technologies to deliver a more personalized travel experience to their customers. From building AI-powered airport kiosks to more efficient airline operations and security checking, AI will play an even more critical role in the aviation industry. In 2020, the EASA released a roadmap where it considers that “AI will not only affect the products and services provided by the industry; it will also trigger the rise of new business models.” AI is highlighted as a priority by the New Experience in Travel and Technology (NEXTT) initiative launched by The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Airports Council International (ACI) in October 2017 aiming to optimise the use of emerging technologies in the face of growing passenger numbers, specifically in relation to its ability to improve real-time decision-making and, therefore, efficiency. This webinar will look at the fundamental legal and ethical issues raised by AI and its impact on the aviation industry.

  • RAeS Webinar: Secrets of The Battle Of Britain
    AeroSociety Podcast

    Britain has always been at the forefront of aeronautical research and development. When it was really needed, the country’s industry, research establishments and individuals stepped up to the mark – that was the summer of 1940. Today, we call the period between 10 July and 31 October of that year the Battle of Britain. This is the 80th year when RAF Fighter Command’s aircrew were the first line of defence – the tip of a long spear which included essential workers, civilians and those in uniform; trades as diverse as GPO linesmen and bakers. Paul Beaver will examine the secret work which enabled the Royal Air Force to stay on top of the Battle as it engaged and then bettered the world’s most successful air fighting force – the Luftwaffe. The key technologies and concepts included high octane fuel, changes to carburation of the Merlin engine, civilian repair units, radar (then called RDF), integrated command & control systems. The talk is illustrated with PowerPoint slides.

  • Babbage: Put to the test
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    A shortage of covid-19 tests around the world has hampered efforts to contain it. Could "pool sampling" be a solution? Also, the promise of million-mile electric car batteries? And, Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, a developmental biologist at the University of Cambridge and Caltech, on the mysteries of life after conception. Kenneth Cukier hosts 


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  • Can Irish aviation survive the pandemic? / Ann Chapman from Stonechat Jewellers
    Inside Business with Ciaran Hancock

    This week the Oireachtas Special Committee on Covid-19 heard from representatives of Ryanair, Aer Lingus, the DAA and Shannon Group on how Irish aviation has been affected by the pandemic. Irish Times journalist, Barry O’Halloran has the latest. Also, Ann Chapman from Stonechat Jewellers speaks to Ciaran Hancock about expanding her premises in Dublin city centre in March, only to close down the shutters the very same week.

  • Rewind - From the Mercury to the Buccaneer: the life & times of Robert Blackburn
    AeroSociety Podcast
    Aerospace & aviation

    In this personal history of the man and the aircraft company, the grandson and namesake of the founder of the Blackburn Aircraft Company gives an insight into the achievements of one of the ‘greats of early modern aviation’, talks through a selection of designs and explores his early life. Prof. Robert Blackburn QC, LLD, FRHistS addressed a meeting organised by the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Historical Group on 11 October 2012. The lecture was introduced by Peter Elliott and the podcast was edited by Mike Stanberry FRAeS.

  • Ballot blocks: the squeeze on Hong Kong
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    The territory’s elections have been postponed, its activists barred from running—police are even targeting them abroad. What next for the democracy movement? We ask whether the global protests about race will affect rampant discrimination in Arab countries, most of which host a minority black population. And the solution to a viniferous mystery that dates back a century and a half. For full access to print, digital and audio editions of The Economist, subscribe here


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  • The Urbanist - Tall Stories 218: A Dickensian pub crawl
    Monocle 24: The Urbanist

    As hospitality reopens in the UK just in time for the last of the summer sun, Monocle’s Christy Evans takes us on a journey through London with a tour of Charles Dickens’ pubs.

  • Adam Shibley, Jake McCurry, Jess Speight
    View from the Press Box

    Michigan football players Adam Shibley, Jake McCurry and Jess Speight are the guests this week on Angelique Chengelis' podcast, "View from the Press Box." The trio are helping to outfit youth football players in the Midwest with a non-profit organization called "TUFF: The Uniform Funding Foundation."

  • Avsnitt 362 - Börsens alfahane nr 1

    Sveriges största och bästa finanspodd fortsätter att plöja sig igenom sommarens rapporter och tittar på jordens mest tradade aktie. Alla bettingbolag synas(!) ned av Johan. John tittar på de mest hajpade småbolagen och försöker se vad de går för egentligen. Dessutom har vi några förlorare inom fastighetssektorn som man kanske ska plocka upp.

  • The Economist Asks: Darren Walker
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    The coronavirus pandemic has widened inequality in America but has also supercharged charitable giving. Host Anne McElvoy asks Darren Walker, the president of the Ford Foundation, whether philanthropy can help save the American Dream. Will companies that proclaim the new era of "stakeholder capitalism" actually sideline their shareholders? And as the number of empty plinths grows, which forgotten heroes deserve to fill them? 

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  • Covid-19 Vaccine Front-Runners Impress Investors, but Concerns Exist
    News & Politics

    Investors are gambling on covid-19 vaccines. The Wall Street Journal's Gregory Zuckerman has the story.

  • Companies Start to Think Remote Work Isn’t So Great After All
    News & Politics

    The Wall Street Journal's Chip Cutter and Gordon Deal discuss how companies are rethinking their remote working strategy.

  • A broken system, a broken city: Beirut
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    Some 300,000 people are homeless after an explosion of unthinkable size. The culprit appears to be sheer negligence, brought on by a broken system of governance. The Economist’s data team has updated its excess-death tracker, giving ever-better insight into just how deadly covid-19 is. And the tricky trade-offs for both bosses and workers as they return to the office. For full access to print, digital and audio editions of The Economist, subscribe here


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