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  • Avsnitt 252 - BetSoft

    När resten av Sverige stänger ned för fotbolls VM så jobbar Börspodden ännu hårdare. Dels de självklara börsspaningarna där klädbolagen står i fokus. Afound, MQ, Kappahl, you name it och de har det i lager. Dessutom kommer Catena Medias VD Per Hellberg förbi kontoret på en halvspontanare.

  • What Happened to the American Pension?
    Goldman Sachs

    Fifty years ago, if you asked Americans how they mainly saved for retirement, chances are they'd answer: "my pension." That's no longer the case. After surging in the post-World War II years, corporate pensions have been on the decline in the US over the past couple decades, largely driven by a stricter regulatory environment and long period of low interest rates, says Goldman Sachs' Michael Moran. With fewer corporations offering comprehensive pension plans, Moran says it will be up to individuals to carry the burden of retirement savings. "It's going to be falling on a lot of individuals in terms of saving for retirement, investing money themselves and then realizing how long they're going to have to use that money in retirement."

    This podcast was recorded on April 13th, 2018.

    The views and opinions expressed herein should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any securities and such views and opinions may differ from those of Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research or other departments or divisions of Goldman Sachs and its affiliates. This information may not be current and Goldman Sachs has no obligation to provide any updates or changes. Neither Goldman Sachs nor any of its affiliates makes any representation or warranty, as to the accuracy or completeness of the statements or any information contained in this podcast and any liability therefore (including in respect of direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage) is expressly disclaimed. Goldman Sachs is not providing any financial, economic, legal, accounting or tax advice in this podcast. In addition, the receipt of this podcast by any listener is not to be taken as constituting the giving of investment advice by any Goldman Sachs entity. The portfolio risk management process includes an effort to monitor and manage risk but does not imply low risk.

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  • A Keynote: NAC Philadelphia 2018

    The 3rd Keynote in the NAC series, this was one for the books - I go in on people that talk about being an "expert" in something, just putting it in their bio instead of putting in the work to show that they're excelling in their field. This was a really really all-time keynote, I think you'll love it <3

  • Money talks: Drums of trade war
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    As fears mount of a trade war between China and America, David Rennie looks at how China is preparing. And as part of our Open Future season, we explore how tax systems could be improved. Also, the electric bike business is riding high. Helen Joyce hosts

  • A Q&A Panel With Finnish YouTubers | Tips For Influencers

    This panel with a group of Finnish YouTubers, including Jarno Laasala [The Dudesons] was super cool, and we touched on a handful of topics that I don't talk about a ton, like how Logan Paul and Grape Story are linked, brand safety with influencers and the balance of selling out as an influencer that's putting on a brand. Awesome chat around tips for influencers here <3


    This throwback is PERFECT for you to listen to this Sunday morning, there's a really simple way to make money - do shit. In this one, my brother in law Justin & spend the day going to garage sales to find stuff to flip - you should give it a try today :)

  • An Interview with Anthony Fargo on iHeartRadio

    The internet cut out all of the middlemen, which opens up the door to anybody and everybody that takes a shot.. In today's world where anybody can create content and put it on social with very little to no friction, you have to make the best content and be the best at distributing it... Really enjoyed this interview with iHeartRadio, you can find them here:

  • Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 6.15.18
    Sprott Money News

    Eric Sprott discusses this week's events and looks ahead for the precious metals and the mining shares.

  • Tasting menu: Audio highlights from the June 16th 2018 edition
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    Around the world, from Turkey to Venezuela, democracy is in trouble – the least-bad system of government ever devised needs defenders. Also, why nearly half of businesses in Sicily still pay protection money to the Mafia. And a dispatch from the land of the midnight sun. Anne McElvoy hosts

  • Building a Content Creation & Distribution Team Around Your Personal Brand

    This clip from when I was in Helsinki is a really strong reminder of how I built my personal brand team - Team GaryVee and a great model to follow if you've hit the point in your personal brand development where you can bring some people on to exponentially grow the brand. I talk to an entrepreneur in Finland about the core players that I see as required on a team -  and the individual content they create, as well as scaling that team. 

  • 634: Getting People to Help You
    HBR IdeaCast
    Motivating People

    Heidi Grant, a social psychologist, explains the right ways and wrong ways to ask colleagues for help. She says people are much more likely to lend us a hand than we think they are; they just want it to be a rewarding experience. Grant is the author of “Reinforcements: How to Get People to Help You.”

  • A Keynote: NAC 2018 Denver

    The massive, overarching theme of this keynote is practicality - useful knowledge to drive your goal. Once you've figured out what you want, and what you're trying to achieve , you need to put in the work and reverse engineer to match that goal. Some really great Q&A here too, chatting about OTT's and the way the landscape is changing.

  • F*ck Your Affirmations, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO242
    The MFCEO Project

    What’s the #1 lie of our society & what would your life look like if you completely rejected it? So many people out there right now are talking about how everybody needs to “love themselves” & keep telling themselves that…“You’re beautiful & worthy & good enough." But here's the problem: for those statements to be true, there has to be a change in mindset & a commitment to act & live in a certain way. Bottom line: you aren't entitled to feel good about yourself. You have to earn it.

  • Avsnitt 251 - Spelet bakom budet på H&M

    I ett ovanligt optimistiskt avsnitt har Johan hittat två spännande sommarcase där botten nalkas. John spelar upp en radioteater av högsta kvalité som inte får missas. Atlas splitas i två och Börspodden benar ut vad som gäller. Dessutom har John hittat ett PE 1 köp. Missa inte!

  • The week ahead: How Kim Jong won
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    How North Korea got the better of President Donald Trump at this week’s summit in Singapore. And after an important vote in the House of Commons, is the UK heading for a softer Brexit? Also, French President Emmanuel Macron leaves his mark on the world stage. Simon Long hosts

  • Babbage: Fuel for thought
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    How a privately owned Chinese company called OneSpace is using solid fuel for launching rockets. Also, the worrying growth of bogus scientific journals. And is there an optimal strategy for the dreaded penalty shoot-out? Kenneth Cukier hosts

  • The Economist asks: How should the West respond to Russian meddling?
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    On the eve of the World Cup in Russia, former American ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, says the US needs to stand up to Putin — build up resilience in the electoral technology, set targeted sanctions — and he explains how it feels to be the target of Putin’s steely eyes. Anne McElvoy hosts.

  • A Keynote: Vistage 2015 |How Technology Is Exposing Us | #TBT

    This keynote was super super cool and I think it's a great one to look back at, when Instagram and Snapchat were just starting to boom & social taking hold of our lives. I give some advice I think will help a lot of you - talking about how long you should be waiting until you see a return on your business or startup. Great stuff in this keynote, it'd mean the world to me if you listened <3 

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal June 20, 2018
    News & Politics

    A look at the policy of family separation, despite risks border crossings continue, and U.S. auto makers are putting smaller engines into big trucks.

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal June 19, 2018
    News & Politics

    President Trump defends family-separation policy, White House wants a "Space Force," and compulsive video-game playing could be mental health problem.