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  • Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 9.13.19
    Sprott Money News

    Eric Sprott reacts to a volatile period in the precious metals and looks ahead to FOMC meeting next week.

  • Avsnitt 316 - Jocke B har förstört allt

    Sektorrotation är det nya modeordet som Börspodden inte tar på allvar. Johan har gjort gedigen research på NetEnts nya förvärv av Red Tiger och har många sk “takes”. Det ryktas om kris på Malta och frågan är vad det sätter för spår i aktiekurserna. Dessutom ett boktips från John vilket inte tillhör vanligheterna.

  • Achieving Your Dreams is Figureoutable | #AskGaryVee 323 with Author & Entrepreneur Marie Forleo

    Podcast listening community! This is a high energy #AskGaryVee with the dynamic Marie Forleo, author of her new book "Everything is Figureoutable" and Host of Marie TV. On this episode we talk abut finding your passion, building team culture, and answer call-in questions! I think you're going to get a ton of value from this episode and please tweet me @garyvee with your feedback. TIMESTAMPS: 4:00 - Intro to Marie Forleo 6:00 - Finding your passion with tasting 9:30 - Coaching and mastermind ecosystem 11:50 - Everything Is Figureoutable 14:00 - 2 things important in culture 16:00 - Living til 140 years old 17:55 - Question 1 by Brittany, having side gigs and being half way through your savings 23:45 - Question 2 by Franklin, living happily on making $600 a year 32:15 - Amanda likes Marie more than Gary

  • What Can Wall Street and Silicon Valley Learn From Each Other?
    Goldman Sachs

    Technology is changing the structure of the financial industry, says Marty Chavez, global co-head of the Goldman Sachs Securities Division. In this episode, he discusses how the industry is reshaping. “If you look inside a financial services firm, you’ll find there has traditionally been a relatively small number of roles that we talk about—so there’d be bankers, salespeople and traders,” Chavez says. “Now, all of those simple, easy categories are going away and they’re going away fast, and it’s becoming much more complicated and much more multidimensional.” This breaking down of clear categories also changes how financial firms compete with each other. “The traditional notions of ‘You’re my competitor’ are giving away to something that looks much more like coopetition—maybe not my favorite word, but you compete in some areas and you cooperate in some other areas; and some other areas you might be a client, or they might be a client,” Chavez says.        

  • A Hospitality Mindset Works On Everything | #AskGaryVee 322 with Faisal Sublaban

    In this episode of AskGaryVee, we sit down with Faisal Sublaban aka @thehotelboss and discuss the importance of DOING instead of just thinking about building your business. TIMESTAMPS: 1:30 - Intros 3:45 - Faisal’s Childhood story 5:15 - Radical candor and wanting the pressure 6:30 - Optimistic management 9:40 - Shower pressure and gummy bears 12:25 - First Question: Alex “Implementing hospitality undertones to medicine and for doctors” 18:00 - Second question: Patrick “Having a challenge at scaling his business” 19:50 - There’s no universal correct answer, it’s what’s correct for you 29:00 - Raghav TikTok Fail 30:30 - Third question: Alex “How can I start, trying to figure out if it’s a good idea

  • Unlocking the Relationship Between Parents and Kids w. Educator and Businesswoman, Janice Bryant Howroyd

    Parents, this is a great episode  with a different vibe than you might be used to and I think you're going to LOVE it! Thought leader and educator Janice Bryant Howroyd stops by to talk about admiration for our parents, how adversity shaped her and details and insights from her life\. Parents and kids, take some ideas here and tweet me @garyvee with what you thought about today's episode.   TIMESTAMPS: 1:00 Intros 4:40 It’s All Context 9:40 Admiration for Parents 11:00 What’s your story? 15:10 Osmosis and Living It 16:30 It’s Your Attitude, not Your Aptitude 17:20 Don’t Make it About Yourself 18:20 Adversity leads to success 20:30 Parent Teacher Conference

  • Strike While the Platform's Hot and Why It Doesn't Matter If It's Around in a Year | LinkedIn Live

    Podcast Listeners, get your notepads out! This is a behind the scenes look at how we do LinkedIn content. Strategist & Copywriter on my team Raghav asks me questions as we walk through how we produce writtle articles and cartoons and other content for LinkedIN. Enjoy, and I hope you're going to love this if you've been searching for LinkedIN strategy and insights! Share what your feedback on LinkedIn and / or tweet at me @garyvee, would love to hear what you think! TIMESTAMPS: 4:07 Get attention while the attention is there 6:03 Striking while a platform is hot 7:10 Why I dominated Instagram 9:45 We should be charging for this 10:59 January 24, 2013 "Hey, whose on vine?" 11:57 This is the shit I do... bring massive value  

  • Start Listening and stop imposing | Soccer Unplugged with Mark Pulisic

    What's up podcast listeners? On this episode Mark Pulisic Host of Soccer Unplugged stopped by. We talked contemporary parenting, what it's like raising a professional athlete, and share our takes on the infamous College Athletics Admission scandal. This is a fun episode I'm excited for you to listen. Tweet me @garyvee with your thoughts and comments on this episode, would love to hear what you think. Also, for soccer highlights and news, check out One37pms very own @properfootball on instagram and give us a follow if you like what you see :)  - To learn more about Marc Pulisic, Host of Soccer Unplugged Podcast, and father of Cristian Pulisic, winger and attacking midfielder who plays for Chelsea FC: @markpulisic     TIMESTAMPS: :53 - Starting a youth sports business 2:10 - What’s the secret formula 2:51 - Eliminating Friction … at scale 5:47 - Kids are treated as corporate executives 6:58 - College Admissions Scandals 18:20 - Pay for Play 19:33 - The Solution is Communication 26:10 - Excuses and Complaining 29:35 - This is how you’re going to make it 32:00 - Accountability vs Ridicule 32:30 - Your Actions Have Consequences 35:25 - Quantifying Distractions 38:00 - Your kid is showing you they aren’t committed 38:55 - Start listening and stop imposing 39:30 - What is the balance 40:10 - The merit of consequences 44:00 - It’s all about judgment

  • Editor’s picks: September 13th 2019
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, the “internet of things” revolution is about to go into overdrive. Europe’s best hope of economic revival lies in its neglected single market (09:29). And, Neanderthals and the consequences of chronic earache (18:02)

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  • Trust issues: Huawei’s radical plan
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    The tech giant finds itself enmeshed in a broad battle between China and America. But Huawei’s boss has an idea that might extricate it: selling off its 5G crown jewels. The battle isn’t only in technology; the documentary “American Factory” examines what happens when a Chinese company comes to Ohio. And, the surprising ease of shutting down an airport using drones. For information regarding your data privacy, visit

  • To Viktor, more spoils: Hungary’s autocracy
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    He was once a liberal reformer, but now no institution is safe from Viktor Orban’s iron grip. His transformation into an autocrat is a troubling lesson about the decline of liberal democracies. Afghanistan’s drug trade has for decades mostly meant opium and heroin; thanks to a native bush, now methamphetamines are on the rise. And, a look at the resurgent musical genre called yacht rock. Additional audio: Soundsnap . For information regarding your data privacy, visit

  • The High School Party Concept | INSIDE 4Ds

    Podcast listeners, today you get a special Inside 4Ds episode. This session took place on August 15th out of our NYC office. As you know 4Ds is one of my favorite things to do as I get to help solve every day business problems that entrepreneurs, SMBs and personal brands deal with. Fires me up!! If you're interested in attending a 4Ds session check out the link here and tweet me @garyvee with any questions ;)   TIMESTAMPS: 00:30  - 5:20 Guest Introductions 7:05 Being Agenda Driven - not all posts are created equal 9:05 Turning Referrals and word-of-mouth into creative 10:20 Eliminating Friction … at scale 12:55 Think like a ‘magazine’ company (Think like a publisher) (Think Like Vogue) 19:55 The High School Party Concept 25:35 - Video of the Day Question 26:30 - Why Vulnerability will work on LinkedIn 27:45 - How to work with old school businesses and not selling to the unsellable 35:05 - Benefits of FB Groups 37:05 - Creating Content for Dual Sided Marketplaces (37:05 should we cut this part) 40:05 - Family Cookie Business and building demand to penetrate new territories 43:15 - Generating demand for software businesses 45:50 - Optimizing on shipping for food businesses to retain control 46:45 - Rapid fire Q&A   Thank you for listening, and if you have any feedback, please remember to tweet me @garyvee or leave a comment on my LinkedIn Post!

  • The Economist asks: Margaret Atwood
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    The author of “The Testaments” and “The Handmaid’s tale” debates whether her novels are speculative fiction and how women's rights have evolved since she began writing in the early 1960s. Anne McElvoy asks Margaret Atwood whether she benefitted from a “Trump bump”, if #MeToo is an invincible weapon and what makes a “bad” feminist? Also, does she admire the Queen?

  • Babbage: Taxis for take-off
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    Flying taxis could soon become commonplace in cities if operators can overcome strict regulations on their use. Journalist Rebecca Fannin explores the future of technology giants in China. And, how can the sound of sand reveal its source? Kenn Cukier hosts Extra music by Chris Zabriskie “Divider” (CC by 4.0 UK)

  • This Weekend with Gordon Deal September 14, 2019
    News & Politics

    Kids of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates get a taste of the trail, résumés are starting to look like Instagram, and where to find aliens around the world.

  • Sparpodden 305 - Investera i politiska risker

    Det väntas en stor börsnotering av riskkapitalbolaget EQT. Men kommer det bli en bra investering? Det blir en uppföljning på pensionssparkontot (PSK) efter lite lyssnarfrågor och vi delar med oss av detaljfrågor. Förra veckan så uttalade finansministern att banksektorn ska beskattas mer. Hur påverkar politisk risk investeringslandskapet och vad hände med riskerna kring vinster i välfärden? Mer om detta i veckans avsnitt!

  • What If There’s No Gatekeeper?” | #AskGaryVee 321 w/ Oscar-Winner Brian Grazer

    On this episode, Oscar-winner, producer, screenwriter, and author Brian Grazer talks about finding human connection, listening, selling and sharing insights on what's holding people back. Brian produced films such as “Beautiful Mind”, “Liar Liar”, “8 Mile”, “American Gangster” and many more. Hope you enjoy this episode if you have any feedback please tweet me @garyvee. TIMESTAMPS:   1:50 : what I learned from selling as a kid   4:50 : all the benefits come from adversity   5:50 : the problem with contemporary parenting   8:20 fighting in school   8:45 bringing fighting back   10:45 strategies for effective listening; being present   11:20 the art of human connection   28:20 what’s stopping people

  • Luciana Lixandru, Partner at Accel, on how to spot global winners among local champions
    This Much I Know

    “It’s very difficult to spot an outlier in the early days. At series A, outliers are not obvious. If you go towards group decision making, you can miss some of these outliers.” In this week’s episode of This Much I Know, Carlos is joined by Luciana Lixandru, Partner at Accel, the top-tier US fund with a strong presence on the ground in Europe. Prior to joining the firm in 2011, Luciana worked at Morgan Stanley and as an investor with Summit Partners. Currently, she successfully proves Accel’s thesis that innovation and talent can come from anywhere. In conversation with Carlos, Luciana reveals how partners at Accel filter investment opportunities to spot the next global winner amongst local champions. She also shares details on how the fund operates internally, and why being connected with an associate should never be taken as a slight. Tune in to hear Luciana’s journey from leaving her hometown in Romania for Georgetown to mastering financial terms whilst at Morgan Stanley and eventually investing in such tech superstars as Deliveroo, UiPath, Tessian, and Framer. Links: Luciana Lixandru - Accel - Carlos Espinal - Seedcamp -

  • Scapegoating: xenophobia in South Africa
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    Migrants have become a convenient scapegoat for South Africans frustrated by a slumping economy and rampant unemployment—and for the politicians who might otherwise take the blame. We take a look at the ever-sharper divisions in America’s abortion debate. And, why the improbably complex business of getting cabs in Beirut is preferred over disrupters like Uber. For information regarding your data privacy, visit

  • Things fall apart: Britain’s fading centre-right
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    Parliament is suspended for weeks. The Conservative party has been hollowed out. The prime minister’s hopes for an election have been dashed, twice. What does all this portend for the Tory party? And a special election in a solidly Republican district in North Carolina may shed light on President Donald Trump’s re-election chances. Also, a look at the unsung human superpower of language. For information regarding your data privacy, visit