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  • Sounds of summer
    Agnostura Elwar

    Music for Birds, Bees, Synthesizer and electric guitar(sounds like I'm a romantic guy - well, I'm not - I just love...). Audio recordings from my porch including birds and bees, (and some neighbour's carpeting as well(What´s he building in there?)) was executed in Myråsen, Grimstad 21.05.2018. Birds are highly qualified musicians, but not especially great with electric guitar. Porch time for contemplation and relaxation after several hours of stone cracking(not good for delicate guitar-fingers) ended in need for doing some audiorecordings of the natures sound around me. Rest of the track is my Gibson and me doing some collabs. A little bit of synth guitar and synthesizer as well. Tom Waits didn't contribute on this recording - I'm sure he would if he had bean forced to long enough. Neither does Rick Wakeman, Jan Garbarek, Roger Waters, Gary Green, Bill Bruford, Klaus Shulze or anybody else. If they wanted, they could have, but I haven't heard any proposals from any of them, how strange it may appear.

  • Kryshe - Luftspalt II

    Next track in my sunday series! Enjoy :)

  • Around the Corner - 27012018
    Lehel Lajos
    Experimental, Ambient, Noise

    Ambient recording of the workshop-closing concert from sound artist Christophe Charles alongside Lehel Lajos and Chaos Sense Delight(Anton Kryvulia, Marika Krasina), on "The Lightbridge" at HfG in Karlsruhe.

  • Yoga set: Night Jaguar Dreams
    Moksha Sounds

    Set for yoga, tea ceremony, meditation

  • Zanadont - KarNeVor - Boom Mix

    Zanadont I was listening to some Trance & some Chillout the other day & this strange idea came to me why not make a Trance track (which i'd not done in a while) but with all the feeling of an Ambient Chillout track. So here is my Hybrid Extravaganza & like Dr Frankenstein's ALIVE !! Relax - Enjoy - Repost - Comment @karnevor Always Something Different !!

  • About the Death of Stars
    From the Mouth of the Sun
    726 From the Mouth of the Sun (aka Aaron Martin & Dag Rosenqvist) return with ‘Sleep Stations,’ an EP of six new songs, out May 18th, 2018 on Lost Tribe Sound. ’Sleep Stations’ rests comfortably alongside 2017’s ‘Hymn Binding’ their third full-length album and their original score for Joshua Z. Weinstein’s feature film, ‘Menashe.’ With ‘Sleep Stations’ the duo assures us that their exquisite palette of classical leaning, electro-acoustics reaped from their previous albums still leaves much to be explored. In fact, the pieces of ‘Sleep Stations’ were composed during many of the same sessions as ‘Hymn Binding’ and ‘Menashe,’ yet they feel like a natural continuation of From the Mouth of the Sun’s sound, a stepping stone towards the next chapter, if you will. The core sound will be instantly recognizable for those who’ve followed their previous endeavors, comprised of cello, piano, acoustic guitars, lap steel, banjo, ukulele, pump organ, soft humming electronics and warm layer of static. The title track ‘Sleep Stations’ was originally meant to be included on the album ‘Hymn Binding.’ It acted as a centerpiece and starting point for the music that From the Mouth of the Sun recorded later during the process of scoring the ‘Menashe’ film. The film ended up requiring an extremely spare palette, thus the ‘Sleep Stations’ EP represents a longing for a fuller and more controlled sound that exhibits the dynamic range that From the Mouth of the Sun strive for with their work. There is a softness and detachment to ‘Sleep Stations’ more so, that seems to give the album an of aerial view of the landscape below. Where ‘Hymn Binding’ felt more grounded in the earth and soil, ‘Sleep Stations’ floats high above, feeling weightless, suspended in slow motion flight. Arranging ‘Sleep Stations’ as an EP, has allowed Aaron and Dag to tell a shorter story, one that doesn’t have to be such a grand gesture, which is something they’ve wanted to explore for a while now. It’s a beautiful reminder, that a collection of music can still be simple yet deeply affecting, without being overwrought and excessive. ___________________________________________ CASSETTE DETAILS ‘Sleep Stations,’ our 3rd installment in the Dead West Tape Series, arrives on a limited pro-dubbed hi-bias tape cassette, housed in a reverse printed 300gsm heavy stock outer case. The edition (limited to 100) also comes with a download card offering a choice of formats including FLAC, 320K MP3, etc. Mastering was performed by Matthew Collings (aka one half of the duo Graveyard Tapes). ___________________________________________ DEAD WEST TAPE SERIES Dead West is a series of limited cassette tape releases from the Lost Tribe Sound record label, inspired by the relocation of the LTS headquarters from the dry desert of Arizona to the lowland plains of Wisconsin’s farm country. The Dead West focuses on music built for exploring and soundtracking your environment, whether you're deep in the middle of lush woodlands, or just laying back at home with rested eyes. ‘Sleep Stations’ is the third release in the series. The first two releases in the series come from the composer William Ryan Fritch (Ill Tides) and experimental guitarist Seabuckthorn (I Could See The Smoke). ___________________________________________ credits releases May 18, 2018 Music & Arrangements by Dag Rosenqvist & Aaron Martin Mastering by Matthew Collings Cover Image: NASA/JPL/U of Arizona Layout & Design by Ryan Keane © Dag Rosenqvist / Aaron Martin / Lost Tribe Sound LLC Published by Settled Scores LLC (ASCAP) 2018

  • 73. Sleepy Sunday Podcast (Elm Records)
    Elm Records

    Tracklist 01. Confessor - Black Window 02. Hilyard - Repose IV 03. Sylvie Walder & Enti Non - Le Petit Lac 04. Darren Harper & Gimu - I've Let You Forget Again 05. Slow Clinic - Arrival 06. Dramavinile - Wish I Could Be Free 07. Miguel Isaza -Intersticio 08. Aaron Martin - A Ribbon Of Light (As It Falls) 09. Anne Chris Bakker- Aarden 10. Cétieu - The Dreamers

  • Echoes Of Miyajima
    Robin Koek

    Part of a new reseach into harmonic sculptures, containing processed field recordings of my last trip to Japan early 2018. The image is a still from 'Choros' by Michael []- a body frozen in time like the overtones floating in the composition contemplating the ephemeral nature of sound projection in acoustic space and how it affects our perception of time over time.

  • Ant Nebula And Amar Dhall Back - To - Back Auditory Relaxation
    Ant Nebula
    Psydub, Psybass

    This set was recorded on the 15th of May near the Molonglo River as a back-to-back set between Ant Nebula and Amar Dhall. We try record one set a year together, which we have done managed to so every year since 2014, except we missed last year. The cheeses were varied, the tapas high quality and the wine was red. This set was recorded for playing on the Auditory Relation Podcast. Mixed with love especially for you! Best served chilled in a high-fidelity listening environment. 1. Cydelix, Cinamon Insense 2. Shwamp, Emotional Rebirth 3. Psydell & Alejo, Upon The Shoulders of Giants 4. Expedizion, Awakening At Night 5. Soulacybin, Depth Overload 6. Soulacybin, Aqua Robatic 7. Master Margherita, Mr Pink, Elvis Lobo, Bump Ride (Blue Hour Mix) 8. Vlastur, Cycladic Dub (Liquid Mix) 9. Master Margerhita, Binghi Dub 10. Third Ear Audio, Freak Of Nature 11. Land Switcher, Searching Spore 12. AtYyA, Movement 13. Sleepy Koala, L’intervalle du Cloune 14. Deya Dova, Rite Of The Hunt 15. Innofaith, Dawn Is Late 16. Phaeleh, Numb 17. Galaxy, Wavemode 18. Ludovico Einaudi, Rose Links: Amar Dhall Soundcloud: Follow:

    Rydhm Dee
    #psychill #psybient

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  • Avalon (Ft. Oceanically)

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  • The power of 'Yes'

    A short ambient track i wrote which is heavily inspired by Hammock's ambient music for the game 'far cry 5'.

  • Moog Grandmother + Strymon El Capistan (Boards of Canada Sequence)
    subfifth recordings

    Moog Grandmother + Strymon El Capistan (w/ Boards of Canada Sequence) Exploring a Boards of Canada sequence for this installment ("Kaini Industries" from Music Has the Right to Children, 1998). Tape echo is from the Strymon El Capistan (with fixed tape head and Mode A). MIDI is from Ableton Live. No other processing. The first half up to 1:40 is just the Grandmother, then thereafter with El Cap added. Video at:

  • feel my calmness.

    Threnody - Goldmund

  • System Shock 286 [Tuonela / Boson Spin Collab]
    Boson Spin

    30May18 A re-working of Tuonela's ( remix, System 286; :D

  • Hidden Rehearsal
  • 23 - 05 - 2018 Do Gallan Kariye
    Radio Punjab Today

    Radio show by Harmail preet

  • New #428 podcast Galaxy - Chill Out @ 11.05.2017
    Galaxy - Worldwide Psytrance Podcast by Dj.Acid
    Chill Out

    1. Solar Fields – Circles Of Motion 2. Sputer – Sleep Paralysis 3. Lauge & Baba Gnohm – Odd 4. CBL – Central Plain 5. Aes Dana – Bam 6. Etnoscope – Floating Feeling 7. Monoque – Distance Unknown (Erot Remix) 8. Seamoon – Chillnerd 9. E-Mantra – Moon Walker 10. Lemonchill – En Larmes (Side Liner Remix) 11. Jens Buchert – In The Mirror 12. Aquascape – Induct 13. Lemonchill – Moonlight Sonata (Zero Cult Remix) 14. Mika Kuisma – Trying My New Wings 15. Vonoom – Therapy Pudding 16. Lemonchill – Emotions 17. Genuine – Thleilaxu (Kumharas Mix) 18. Astropilot – Born Of The Biote 19. TeTuna – Dahilalaoh

  • Only Tales Will Tell
  • Harmless Sad Shit