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  • Her

    Just a jam session with my buddy, Ryo May you rezonate with the emotions we felt in this track

  • Side Liner - Live Recording 12 May Athens - DTP On Tour Event
    Side Liner (Cosmicleaf Records)

    Live recording from 12 May 2018 event in Athens DTP Tour with Side Liner, Solar Fields, Aes Dana, Sygnals, Cydelix, Qses Support: 00:00 Side Liner & Maluns - Dope To The Sound 05:20 Side liner - Hold On From Your Dream 13:18 Side Liner & Aviron - Forget Past 18:24 Aviron - Charlatan 23:42 Shunkan Idou - Above The Clouds 28:15 Side Liner & Aviron - No Borders 34:03 Side Liner & Kerensa Stephens - Blindfolded 37:56 Side Liner - Blackest Storm 43:14 Side Liner - Deep Hurt 48:52 Side Liner & Kerensa Stephens - Dreamer (Vocal Mix)

  • Late For The Date - "Mia & Sebastian's theme"

    I play this music to sleep

  • A Walk In Nature
    Marcel Huse
  • As Above So Below | New Age Music | Paul Landry | Under A Canopy of Stars
    New Age Music Garden
    New Age Music

    Under a canopy of Stars is an album combininf older unreleased material with brand new music for a 2018 release. an improvised piece featuring keyboards synth and electric guitar with guitar synth module; This track was originally recorded in 2014 with some extra synth added in 2018. An album of stirring thought proving celestial instrumentals for your listening pleasure Track: As Above So Below Album: Under A Canopy of Stars Artist: Paul Landry - Electric guitar with Roland GR-55 Guitar Synethesizer, Keyboards and vsti synthesizers Recorded 2014/18. Album released 2018 ♫ BUY ♫ ♫ ♫ Composed, performed, recorded and produced by Paul Landry Photography and album art by Paul Landry ©2018 Paul Landry Music All Rights Reserved Presented by New Age Music Garden

  • Warmth - Saros
    Warmth | SVLBRD

    'Parallel' is the third ambient album by Warmth. A tribute to the minimalist ambient of the nineties. Written and Produced by Agustín Mena Mastering by Taylor Deupree Photography Alexander Kopatz Archives45 // ArchivesCD26 Archives / 2018

  • Destiny Cure Me
  • The Madison La Herradura (White Label Version)
    Tymmesa & his Quantum iA Song-Birds

    The symphonic claustrum-hand within the colourful mindscape realms of Tymmesa & his Quantum iA Song-Birds captures a cosmic journey that intrepidly pops into existence upon the Bells of Birth, explores the existence of life upon The Bridge of Awareness, transcends The Flow of Experience and Traumatic Evolution through The Descent of Revelation within The Black Hole Darkness; where The Revolution Wheel Re-spin accelerates The Rise of Wisdom & Amplified Intelligence. This score has been written and composed with the very highest of honour for La Herradura's loving son and friend to the people, upon celebrating the grand-creation of his own dream, The Madison Coffee & Drinks, Paseo Andres Segovia, La Herradura - The Café at the Centre of All that is the Sanctuary of Life. Coming soon on iTunes and all major digital stores. Paz y Amor Siempre NT

  • It's Just Music Baby! Thursday 17 May 2018 on Soundart Radio
    It's just music baby

    Hello and welcome to this month's show on Soundart Radio. Lots of new music from Fluid Audio, the rejuvenated Hibernate and reinvigorated Part Timer. Hope you enjoy Richard #1 - Ian Hawgood + Danny Norbury – Parts IV, VI, & VII (Faintly Recollected – Home Normal) #2 - Antonymes - Endlessly - Ian Hawgood Remix (The license to interpret dreams (remixes) Fluid Audio) #3 - Emmanuel Witzthum – Eyes Shut Leaves Lift in Winds across Autumn Skies - excerpt (Songs of Love and Loss – Eilean Records) #4 - From the Mouth of the Sun - About the Death of Stars (Sleep Stations – Lost Tribe Sound) #5 - part timer - Sunday Sketch Blurred (Dusting off hard drives – Bandcamp) #6 - Ned Milligan – August Perennials (Afternoon Hours - Fluid Audio) #7 - William Ryan Fritch - a transient comfort (A Hound’s Heart – Lost Tribe Sound) #8 - Macheteoxidado - Canyon Sequence 7 (Canyon Sequence – Shimmering Moods Records) #9 - Moss Covered Technology - Sea #2 (And his many seas - Fluid Audio) #10 - Unidentified – Track 8 (Vol 2 – Shimmering Moods Records) #11 - Alessio Ballerini – Wiwanana (Wiwanana Original Documentary Soundtrack – Fluid Audio) #12 - Anthéne – cordelia (Colour Fields – Hibernate) #13 – Anne Garner Not Home (Porya Hatami Remix) (Slowcraft Records) #14 - part timer & Heidi Elva – Drive (Dusting off hard drives – Bandcamp) #15- Antonymes - Oradour-Sur-Glane remix the humble bee (The Licence To Interpret Dreams (Remixes) – Fluid Audio) #16 -Dee.F - If I could stay reasonably sane (original mix) (Vietnam compilation – Flaming Pines) #17 - Peter Kris – Waterman (Tape Selections – Shimmering Moods Records) #18 - Luton - Elk Talk (Black Box Animals – Lost Tribe Sound) #19 - Gideon Wolf – Notary 2018 (Replicas – Fluid Audio) #20 - Kirill Mazhai - Love Theme (Hearts Must change – Fluid Audio) #21 - James Osland and Finn Kelvin -Until Tomorrow Morning, Then (Colourless - Flaming Pines) #22 - Depatterning - The Power Commission (The Community Pasture – Analogue Chat) #23 - Mind over MIDI - Blå Time (Tussmørke – Hibernate) #24 - Jack Hayter - The Mulberry Tree At Abbey Wood (Abbey Wood – Gare du Nord) Links:

  • I Stand In The Power of My Innocent Self
    Diana Lang

    A new meditation with Diana Lang Diana Lang © 2018 MUSIC used with permission by Steve Roach, "Structures from Silence"

  • Cousin Silas - White Sand Lagoons (Edit)
    Cousin Silas
    Ambient Guitar

    Edit (obviously!) from a long form ambient piece featuring pads, piano and guitar. Photo by Oleg Tishkovets.

  • Careless Cello
    Shine Jose 1

    Ambient chill Out ...

  • 09 Love Is The Flower Of Life
    chad lawson

    From the #1 iTunes Classical release, re:piano. Everything you hear on this album was made solely with a piano using effects and loops. No other instrument was used in this recording.

  • Stardust [demo]

    New piece inspired by idea of a dying star. (Couple of interesting notes as very much written in ad hoc manner, but that's why it's a demo!)

  • Puppy Seeds - Forever Young
    Shimmering Moods Records

    "Forever Young" by Puppy Seeds, taken from the forthcoming album "Lost at Sea" Limited cassettes and CD's available here: ''In this album, Puppy Seeds is painting vast and dreamy landscapes, made of remote lands of wilderness. Delicate and silky textures reveal the journey of these 9 pieces, expressing loneliness and the reminiscence of a lost love, with the result of finding peace again and a stable ground. Let yourself lull by her intimate work, that will make you feel at home, while travelling on some unknown and faraway places.'' Releases May 22, 2018 Written and produced by Nadine Carina Mastered by Gated Drawings by Rhucle Shimmering Moods Records 2018 SHM CD072

  • The Trickster [disquiet0333]

    Disquiet Junto Project 0333: Half Evil One of my favourite “positive” melodies is the middle section of “Cleve and the Mule”, a piece from Alfred Newman’s brilliant soundtrack for “How The West Was Won”. It depicts the arrival of a man who is a gambler and a shyster and is transformed by the emergence of the positive side of his nature, represented by this theme. This fragment was stretched (crudely) twice, then transformed into something a bit darker using The Mangle and ambient v.3. These were overlaid and mixed to transform the “good” theme into something more suggestive of the dark side. It ends with the sample being treated with vocoder and Crazy Ivan, finishing with an odd artefact from the mangled version. Written by Alfred Newman and played by The MGM Studio Orchestra. Image = Detail from “Fox Woman” by Susan Seddon Boulet ---------------------------------------------- Disquiet Junto Project 0333: Half Evil Where numerology casts a shadow on musicology. Step 1: This week’s project is the 333rd consecutive Junto project. That’s half of 666. Ponder the dark side. Step 2: Record a piece of music that could be described as “half evil.” More on this 333rd weekly Disquiet Junto project (Disquiet Junto Project 0333: Half Evil / Where numerology casts a shadow on musicology) at: Join the Disquiet Junto at:

  • Trazer - Serenity
    Epic Ambient

    This track was inspired by a serene meditative experience in the Arizona desert. Filled with dreamy melodies and peaceful ambient effects, it is sure take you on a journey. Sit back, relax, and float away. Download Support on Patreon! love, Anthony / Trazer

  • Spring Prawn
    Theta Phase

    Spring Prawn - May 2018 (Compiled & Mixed by Theta Phase) Tracklist 01. Airform - Atom (Original Mix) 02. Seamoon - I've got no philosophy 03. Zero Cult - Blue harmony 04. Bohemian - Fractals Everywhere 05. Androcell - Finding our bliss 06. The Navigation Guild - Strange Days 07. GMO vs Dense - Looking out of the pouch 08. Shantrip - Crystal Perry 09. Slackbaba - Dubterrania 10. Kaminanda - Optimal Trajecstasy 11. Mr Squatch - To And Fro 12. Menkalian - Behind the light 13. Chronos - Billy's Jeans meet the desert 14. GMS vs Jimbo - Big Bang 15. In Orbit - On a train to East Malwern

  • Diogo Carrilho - Midnight Sun
  • In The Dream

    Hello to everyone. A very delicate and relaxing piece of music appeared. It will continue completely. I hope all of you will likes it. Enjoyable listening. Take care of yourself.