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  • glisten
    modern classical

    falling in a bottomless abyss. from 'the sounds my heart makes' EP released by on all platforms now.

  • just a lovely day

    hope you will like it, enjoy. music by @ronnocborf.

  • Allay & ElDera - Down Into The Cimmerian Depths
    Silk Music

    🎧 Stream/Download this release: 🌴 Enjoy our latest releases on Spotify: 👨‍💻 Chat with us on Discord: Follow Silk Music: Follow Allay: Follow ElDera: Album Tracklist: 01 Allay & Skyline Drive feat. Jan Martin - A Spiritual Calling 02 Allay & Delectatio - Crossing The Vermillion Dunes 03 Allay & Jani R - Soaring Through The Eternal Blue Skies 04 Allay & Skyknock - Wandering The Golden Mountains 05 Allay - Embarking On The Celestial Pilgrimage 06 Allay & The Cynic Project - Astral Premonition 07 Allay - Reveries In Disarray 08 Allay, Narrow Skies & Skyline Drive - Last Speck Of Light 09 Allay & Rod V - Adrift In The Borderless Sea 10 Allay & ElDera - Down Into The Cimmerian Depths 11 Allay & Andevour - Lucent Thoughts 12 Allay & Inuuro - Voyage To The Inner Mind 13 Allay & SineRider - Opening The Last Chakra 14 Allay, Narrow Skies & Skyline Drive - Journey's End Allay, the beloved Dutch chillout & downtempo composer, delivers on the promise of his name, as he offers us both a soothing and spiritually uplifting aural pilgrimage, courtesy of "Journey Of The Velvet Adorned Nomad," his debut album on our imprint. An ambitious undertaking, guided by a quest to seek beyond the mundane world and explore the unknown, the album showcases a dozen new collaborative works with a variety of fellow Silk Music label veterans (Jan Martin, Delectatio, Jani R, Skyknock, The Cynic Project, Skyline Drive, Narrow Skies, Rod V, ElDera, Andevour, Inuuro, and SineRider), as well as a pair of equally captivating solo works. By the time the album closes with the achingly beautiful "Journey's End," the listener has experienced myriad introspective moments, each offering the promise of both tranquility and transcendence. Photographer: Andreas Fidler Website:

  • koda. - i will do as spiders do

    i will do as spiders do then watch you float away nourish. spotify playlists selected: lofi & chill: uploads: nourish.merch on youtube koda. nourish. ~ lyrics ~ framed as icicles numerous and gray i will do as spiders do then watch you float away as the night is young the frostbite lingers drips like faucets from my fingers and everything you gave to me i tossed it to the wind and i will float away and i will float away and i will float away and i will float away climbed across my back cut into the flesh burdened by my heart turned and hung my head and i will float away and i will float away and i will float away and i will float away

  • Leigh Toro - The Eternal Navigation (album preview)
    eilean rec.
    eilean 71

    artist : leigh toro album : the eternal navigation date : 10.10.18 map point : eilean 71 color : orange/brown/yellow season : autumn duration : 50.18 mn edition : limited to 130 copies ---------------------------------------------------------------- pre-order : October 01st / official release : 10.10.18 here : ---------------------------------------------------------------- All music produced and recorded by Leigh Toro with the exception of the Green's Windmill recording made by Amanda Young on the title track. Artwork by Lunakhods Inside Photography by Mathias Van Eecloo Design by superfluxgrafizm ---------------------------------------------------------------- Leigh Toro returns to Eilean for a second time with ’The Eternal Navigation’ an album that took shape in an attic studio looming high above the River Derwent. The initial inspiration for the album began with a series of field recordings made on trips to Lindisfarne and other sites along the Northumberland coastline during the Perseid Meteor Showers of 2016.  ---------------------------------------------------------------- Links :

  • early one (ep with the die youngs)
    dream till you lose it

    early one is a 3 track ep with my good friend, pianist and composer Benjamin Freeman as the die youngs. recorded on a very rainy day at my home close to the cooks river in sydney, the 3 track evokes the sensation of the dream you try to capture before you wake up and echoes shortly after when the day starts. enjoy your listen <3 1. prints 2. slower 3. time follow the die youngs: santpoort:

  • Kisnou - Departure
    † ŦĦ€ ǤΔΜ€Ş Ŵ€ ƤŁΔ¥ †
    New Life


  • Then Before - Divine
    † ŦĦ€ ǤΔΜ€Ş Ŵ€ ƤŁΔ¥ †

  • Karuna Breath

    This is a very special tribute to my beautiful wife Fey who passed away a few days ago. We recorded the vocals several years ago when we were developing her yoga practice. The words are mine and the backing is an old ambient noodling I cant even remember creating but I just put it all together now as a tribute to her gentle and extraordinary presence. Her life was cut short before she could put her dreams of helping bring consciousness to the world into action. May this glimpse of her gift do just that.

  • Naveen G - Live At The Ambient Dream Machine 8.11.18 Elements NYC
    Naveen G

    Live recording from The Ambient Dream Machine stage at Bang On Elements in New York, August 11, 2018. Many thanks to Seth Hosko and Bang On! for the chance to take part in this mini-stage. The empty grain silo was a great respite from the usual madness of a full on festival, and having a space such as this is an underutilized resource during these longer parties. had a chance to explore lots of field recordings and samples that i've been collecting over the years as well as some of my favorite pieces, drifting into some IDM and dub. next time, i'll probably feel more comfortable bringing some guitar pedals and a small eurorack for fun.

  • Ikr. Imprint w/ Ju Ca - NTS 11.08.18
    IKR IMPRINT (shō_mura)

    @nts_live with special guest @ju_ca - September tracklist - SIMON MCCORRY - Stardust HIDEKI UMEZAWA - Plants ADSF - I Will Not Leave My Bed NOVA ERA - Ange Pleure DEDEKIND CUT - MMXIX CEMETERY - Paragate MEITEI, MEITEI - Aoyagi = 青柳 CORIN & JUCA - Kuro ANTHÉNE - Angelus HANASHGAI NO RISK - 03 ULTRAFOG - Swallow TREASURE HUNT - Lifeform HANASHGAI NO RISK - 06 CEMETERY - I-Qk YANNICK DAUBY - 盤古蟾蜍 - Bufo Bankorensis - Central Formosa Toad CLAUDE - Sf.V1 MICHAEL ATHERTON - Chasm From Windshit STEVE KILBEY UNDERGROWTH FROM MISCELLANAEA - Whispers In The State STEVE JANSEN, RICHARD BARBIERI, NOBUKAZU TAKEMURA - The Children Gathering Around The Lake TERRE THAEMLITZ - A City On Springs MOTOHIKO HAMASE - Plateau From Reminiscence TETSU INOUE AND CARL STONE - .BitA From Pict.Soul TAKAO - Matsura From Stealth MIKI YUI - Mica From Mills YAS-KAZ - Prelude - The Gate Of Breathing

  • Angel in The Sky (Original short version )

    New Composition : Angel in The Sky created date: 19-09-2018 All Rights Reserved.

  • sleeper cel

    P.T inspired. SHIAE ITT DPUA

  • Heart Beats @ Modem Festival 2018 - The Seed Stage

    My last journey 'Heart Beats' DjSet @ Modem Festival 2018 - The Seed Stage on 09/08 at 7:30-9:00 am Thank you very much to all the generators of this beautiful sonorous moment, friends, artist, producers, Modem Festival. Iam infinitely grateful for the opportunity to flow in your berautiful and psychedelic Festival. With love! enjoy the trip Cymatic Lab - Immersive Art Experience Compiled and Mixed by: Alucine (@Alucine)

  • Positivity
    Meditation Relax Club
    New Age

    This track comes from the album: "Karma Yoga - Hindu Everyday Yoga Songs" by Oriental Karma Discover the full compilation:

  • Pianoman At The Sequencer
    Eashwar Subramanian

    An electronic ambient track with drones and bass synths layered over a piano melody.. a bit edgy, a bit calm.. a bit confusing...

  • Angel of Quiet Moments
    Angel Blessed Reiki Music

    "Angel of Quiet Moments ", composed by Diana Killion Rutherford 2018.

  • PPC004: The Element Of Water (PREVIEW)
    Religion & Spirituality

    The element of water comprises the program of 4 (four) aggregate states: Plasma state Solid state Liquid state Vaporous state These states are not the same though may spring out of the one fountainhead. This is the essential program that runs the aqua substance. It is the most informative program of all the elements that contains consciousness & memory. Throughout the whole composition there is a natural healing vibration tone that awakens original perfect state. Listen, relax, feel the essence, recognize the reflection of water’s manifestation inside one’s body. May you all be blissful. Audition: On demand Catalog No: PPC004 Distributior: digdis! (Digital Music Distribution) Objective: Aggregation Pitch: G Tempo: 60 bpm Total Play Time: 21 min

  • Couriers
    Abstract Aprils

    Couriers. A song for daydreaming. + Spotify: + iTunes / Apple Music: Social. + Instagram: + Facebook: + Twitter:

  • jesus is a rochdale girl
    the mermaid café

    Here’s our version of ‘jesus is a rochdale girl’ by Elbow. The original version is beautiful and atmospheric, and we wanted to keep that same spirit but utilise more unconventional production techniques. All the sounds heard on the track are made / recorded / edited by the both of us (mostly in our respective bedrooms) and if you’re interested in learning more about its production feel free to drop us a message! We really hope you enjoy it and if you want to keep updated with out releases / gigs please check out our social media: TMC x