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  • Desire Cloud
    Raquel Abolins-Reid

    Rough lil track I wrote on a rainy day about something you desire and can only dream of.

  • Sandeep - Summer Chill Out Session 2018
    chill out

    Here it is, your yearly chill out session. A mix full of chill out, ambient, neo classical, triphop, chillhop, hiphop and even some 4x4 beats to chill you the f*ck out. Perfect for your lazy days, poolside adventures and for those time you’re couchsurfin with your phone on mute. Enjoy! artwork by the late Lars Hartnack. always in my heart.

  • JAN HERTZ | Something Slow AMBIENT Podcast #13
    Something Slow on Isle 9
    Something Slow

    Podcast #13 Jan came to us with this ambient set and we enjoyed his variation on slow so much that we have decided to share it with you lovely #slow people in our podcast series! * Isle 9's Something Slow is a not-for-profit organisation that supports new and developing #slowmusic talent through events, music sharing and international network building. The Something Slow event series provides a space to dance and listen to #downtempo, #slow electronic music to take center stage in an intimate and cuddly setting. The Something Slow Residency supports #slow artists with network and promotional resources as well as bookings and regular performance slots. We welcome your application so don't be shy! Follow our residents and international events here--> FB:

  • M.PRAVDA – Uletay Chillstep Mix (May 2018)

    TRACKLIST: 01. Ecepta - Trust Me (Original Mix) 02. Phelian - Komorebi (Original Mix) 03. Pensees - Eclipse (Original Mix) 04. Victoriya - Disconnect (Andy Leech Remix) 05. Eikona - Artemis (Original Mix) 06. Whitewildbear - NAY (Original Mix) 07. Pensees - Dawn (Original Mix) 08. McAlvis - Befor Sunrise (Original Mix) 09. Pensees - Diany (Original Mix) 10. Sublab & Azaleh - Arctic Moon (Original Mix) 11. Direct & AK - Sleepless Nights (Original Mix) 12. AK & Sublab - Tranquil (Original Mix) 13. Tim Schaufert - Horizons (Original Mix) 14. Kosikk, Touris, Second Sectionist - Сome Closer To Me (Original Mix) 14. Azaleh & SmokeFishe - A Spark Inside (Original Mix) 15. Azaleh - Endeavour (Original Mix) 16. Kosikk - Heaven Seems So Far Away (Original Mix) 17. Vacant - Hoodlum 18. Lycoriscoris - Kite (Original Mix)

  • A NOBRE ARTE DE SABER VIVER (Mário Fernandes)
    Maurício Kimus

    A NOBRE ARTE DE SABER VIVER (Mário Fernandes) Cheguei!!! Cheguei aqui para ensinar Eu sou a voz da criação É hora de se apresentar E retomar de vez tua missão Um novo tempo pra mostrar A nova era para enaltecer Um novo modo de amar Com a nobre arte de saber viver Cheguei!! Cheguei aqui para explicar Se me ouvires sei que vais vencer Determinar o que quer alcançar E guerrear por todo seu viver É condição tu não julgar Saber deixar o outro escolher E respeitando o seu querer Se libertar pra não ter que sofrer. . . . Letra música: Mário Fernandes Teclado: Eliane Haas Tambor: Emerson Fernandes (Gravado no Céu da Águia Dourada em maio de 2018)

  • Embers Acoustic Medley (Part 2 / 2)
    Shirou Novaleinn

    "For the future that no longer seems bleak." - arrange: shirou novaleinn artwork: Embers (2018) - Part 1 Tracklist: 001. Idyllic Journey to the Stars 002. Clockwork Frontline (feat. Robyn Ardery) 003. For the Sounds of You 004. Stratiform Transmission 005. Moments 006. Affinity of the End Part 2 Tracklist: 001. Planetes 002. The Garden After Death 003. White Nightmare 004. Natural Lunar Essence 005. Harmonious Cycles 006. Whisper of a Forgotten World -Extra- 007. A Lull in the Sea - © 2017 - 2018 Shirou Novaleinn

  • Alegre Florescer
    Bito Coelho

    Tomás Saraiva (flauta) Vitor Coelho (tambor zen, violão)

  • Psychill mix may II 2018
    Sounds of Snow (Formally Noordsvaarder)

    Some nice track i mixed together, hope you enjoy! Carbon based lifeforms - Central plain Solar fields - cocoon moon Kalputura tree - Red moon (winter soulstice remix) Sufis life - Shamanic touch Youginia - Come in Noordsvaarder - Does it matter? Astronaut ape - high above the clouds

  • In Deep Seas Filled To Empty

    An ambient drift...

  • Gentle Music
    Meditation Relax Club
    New Age

    This track comes from the album: "30 Good Vibes (Relaxing Music) - Detachment From Over-Thinking" by Good Vibes Masters Discover the full compilation:

  • Gravitational Flux

    A little ambient piece to start the week off. There's no escaping it, gravity affects objects in different ways. Even in space, there is a gravitational pull to keep planets and objects on their trajectories.

  • When She Whispers

    Image source: human_extinction_by_bataulai

  • 22 - 05 - 2018 Do Gallan Kariye
    Radio Punjab Today

    Radio show by Harmail Preet

  • Catch Me If You Can (Koan Remix)
    Saafi Brothers
    Electronic Music

    Saafi Brothers - Catch Me If You Can (Koan Remix) From the album "Saafi Brothers - The Quality Of Being One : The Remixes Part 2" Liquid Sound Design Rec UK Remixes by Gabriel Le Mar, Klopfgeister, Vlastur, Kuba, Koan, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Roeth & Grey, Henning Richter, Erot, Backstage Gurus and by Saafi Brothers. Saafi Brothers music has not only stood the test of time but has elevated itself through the years into unimaginable higher spheres. They walk a deep line between trippy vibes and blissed out beats. The origins of the Saafi Brothers are long and storied, their brand of smoky, world-weary ambient dub first arising from the legendary label Blue Room Released UK with their still today classic psy dub album “Mystic Cigarettes“. Saafi Brothers quickly make their way into the hearts of music lovers. Soul-wrenching deep ambient tunes are layered gently into tranced and bassy beats on their new album "The Quality of Being One“. The remix album reflects on the story of "The Quality of Being One" from different angles, as each of the original songs are deconstructed and thus mixed differently. Overall the collection spans a wide range of moody remixes, from abstract excursions to functional floor keepers to detached sentiences in dub: soothing, hypnotic, futuristic, engaging and exhilarating – encapsulating chilled out soundscapes and deep chunky progressive... Release May 18, 2018 All tracks mastered by Jamie Grashion at Meridian Studios except for "Summer Travel (Saafi Brothers live at Ozora Remix)mastered by Gaetano Müller at Perla Audio Mastering. Album description by Jessica Alici & Gabriel Le Mar. Design and artwork by Special thanks to all remixers for their high quality passionate works, to Robin Triskele for loving & caring, and to Martin "Youth" Glover for support! © all rights reserved

  • burning & flickering
    aspect. / Parallelism

    ambient track may 2018

  • Deeper Still
    Steven Faile | Composer

    © 2018 Steven Faile Photo by Warlen G Vasco

  • Ptr. - Blissful Moments

    I usually don't write any long descriptions to my music, because I like to leave a lot of space for imagination, but this time I wanted to share with you my inspiration for this track. There are times in life that I'd best describe as blissful. For some those could be memories of their beloved ones, recent happenings, a trip they will never forget, a hot chocolate and a blanket on a cold day, a state they're in right now or really anything. Recently I've noticed how important those, sometimes very brief but precious, moments are to me. Bringing them back to my mind takes me to a careless (in a good sense) place, helps survive tougher times and makes me realize how lucky I was/am to live them. I cherish them in my heart as they are, for me, one of the reasons that life is worth living. I hope you all have at least one such memory and that there are more waiting for you in the future. Enjoy listening. The download is free, although feel free to support my music here: and also on Spotify: > Ptr.: Youtube: Soundcloud: @ptr-11 Facebook: Bandcamp: Spotify:

  • 21 - -05 - 2018 Do Gallan Kariye
    Radio Punjab Today

    Radio show by Harmail Preet

  • Interaxxis - Brotherhood
    Seven Villas Music

    Argentinan producers Emiliano Folgar (WayWork) and Martin Kazez -aka Interaxxis- are in charge this time of signing the new Seven Villas Voyage release. This ‘Daily News’ presents five inedit tracks: ‘Brotherhood’, ‘Daily News’, ‘Ruthless’, ‘TLV At Night’ and ‘Crislivi’, in which the duo from Buenos Aires get out of their usual progressive techno comfort zone and get into a timeless trip around deep and ambient sounds, which are regular features of this Spanish label. Departing from a sophisticated ‘hypnotic techno’ proposal, Interaxxis take our hands and lead us towards misty lounges and luminous places, where the spiritual joins the dubby and raises the listeners to blurry and meditative places, almost heavenly touched, where a strange calm is breath. Especially if we refer to ‘Brotherhood’, ‘Daily News’ and ‘TLV At Night’ alike three synth lullabies. It is also worth highlighting the strange peacefulness that exhales the supposedly frozen ‘Ruthless’, which seems to prepare us for something about to happen but that never really happens, and which contrasts with the soft and dubby dynamic character of the closing track, ‘Crislivi’.

  • V R 1 (Free Download)

    I am very happy to share with you the result of 11 months hard work for free download with pleasure as my gratitude for your precious being &support! Peace &love We Are One: (Free Download) Follow @2020official Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Mixcloud: Twitter: