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  • Ian Hawgood - 光 (album preview)
    eilean rec.
    eilean 14

    artist : ian hawgood album : 光 date : 06.06.18 map point : eilean 14 color : blue season : summer duration : 27.03 mn edition : limited to 200 copies ---------------------------------------------------------------- pre-order : May 28th / official release : June 06th, 2018. here : ---------------------------------------------------------------- Music by Ian Artwork by Lunakhods ( Mastered by Ian Hawgood Inside Photography by Mathias Van Eecloo Design by Rémi Verdier "thank you m for pushing, j s p h for pulling" ---------------------------------------------------------------- Links :

  • Sommarkväll (Thank you for 1k followers!)

    Thank you all so much for 1000 followers on this account! It seems rather crazy that 1000 people are following me on my SoundCloud, and I'm happy to see that my music is affecting people. Last week I ordered my first microphones, and this is one of my first recordings. I hope you enjoy this piece of music, and all the better ones to come. /Kaleb

  • TzimTzum - Owl Parade

    Artist Info Soundcloud: Facebook: Track Info " Amongst all the nocturnal birds, the owl has a very special place. Majestic, quiet, but also very clever, it has been used in various traditions as a symbol of intelligence, magic and beauty.Usually, the owl is also associated with solitude, I thought when i started creating this song, but the purpose of this song was to imagine the way it also interacts with its environment. Hence I tried to create a story, starting from trampling, birds and dry wood noises embodying the entrance of a new being into the forest who aims at catching the mysterious owl by different ways : running through the forest, calling him through a chant...But after 5 minutes of this joyful parade, when he is almost close to catch him, the owl escapes, uncatchable." - TzimTzum -

  • Relaxing Mind ©
    Nathalie B20

    After going to a Reiki session, which some of you know as a relaxing healing session. When I left I thought why not make myself my own relaxing music to relax to when feeling over stressed which is most days these days. Picture this……sitting or lying somewhere…..what fits your fancy…..let’s say on the warm sand in a wild beach with nothing around but the sound of birds and the sound of the waves coming back and forth gently. Feeling the soft wind on your skin. There is nothing around but you and nature. You feel free. Anyway I leave it to you to think of what makes you relax in your own private world. Better to listen with headphones. Hope you like it as this is no dance track. Love, peace and health to all. Copyright protected ©

  • Lütt Matten - Blauauge

    Artist Info Soudcloud: Facebook: Artist Bio Lütt Matten, little Matti, grown up in a small town near the Baltic coast, his glance always into the range of the endless horizons of the North German farmland. Free from rush and time, exposed to the elements and the sound of the universe, in thoughts traveling with the migration of the grey cranes, dancing to the choreography of the great crested grebe dance, raging like a finch in the hedge, free as the buzzard's flight in a summer thermals. Track Info "Blauauge means blue-eyed, a term I was growing up with because it fits not only to the colour of my eyes. The meaning of this term sayes also, that you are acting mostly naiv or just a bit to often too good thinking, like children do. And this actually fits to me and the way I grow up in this world. About the track, it means that I was putting the elements very intuitiv together. I loved the speakig of the shaman from the first moment, it just sounds nice and makes me smile, no idear what he wants to say, the rythm and the phonetic of him was catching and inspiering me to just do a track for me. So what you here is mirrowing me very well, a part of my nature: aggresiv, strong, sensible, loved, fragile." - Lütt Matten -

  • in silence
    Negative Headphone

    My Official Site My Facebook Page Twitter

  • Robin The Hood

    Links to artists, label and stores can be found at the bottom of the description! The album: Ancient Heroes vs Villains The eternal balance between light and darkness started shifting back and forth thousands of generations ago. This collection of music tells the tales... Release date: 18-05-2018 on Legacy of Thought label: The tracks: 1 Tuuligan - Cleopatra 2 Progeny-1 - Ares God of War 3 Time Away & Kathleen Payton - Charlemagne 4 Der Bischof - Babylon the Great 5 Andawan - Robin the Hood 6 Myth - Circe 7 Roberto Sass - The Hymn of Achilles 8 Cat Friendly - Hades 9 Progeny-1 - Boudicia Warrior Queen The artwork: Stephen Blundell: Mastering: Chris Held: The links: Also on itunes and amazon Time Away: Kathleen Payton: Roberto Sass: Der Bischof: Andawan: Cat Friendly: Progeny-1: Tuuligan: Myth: Rogue Return:

  • Glow

    Guitar looping with some new pedals

  • 1 Hour Meditation Music #24
    Meditation Music
    Meditation Music

    1 hour of beautiful meditation music for relaxation and inner peace and healing. Watch more music on YouTube with amazing visuals: ©Relaxing New Age Music Channel 2018 All Rights Reserved

  • Puppy Seeds "Lost at Sea" (Out Now)
    Shimmering Moods Records

    Puppy Seeds "Lost at Sea" Out today, 22 May 2018 Limited cassettes and CD's available here: ''In this album, Puppy Seeds is painting vast and dreamy landscapes, made of remote lands of wilderness. Delicate and silky textures reveal the journey of these 9 pieces, expressing loneliness and the reminiscence of a lost love, with the result of finding peace again and a stable ground. Let yourself lull by her intimate work, that will make you feel at home, while travelling on some unknown and faraway places.'' Track list: 1. 6AM 02:05 2. Rose 03:28 3. Forever Young 02:47 4. Got Lost 02:28 5. Farce 02:45 6. Starless 03:12 7. 14 02:35 8. King 03:25 9. Fields 02:44 Written and produced by Nadine Carina Mastered by Gated Drawings by Rhucle Shimmering Moods Records 2018 SHM CD072

  • Resident Guest Mix Paul Hillery - Leave Me Alone May 18
    Balearic Social

    5/12 from resident guest Paul Hillery Popsicle / Boom Bip Uchu Tanjyo / Susumu Yokota The Dossier On Virna Lindt / Virna Lindt The Wisp / Simian Why Climb The Highest Mountain / Empire State Alone Again And / Lilacs And Champagne On The Rhodes Again / Morcheeba Riders On The Storm (Slow Vocal Edit) / The Doors Leave Me Alone / Natalie Imbruglia Your Girl / Blue States Men And Women / When Harry Met Sally OST Shake It Loose / Dolphin Boy Fever (Edit)/ Peggy Lee Fiendish / Hefner Soft / Lemon Jelly Sunshine Philosophy (Sunshine Philosophy (Rob Da Bank and Chris Coco Mix) / Future Loop Foundation Charleroi / The Revelation Corporation Original Stuntmaster / AIM Trees / Twit One Our Prayer (Freeform Reform) / Brian Wilson

  • Kama Lila Sol - Cura Cura

    Artist Info Soundcloud: Facebook: Artist Bio Kamilla Sol, Performance Artist, Dj, Vocalist, Nomade.. South American, Scandinavian, Asia Fusion motive of Creating Soundscapes for journeys within and beyond, from slow Ambient Healing to Dance Meditation Trance 170 bpm

  • Interlude (from Torwlas Cloud)
    Luis Miehlich

    Recorded in 2014, newly re-mixed. Full album:

  • DMAT 2
    Tommy Holohan

    track excerpt from the soundscape i made for district magazine's spoken word event in the GPO

  • Sleepwalker Project Mix
    Blue Lies

    This was from a 7 month long highly collaborative project called Sleepwalker that spawned 10 singles among 6 artists, all available for download/streaming. Click buy to get all streaming/download links. I hope you like the work! @4lienetic @solace_music @ayushmakesmusic @delay @cash-official @blackbirdmusics

  • Something New
    Bobby Finlay

    A mirage of ambient sounds mixed with piano, echoed voices and deep bass that will rock your little socks off.

  • Andrew Hargreaves - Betamarx
    Fluid Radio

    Recorded in the last months of 2017, 'The Ambushed Semiotic' is an investigation into the reduction and reconfiguration of pop music using tape loops, chance operations and live mixing, creating what Andrew describes as ‘Distant Pop’. 

 The factory pressed CD comes housed in a protective anti-static bag and features an art booklet. 

Limited to 200 copies.

  • Cryptic- Lights In The Sky
    illumination record label

    did an ambient rhythm this time.

  • A Galaxy of Hearts - Bullzeye
    #Psybient #SpaceBient #Chillout

    Take you to Neverland :)