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  • LDP011 by IORI - nowhere
    Last Drop Records

    Hailing from Okinawa, now-Tokyo-based producer IORI. He started his career as an assistant for David Mancuso’s revered party, The Loft, in New York City, where he learnt a meticulous sonic mentality from his audiophile mentor. During his career as a producer Iori has released music on labels such as Phonica, Prologue, Bitta, Field, Semantica ( he also made a remix for the second release of Last Drop Records by Kiny check here ). In 2018 he founded his label Viewm ( check here ) which express his ambient side and not surpisingly he delivered a peaceful - emotional ambient mix for Last Drop. Enjoy! Photo by Micol @iori927

  • 'Endless Dream' Chill Mix - 1hr of Chillout Music

    Full Mix: Pulse8 on Spotify! ▸ Pulse8 Spotify: ▸ Support Pulse8 ▸ Tracklist 00:00 Orloe - Thousand Mile Stare 03:09 Cash - Serenity Pt.3 09:53 Bluereso - Panic & Propulsion 13:42 100 Day Delay & Soular Order - Century 18:02 Andy Leech - Hallows (Archer Remix) 21:47 Phelian & Bucky - Stay 25:59 Ayush. & Blackbird - Defusion 32:51 Fyze - Mystery 38:11 jellis - Vessel 42:41 4lienetic & Blackbird - Broken Piano 46:15 Aezra - Missing 50:00 Almaa - The Broken Flower 53:43 Whithe - Going Home, Trying To Catch Feathers Together 57:04 BlauDisS - So Much More ▸ Artwork by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos ▸ Submit Your Track another beautiful chill mix by pulse8..

    Music For Dreams
    Kenneth Bager

    This weeks Music For Dreams show on Ibiza Sonica Radio hosted by featuring: Jacob Gurevtisch, Afriqua, Zuma Dionys, Smith & Mudd, Ron Basejam, Blank & Jones, Cassara, Pete Herbert, DJ Pippi, Be Svendsen, Barbatuques, Emma Brammer, Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel and Djosos Krost - Listen here ! Listen to Music For Dreams Radio on TuneIn, Sonos, or get the Music For Dreams Radio app in your App store : ☏ Connect with Kenneth Bager FB : SC : @kennethbagerofficial Twit : Insta : Home : Connect with Music For Dreams FB : SC : @music-for-dreams Twit : Insta : Home :

  • Spirit of the Condor
    Johaness Areon
  • Olan Mill - Bulkhead
    Fluid Radio

    Exclusive track taken from Olan Mill's latest offering “Curves”, released on Shimmering Moods Records as a limited edition CD / tape... This record was completed on either side of a trip to Myanmar at the end of 2016 - it captures a time of total change as I prepared to become a father and relocate to Germany. Built upon field recordings from my home and various work environments I found myself reflecting on places I had spent hours of my life living, working and growing. Layers of processed guitar, synthesisers and voice were added to create a time-capsule of locations and experiences. - Alex Smalley All tracks by Alex Smalley Mastered by Roel Weerdenburg Shimmering Moods Records 2018 Special thanks to Linus Schrab for helping out with the layout design of the cassette! Available here:

  • previews. Anthéne - Divisions | Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series

    Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series | Anthéne - Divisions (@anthene) Slowly evolving piece which featured additive sounds and textures varying from ambient tones to more song-structured pieces. Coming soon on cassette (edition of 55 )and digital - 3rd August 2018 *Pre-order your copy via mail: [email protected] Copyright © 2018 ROHS! RECORDS, All Rights Reserved

  • Symphony of Simplicity (TCM Underground Official - Ambient Remix)
    TCM Underground Official

    Original: "Keep It Simple" by Jan Sutt Enjoy, Mrinal D.

  • Illusory Scapes X Astral Satva - Once Upon A Fairytale
  • A Cerulean State & 4lienetic - Saudade
    A Cerulean State
    Modern Classical

    All platforms: 4lienetic: Me:

  • ~ JADED~ Collab w Wane of Summer
    627 Sander put this wonderful track together and I love working around piano as some of you may know?! :) Anyway he give me the go ahead to try this out and he was happy with the results!! Hope you enjoy our effort's!! Just a jam & Thanks Sander for letting me play along!!! Cheer's

  • Jay FM - Sanctuary
    Silk Music

    Download or Stream: Enjoy Silk's Latest on Spotify: ▼ Follow Silk Music: ▼ Follow Jay FM: ▼ Release Tracklist: 01 Jay FM - This Moment 02 Jay FM - Lost In The Moment 03 Jay FM - Sanctuary Irish sensation Jay FM graces our imprint once again with his deft approach to the deep house and chillout genres. 2018 has proved to be a prolific year for Jay FM, with the release of several standout EPs in the first half of the year. "This Moment" proves to be another timeless addition to a burgeoning (and truly extraordinary) catalog. Opening with a mellow beat, "This Moment" establishes its quiet elegance immediately. Trills of strings ripple across the lake-like expanse of textures, as the sound begins to reach us on distant shores. The arrangement soon evolves into a beautiful array of vocal cuts, backed by a heavy baseline. The phase "this moment is ours" echoes far into the distance, leaving us with quiet reflections. Losing oneself in the moment is markedly different than simply viewing or witnessing it, an idea made clear by Jay FM's second track, "Lost In The Moment." A deep, delicate soundscape is punctuated by atmospheric pads and cosmic flecks of melody. Gentle strokes of exceedingly lush vocals enhance the ethereal quality of the composition. A soothing state of contemplation envelops the listener throughout the listening experience. Closing out the EP, the aptly titled "Sanctuary" bridges the gap between technological and theological: soft breaks joins myriad atmospheric layers, to numinous effect. The nature-infused soundscape places us within the refuge of a park on a calm summer day. Angelic piano keys lift us into a meditative state, as we observe the blur of passersby. ▼ Photography: Photographer: Annie Spratt Website:

  • F L O W
    Nikos Spiliotis Music

    When the sun and the waterfall come together, all other things fade from the scene. What is the sound of the waterfall? I asked. - Silence, she finally told me. Watch the video here : © Nikos Spiliotis ♫ | music March - April 2018 iTunes Spotify Website YouTube Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud

  • Interstellar Wonder
    Cameron Kleine

    Just some ambient thing I did up. I think it sounds kinda cool. Reminds me of space and exploration.

  • Ekin Fil // Nocturnal Arc
    Helen Scarsdale

    Ekin Fil continues her quietly complex dream-pop oeuvre on Maps. For many years now, this Istanbul musician has been writing mysterious and haunting songs, rich in heavy-reverb effects and an introspective torpor. With each successive album, her songwriting has blossomed through broader instrumentation and more intricate melodic phrasing, though the somber atmospherics and ghostly manifestations remain a judicious constant. Minor-key, tear-stained notes of piano, organ, and guitar veer along elliptical orbits as a soft-whisper lilt of Ekin’s voice narrates more by emotive decree than by literary couplet. Maps addresses the distance and dislocation of the self from the bustling center of Istanbul, where Ekin FIl (neé Ekin Üzeltüzenci) had once called her home. Having spent her first winter on a relatively quiet island in the Sea of Marmara (while still in the greater metropolitan umbrella of Istanbul), Maps is “lonely, different, kind of isolated,” according to Ekin, who also noted that the island had “too much silence around. There is no other choice but to concentrate, I guess.” Her poetics of silence on her previous recordings had been noted as an antidote or a dream capsule of sound in response to Istanbul’s cauldron of politics, culture, and philosophy that has been boiling almost since the beginning of civilization. Maps bends that maritime silence into wind-swept smudges that complement her already spacious compositions. The saddest songs of The Durutti Column excised of rhythm and those few plunges into sorrow by Harold Budd make for apt comparisons to Maps, in addition to the drone-on classics of Grouper, Slowdive, and Sarah Davachi.

  • First Light
    Antarctic Wastelands

    First Light, a frozen ambient soundscape. + Download - pay what you want: + Spotify: + iTunes / Apple Music: Join Antarctic Wastelands! + Instagram: + Twitter: + Mailing list:

  • Heart Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls with Ocean Sounds
    Sonic Yogi

    TIbetan Singing Bowls with a base bowl of F# (432hz).

  • Echoes | A Chill Mix

    Echoes | A Chill Mix Tracklist: 1.[00:00] Elo Method - Exhaust 2.[04:41] Dead Yucca - Echoes 3.[07:34] Entme - So Far Away 4.[11:55] Andy Leech - April (Riversilvers Remix) 5.[15:00] Whitewildbear - Heartbreaking (Piano Version) 6.[17:34] Corner Dweller - Void 7.[21:50] visene - lost within wpraise 8.[24:18] Josh Ellis - Send Me To The Deep (Original Mix) 9.[27:22] Victoriya - For You 10.[33:15] Grandyzer - Lifeblood 11.[38:44] Kori - Safe at Last (feat. Elle Chante) 12.[41:37] Louie G - REALM (w/ THÉOS) 13.[43:58] Riversilvers - Tell Me Why 14.[48:21] Tim Schaufert - Gone (feat. CASHFORGOLD) 15.[51:02] Loneliness x Sace - ☽ 16.[53:41] Artificial Endorphins - Ocean Of Memory 17.[57:26] Pensees - Mercury 18.[01:01:19] Shah - Spectral 19.[01:05:08] Sanctuary - Coffehouse (CryMeAn Edit) 20.[01:08:15] Lindequist - dark 21.[01:10:50] Riversilvers - Dreams 22.[01:14:48] F3edo - Somewhere 23.[01:20:06] AK & Sublab - Saudade 24.[01:24:05] Pensees - Lines In Head 25.[01:28:28] Blackbird - Regrets 26.[01:31:29] Homeomorphic - Passage 27.[01:34:21] Labisch - Rain 28.[01:37:16] Pensees - Murky 29.[01:41:54] woyd - I saw you last time 30.[01:45:33] Tim Schaufert - Calling out to you 31.[01:48:13] VACANT - Sacred

  • Balance And Peace
    Meditation Relax Club
    New Age

    This track comes from the album: "Washed by the Water Sounds " by New Age Feeling Discover the full compilation:

  • 1 Hour Meditation Music #29 | Essence Of Relaxation | Music with Water Sounds
    Meditation Music
    Meditation Music

    1 hour of beautiful meditation music with water sounds for relaxation and inner peace and healing. Available to download as one easy file from our online store for only 99p Watch more music on YouTube with amazing visuals: ©Relaxing New Age Music Channel 2018 All Rights Reserved

  • Arrivee Du Jour
    Ed Haydon

    Hi - here is an ambient piece I wrote recently. I hope you like this piece. :)