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  • Elysium - A Beautiful Chill Out Mix By Pulse8

    Watch on YouTube: Free DL: Pulse8 on Spotify! ▸ Pulse8 Spotify: ▸ Support Pulse8 ▸ Tracklist 00:00 Ecepta - Trust Me 04:48 Andy Leech - Sequoia 09:47 Menual - Morrow 15:00 Detz - Alone Again 19:02 Nomyn - Reflections 22:47 Blackbird x 4lienetic - Broken Piano 26:35 Trastler - Heartache 31:14 jellis - Wherever You Go 33:28 Grandyzer - Ascendant 39:12 Dawncall - Live 42:09 Gostes - This Is A True Way 46:32 aLone ft. Anfield - Skyline 52:50 offthesky - Vox Delicæ ▸ Artwork by Lane Jackman ▸ Submit Your Track

  • [Aquatic Collective Guest Mix] - by enuui
    373 "So upon being asked about making a mix for the Aquatic Collective and using my thoughts on water as a theme was a route I'd never thought about when making a mix. My previous mixes, which are mainly drumless ambient take on cultural and locality references, usually flicking between the Indian subcontinent, and "deep space" (wherever that may be). So with a mix based around water brought some interesting ideas to mind. When I think of 'watery' beats, I think dub techno, and when I think dub techno, I think Deepchord, and when I think Deepchord, I think the frozen wilderness of Norway and the Siberian taiga. So definitely some Deepchord & Echospace had to be in here at some point. The recurring field recording that the mix starts of with was from a Em:t compilation my friend bought me, then moving into Susumu Yokota which I have fond memories of sitting on the concrete wavebreakers in Japan looking out to a watery horizon. Although here in England I rarely see the sea, over in Japan, I had a nice balance between the vast Pacific and remote mountain springs. So making a water themed mix has been interesting, because I'm not particularly fond of 'big' water.... I can't swim for shit, expansive water is a little scary, so I tried including track that have memories or feelings of ice, humidity, fog, or being on a imaginary submarine expedition." :::: TRACKLISTING :::: Dallas Simpson - Aquapump Susumu Yokota - Tobiume Tomoko Sauvage - Making of a Rainbow Clearlight & Enuui - Fractal Clouds Kilchhofer - Amba Deepchord presents Echospace - Winter In Seney Geir Jenssen - Camp 1 Himalayan Midnight Hyderabad Ghost - Arkworld Kaito - And That Was The Way (Echospace Trancendental State) Pablo Bolivar - Reflect Biosphere - Moistened & Dried Pulshar - KMS (Pablo Bolivar Edit) Yakaza Ensemble - Dal (Kuniyuki remix) Yoshinori Hayashi - Waterwheel Scenery (DJ Sotofett's dubcurve fix-mix feat. Osaruxo) Pierre G's asmr thank you Docetism - The Temptation of St. Anthony

  • Digital Only Hiver - Zwicky

    Italian duo Hiver present the Spiritual Machines EP, their debut on Obscura due 9th March. ‘Inverted Scale’ brandishes a hypnotic synth lead that swirls into a formidable energy. Title track is a meditative ambient cut immersed in deep waters, whilst ‘Glass Effect’ exposes a similar form with radiant sonic properties. On the B side, Orbe turns the title track into a low slung basement workout, whilst Crossing Avenue’s rework of ‘RJ45’ channels psytrance and rave sentiments. For digital release, two further tracks feature. ‘RJ45’ is a dubby, zoned out roller, followed by ‘Zwicky’, a euphoric trance crescendo on vintage synths.

  • Emmanuel Witzthum - Songs Of Love And Loss (album preview)
    eilean rec.
    eilean 56

    artist : emmanuel witzthum album : songs of love and loss date : 03.03.18 map point : eilean 56 color : white / grey season : winter duration : 38.24 mn edition : limited to 160 copies ---------------------------------------------------------------- pre-order : February 22th / official release : March 03rd, 2018. here : ---------------------------------------------------------------- Music by Emmanuel Witzthum Viola, voice, electronics - Emmanuel Witzthum Artwork by Dirk Stewen Mastered by Mathias Van Eecloo Inside Photography by Mathias Van Eecloo Design by Rémi Verdier ---------------------------------------------------------------- Links :

  • Up The Mountain
    N I M Z
  • Ryke - To Craft A Sky ft. Blaudiss

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  • Aftermath
    N I M Z
  • Liquid Bloom - Deep Ambient Cacao Journey
    Liquid Bloom

    Liquid Bloom DJ set for Cacao Ceremony in Boulder, CO 2/6/2018 with Simona Musilkova 01. Desert Dwellers - In the Beginning 02. Liquid Bloom - Cosmic Soul Lotus 03. Ishq - Leaf 04. Dead Can Dance - Devorzhum 05. Ishq - Kong 06. Liquid Bloom - Whispers of Our Ancestors (vajra mix feat. Shamans Dream) 07. Ishq - Bhakti 08. Sync 24 - Replicant 09. Erothyme - Beam through the Crystalline Lens 10. Deya Dova - The Great Sky Lodge 11. Shamans Dream - Calling Spirits 12. Desert Dwellers - Stratosphere (Ambient mix) 13. Desert Dwellers - Give Thanks (Vajra mix) 14. Desert Dwellers - Warm Desert Sands (Vajra mix) 15. Liquid Bloom - Bless the Waters (Ambient mix) 16. Desert Dwellers - Peaceful Air (space mix) 17. Deya Dova - The Great Sky Lodge reprise 18. Desert Dwellers - You Can See Forever (Aes Dana Remix) 19. Kaya Project - Flicker 20. Max Cooper, Tom Hodge - Teotihuacan Part 2 21. Erothyme - Sunshine through Speakers (feat. Madelion Moondrop) 22. Calibrate - Sleeping Temples 23. OTT - A Gentle Place By Birth Is You

  • Benjamin Louis Brody - Floating into Infinity
    Fluid Radio

    Track taken from the upcoming album 'Far Away Music' released through Preserved Sound... Far Away Music sees Benjamin Louis Brody reimagine previous compositions to create what he calls “music inside of music”... “When I started this project, I asked myself whether I could give my music depth perception, similar to a painting or drawing – the classic illusion of train track perspective that gives a painting a certain sense of distance,” says Brody. “With Far Away Music , I set out to do that with sound.” “The music and sounds you hear could only have been created through computer technology. By manipulating the speed and texture its allowed me to change the perspective of the original content,” says Brody. “Far Away Music represents how I experience my work in a more personal way – it’s vast and subconscious.” Having composed for NYC’s The Chelsea Symphony, independent films and various mixed ensembles, Brody has also worked with or for composers such as Elliot Goldenthal, Tom Waits and Philip Glass. Far Away Music is Brody’s first album on Preserved Sound. Release date: February 26. Pre-order here:

  • Midnight Fires: Episode 34
    Midnight Fires

    Alternative streaming: 1. <00:00> Shuta Yasukochi - Yoru 2. <06:37> bedroom - To Make Believe 3. <10:13> SineRider - For Mom 4. <13:15> poemme - last dream before sunrise 5. <18:05> relatvty - away from 6. <21:22> Helios - Isostacy 7. <26:20> 100 day delay - release

  • Before I Wake Vol. 1 // Ambient Mix
    Insight Music
    m i x

    Insight & Chill Spotify Playlist: Enjoy this beautifully curated ambient mix from Wolfe. Support 'Wolfe' on.. DL: Support ‘Insight Music’ on.. Photo: @danielleone (Unsplash) ____________________________ Donate:

  • Dart
    Ed Haydon

    Hi - here's an ambient piece I produced for the Library of the Human Soul :)

  • Sunday Brunch
    DJ Maggie
    Desert Chill

    Desert Escape, Mojave, October 2017. Sunday morning, as brunch was being served, I served up this set of grooves. 1. Argus & Ascent - Strong Connection 2. AtYyA - Above the Clouds (AtYyA Remix) 3. Dream Stalker - Dialekt 4. Deep Dive Corp - Rising Sun (Flipside Shine Rmx) 5. Auma - The Old Magick 6. Shanti Maktin Vs. Jimbo - What Vibrations 7. Pitch Black - Lost in Translation (International Observer meets Horace mix) 8. Spy From Cairo - Coming Home 9. Sashuna - Snake Charming 10. Hinkstep - My Forest Queen 11. Estray in Dub - Morning Raga 12. Akasha Experience - Liquid Grip 13. Quanta - Recept (Griff's Footprints on the Brain Mix) 14. Gaudi - Chaine a Chaine 15. Benny Tones - Fire Fly feat. Mara TK (Opiuo's Been So Strong in 2008 Remix) 16. Banco de Gaia - All Sleeping (Desert Dwellers Remix)

  • Whithe - Smother

    Where the wind blows, high in the mountains. Download: Spotify Playlist: Whithe Picture by nikita velikanin Follow AmbientMusicalGenre Support AMG Records (AmbientMusicalGenre channel) All music on AmbientMusicalGenre channel used for promotional reasons only. If any artist, producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads (images also included) please get in contact with me and I will delete it. ([email protected])

  • Kuf - Dokument | Evod Digital [EVD023]
    Evod | Evod Music
    Evod Digital

    After his collab with Dold on Evod Limited, Kuf returns on the label with a digital release, called Dokument.All the tracks are masterfully filled of details, suspended in a dimension far away. Dekonstruktion is an ambient track, in which a dynamic dub chord is omnipresent. Dualism and Loopizm are two perfect tools; the first has a continuous, processed fm sequence; the second it's more crunchy, thanks to its resonant and punctilious sequence accompanied by huge low frequency impulses. Mystik Vatten Loop is the most reflective track. Its delicate groove, held pad notes, cosmic raids and long reverbs are the perfect mix to achieve a true mysticism. We can say that Solarium is a bully interpretation of Mystik Vatten Loop, thanks to his rarefied, suspended and elegant sequence that is fused with a warm, intertwined 4/4 groove and an hidden power. Kuf - Dokument [EP] 1. Kuf - Dekonstruktion 2. Kuf - Dualism 3. Kuf - Loopizm 4. Kuf - Mystisk Vatten Loop 5. Kuf - Solarium EVOD DIGITAL/Cat: EVD023 Release date: 08/03/2018 Mastered by Syntaxism / Graphics by Bruno Bosco

  • The Pink Truth / Arising (Phenibut 01)
    Logic Moon

    First two tracks of a series of soundscapes and drones

  • The Games We Play Guest Mix - Whithe
    † ŦĦ€ ǤΔΜ€Ş Ŵ€ ƤŁΔ¥ †
    Future Garage

    The Games We Play is proud to present an exclusive guest mix by @whithe-sam Tracklist: Pensees - Milove Subverse - Always, Like This Daughter - Smother (Vancore Remix) Submerse - Belong Ollie Macfarlane - Shadows Loz Contreras - Break You Down (feat. Sanna) Fort Road - Fluke (Ochtone Remix) Elo Method x Subranger - Make Believe Elo Method x Subranger - Waters of Forgetfulness Vacant - Wanderer Volor Flex - Wasted Years Phelian - I Miss You Soular Order - Eyes Open Jóhann Jóhannsson - Heptapod B

  • E N D E A V O R
    N I M Z
  • Solace (first cut)
    Eashwar Subramanian

    A sombre contemplative track, with string section overlays

  • wlr035 Robert Farrugia - Almost There

    Robert Farrugia is a composer from Malta who has released through labels such as Assembly Field, Post Global Recordings, Batenim and more recently Spanish imprint Archives. Robert is a classically trained pianist although his earlier work saw him produce experimental guitar-based music before returning to focus more on piano recordings in 2013. Citing Ólafur Arnalds, Stars of the Lid and Taylor Deupree as his major influences, Robert’s work usually starts off with small motifs which are layered with a largely improvisational approach. Robert has also performed live many times alongside artists such as Jimmy Bartolo, Joseph Wilkins, Timothy Garrett & Cosmicomics and he has also collaborated with Roman Willi, Warmth and SineRider. He’s also a member of Eyes To Argus, an atmospheric/shoegaze band who have recently released an album entitled ‘VEER’ in October 2017. ‘Almost There’ is an Ambient record with droning synth/piano texture in a similar vein to the aforementioned Stars of the Lid as well as Hammock and is a record that Robert quotes as being his first serious attempt at recording a full length album. It was recorded during the examination period of his first year at University and he used it as a means of breaking away from his hectic routine, over the course of 3 weeks. The contents of the record are soothing yet dramatic as they map out a relaxing space that pauses all of life’s challenges into microscopic slow motion frames. Almost There gives a sense of being on the brink of achievement and as the finish line comes into focus, moments of reflection and triumph overflow. credits releases February 24, 2018 Written and produced by Robert Farrugia Mastered by Tim Diagram Artwork by Chris Vella