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  • Frison - Hours ft. Cehryl (fugue Remix)

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  • No Sleep | A Chill Mix

    Tracklist: 0:00 dné - Asos Model Crush 2:10 Yoste - Chihiro 5:45 Trinix - No Sleep 8:30 Kyson - Remi-2 (Essay Remix) 11:05 Joey Pecoraro - Here We Are Again 13:50 Celadon City - Below The Alpine 17:07 TSUKI - Hearth (Epilogue) 20:30 Vorsa - Ghosts 24:10 Mounika. - Long Silent 27:15 Tulpä - Tea For Two (feat. Blankts) 30:50 Xandra - Evergreen 32:15 Misc.Inc - Vibes 33:48 Sal Dulu - Duluoz Dream 37:10 Only Emily - Evenings 39:30 Mounika. - Intro (Silent) 41:00 Tusks - Dissolve 43:45 Sleeping Lion - Stop It 46:50 Phoria - Red 52:40 Finding Hope & Direct - Falling Into Place 56:10 Emma Jensen - Closer 59:00 Doe Paoro & Adam Rhodes - The Wind 1:00:30 Katuchat - I Miss You 1:03:20 mAsis - Always You 1:07:05 Beauvois - Daylight 1:10:30 Noble Oak - Dream-Spark 1:13:00 Kyson - Ocean Tides 1:17:10 Late June - It Was Always You 1:19:40 Kidswaste - Free 1:23:00 Izzard & Blankts - Threads Artwork by Alena Aenami

  • Kisnou - Cycle
    Meditation Station

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  • HANDS - Prelude

    Time for the weekend. Download: Spotify Playlist: HANDS Picture by Daniel Jensen Follow AmbientMusicalGenre Support AMG Records (AmbientMusicalGenre channel) All music on AmbientMusicalGenre channel used for promotional reasons only. If any artist, producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads (images also included) please get in contact with me and I will delete it. ([email protected])

  • 2017 #10: Zuurb - Despina
    KFMW Adventskalender
    Modern Classic

    @zuurb Style: Piano, Ambient, Modern Classic Length: 01:03:23 Quality: 320 k/bits Tracklist: 1. Ólafur Arnalds - Arbakkinn 2. Christopher Willits - Now (Alejandro Bento Cover) 3. Levi Patel - What will become of us 4. Ed Carlsen - Otto 5. Slow Meadow - Lamellophone and the Gulf of Mexico 6. Christian Löffler - Pigment (Parra for Cuva Piano Reinterpretation) 7. Otto A Totland - Vates 8. Moon Ate The Dark - Ventricles 9. Niklas Paschburg - Ulenflucht 10. Swoop and Cross - Sykkel 11. Matt Emery - Empire (Daigo Hanada Rework) 12. James Maloney - Angel Wings 13. Steve Gibbs - Adrift (Ryan Davis Remix) Alle der diesjährigen Kalendermixe finden sich hier:

  • ASIP - Reflection on 2017

    A look back at 2017. For full information, tracknotes, track timings, playlists and download: Tracklist: 01. - Those Who Stay [Unreleased/Soundcloud] 02. - A New Error [Neue Meister] 03. - Clouds [Home Normal] 04. & - Splinter [Kompakt] 05. - Isolation [Archives] 06. - The Time Past [Silent Season] 07. - Quaoar [Auxiliary] (ASC isolatedmix) 08. Black Swan - The Escapist [Self] 09. - Two Shadows [Ba Da Bing!] 10. - Black Soma [Self] 11. RH Negative [Umor Rex] 12. / Noveller - The Unveiling [Fire Records]  13. - honj [Milan Records] 14. Malibu - Held [PAN]  15. - The Final Decision [Field Records] 16. - Touches [Lobster Theremin] 17. - Yavin (Ambient remix) [Hypnus] 18. - The Starry Night [Silent Season] 19. - NLL561606935 [Clone Basement Series] 20. - Junkan [Hypnus] 21. - Entering The City [Delsin] 22. - Radiance [Affin] 23. - Wrikken [n5MD] (Review) 24. - Illuvia (Exaltation) [Eternell] 25. bvdub - Limitless [n5MD] 26. High Plains - Ten Sleep [Kranky] 27. - That Mistery Again [7K!] 28. - Beginning [Ghostly] 29. - Dig Deep March On [History Always Favours The Winners] 30. - Dust Swirling Into Your Shape [Hammock music] 31. - Montclair [Azure Vista] (Review) 32. Anna Rose Carter / & - Nothing Ever [Thesis] 33. - The Calm Before [One Little Indian] 34. - You Are Loved [Text Records] 35. - Holding Back The Night [Grainy Records] 36. - Falling Ashes [Dead Oceans]

  • Overtone // Close (feat. Luis Miehlich)
    Insight Music
    c l o s e

    Insight & Chill Spotify Playlist: Track 6 taken from the latest album release 'Here Comes The Light' by Overtone. Support 'Overtone' on.. Support 'Luis Miehlich' on.. Support ‘Insight Music’ on… Photo: @krista (Unsplash)

  • whitewildbear - one day

    one day we'll meet again. nourish. playlists uploads: lofi & chill: nourish.café on youtube whitewildbear buy on bandcamp nourish.

  • RTIK - U & Me
    Insight Music
    u & m e

    Insight & Chill Spotify Playlist: Beautiful new track from Support 'RTIK' on.. Support ‘Insight Music’ on… Photo: @flo_karr (Unsplash)

  • Shifting Zones EP - Silent Season [SSX09] (sampler)

    Antenes EP Shifting Zones [SSX09] Now Available at Juno Records, Bandcamp, & other fine shops [December 2017] A record about change, and a dedication A1. Dream Uncreates The Land B1. Take Me To The Birds (For A) B2. Metra Train, Chicago, 1000x Silent Season 10 Year Collection (2007-2017) "Silent Season is a music label influenced by the natural surroundings of British Columbia, Canada. The sounds of Silent Season grew out of the connection between deep ethereal music and the rain forests of Vancouver Island. A soundtrack to some of the most radiant and aural beauty in the world. The 10 year anniversary collection celebrates a decade of deeper electronic music. This special edition vinyl series features artists whose music continues to inspire the Silent Season journey. The #SSX10 artwork showcases elemental textures found in the natural environment around Vancouver Island. The vinyl is a smokey grey colour and comes in a 10 year anniversary jacket with the tree of life. There are two colour editions for the jacket, dark & light. Sharing a vision with a family of artists from around the world, we hope you enjoy the collection. Sit back, close your eyes and listen. Available at Juno Records, Discogs, Bandcamp, & other fine shops."

  • Archives 2017

    A selection of tracks from the twelve releases this year on Archives. You can still use the code arch35s on Bandcamp for a 35% discount in all physical and digital releases Tracklist: 01. Yoyu - Forest Purple 02. llya Glebov & Joe Fujinoki - Glimmer IV 03. Logic Moon - Oblivion 04. Purl - Under Mjuka Vatten (Version) 05. Steve Pacheco - Monte Sol y Monte Luna 06. Warmth - Odessa (SineRider Remix) 07. Shuta Yasukochi - Daylight 08. Warmth - Home 09. Robert Farrugia - Coastal 10. Hotel Neon - Landmarks 11. Warmth - Time As A Reward (Wil Bolton Remix) 12. Chris Weeks - A Pool of Light 13. Tone Color - I Knew It Then, And I Know It Now 14. Halftribe - Vintage 15. Warmth - Waves (Purl Dub) 16. Zoltan Ban - Lumiere (Volunteer Remix) Mixed by Warmth.

  • Michael FK - Lost in Your Memory (feat. Vesky)
    Insight Music
    l o s t

    Insight & Chill Spotify Playlist: A magical collaboration from & Support 'Michael FK' on.. Support 'Vesky' on.. DL: Support ‘Insight Music’ on… Photo: @ianstauffer (Unsplash)

  • whisper ~ chill mix

    whisper to me. nourish. playlists uploads: lofi & chill: nourish.café on youtube all tracks from Blut Own x Blure. - Whispering Meadow EP ~ tracklist ~ 0:00 - 5:20 Solaris 5:20 - 9:36 Interval 9:36 - 12:33 Toska buy: Blut Own Blure. nourish.

  • Soft Sea ~ 432Hz Music with Theta Binaural Beats for Meditation and Relaxation

    Donate: Download High Quality Mp3: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Bandcamp: This track includes deeply relaxing and mind soothing ambient music tuned to 432hz for emotional harmony. Theta binaural beats tune the mind to 6.0hz which is a deeply relaxing and meditative state where natural healing occurs. It is also an optimal state for expanded consciousness. Thank you for listening and subscribe for more tracks like this! :)

  • Akira - 'The Moth Club' [KAB009] Showreel *Forthcoming 12/1/18*
    Kaarbanik Sound

    Available in CD format (limited to 100 copies) from January 12th, 2018. Pre-order link coming soon. ‘The Moth Club’ [KAB009] is’s debut conceptual album/soundtrack on Kaarbanik Sound, which goes hand in hand with Lola Ives’ brilliant artwork and the story behind it. Akira’s sound is based upon an obsession with the minimal. Building musical frameworks from a visceral collection of found sounds, vinyl samples and a few 90s analog synthesizers! Hailing from Bristol (UK), Akira is noticing the ambient draught of the city! ‘Join the club, more projects to come...’ Also known for being one half of Mystic State, and one of the founders of the Cosmic Soul Collective, Akira displays a versatile background in electronic music and live events. Yet his main approach as a solo artist is to produce thought provoking, documentary style music, designed to take you on a journey beyond the usual restraints of modern dance music. Tracklist: 1. Lavanda Forum [2:56] 2. Spirit Depths [4:04] 3. Hells Bay [5:17] 4. 65g [12:23] 5. Moth Spa [10:36] 6. Bonfire Stories (Interlude) [1:18] 7. Mutilation [6:04] 8. Hypothermia [2:31] 9. Arctic Shell [6:00] 10. Current Conditioning [4:08] 11. April Showers [7:20] 12. Rebirth [5:28] Tracks written & produced by Michael Holliday a.k.a Akira Neroli. Artwork hand drawn and designed by Lola Ives. © Kaarbanik Sound 2018 “The moth represents beauty and abundance, both spiritually and physically. It is connected to the roots of the earth and known to be tuned in with nature's flow, often seen stationary for days at a time in a meditative state. Drawn to the light, we must follow the moth into spiritual illumination, releasing emotions and actions that no longer serve us as humans as we head towards our rebirth. This soundtrack is a story of peace; a story of love in its highest spiritual form. Each piece sonically illustrates the earthly planes around us and how mother earth is beginning to take over for the long run, sending this land into a peaceful hibernation filled with healing on all levels, both physically and spiritually, navigating towards a deep awakening. Sounds from these earthly planes have been processed, transformed and blended with other sonic pleasures, creating an acousmatic compositional framework of conceptual synthesis and sound design. In this soundtrack made up of twelve compositions, the listener will be gently guided into the darkness by the moth, shown spiritual awakening by the moth, and receive insights into the great mysteries and magic of life itself, ending on a hopeful rebirth.” - Akira Neroli CDs (limited to 100 copies) will be released on January 12th 2018 via our BigCartel, and digital copies will be available a month later, on February 12th 2018. 15% of the overall profit will go towards the Forest Of Avon Trust, a charity focused on the preservation and restoration of local forestries as well as educating the younger generation about the importance of our relationship with nature, particularly forest environments; therefore relaying the message in ‘The Moth Club’ about restoring and transforming the world we live in to come together in a peaceful rebirth. More info about them here: To celebrate all of this, we are holding a launch event on the release date (12/1/2018) @ Take 5 Cafe (Bristol, UK), featuring Akira, Versa & Rowl, Auxx, Transparent (Jevon Ives) and T’iwu (a.k.a. Hartta). Follow the event page:

  • Warmth - Solstice (The Aurora Principle Remix)

    beauty. nourish. playlists uploads: lofi & chill: nourish.café on youtube The Aurora Principle Warmth nourish.

  • Breathe Easy Vol.2
    ☕ ☫∉⋨ℬ∉⊿ℕ≹ ☕

    Download link: Volume 2 of my breathe easy series. Chilly McChillerson to the max, Soul warming sounds, crisp crunchy percussions, enchanting melodies......................... As usual I very much recommend headphones for this Thanks for listening :) Tracklist trekking the ocean intro to everything - nathanael schroder home - ak & mapps hostage - billie ellish (akay remix) are we crazy - tim schaufert vesper - kisnou tired - ak & mapps falling apart - tim schaufert sonder - ak & mapps sands - emancipator old time - the cancel whispering - vanilla after all - soulular order the proposal - ak & mapps shamisen - toy box tongue - edamame tree hunt - emancipator hosts of the air - clann this could be us remix - swept acacia road - thrupence wave - pogo youth - christian loeffler (aparde remix) mirror lake - liam j hennessey enjoy!

  • Bellazaia & Rekyl #8

    Thank you for your presence. Gratitude, light and love. Link to a compilation of our journeys: artists (in order of appearance): Intop - Travel Bodarc Bestvina - Kalimba Child Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita - Genedigaeth Koring bato milo manzana - Aguila Ritmica Josii Yakecan - Corazon que es el único que tengo Daniel Waples & Flavio Lopez - MIDNITE Bachan Kaur - crimson Ramiro Orrantia - Aves de Fuego Freedom Cafe - Aire el aliento Danit Treubig - Guacamayo bee born - Transcend Suyana - Om Namo Bhagavate Deuter - Kiss of a Rose Bliss - The Return Nessi Gomes - All Related Peia - Que mi Medicina

  • Relaxing Piano Music: Beautiful Music, Soothing Music, Sleep Meditation Music, Soft Music, Relax
    Spiritual Moment

    Relaxing Piano Music: Beautiful Music, Soothing Music, Sleep Meditation Music, Soft Music, Relax music. 🙏 Music of relaxation and meditation to calm the mind and control anxiety: Our music of relaxation and meditation is perfect to Buddhist meditations, Zen meditations, aware meditations, Deepak Chopra meditations and Eckhart Tolle meditations, among others. This type of music contains elements of a lot of cultures like: Japanese music, Indian music, Tibetan music, Chinese music, Shamanic music. Our music to meditate is also ideal for calm the mind, control anxiety, eliminate stress, stop thinking, etc. ►For more relaxation and meditation music please subscribe my channel: Amazon / iTunes / Bandcamp: Facebook /Twitter / Google +:

  • Where Time Goes - Takahiro
    Arash Ghomeishi