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  • Campfire Stories 80 (Hiding) by Paula Koski
    Silent Season

    Campfire Stories 80 (Hiding) by @paulakoski ~ About The Story ~ And when I look back on it I had a wonderful time Hiding from the light Often tucked away Nervously picking flowers ~ Chapters ~ Eyvind Blix - Unreleased Cio D'Or - Tomorrow Was Yesterday (rring) Ataxy - Aurora Hydrangea - Ambient I Below Sky - Clarendon Corell - Derrida Dreams Dasha Rush - Outer Space Peter van Hoesen - BCHLBNG-6 Claudio PRC - Distacco Camilla Pisani - The Kinetic Melody of Babel Ruff Cherry - Keeper Rrose - Hymn to Moisture Eyvind Blix - Unreleased Härdstedt - Rocenta Javier Marimon - Illusions SHXCXCHCXSH - MDDDSSLLKRR Eggbox - Le Songe Du Grimpoteuthics ASC - Ocean Shadow Unknown Kangding Ray - N/N Peaks Droneghost - Thirty Three (Elle 48h No Sleep Remix) Ligovskoi - Labiate (Abdulla Rashim Remix) Ataxy - Holes In the Clouds Cloistral - Ոչ մի սպասում Vactrol Park - Adria Isorinne - Flashbacks Corell - Blank Pouring Oisel - Espansione Winter In June - Dearly Beloved Jan Jelinek - Lady Gaga, you once said in an interview that you write music for the fashion industry. Is fashion as important to you as music? Monolake - Cubicle Ligovskoi - Behaim Camilla Pisani - Where Where You When The Stars Went Out ~ Notes ~ Campfire Stories is a mix series by friends of Silent Season. The focus of the series is on storytelling through deeper electronic music. Artists weave together narratives using the emotional characteristics of ambient and techno music. Thanks to all the artists and labels whose sounds help tell the story. Thank you for listening. - - - Photo: Unknown - - - [email protected]

  • still small voice of calm
    anna fridriksen

    i love the forest it just makes me so relaxed come and calm down here

  • We Dream Of Eden - Walk On Water

    Walk on Water 🌊 Stream: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #WeAreAmbient #WeDreamOfEden 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 Failure is success if we learn from it. -Malcolm Forbes 🧡 We Dream Of Eden 💿 Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Jezael Melgoza ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases 🎵 Submit your music: 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • Premiere: Moontide - Huonbrook [down.]

    Available 24, January on featuring Since early 2019, down. has released many styles of chillout music. Its down.tape comps have featured 26 artists and their tranquil productions. The Vienna-based label now presents a third edition of the emerging series. Carrying the influence of Colombian roots, Moontide unites listeners with each new track. “Huonbrook” pays tribute to a locale near Australia’s famed Gold Coast. The original mix’s sampling, instrumentation and spoken word provide a vibrant soundtrack to life!

  • Hang Drum + Tabla + Flute Music | Mystical Yoga Music | #FridayFreeDownload
    Meditative Mind

    Mystical Yoga Vibes this weekend. - Featuring Hang Drum, Tabla and Flute... All tuned to 432 Hz .. This music is available as part of our #FridayFreeDownload Stream the full version here :

  • Yagya - Old dreams and memories (2LP/CD) [1SPA] - Preview
    763 OLD DREAMS AND MEMORIES 昔の夢と思ひ出を — 1. For the first time (はじめてのものに) 2. Mountain story (山の物語) 3. Reminiscent (追憶) 4. Memories of old dreams (昔の夢と思ひ出を) 5. Light and shadow (光と影) 6. Wandering in the fog (霧の中で) 7. Rainbow and human (虹とひとと) 8. Travelled road (ゆくての道) 9. Beauty in loneliness (孤独の美) 10. Overflowing darkness (溢れひたす闇に) — After nearly two decades of releasing on other people's labels, Icelandic producer Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson aka Yagya now launches his own new Small Plastic Animals imprint with a brand new album, Old Dreams and Memories. This album marks another subtle move away from the icy dub techno sounds he has dealt in before, hence the need for a new label. It follows full lengths such as Stars and Dust and Sleepygirls, both on Delsin, as well as 2019's Stormur on A Strangely Isolated Place, and plenty of vital work as part of the Thule Musik collective. This acclaimed album specialist is known for his mastery of atmosphere, melody and mood and ability to create soothing and escapist soundtracks that make for utterly mindful experiences. The new record still has a slowly propulsive rhythm underpinning every track, but they are only a small part of the over all picture. Some of the tracks are brought to life with vocals by Natsuko Yanagimoto and poems by Michizō Tachihara, while others are rich with naturalistic found sounds and saxophone by Óskar Guðjónsson. Opener For The First Time has spoken words snippets that bring a real sense of intimacy to the sombre dub, then 'Mountain Story' has gorgeous strings performed by Pablo Hopenhayn, who also appears on 'Reminiscent' with more solemn playing that brings a real melancholic beauty to the track. 'Memories of Old Dreams' is a beautiful ambient passage of spoken word that soothe the soul, 'Light and Shadow' is orchestral dub techno with a wandering lead that drifts like a cloud and 'Wandering in the Fog' has the sound of flowing water, gently lilting trumpets disappearing into thin air as soft drums roll on below. 'Rainbow and Human' pairs more whispered vocals with muffled crowd nosies and yawning synths that bring the joy of a new day and the three closing tracks offer exquisite piano playing, warm but somehow also frosty dub landscapes 'Beauty in Loneliness' and a forlorn, violin laced closer with 'Overflowing Darkness.' Old Dreams and Memories is a rich symphony of luxurious sound, with transportive rhythms and hugely evocative layers of melody, the human voice and cinematic sampling all showing a further evolution in the art of this standalone producer. — Written, produced and mixed by Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson Vocals by Natsuko Yanagimoto Poems by Michizō Tachihara (1914-1939) Saxophone by Óskar Guðjónsson Strings performance by Pablo Hopenhayn @ Esession Strings, LA Mastered by Andreas [Lupo] Lubich @ Loop-O Mastering, Berlin Photography by Yusaku Aoki Design and layout by Erris @ Graphic Surgery

  • Hein Braat - Om Namaha Shivaya
    Alex Bar

    Order CD: Hein Braat's website: With his extraordinary voice Hein Braat sings the ancient Mantra Om Namaha Shivaya. Listen to it as a meditation or sing along to experience directly the 'reviving' feeling that this mantra evokes. In the Indian devotionals it is this particular mantra which is most frequently used and which has numerous interpretations. The essence of this Mantra is: "I honour the Self within in me. Hein Braat, Om Namaha Shivaya - cd. With his extraordinary voice Hein Braat sings the ancient Mantra Om Namaha Shivaya.

  • Abstractions: Igor Glushko (live opener @Closer, Kiev 31.12.2019)
    Afterhours. ☁

    Abstractions is a new, once every so often series taking the focus off of the dancefloor, instead leaning towards experimental, ambient, dub & general chillout sounds. Music for the mind. First on the series, we welcome Ukraine's Igor Glushko with this live recording of his ambient set at Closer in Kyiv at New Year. Enjoy :)

  • Alyas - Daydream

    Daydream 📆 Stream: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #WeAreAmbient #Alyas 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 Marriage is not just spiritual communion, it is also remembering to take out the trash. -Joyce Brothers 🧡 Alyas 💿 Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Peter Plashkin ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases 🎵 Submit your music: 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • S'Hill x G.Sam - Come To The Silent World

    Come To The Silent World 🤫 Download: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #WeAreAmbient 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 Lovers have a right to betray you... friends don't. -Judy Holliday 🧡 S'Hill 🧡 G.Sam 💿 Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Leonardo Yip ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases 🎵 Submit your music: 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • Huerta - All Wild Things Are Shy
    Voyage Recordings

    Title: Junipero Artist: Huerta Label: Voyage Cat #: VYG13 Release date: Feb 07, 2020 Tracklist: A1- Pain Relief A2 - Blanket Dub A3 - Mutualism A4 - It Goes Over Me A5 - All Wild Things Are Shy A6 - Aerial Interlude B1 - Plant Memory B2 - Waxwing Air B3 - The Ritual B4 - Road to Toco B5 - Tiles and Glass Huerta’s debut album for Voyage is a righteous journey along the coast of California; a psychosomatic blend of melodic rhythm, natural sounds and ambient textures. Recorded throughout 2019, Huerta combines a blissful wash of west coast inspired ambient with the more affable, rhythmic house cuts he has been previously known for. Drawing on the surrounding landscapes of his upbringing, Huerta’s ode to the Juniper tree is an immersive and introspective experience; a long player capable of taking you to an elevated state of mind. The vinyl version plays through continuously and will be accompanied by a feature-length animation created by UK artist Danimation. Composed, arranged and recorded by Steve Huerta at Diesel Studios Berlin, 2019 Sleeve Design: Sam Donaldson / Distribution: Prime Direct / For press enquiries please contact [email protected] For bookings please contact [email protected]

  • The Line
    Ambient Light
    Future Chill

    You Know those days when a song just come to you and all you have to do is record everything before it slips away. This song is one of those ! The Line . Music-producer : Ambient Light Mastring/Sound-design : Ambient Light Guitar/Wah Effect : Ambient Light

  • Judo (Original Mix)
    Ace Ventura
    Chill Out
  • Nocturnal: One (Mixed by Red71)
    Future Garage

    After a long hiatus, Red71 returns with the first in a new series: Nocturnal. Track Listing - Nocturnal: One 1. Sorrow - Intro/Carpe Noctem 2. Insomna - Out Of The Blue (feat-. Antent) 3. Kisnou - Vertigo (feat. Amethyst) 4. Tomu & Kaisaku - Lost In Your Light 5. Owsey - Thousands of Summer Twilights (Ambyion Remix) Owsey 6. Ambyion – Fallen 7. Blure – Self Portrait 8. Vesky – Faded 9. Blure - Recordis 10. Billie Eilish - Everything I wanted (Ambyion Remix) 11. Gang Violins – Clarity 12. Andy Leech & Victoriya – Aerolith (Red71 Piano Edit) 13. Phelian & Bucky – Stay 14. Underscores - Voice of Reason [Kazukii Remix] 15. Gregory Esayan - Awaken Sleepwalker (SineRider Remix) 16. Bucky - Over You (feat. Mahoney Outcast) 17. Menual x Spaceouters - Outro

  • Bluze - Perpetual Motion

    🎧 Spotify Playlists: 🎧 💥Stream Here: -> Submit Music: -> Feature Our Music: [email protected] -> Business / Licensing Inquires: [email protected] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➥ Follow Bluze: @iambluze ➥ Follow AiA: @aiapresents -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Always worthy I promise I thought we knew everything Always worthy I promise Every single tear Why can all the tears fill up a while Always worthy I promise Why are all the flags always half mast Always worthy I promise

  • Sea Of Islands

    Links to artists, label and stores can be found at the bottom of the description! The album: Seas on the Moon Fifty years after we've alledgedly set foot on the moon, its seas turn into music... hear it for yourself! Release date: 17-01-2020 on Legacy of Thought label: The tracks: Time Away - Ocean Of Storms Bronux - Sea Of Cleverness Ivan Black - Sea Of Clouds Eagle Rays - Sea Of Cold Roberto Sass - Sea Of Crises Cat Friendly - Sea Of Fecundity AndAWan - Sea Of Islands Tuuligan - Sea Of Knowledge K37 - Sea Of Serenity Nocturnal RoSe - Sea Of Showers Big Beech - Sea Of The Edge Colin Stevens - Sea Of Tranquility Orbital Hum - Sea Of Vapours Progeny -1 - Sea Of Waves The artwork: Roberto Sass Mastering: Chris Held The links: #Facebook: #Twitter: #Drooble: #Spotify: #Qobuz: #Youtube: #Beatport: #Juno: #Deezer: #Soundcloud: Also on #itunes and #amazon Time Away: Roberto Sass: Nocturnal Rose: Colin Stevens: Andawan: Ivan Black: K37: Cat Friendly: Progeny-1: Tuuligan: Orbital Hum: Eagle Rays: Bronux: The Big Beech:

  • Kolya Kalpa - From Rajas To Sattva (Spitzer Ambient Series 2020)
    MixCult Records, Radio & Vinyl Store

    Spitzer Spotify Playlist - - Kolya Kalpa - [SNDCLD] @kolyakalpa - SPITZER RADIO- [AIR] [FB] [ITUNES PDCST] [SPOTIFY PDCST] [TWTR] [INSRG] [VK] TL • Босх С Тобой - Птица Спит [Jagi Jagi Records] • Acronym - Phonecalls [Field Records] • Francis Harris - Minor Forms (Valentino Mora Cosmic Trans Rephase) [Scissor and Thread] • Ambient Noise Level - Sleeping With The Window Open [Not On Label] • Birds Of Prey - XYZ [Mysteries Of The Deep] • Anton Kubikov - Timeless [Kompakt] • Warmth - Two Parts Of The Same Thought [Etoka Records] • 36 - Sun Riders Part II [3six Recordings] • Ligovskoi - Esam [Field Records] • Purl & Sinius - Cascade [Eternell] • Ocoeur - Reverse Yourself [n5MD] • Snufmumriko - Far Beyond These Windswept Fields [Dewtone] • Kolya Kalpa - Retrospective [Tehnofonika Records] • The Orb - Wireless MK2 [Kompakt] Photo by Kolya Kalpa Booking and requests: [email protected] Spitzer Records & Radio |

  • Novae Diluculo(chill piano)
    Nicklas Löfstrand

    Lets float on the waves of eternity for awhile...:)

  • Ash Advisory
    stage R

    Here is the binaural version of "Ash Advisory". It's an ambient track meant to help you sleep, relax, focus, or study. It utilizes binaural recordings and processing; please wear headphones. Visit this page (@stage-r) for new posts every weekday. Finished versions are always available for download. Write to [email protected] or leave a comment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ambient Instrumental Chill Chillout Focus Zen Peaceful Background Sleep Relax Focus Study Concentration Soothing Unwind Meditation Meditative Quiet Binaural Finished Downloadable ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Photo by Pawel Czerwinski

  • Passenger 10 - Reset Your Mind

    Stream/Download @EnormousTunes @EnormousChills @NoDefintion @EnormousVision @Passenger10