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  • Nutshell- (Alice in Chains Cover)
    Cody Smith

    This Cover song is originally from the group Alice in Chains. I do not own the rights to the song nor lyrics. I'm really excited for the fact that this is my first actual recording of any type. Its sang from the heart, hope you all enjoy. Show me some love and don't forget to share and follow Thanks! Shout out to Bird City Productions and Complex J.

  • still alive/peeps tribute (Miss you cover)(p. jakewithy)
    jakewithy. ¥ake
    Alternative Rock

    you live through the memories. what you did touched me. i always wanted to cover this blink 182 song and thought about sampling it but now i played/produced every instrument on my own. i hope you find memories of joy in this, i do <3 lyrics by: Blink 182 & @officialyake piano, western+ electric guitar, strings, percussion, drums, vocals +mix/master by: @officialyake

  • hope not to see you again although in the after life
    Alternative Rock

    free download for this track.

  • Frente Norte "Atómico"

    Siempre me despierto Con ganas de vomitar La vida me apesta Nunca nada va a cambiar Me siento Atomico A punto de explotar Me siento Atomico Como una bomba nuclear Llego a mi casa Por las tardes todo sigue igual La vida me eskupe Siento que me kiero matar Salgo de mi casa Por las noches disparao Me arrojo a la calle Nadie me podrá parar

  • Hipster Junk
    Dry recordings

    My new band missed out on the latest trend. We played KBD when goth was in. We'll do post-punk when ska is back again. Tell me when this struggle will end. My wardrobe is full with useless clothes. My band t-shirts are not in vouge. We only get to play the unhip shows, booked by some loser who nobody knows. But at night, at night I dream of a social media hype. Just a little blurb that will make everything feel all right: "They are fresh and exciting - and their drummer is so tight". All of a sudden we're in the spotlight. I will take to the dance floor like Barton Fink. People will ask me what I think and buy our merch and give me drinks. I will be forgiven if I throw up in your sink. I will get laid and I will get paid. Distros will ask us for more than trades. All my other band will ride this wave. "Members of Hipster Junk" is what fliers say. At night...

  • Coffee Shits!

    A song about drinking too much coffee and doing poos. Lyrics: i gotta stay up all night so i don't lose no zzz's today your dark hot powdered silken caffinated fix flows through my veins there's nothing quite like you i get off on trhis abuse i'd never make it through the day i need you pumping to my brain just need another one then i swear that i'm done id give up everything but i can't function on my own can't stay awake i feel this ache building this load i might explode i got the coffee shits i'm burning up i got the sweats i got the coffe shits i'm lifting off from earth to outer space i got the coffee shits i've taken down a tree tree and not done yet i got the coffee shits i fear i'll never leave this room again

  • Felarent- La Sor Quiere Un Oral. (DEMO)

    Aviso de autor: Está obra fue creada para que te comas un ácido o te fumes un porro para después ordenar una pizza y ver Malcolm el del medio super drogado, en serio, necesitas escuchar esto muy drogado, de cualquier otro modo sólo escucharás ruido fétido. No importa qué clase de droga sea, sólo hazlo. Regula el volumen, lo sentimos.

  • FULLMOON ELECTRIFIED - News From New Punk Rock. RoBW Mixtape
    Radio Bellevue Web

    FULL MOON ELECTRIFIED - "Thru new punk rock". Mixtape feat. Dirty Fences, Amyl and the Sniffers, Uranium Club, Parquet Courts, Ausmuteants, Beaten Brats, Dan Rico and more...

  • aviisevil - Toxic Tapes 003
    Hip-hop & Rap

    from 'Toxic Tapes' , listen to other tracks + if you like this ( an amateur project ) oh lord, take my hand my lord, only you ever understand only you ever know (somebody's peeking through the curtains, of this I am positively certain ‎certainly it must be a virgin, everything else has already been ‎taken, ) marginally by the edges and in abundance, my mind is burdened by thoughts beings murdered at a large scale, without fail I hail all the tragedy on the comedy that me and life make every day, in every way, I'm just one moment away from blowing my brains out, no if I may, I mean i am happy, listen to me and please don't shout, don't listen to me just take it written from me and you'll be smitten by me, if you're ever bitten by me it must have been your fault because you must be sitting besides me, take all your questions and burn them down, take all your poison and throw it out, make all your erosion bleach my emotions, if you may please you can take away my reasons, you can fade away and I'll still be seeking you through these curtains, if you have doubts you can drown, if you own your mind you wear the crown, if you're mourn your time then you weren't ever really found, reality is scary and I hardly know any of my nouns, I can hardly do the maths or describe to you the sounds, and when it's my time to be mad, to be sad, and open my eyes, in the end nobody's ever standing around, the world is two eyes and then they say it is 'round, the world is one sky full of stars and a grave full of a ground, a face full of towns, a place full of skulls, bones and hounds, selling blood by pounds, smelling you and your loved ones and the one's gone through thick and thin, don't take the smoke, hold it in, you'll choke on it and they'll take your attention off it and them, did I mention that I own castles and mansions, did I mention, I keep by my side garlic and some Marilyn Manson, monsters in the attic and a bucket full of rainy seasons, if there's a disease I've had it, this thought process is the real culprit, it's the real hazard, and I am puzzled still no allegations have been leveled, no places have been traveled, no dimensions yet traversed, shit I'm sick with havoc, somebody's peeking through the curtains, of this I am positively certain, certainly it must be a virgin, everything else has already been taken, a clock ticks with magic tricks tragic and sick I admit tick tock stop the clock trick the tock sit and watch hit and rot, take a shot and let it die bleak and talk, walk breach your skin and lie Bleached and skinned now let it try to speak and then say good bye it's yours to keep don't you let it run away, let it stay and pry the cray is sly in a way it's all one big maze and I am amazed shit, nobody sees the cage, its sick, that somebody owns this rage, I know and I admit, that everybody has a face and two sides, yeah, and I know, if you pick one you have to lose all your cards and stand there and cry wake my head, wake my head take my heart, hate my wreck, make my bed take me apart, in parts, take my head, wake my head, take me apart, this is hell, there's nobody here to tell between shards, sparks and sharks, somebody killing everybody every other odd hour, there's a dead body here and nobody cares for stars, no scars, and nobody cares if it has no beating heart, or a shiny car, or a tiny scar, or any one with many cars, breathing gold and tar, holding cold and hot in equal parts, molding you into who I am not, through a view that's new unfolding into the blues with colours...

  • A Part Of Me ( Neck Deep Cover)

    Peep my cover of A Part Of Me from Neck Deep. i should probably just stick to playing guitar lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Blonk 183
    Pop Punk

    Blink 182 inspired Pop Punk with a bloody breakdown. Enjoy :)

  • What Werther Wrote On The 15th Of March
    Emocat Records

    Blistering emoviolence from Stockholm. Raw, loud and concise. An unapologetic reminder that for better or for worse - we are awake. credits released November 12, 2017 Theo - guitar. Cesar - drums. Marta - bass. Seva - vocals. Recorded at Lafayette Studios by Oscar Ulfheden & Eli Strååt. Mixed by Eli Strååt. Mastered by André Ampuero. Art by Olga Nycander. license all rights reserved

  • Pussy Fuck (prod. thoth)
    social media is cancer
    Post Scram
  • Johnny Rotten Interview: The Difference Between The Sex Pistols & Ramones
    Marco Collins
  • I wanted to cry I wanted to die Slowedtoperfection

    I do not own the original song, I only have edited the song to my own liking for others to listen and enjoy. [Lyrics] Tell me who you're fucking Shrouded on your sweater Shame, you wear it like a necklace I'll tell you that I'm okay But you've been dancing in my dreams Wish I could erase your face I'm trying not to call you But you're the only girl I've loved Remember every freckle I'm lying to myself still I found a shirt you left in my room Still smelled like my everything And I wanted to cry, I wanted to die I wanted to cry, I wanted to die I wanted to cry, I wanted to die I wanted to cry, I wanted to die I wanna cry, I wanna die I wanna cry, I wanna die I wanna cry, I wanna die I wanna cry, I wanna die I wanna... Never,forever. was a side project of Nothing,nowhere. He later decided to remove everything soundcloud related and stopped making music for never forever, he has now taken up Nothing,nowhere as a solo act. n,f was a gem and still is. Twitter: Spotify: If it needs to be taken down please contact me appropriately.

  • Wake Me Up
  • This Is Gospel - Panic At The Disco (cover) (instrumental)
    Alternative Rock
  • Balacs - Formal Times

    First song from my new album CEREMONY!!

  • Winter Destroy Crops (Final Demo A.K.A Fucking Done)
    Freddy Roldán Rivero

    Thanks to all my friends and their precious feedback on finishing a clean version of my first original production. Also want to thank all those who have reposted my first demo, I hope you like this version as well. Here is for all, the lyrics. I hope you enjoy. WINTER DESTROY CROPS By Freddy "The plan is simple I keep my PJ’s out of bed  Thought in rush: “God helps that no one took that roach “ Because I know That there are lots, lots, lots like me Who doesn’t know How to cleverly fix themselves just now. 
 Stand in the cold street,  Look onto the floor Pretend you are busy texting with some bitch who texts: “Just stop now!”
 But is just your mind, don’t stress,  Just bend down now before someone sees You live here, this is your neighbourhood, but you don’t care, there’s no fucks at all.  
 Grab a paper, grab a fag Turn it over, search inside,  It’s ok, just this once,  Then I’ll concentrate and start.  What now? It’s all done!  What am I supposed to do? See those dreams, is not right. It’s ok I’ll sleep at night. (It’s ok I’ll sleep at night) I’m trying to cope,  I don’t know what happened to me A gruesome fear They’re bullying my crazy kid. Although I know That there are lots lots lots like him,  Who doesn’t know,  That the time has yet not come Oh no, they’re now, they’re comming back wiser, stronger, than the time you met them before
 Sick and pissed To stare onto the screen Pretending that is busy with the life he has dreamed,  Just do it now. 
 I am knees down, faith down, writing up this lyrics to see if my life turns around.
 (Motherfuckers I’m pressed)" Composed and performed by: Freddy Roldan Rivero Instrumentals and effects provided by: GarageBand 10.1.6's library of loops and awesome tools

  • Emmett Brown
    Kitty On Fire Records

    Hanover hardcore/square wave sweethearts, Snarg!, are the truest of all 8bit punks both in name and cohesion. We're hosting their 2015 self titled album in anticipation of new material. Check out their Bandcamp for two singles released in 2017, "Hand" and "Minigolf, Tod", both are of the absolute highest level. Snarg is some of the truest 8bit punk both in name and composition. Their sound is defined by uplifting post-hardcore sensibilities, classic synth-punk influence, and songs that are driving and exciting. Snarg is known for titillating live performances and concrete punk ethics. The KOF crew warmly welcomes the future of German chiptune aggression. To be perfectly honest, if you haven't heard this release yet you're playing catch up.