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  • 2018_08_11 - 08_43_37 AM Charles Jacob Pettibone remix
    Charlie Pettibone

    Tracklist: 1. twenty one pilots - Heathens (Punk Goes Pop Style Cover) Suicide Squad - grassy suicide 2. Twenty One Pilots - Heathens (DISTO Remix) - DISTO Performed with Charles Jacob Pettibone remix

  • Skate for Hate
  • my chemical romance - cancer - cover
    Alternative Rock

    another cover of an my chemical romance song ^^ this time it's "cancer" hopefully you like it

  • I Am Dying
    Goodbye To Sleep
  • Ophelia LIVE! @ Willies (Bonus Track)
    Alternative Rock

    This was SHED's first live show at Century Colleges Liberal Arts Showcase. At this point our second guitarist, Derek Ness, had not joined the band so it is a 4-piece performance.

  • Drain You- Nirvana Cover -

    Last Resort- Papa Roach Basket Case- Green Day Dear Maria, Count Me In- All Time Low If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn- Sleeping with Sirens Caraphernelia- Pierce the Veil King for a Day- Pierce the Veil Can You Feel My Heart- Bring Me the Horizon Bring me to Life- Evenescence

  • Navy Blue (the story so far cover) prod. lmaochillfam
    tobacco bowl 🚬

    i was really bummed one day for no reason and decided to cover this song. i hope this makes you sad

  • LA Skyline
    Sing To Infinity
    Alternative Rock

    HERE IT IS! My debut album. Massive thank you to the wonderful members of the Carlos Tours. Like Seriously, this would not have happened without you guys. Thank you all and remember el tour nunca terminara! I hope you enjoy, my personal favorite is track 4 but I put a lot into all of these. Track 6 is a nod to those wonderful LA mission trips, you people know who you are. This is a massive reflection on my past, as made obvious by the title, but seriously, if you don't care for it, I don't care that much. I'm showing myself to you, not expecting a huge reaction. That being said I do truly hope you all enjoy it for what it is. This is the first of much to come, and that's a promise. -Dag

  • Rude Awakening

    Sometimes I can't believe my eyes Can't see, nor count all the things you've done My heart and brain don't synchronize Who knew I would cough up my broken lungs? My feet are bound my hands are tied No longer will you see the sun Leave, Fucking leave, Don't even bother saying hi Guilt, Fucking guilt, It Cut me up and sprinkled lye Leave, Fucking leave, Don't even bother saying hi The black pearl she calls my name tempting me back into the water Who's to say and who's to blame I question why I even bother Things will never be the same Hanging by a thread from my collar

  • "who the hell do you think i am"

    my brains been doing that thing again i want to feel like i did way back when i didnt care about anything or anyone the vices of my paragon been chasing the shadows of doubts ive had in my collective thought in which you are not around to witness the shitshow at first hand front row tickets for you and all of your fucking friends but the intermission wont be too short shorter than the fall i will take from your loving grace as i crawl out of the cupboard hands bruised by what i could not discover sprawling out on the floorboards, leaves me yearning for more but as my eyes shift focus from the goals that have left me so hopeless hoping to find some meaning in all of my dopamine leaking all over those old floorboards vacant of memories of mi amor bridges been burning for a while now smokes been clear for a while now and i cant see much with my eyes out of my head its been too long now all those mental gymnastics harder to read than those old scholastics splitting hairs doesnt seem fair when theres too much on the table to share but im awol digging up floorboards, delving for answers but only wanting more of what ill never have but im glad to say going mad isnt half bad

  • Cigarette Daydreams (Cage The Elephant cover)
    Fox Trottts
    Alternative Rock

    Cover of Cage the Elephant's 2014 Single "Cigarette Daydreams" from their 2013 album "Melophobia".

  • Survive

    Track one off of Punish Yourself, You Deserve It. A demo by the hardcore punk band BLACK. Stunned silence The onlookers know Shells hit the ground And a puff of smoke Put the call in It was him or me He'll be carried away and i'm off scott free I could never feel What his mother felt Because I have the chips It's the cards I was delt But while I have the time While I'm alive I'll do my best to offer One piece of advise Survive (x3)

  • MLs99 Ft Putu Ari - Gak Iso Turu Indonesia Version
    MELLIFLUOUS99 - [MLs99]

    Gak iSo Turu - Versi Bahasa Indonesia, Sunda Jepang Cover By MLs99 WTB Bayu Skak - Gak ISo Turu Versi Tiga Bahasa Cover By MLs99 dr putu Versi Bahasa Jawa - Versi Bahasa Indonesia - Versi Bahasa Sunda Versi Bahasa Jepang Pop Punk Cover By MLs99 Gak iSO Turu - WTb Adalah With The Band Bayu Skak, yang sekarang Salah satu Lagu nya menjadi Soundtrack Yo Wis Ben, dan sekaligus Bayu Skak menjadi cast nya juga, Sekarang Feat Putu Referensi musik MLs99 Blink 182 Nofx The Ataris Rosemary Bowling Foursoup Sum41 NTRL MXPX New Found Glory The CasualTies Transplant Endang soekamti Heroes For Hire PeeWee Gaskin My chemical Romance and More PopPunk Skate Punk music :) Follow me on Facebook Instagram Putu Ari - Link Nyusul Thank You So Much,,!!

  • RN Guest Mix #13: Olive Kimoto (Heaven or Los Angeles)
    Restless Nites

    An eclectic mix of dreamy, ethereal sounds to drift into by Heaven or Los Angeles' Olive Kimoto. Tracklist 1. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Pale Flower 2. Cocteau Twins - Aikea-Guinea 3. Snow in Mexico - You and My Winter 4. Tears Run Rings - Mind the Wires 5. Trailer Trash Tracys - Candy Girl 6. Oeil - Strawberry Cream 7. My Bloody Valentine - To Here Knows When 8. Rumskib - Where Are The Flowers 9. Chapterhouse - Pearl 10. Pinkshinyultrablast - In The Hanging Gardens 11. Them Are Us Too - Marilyn 12. Xeno & Oaklander - Virtues and Vice 13. Virginia Wing - Yesterday’s Guest 14. Slowdive - Crazy For You 15. You’ll Never Get To Heaven - Violet

  • Ghostly
    Violently Free Chris
    Alternative Rock

    Ghostly By Christopher D. Hillsgrove We tag along chasing the shadows hovering all around me Lately I haven't been the same I grasp at the nothingness beside me You're so ghostly...I stare in your eyes You're so ghostly...I stare in your eyes Bioluminescence leaking in and phasing out like a close friend hidden within themselves, a keepsake of secrets They keep to themselves. You're so ghostly...I stare in your eyes You're so ghostly...I stare in your eyes You're so ghostly...I stare in your eyes You're so ghostly...I stare in your eyes

  • handsome gendarme

    Handsome gendarme, in his tidy uniform. Mum was really proud. 'You protect us all.' He says, 'mum I can put it anywhere I want.' She says, 'just remember which estate you're from.' Some of them they lose sight when they go out in the night. Drunk without a drink and a steady hand. One of them comes to me and says, 'you're leaving here with me.' I said, 'sorry mate, nah, you're just not my type.' 'What you stopping me for? I've just left my front door. Is it my choice of dress sir? Or the way I talk?' IC1 or IC3? All depends on which Parisian street Written and performed by PONT Recorded at Kepler Studio, Budapest Artwork by King Wolf

  • Bad News
    Moron & Genius

    Couplet 1 It’s been a while since I met you, And I still remember that feeling. In fact, He’s never really gone. Love at first sight, they said, I didn’t know it could be this real. And everytime your eyes catch mine, It feels like they can see into my mind. Cutting through my flesh like a blade, Reaching my deepest hopes and dreams. And there’s not much to see here, Nothin but your own reflection. Couplet 2 And all those words that you told me, And all those smiles that you gave me, They all keep turning inside my head, Lingering like obsessing memories. But I’m too fuckin scared, Too scared to make a move. And it’s hard to find the words, Oh god I sound so cliché. But I still try, And I still write, All these words, I know you’ll never read. Pont Numbed by fear And the words won’t come out When you’re right here I just can’t speak out loud Can mere words be enough  To describe how i feel ? Can I be good enough ? To give you what you need. Refrain Open your eyes, can’t you see ? That my heart dies, everytime you leave. It hurts so deep inside, cuz I have so much to hide. And I got some bad news, but I think I love you.

  • I Don't Mind.
    Seth Gruenberg
    Alternative Rock

    Leaving you on your front porch, teary-eyed in the heat; I couldn't look back behind me, cause I would never leave. You didn't deserve the way I left, but I couldn't tell you why. I knew it'd kill me in the end, I guess I might as well just die. Tear me apart like a vulture, I need the pain Pain't a picture of me struck by lightning in the rain Fuck me up with your words like I'm in MMA Claw out my eyes when you need to show me what to say If you see me on Ridge street I'll turn the other way If you call me on my phone I'll throw it in the lake I'd do anything you want I'll cut my wrist and spill my blood I'll break my legs and flay my skin, just to hold your hand again And when I lie awake at night, your face still haunts me every time Your ghost is trapped inside my mind, and she won't leave until I die I don't mind I don't mind You can cut me open I don't mind I don't mind You can hang me from a tree I don't mind I don't mind Fuck it cut me up and I won't mind I won't mind Cause your face is all I'll see Make me fucking bleed Take another knife and stab me in the back so I feel something This hurt's become my home so burn it down with me inside you I won't look back upon the ashes of the past we made Cause if I do I swear to God I'll go in-fucking-sane You're the break in my heart that hurts me every time it beats You're the picture on the wall that I framed with parts of me If I don't hold you again then I will never feel complete So I guess that you'll always have the other half of me I don't mind I don't mind You can cut me open I don't mind I don't mind You can hang me from a tree I don't mind I don't mind Fuck it cut me up and I won't mind I won't mind Cause your face is all I'll see I don't mind I don't mind You can cut me open I don't mind I don't mind Tear the heart right out of me I don't mind I don't mind Fucking cut me up and I won't mind I won't mind Cause your heart is all I need And when I lie awake at night, your face still haunts me every time Your ghost is trapped inside my mind, and it won't leave until I die It's like my heart isn't my home I wish every day I had a soul that I could give you, that you could hold But the devil won't let go

  • Blauer Planet

    LIVE - GERMANPANK bei SUN MU - TWO HEARTS im Parkhaus im Malkastenpark am 3.8.2018 um 21 Uhr in DĂĽsseldorf