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  • Tommie
    drastically Reduced
  • Blades and Bombs
    Hostile Mind

    Here's our debut album, Knucklehead. We hope you guys love it. Recorded at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Virginia. Recorded by Nick Von Ahn Mixed and mastered by Aghiles Ahmim and Jack Durham Vocals - Reece Preisser Drums - Alexei Segretto Bass - Aghiles Ahmim Guitar - Jack Durham Special thanks to Don Zientara. Self-Assured Abuse music video link:

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana - Performed by 90s ROCKSHOW Tribute Band
    Alternative Rock

    The 90s Rockshow performs 90s rock from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Marilyn Manson, Green Day, Blink 182, Radiohead, Beck, Collective Soul, Smashing Pumpkins, Sublime, Sugar Ray, Third Eye Blind, Red Hot Chili Peppers, REM, The Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls, Oasis, and more. 90s Rockshow is frontman Seth Romano, Drummer Jimmy Keegan, Guitarists Erik Johnson and Steve Fazio and Bassist Steve Bonino.

  • No. 12
    Alternative Rock
  • "Lil Cloudz Unplugged" Mayday Parade - I Swear This Time I Mean It (Cover)
    Lil Cloudz
    Alternative Rock
  • Madness, Descended
    Alternative Rock

    lyrics: I stare at the sun that never sets but never burns my eye I feel like I’ll never get enough of the sea and sky sometimes I want to sail away skip all the goodbyes there’s no words I gotta say you always know what’s on my mind Let's go swim and never cease to float, I want to saunter on my heart is soaring, but serene, constant. music, no flaws one day I will sail away and I know you’ll watch over me let’s live in an endless day I want to have enough of the sea baby, the madness has descended you’re everything I ever wanted baby, you see you’re the cure you’re the calm calm of the storm I stare at the shimmer in the sea without the light, there’s still love and care and beauty but nothing compares to it sometimes I want to fade away but then I see your face there’s no words I gotta say you’re shelter on a rainy day baby, the madness has descended you’re everything I ever wanted baby, you see you’re the cure you’re the calm calm of the storm

    Alternative Rock

    not complete Nirvana In Bloom cover

  • 【Voicebank Distribution】The Night When Canopus Fell 【Asane Hana -LUCERNE-】

    ust|| Lanttu tuning|| me mix|| ragey (BLESS UP) Hey guys! It's time to finally release Hana's Lucerne bank! It's a powerful CVVC bank with 4 main pitches: A3, D4, F4, C5. There is one extra falsetto/soft pitch meant to reach higher notes or soften the bank. To toggle it, add "S" to the end of a note. DL LINK:!oW50FDpY!F9MY7BrzbRB_hI_8sH7yIBpUUc51wOqWMjxjQIQpEEI Please use the ritsu auto cvvc plugin and select the "eve" reclist. That's what I used to record her! I'll release a video soon with English translations with it. For the meantime, enjoy! More VBs and tuned USTs at my website:

  • Heart Like War - Screaming
    Pop Punk

    Heart Like War are back with a brand new song titled "Screaming" off the upcoming "Start Over Ep" due out in July through Indie Vision Music. Instagram: @heartlikewar Twitter: @heartlikewar Indie Vision Music

  • The Fool
    The Knutz
    Rock alternativo

    "Like crooked angels whispering again the mockery ballad only shadows remains "-" The Mockery Ballad ", The Knutz Twisted angels whispering once more amidst the shadows: this is a good metaphor for the eternal return of post-punk, which rose from the self-destructive ashes of original punk and lifted much bolder flights than its predecessor. This army of crooked angels - the gothic, the synthpop, the cold wave - takes off again in the shadows that dominate The Tower, The Knutz's third studio album. In reworking with conviction the most characteristic elements of post-punk aesthetics in 11 songs sung in English, the trio (based in Niterói, RJ) surpasses the geographical and temporal limitations. It may have been recorded in 2018 in Brazil, but it is fittingly aligned with the sounds that served as reference to the band, released in Europe and the US 30, 35 years ago. As Daniel sings in "Thank the Moon": "The night has more colors than the day". There are unexpected and original colors on The Knutz's dark night. The title is a reference to the concept that ties the songs of the disc, derived from the tarot: the tower is the greater arcane, and the letters narrate its imminent fall, the drastic changes brought by the collapse and the beginning of the reconstruction of the tower, doomed to collapse once again. For the band, it is a metaphor for the state of voluntary blindness in which mankind lies, embedded in a seemingly indestructible tower. Everything comes down shortly at the opening, with the title track ("Fake structures withstand no more / Nothing is safe as we thought"). The distressing narrative drawn by the lyrics goes through the alienation ("Nobody knows what is wrong / But they laugh and laugh upon", in "The Fool"), the feeling of misfit in society / To deconstruct me, "in" It Hurts ") and terminal loneliness (" The cave frozen my heart "in" The Cave "). Finally, in "About to Fall", we confront the inevitability of another fall ("Don't matter what we've done / In the end we're about to fail") ... and the resumption of the morbid cycle. "The Tower" is the darkest moment of the album, which continues alternating climates and timbres without deviating from the fundamental elements of post-punk. Striking bass lines lead "The Fool," "The Mockery Ballad," "Do Not Judge" that counts with the DJ, singer and burlesque performer Ludmila Houben, and "Hex," complemented by sparse and atmospheric synthesizers. Already in "It Hurts", "Thank the Moon" and "About to Fall" guitars take center stage. "The Hand that Takes" evokes a surprising flavor of dub reggae, another ingredient typical of the post-punk salad. And with "The Woman with the Coffin Case," they contrast the more gothic of the lyrics ("She is cold as a corpse, but a beautiful grace") with a shameless beat of soar dancing and the crucial participation of the vocalist Luciana Lazulli, who still scores on three other tracks on the album. The Tower, the album, can be regarded as a reverent and careful review of the original post-punk lessons. You can also position The Knutz in the pantheon of recent bands that are also inspired by the giants of the past - She Wants Revenge, Interpol, The Editors. Or it can be seen only for what it really is: a work that will take the trio to flights ever higher, on the wings of crooked angels, always in the midst of the shadows

  • i feel lost, so i write a song (feat. king theta) (prod. holly beats)
    heroine diaries
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    Featuring @kingtheta Produced by @hollyshitbeats Lyrics: [Hook: heroine diaries] Alone in a hole in the ground All black in the club in the back Thinking bout how it all went bad On the comedown now I’m sad Alone in a hole in the ground All black in the club in the back Thinking bout how it all went bad On the comedown now I’m sad [Verse 1: King Theta] Trapped inside these memories, steadily, Movin closer to the end of me I be starin in the mirror that's the enemy Always smokin out the fear I can't pretend to be, ok There's no way I'm gonna get better just not today Who cares what I said or did yesterday Yeah I guess I'm bitter I just hope it doesn't stay I just hope it goes away The future just hit me up Said that things won't turn out alright You should just give it up Turn around while the end's in sight Endless nights, tend to amplify The will to die, and I just can't decide If you and I should even try Should we even try [Hook: heroine diaries] Alone in a hole in the ground All black in the club in the back Thinking bout how it all went bad On the comedown now I’m sad Alone in a hole in the ground All black in the club in the back Thinking bout how it all went bad On the comedown now I’m sad [Verse 2: heroine diaries] Baby I just want you near me Hold me tight we can make this easy I know that I’ve been real busy But this time I swear it’s different We’re both tired of the fighting Depressions why I’m never smiling Drugs make my life exciting No more of this fucking shouting [Hook: heroine diaries] Alone in a hole in the ground All black in the club in the back Thinking bout how it all went bad On the comedown now I’m sad Alone in a hole in the ground All black in the club in the back Thinking bout how it all went bad On the comedown now I’m sad

  • lil happy lil sad - let me die (M4N1AC Remix)
    Alternative Rock

    Follow lil happy lil sad: Follow me: Lyrics: im feelin lost and ion know where else to go now ion really have a place to call my home now everybody hatin and i feel so cold now why do everybody make me feel alone like x2 ive got so much shit to say baby take me from this place i just really cannot stay tears are falling down my face i feel colder every day know they want me out their way ill be gone ill be okay i just need some fucking space i walk by i feel them hate wanna die cause i relate wanna cry i feel insane i get high but cant escape would they love me if i change am i lost am i too late soon im dead i cannot wait please dont love me its a waste wanna die so fucking bad youre the best ive ever had wanna die when i look back cause u always made me sad cant get over shit im done i just make another song nothing helps im fucking numb ill be gone bitch pass the blunt ive been hurting for so long baby kill me in your thongs ive been dying all along let me go where i belong get me drunk bitch get me high give me pills and let me vibe when its time just let me die im so tired of this life

  • Swell
    Sdeve Oberhoy

    The Dorks were a punk (geek) rock band from Danville, VA. They were active from 1995-98 and had 2 releases; "Joe Davis is Dead" (cassette only) & "PeeWee." They played shows in Virginia and North Carolina. Most notably at Playground Pizza (RIP)in Danville, the Brick House in Blacksburg; Local 506 in Chapel Hill; and some now-defunct coffee house in Durham. "I Believe in Fate" and "Moldy Bread" both by Sebadoh. Recorded May 1996 in Roanoke, VA. Recorded/Engineered by Chuck Crush. Mastering/other studio shenanigans by Riley Pugh. Dorks are: Elvis - guitar/vox Roscoe - guitar/vox Stretch - bass/vox Flash - drums

  • Mountain's Misery
    User 368476102

    Track Two of Demo. Hello Everyone! We are "ANGELSINMISERY" a Post-Hardcore band from Austin Texas, not currently signed (looking for a guy that can sign us, we still have yet to finish our demo, even better yet, to play live) we formed back in the summer of 2017, releasing one or two other songs in the time.

  • trying
    Jim (G.O.A.T)
    Alternative Rock

    The first single from the upcoming record "altered state" in which I turn up the amps and get loud again. LYRICS: gotta find a way to get through the day gotta learn to do more than medicate gotta walk and talk and stay awake tired of being tired with a headache will to survive kill or feel alive trying not to die again always find me lost inside a broken brain hoping i can face another sunday morning i am not my sickness if i made it through the worst can it just get better? maybe i am wired to self-destruct all of this desire is never enough how can i get through this when i can’t sleep why must i always feel incomplete?

  • Los Explocados
    Los Explocados

    Wir sind Los Explocados und wir spielen hier nur Punk, jede Musik ist scheiße außer 94er Punk. In der kölner Punkrock-Szene sind wir auf dem Tron, einzig unser Sänger ist ein dummer Hurensohn. Er kommt nie zur Probe und er schreibt auch keine Texte, er redet unentwegt und er hält niemals seine Fresse. Los Explocados, die besten im Game, wer uns nicht mag ist nur neidisch auf den Fame. Los Explocados, von Jesus geschickt, machst du uns an, brechen wir dein Genik. Wir kommen mit vier Akkorden, A, F, C und G, das G steht für Gangster, damit wir uns verstehen. Wir sind die Punkrock-Kings im Biz, wir schütteln keine Hand. Wenn uns jemand disst klatschen wir ihn an die Wand. Wir sind echte Stars, wir machen sehr viel Geld, wir sind die geilste Punkband der Welt. Los Explocados, die besten im Game, wer uns nicht mag ist nur neidisch auf den Fame. Los Explocados, wir sind größer als Gott, eure Musik ist scheiße, absoluter Schrott.

  • FRESH - Daytime
    Alternative Rock

    New 7" single from London punks, Fresh coming out 31st August! Pre-order here: Streaming: UPCOMING SHOWS... 22nd June - Lexington, London (Early) with Nervus 22nd June - DIY Space, London (Late) 24th June - Manchester, Gullivers* 25th June - Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham* 26th June - House Show, Southampton* 27th June - Hope & Ruin, Brighton* * with Great Wight 7th July - Water into Beer, London (Acoustic) 11th July - FTF Fest, Southampton (Acoustic) 14th July - Lexington, London with Don't Worry 25th August - Rock the Baita Festival, Italy 1st September - BSM's Big Day Out, London 3rd September - Rough Trade, Nottingham with Camp Cope & Caves 4th September - The Dome, London with Camp Cope & Caves

  • Blink 182 - California (SadBoyOut Cover)(DEMO)
    Sad Boy Out (Official)
    Pop Punk
  • Pop Punk Died
    Become The Knight
    Alternative Rock

    This is my pop punk song about why I hate pop punk.

  • Chunk O'Punk
    Wild Patches

    An instrumental tribute in the style of Blink 182 and Bowling for Soup. Enjoy!