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  • Dreamy (prod.discent)
    ☆ lullabyboy ☆

    Things are dreamy rn

  • Confetti
    Alternative Rock

    New album from Essex indie rock band, Don't Worry! Out 22nd June on Specialist Subject Records - Order here: See them live... 21/06 - The LP Café, Watford, 7pm 22/06 - Banquet Records, Kingston, 6pm 23/06 - Specialist Subject Records, Bristol, 3pm UK TOUR 14/07 - The Lexington, London 16/07 - Hope & Ruin, Brighton 17/07 - Exchange, Bristol 18/07 - The Big Top, Cardiff 19/07 - Bierkeller, Exeter 20/07 - UCA Bar, Canterbury 22/07 - Jacaranda, Liverpool 23/07 - The Parish, Huddersfield 24/07 - Head Of Steam, Newcastle 25/07 - Bloc, Glasgow 26/07 - Wharf Chambers, Leeds 27/07 - The Birdcage, Portsmouth 28/07 - The Blue Moon, Cambridge

  • Gone Away
    Dismal Thinkings
    Alternative Rock

    blanketfort out July 20th. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mitch Baker in Blanket Fort.

  • Suicide Is Not An Option (Demo)
    John Value

    Feat. Dakoda Bradley on electric guitar. Thank you to Killer Mike for using the title phrase during an onstage rant opening for Lorde at the Moda Center in Portland, OR. Story about the photograph: Love to you all. John Value Portland, OR Father's Day, 2018 Lyrics: mic check, mic check, mic check check check i'm a nervous wreck check check check i need respect need respect from myself i'll respect my respect more than i respect wealth no need to be free if i'm free with a check there is no currency that is not suspect some people disagree/that need to protect their neck with my soul i will owe no debt mic check no, suicide is not an option suicide is not an option ya/i've read hunter thompson i've been around the bend losing friends/ on a hellspin trend/ to the end i'm never coming back again i read about nirvana yeah you can come as you are but never leave as you are/you must change who you are fuck the insane who you are/the deranged who you are you have come very far and it's not over yet you will fall very far/you may fall to your death but there will be no regret/bleeding me like a theft but the glory of god/that will take my breath no, suicide is not an option suicide is not an option x2 fuck hemingway anyway/you're a macho burden there's a false flag waving like the wizard's curtain there's only one thing certain that i've come to expect i may be down, but i'm not over yet i wanna live like Baldwin i wanna live like DuBois I wanna live like Maya I wanna live with poise i wanna lose my desire you can take all my toys i wanna stand for something track it down i wanna bring the fucking noise no, suicide is not an option

  • "Hard To Be You" by Michael Plesa
    Michael Plesa
    Alternative Rock
  • Anarchie und Antifa

    Lagerhalle ist eine Urgestein Punkrock Band aus Donauwörth, Bayern. Wir machen seit 1997 zusammen Musik, schaffen es aber selten auf eine öffentliche Bühne. Deshalb gibts jetzt einfach mal ein paar Mitschnitte aus dem Proberaum auf die Ohren... Schreibt uns an: die-lagerhalle(at), wenn ihrs geil findet, ihr mit uns schlafen, ne Kiste Tücher Übersee trinken oder uns einfach nur was mitteilen wollt :-) Jetzt gönnt Euch aber erstma n Pogo auf unsern Nacken, Alda!!! Und XARRE, ZIERG AMOL O!!!

  • Cry Havoc (single)

    Intro song of our upcoming album "Reconstructing Dreams" Performed by ioish Recorded by Vaibhav Bhutani Mix and Mastered by Anupam Roy Drums recorded at Studio Fuzz.

  • Talking Kind (demo)
    Alternative Rock

    Lyrics: come out in the rain, let's both act deranged till we do lose our minds babe go out on a date, find a man for me to feign l love you enough to change, yeah Take me to a world safe in the woods, yeah Make me feel what only you could, yeah I always wanna feel this good, yeah Let me feel your sacred hunger I'm done with all the sorrow I'm sick of the daily grind I have enough people to talk to I'm just not the talking kind But I'll tell you all my secrets I'll rip out all my insides cuz babe you're my best friend and in time you'll be my bride hope to flood the town, when it pours, hold me down till I belong to you babe hold my hand as we drown, make me kiss your crown you're my goddess, not a queen, no no no no But babe, if you say that You can't ever be mine to hold I will pine for you I will pine for you in the cold But babe, if you say that You can't ever be mine to hold I'm not good enough Be it with no words I will show you my hurt, because I'm done with all the sorrow I'm sick of the daily grind I have enough people to talk to I'm just not the talking kind But I'll tell you all my secrets I'll rip out all my insides cuz babe you're my best friend and in time you'll be my bride

  • dreaming of you only
  • About To Fall
    The Knutz
    Rock alternativo

    "Like crooked angels whispering again the mockery ballad only shadows remains "-" The Mockery Ballad ", The Knutz Twisted angels whispering once more amidst the shadows: this is a good metaphor for the eternal return of post-punk, which rose from the self-destructive ashes of original punk and lifted much bolder flights than its predecessor. This army of crooked angels - the gothic, the synthpop, the cold wave - takes off again in the shadows that dominate The Tower, The Knutz's third studio album. In reworking with conviction the most characteristic elements of post-punk aesthetics in 11 songs sung in English, the trio (based in Niterói, RJ) surpasses the geographical and temporal limitations. It may have been recorded in 2018 in Brazil, but it is fittingly aligned with the sounds that served as reference to the band, released in Europe and the US 30, 35 years ago. As Daniel sings in "Thank the Moon": "The night has more colors than the day". There are unexpected and original colors on The Knutz's dark night. The title is a reference to the concept that ties the songs of the disc, derived from the tarot: the tower is the greater arcane, and the letters narrate its imminent fall, the drastic changes brought by the collapse and the beginning of the reconstruction of the tower, doomed to collapse once again. For the band, it is a metaphor for the state of voluntary blindness in which mankind lies, embedded in a seemingly indestructible tower. Everything comes down shortly at the opening, with the title track ("Fake structures withstand no more / Nothing is safe as we thought"). The distressing narrative drawn by the lyrics goes through the alienation ("Nobody knows what is wrong / But they laugh and laugh upon", in "The Fool"), the feeling of misfit in society / To deconstruct me, "in" It Hurts ") and terminal loneliness (" The cave frozen my heart "in" The Cave "). Finally, in "About to Fall", we confront the inevitability of another fall ("Don't matter what we've done / In the end we're about to fail") ... and the resumption of the morbid cycle. "The Tower" is the darkest moment of the album, which continues alternating climates and timbres without deviating from the fundamental elements of post-punk. Striking bass lines lead "The Fool," "The Mockery Ballad," "Do Not Judge" that counts with the DJ, singer and burlesque performer Ludmila Houben, and "Hex," complemented by sparse and atmospheric synthesizers. Already in "It Hurts", "Thank the Moon" and "About to Fall" guitars take center stage. "The Hand that Takes" evokes a surprising flavor of dub reggae, another ingredient typical of the post-punk salad. And with "The Woman with the Coffin Case," they contrast the more gothic of the lyrics ("She is cold as a corpse, but a beautiful grace") with a shameless beat of soar dancing and the crucial participation of the vocalist Luciana Lazulli, who still scores on three other tracks on the album. The Tower, the album, can be regarded as a reverent and careful review of the original post-punk lessons. You can also position The Knutz in the pantheon of recent bands that are also inspired by the giants of the past - She Wants Revenge, Interpol, The Editors. Or it can be seen only for what it really is: a work that will take the trio to flights ever higher, on the wings of crooked angels, always in the midst of the shadows

  • Post-Punk 80s (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, New Model Army, BPM 160-214)

    Damaged Goods-Gang Of Four I'll Do You - Wire Train Don't Change - INXS The Other Side Of You - The Mighty Lemon Drops Womans Own-The Danse Society The Hunt-New Model Army Chamber Of Hellos-Wire Train Girl Afraid-The Smiths News At Ten-The Vapors Spinning Round-Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Close To Me-The cure Method To My Madness-Lords Of The New Church People Who Grinned Themselves To Death-The Housemartins Friend Or Foe-Adam Ant I Want-Dept-S Going Left Right-Dept- S Target For Life-Our Daughters Wedding Love Cats-The Cure Lenina-The Vapors Me & The Farmer-The Housemartins Don't Try To stop It-Roman Holliday Shiny Shiny-Haysi Fantayzee This Charming Man-The Smiths Waling On Your Hands-Red Lorry Yellow Lorry 1969-Sisters Of Mercy (BBC Session Version) Europa & The Private Twins-Thomas Dolby Why Can't I Be You-The Cure It's The End Of The World-R.E.M. Hopelessly Devoted-The Housemartins Somebody-Depeche Mode (Live-Empire Theater Liverpool 1984)

  • Intro/No Future
    Youth and Tear Gas

    Recorded between 2008-2010 by Doug Decker All song written and performed by Youth And Tear Gas ©2008-2018 Campbell McKercher (C-Nappz) - Vocals/Guitar Rubby Robbins (Tony Galbraith) - Vocals/Guitar [Bass on No Future This Is Real, Destroy Everything You Hate] Peebo Sanchez (Mitch Lyon) - Guitar/Vocals [Drums on Punx Deyd] Puke Bones (Luke Jones) - Bass/Backup Vocals [Punx Deyd] Alex Loth - Drums [No Future, This Is Real, Punx Deyd]

  • I Miss You (Blink 182 Acoustic Cover)
    Budi Situmorang

    My acoustic cover of Blink 182 Ballads number, I Miss You. Recorded with focusrite scarlett 212, garage band, samson condenser mic, and Yamaha Acoustic Guitar.

  • POHGOH ~ "Business Mode" (from 2018 album Secret Club)

    - from album Secret Club - out Friday September 7, 2018 (CD/LP/Digital) - recorded August 2017 @ Magpie Cage; Baltimore, MD - engineered & mixed by J. Robbins - produced by J. Robbins & Pohgoh - mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio; Cornwall, NY New Granada Records (US) Barely Regal Records (UK/EU) Waterslide Records (JAPAN) ABOUT POHGOH: Twenty-one years is a long time between albums. Since calling it quits in 1997, Tampa, FL's Pohgoh has been known to break out the guitars for the occasional one-off reunion over the years. The last one reignited a missing passion and desire to write and perform music together. Susie Ulrey (vocals, guitar), Matt Slate (guitar), Keith Ulrey (drums) and new bassist Brian Roberts (Hankshaw, Murder Suicide Pact) spent the last couple of years hunkered down in their practice space revisiting the old material while hashing out fresh ideas. In August 2017 the band made their way to Baltimore, MD's Magpie Cage Recording Studio to record their sophomore full-length with engineer/producer J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines). The result is Secret Club, Pohgoh's first full-length since 1997's posthumous In Memory Of Bab, consisting of songs dealing with life as a band after almost 20 years apart and Susie's 15+ year battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Diagnosed in 2001, Susie's lyrics touch on the hardships and struggles of living with the disease including, but not limited to, a constant worry of being a burden to others (“Business Mode”), years of chemical and drug therapies (“Super Secret Club”) and a simple nightly fight pleading with her own legs to remain still (“Who's The You”). The album does have its 'light in the darkness' moments, too, with songs about the direction of the reunited band (“Try Harder”) and the sheer power of positive thinking (“Bunch”), of which she declares “I lose battles, but I win wars.” All of this set to a backdrop of crunchy Superchunk-y guitars, even as they visit the more downtempo moments of reflection throughout the 11 tracks. With a rich history within the 90's DIY/indie/emo scene, Pohgoh was in a small league of female-fronted bands of the era alongside peers like Rainer Maria, Dahlia Seed & Jejune. The band's previous catalog includes several singles, a split 7" with Braid, the closing track on the Emo Diaries, Vol. 1 and the aforementioned full-length.

  • True Love Waits (Radiohead Cover guitar)

    I'll drown my beliefs To have your babies I'll dress like your niece And wash your swollen feet Just don't leave Don't leave I'm not living, I'm just killing time Your tiny hands, your crazy-kitten smile Just don't leave Don't leave And true love waits In haunted attics And true love waits, it lives On lollipops and crisps Just don't leave Don't leave

  • Best Days Of Our Lives
    Your Graduation
    Alternative Rock

    Debut Track from North East Based Pop Punk Band YOUR GRADUATION. Check out for more info.

  • Past Hope (Original)

    would you drown me under this midnight song? would you dance with me until the sun comes on? i love it when you look me in the eyes and hold my hand under the stars tonight. a girl like you is pretty hard to come by. don't you know, girl? so come with me we can leave this town tonight, girl. and you, with every ounce of past hope. you can take me away. everyday. everyday. photo credit: "How a bunny sounds" by Kim Krans.

  • 'Love Might Perhaps Take Us Somewhere' (Rough Home Demo Version 5, L013(5))
    Kaz Ando
    Alternative Rock

    Written by Kaz Ando Guitars, bass, and drums: Kaz Ando Copyright Kaz Ando 14June 2015, 24 March 2018 (our wedding anniversary!), 19 June 2018 All rights reserved

  • do u still think about me? (feat. lullabyboy) (prod. roko tensei)
    heroine diaries

    Featuring @lullabyboy Produced by @rokotensei Lyrics: [Verse 1: heroine diaries] Demons in my head, the reaper calling me It was fun while it lasted but now it’s time to leave Blood stains on my jeans, blood stains on my tee Remember when I loved you, it was just a dream It was just a dream baby, it was just a dream Remember those nights when we were both happy Now it’s just a memory, a memory for us It’s the only thing we share now since we have given up The drugs was too much but you chose to ignore it I’m junkie girl I’m sorry but it’s true Everything I did yeah I did it just for you Now it’s time to move on with a broken heart Now it’s time to move on got a fresh start Always on the come down Always in the background [Verse 2: LullabyBoy] Bloodstains from my heart, running Down the walls so far I can't go back to what we had Trust me it was bad Left me oh so sad I know it's hard for you to take But I think we need this break Yeah I think we need this break Yeah we need this break girl I'm tired of fake girls Playing with my heart You know that you are late girl We playin Ispy Can you spot that fake girl I gave you the whole world You just made my head twirl Yeah, you just made my head twirl Yeah, you just made my head twirl

  • Sydney Promo Dildo song (info in info)
    Chris Fernandez

    I feel it in my asshole I feel it in my bumholee This awesome as vibratior  its pleasuring my sole Its got 5 speeds and pulses Its got a great big shaft Much better than my ex girlfriend That shit just made me laugh You should of seen the way that it buzzed It didnt die like a lube in a sock Theyll be no beginning theyll be no end at least i can pull on me endddd You know that ive love dildos  And fuck I always will I put the batterys inside And i lay on my bed I wish she knew how i felt But  does she really care Im flying to sydney Then i look to my left These two guys have arm in leg There be no landing and theyll be no end These cunts are just cumming in the plane I think im gonna see it raiin on the spot track considering i was fucking angry before im very satasfied with the result as first attempt to upload this failed had to record but i did it better shows my inner passion and heart from rage into a song