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  • Heart Attack Man - "100mg (Millennial"
    T3H Records

    Heart Attack Man - "100mg (Millennial)" From their split w/ McCafferty Out Feb 2nd on 12"/CD/Digital via Take This To Heart/Triple Crown records Purchase:

  • Follow Myself Around
    One Take Only

    New song I wrote about finding a groove in everyday life

  • You Know You're Right - Nirvana COVER
    Rock alternatywny

    My first Nirvana cover that I've ever recorded and put online. I know many people will go like "if it's not exactly alike it cannot be good". But the thing is it is MY voice, MY guitar and MY interpretation. I will never be like Kurt 'cause I am ME. Anyway hope you'll enjoy <3 vocals & guitar & mix - Ferril Synopsis

  • Zoloft Pt. 1
    Alternative Rock

    A brief description of some feelings i've had

  • Where I Am
    Lake Placid

    An original song. Inspirations include The Front Bottoms and Modern Baseball. Musically a mix of pop punk, folk and indie rock.

  • Who Cut Your Scars?

    Written in the Spring of 2017 by vocalist and guitarist Sam Farr, this song questions who (or what) is in control of our lives in a slightly different way than most people would. The question "Who Cut Your Scars?" refers to whether we as people do the most damage to ourselves in our lives, as we are often too hard on ourselves. In many ways we are our own worst critics, or our own worst enemies. Lyrics: Why do we surrender what's supposed to be ours? We trade it all for some peace of mind in a made up sky with the stars. Well maybe not that high, we were, but we danced on top of the clouds. Maybe looking down at our own hands, we'd see that we cut our own scars. I walk through the door and you're standing there, arms folded like you know what I did. Does it look like I give a fuck? You've been watching too much T.V. "Give me a break," you said, "You're just a slave to the voice in your mind." "Maybe looking down at your own hands, you'd see that you cut every line. Whats the point in trying when you're not in control? Maybe it's overrated after all. Im out of control Im out of control.... Whats the point in trying when your not in control? Maybe its overrated after all.

  • Red Daggers - Hobgoblin
    SpiderChild Records
    Post Punk

    The Red Daggers "Early Grave" EP 2017 Available for PRE ORDER ON CASSETTE BY SpiderChild Records HERE DIGITAL ALBUM BANDCAMP:

  • Deathbeds

    like a ghost in the silence

  • Euphoria / Withdrawals
    Dylan Harris Music
    Melodic Hardcore

    It's short, it's melodic, it's hardcore. Yep. Lyrics: I've come to the conclusion that you were never good for me a drug that got me high but now there's cancer in my lungs and I still get those cravings withdrawls from time to time your toxin makes me helpless on the loneliest of nights because you are the reason I want to sleep but you are the reason my dreams aren't safe now I know when you choose to close your eyes euphoria always comes at a price so I'll stay awake I'll stay awake I'll stay awake

  • Machine 7
    Cross Wires
    Alternative Rock

    Machine 7 is taken from the mini album 'Living In A Radio City' Recorded at Lightship 95 in East London and produced by Rory Attwell (The Vaccines, Palma Violets, Telegram) Living In A Radio City is out now on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon etc

  • Jack & Sally【ᴡᴏʀᴋᴛᴀᴘᴇ】
    Alternative Rock

    Hey guys:) new tune! like & comment ⟫⟫ share on fb if you feel it<3 L Y R I C S: Me and my girl In the crv Her seats rolled back She’s sound asleep Take me back 2 or 3 days She said, "David let’s get away This town is full of old fucks And babe highschool sucks Let’s go Surfin' Cali Live like Jack & Sally I swear we'll be happy again We'll be happy again." Prima Donna When are you gonna Just be happy again? Just be happy again. Her hand in mine That’s all I’ll need No matter friends say Or believe She’s my woman. I her man That's one thing my friends will never understand They’re too fucked up on liquor and weed No sense in stayin Tennessee Let’s go Surfin' Cali Live like Jack & Sally I swear we'll be happy again We'll be happy again. Prima Donna When are you gonna Just be happy again? Just be happy again. Every word I write Every note strung It’s all for her Never going home Small towns are boring Let’s go to coast Watch the sunrise in the morning Park the car We’ll live on the beach Starting over Just her and me And we'll go Surfin' Cali Live like Jack & Sally I swear we'll be happy again We'll be happy again. Prima Donna When are you gonna Just be happy again? Just be happy again.

  • Lord Of The Cock Ring
    Kearney's Jig

    Music by Kearney's Jig.

  • hope not to see you again although in the after life
    Alternative Rock

    free download for this track.

  • Evren Bozması (Test Sample)
    Cem Kazım

    Buyuk Ev Ablukada Cover

  • I got an Uzi for Easter

    Lyrics because metal lol, Prod by me FUck easter fuck a bitch. keep it real Fuck the rich fuck me dead give me lead you know girl i be dead i need guns i need an uzi shoot up a school get me fucking woozy I got an uzi and a glock too shoot up my face as soon and its noon I wanna die so i can fly I want uzi I wanna die You know that bitch she gonna die Im gonna cut a cross in my eye FUck easter fuck a bitch. keep it real Fuck the rich fuck me dead give me lead you know girl i be dead

  • ORCHESTRA OF CONSTANT DISTRESS 'Not At All' (Taken from 'Distress Test' REPOSELP064)
    Riot Season Records

    FROM THE ALBUM 'DISTRESS TEST' RELEASED FEBRUARY 23RD 2018 ON RIOT SEASON RECORDS artist: ORCHESTRA OF CONSTANT DISTRESS title: Distress Test catalogue # REPOSELP064 format: Vinyl LP & Download label: Riot Season release date: February 23rd 2018 LP Tracklisting Side A 1. Not At All 2. Just A Little 3. Somewhat Side B 1. Moderately 2. Quite A Lot 3. Very Much Are : Joachim Nordwall (The Skull Defekts, iDEAL Recordings) Anders Bryngelsson (Brainbombs, No Balls) Henrik Rylander (The Skull Defekts, Union Carbide Productions) Henrik Andersson In the field of music or any contemporary cultural terrain, concepts like development dynamics and progression are used as aesthetic judgement. To any musician or composer, the idea of musical build up comes with a crisis, any attempt towards formal pleasure calls for suspicion that this desire is never one’s own. In the case of Orchestra of Constant Distress this deadlock manifests itself in an impulse of refusal directed against any evolution and the result is the extreme generic and the absolute distress of normative noise and improvisation. Members with such experiences from The Skull Defekts, Union Carbide Productions, Brainbombs and No Balls are joined in assemblage of catatonic sounds, obstinate riffs and rigid rhythms. “Just when you think something is about to happen, it doesn’t.” Review of debut album.

  • GTFO (Prod.Nobrü)
    underground rap
  • Seguir Así

    Ya no quiero estar pensando En todo lo que no pudo ser Ya no puedo seguir así Preocupándome por ti Nunca fui nada para ti Y eso ya, ya lo entendí Y puede que no sea el momento para disculparme eh Pero en verdad yo ya no quiero sentirme así / seguir así Debo hacerme a la idea que no quieres estar conmigo Debo hacerme a la idea que sólo quieres que solo jugaste conmigo Nunca fui nada para ti Y eso yo ya lo entendí Y puede que no sea el momento para disculparme Pero se que ya no puedo sentirme así , seguir así Que no estaré para ti Cuando me necesites Ya no estaré más aquí Si algún día te arrepientes Wuoooooooh wuuoooooooooohh ooooooohhhh oooohhhhh

  • Fuck This Shit

    I was pissed off with this shit when it first began. You'd put it way past me but I know all your plans. Keep it deep inside so no one else can see but if you keep us in the dark we will be obscene. Fuck this shit. Circle Pit. Fuck this shit. Circle pit. The next time I see you your face is in the ground mouth full of concrete who's the faggot now. Fuck with me subliminally and I wont mess around Better watch your mouth next time your downtown.

  • Felarent - Excremento. (DEMO)
    Surf punk

    Aviso de autor: Está obra fue creada para que te comas un ácido o te fumes un porro para después ordenar una pizza y ver Malcolm el del medio super drogado, en serio, necesitas escuchar esto muy drogado, de cualquier otro modo sólo escucharás ruido fétido. No importa qué clase de droga sea, sólo hazlo. Regula el volumen, lo sentimos.