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  • 1. phoenix (prod. misery)
    Alternative Rock

    enjoy <3

  • Surrender
    Strange Vacation
    Alternative Rock

    Surrender is the new single from alternative rock band Strange Vacation. It has influences of alternative rock, indie pop and 80's music.

  • heart shaped box
    Alternative Rock

    cover of heart shaped box by nirvana // (I don't own any rights to this song)

  • Lana Del Rey - Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana Cover)

    Lana Del Rey - Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana Cover)

  • more emo testing

    it's kinda hard to find songs for this vb tbh? But I'm actually kinda satisfied with the tone at least, I coudn't really make it screamy because I can't scream where I live now so I just tried to make it sound like it has some sort of personality? It has a bigger range, but I hope it's not annoying to you guys or anything. I have an angsty teen voice now LEL Song: Paranoid Ust by qwerty:

  • My Own Cause
    My Own Cause
    Alternative Rock

    Our first Demo tape! We had an awesome time making these songs and are proud of the result. Recorded in our singer/guitarist's bedroom :) Connect with us and find out about upcoming shows at Cover Art by Daeba Designs.

  • disgrace (ft. madi marie)
    b l a c k l u n g e d

    vocals : madi marie abel, blacklunged ; robertzxn instrumental provided by : i see stars (electric forest) vocals mixed by : yung skah LYRICS : i hate to see your face you're my first disgrace full of insanity fucking sickening she's my first beginning she's a sunrise if she stays tonight i might be alright i won't take those meds again

  • (Cover) You Know You're Right - Nirvana
    Thais Constan
  • Awful Things (Lil Peep ft. Lil Tracy Cover)
  • Landing On Rock Bottom (Demo)
    Pop Punk

    This song is about getting back up from a hard time and learning from the situation in order not to fall again.

  • Island Of The Misfit Boy
    Drive Safely
  • absolute terror w/ dxxm

    ______________________________________________________________ I've run run run out of luck I'm a deadbeat I don't give a fuck Threw myself into this rut Drank myself into oblivion DEAD kid dark mind hurt heart darkness has taken over again Fucked life no mask this flask bad luck I can't hide from anything Powder up my nose I wanna keep going until I can't feel a thing Numb the mind numb the pain stop me from going fucking insane Keep the score tell me I'm wrong I'm nothing but a lost cause I didn't ask for this life I must've drawn the short straw Fuck It doesn't add up anyway I'm going insane I don't matter anyway so please forget my face Cut me down to size I need a taste of reality I've been sinking dreaming wishing this was all fucking fantasy you will never understand how I think or know what I've been through I could stop at any moment I know that's killing you I’m just a man, I’m not a hero sinking into the abyss, the darkness surrounds it’s speaking too loud Just a Boy who had to sing this song Ropes tied at the end, crushing the air, im staring at death I’m just a man, I’m not a hero sucking me dry, I won’t cry but I’m weeping inside, take me, take me, into the night I don’t care ______________________________________________________________ lease: $25 exclusive: $50 follow me: instagram: tumblr: personal facebook: follow dxxm: @dxxmau Mixed and mastered by Mark at Keywork Audio

  • Mashup Mexico - Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box - ( Cumbia Industrial )
    Rock alternativo

    Idea Original - Mashup Mexico Edit - Edward Ancona Imagen - AMVP9 Visita el proyecto Mixes & Mashup - Mexico - Homenaje a Kurt Cobain . . . . . . .

  • City Mouth - "Curse My Name"
    Take This To Heart Records

    City Mouth - “Curse My Name” From their album “Hollows” Out now via Take This To Heart Records Listen/purchase:

  • Woke Up Strange
    The Yada Yada Yadas
    Alternative Rock

    After releasing debut single ‘Oceans’ at the end of 2017 and being featured in Upset Magazine, Alternative Press as one of the 20 bands you need to hear, and being asked by huge supporter Steve Lamacq to introduce themselves with a 60 second CV on his BBC 6 Music show, The Yada Yada Yadas have returned to show their songwriting chops once more in ‘Woke Up Strange’. This second offering from the band is made of sharp guitars, twisting together harmonically in all their fuzz and distortion, across a landscape of familiarity, forced under a more traditional pop songs skin. It's playful, aggressive, and fuelled with intention. In this latest installment from The Yada Yada Yadas, their US alt-rock influences really shine through, with tones reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr’s J. Mascis, and the playful craftsmanship and lyrical stylings of bands such as Pavement, Yuck, and early Flaming Lips. An ironic tale of the mundane and boxed in nature of northern life, Woke Up Strange provides an insight into the band on a social level though it’s relatable narrative. Here, The Yada Yada Yadas are more earnest lyrically than in previous offerings, more deliberate, and at times downright heavier musically. Speaking of the release, the band explain “Woke Up Strange is alternative rock in disguise. Hiding behind it’s unfolding overlapping hooks lay a pool of screaming guitars bathed in fuzz, rising upwards as they’re kissed by the light of the morning sun and born again to lay the foundations of a pop song. Narratively, the track has many insights to offer about the nature of conformity, the ever pesky and elusive ideological ‘Man’, and simple agreed fashion etiquette. Dynamic contrast is a huge part of our sound, and here in Woke Up Strange, this is demonstrated once more as screams dissolve into sweet melodies, and horrendous dissonance builds toward serene resolution.” ‘Woke Up Strange’ is set for release Friday April 6th 2018 via Silent Kid Records.

  • I'm A Mess
    In The Reptile House
    Alternative Rock

    I wrote and recorded four songs between September 2016 and June 2017. I planned for In The Reptile House to be my new project, to give another go at the thing that makes me tick. It's not happened. Life has got in the way and I don't have the means to start a band again. Not yet anyway. But I didn't spend all that time and money for nothing, so here are the songs. They're an odd mix; at one point ITRH was going to be one thing, then it became something else. I don't know if I will end up doing anything properly with this stuff, like play gigs or get a band together. Music became a stress for me, something it should never be; I don't think I'm ready to lose my love for it again. I guess I'll see if anyone listens to it, or likes it. I do, so I'm putting it up without true care about what becomes of it, for caring is the first step on the path to disappointment. Thank you to everyone who helped the songs come to life. First and foremost they are: Mark, Harvey, Blair and Kirsten.

  • Basket case (green day cover)
    Cosha Ray

    R.I.P Tones

  • Anti
    Vitor Marx
    Rock alternativo

    Canção composta, tocada, gravada, produzida, mixada e masterizada por Vitor Marx. Arte de capa por Allan Euzébio. Música faz parte do single "Anti/Fim do Mundo". Página no facebook Instagram ------------ Letra: Tento ficar de cara. O que antes me encantava vi que é pobre ao buscar a lucidez. Balança tuas jóia rara. Nariz, pó; cabeça, nada. O problema é tu dizer que é o santo da vez. Lembra que toda essa gente diz que se importar com os indigentes. Tenta, é ok de vez em quando fazer de fato o que tá discursando aos brandos. Tá bom, fugir é bom, foda que sem droga essa porra não. Eu sou um merda, também to junto, eu entendo, mas papo furado eu não to vendendo. ----- (refrão) Nada pra dizer vocês nem tentam, nem tentam mais esconder. Canto e escrevo mal mas pelo menos eu falo do meu viver. Vai pro teu lugar e faz do teu, não dos outros só pra vender. Se algo bom podem fazer, boa sorte, vão nessa, eu não porque já desisti. ----- Certo, tu ama, me fala, nem curte só porque tem bala. Não vem dizer que não é só a moda da vez. Nem tudo é ruim, na verdade, tem mesmo que ocupar cidade mas vamo tentar chamar além dos boy, talvez. Revitalização de cu é rola, mas fritar longe dos porco é tão de boa. Mas faz a tua, não faz mal, tanto faz afinal.

  • Sunset (2018 Single Version)
    Touching Pop

    I wear the sky as my disguise Safe in the dark until the sunrise The silence brings me peace of mind I feel like I exist outside of time When the earth stands still I am released Hanging just out of reach Of the demons haunting me Every new sunset The colors shine for me Trying not to forget Those hues spread across the sky for me I only see colors at night Only through my misery is there truly light Will the stars align Or will I suffer for all of time As I serve a life sentence In a prison of my own design The orange moon on the dark canvas In sharp contrast to the light of day Watching the Spring grass sway Each blade is painted Until the sun falls and everything turns grey Except for the haze; the halos around streetlights Like angels guiding the condemned to their graves And I don't want to be saved I just want to live forever while everyone else's body decays And their minds wither away I want to stay

  • Bongkar Akal
    Punk Rock

    Single terbaru dari Torpedoest dari album ketiga mereka Dongeng Siang Bolong yang akan rilis 21 April 2018 bersama Kamengski Records. BONGKAR AKAL Ilusi sosial telah lama berkumandang Jutaan omong kosong berkeliaran Mereka salahkan Tuhan dan para setan Ayo kawan hadapi kenyataan! Saatnya bongkar kepala kita! Saatnya bongkar semua! Saatnya pasang akal, logika! Saatnya pasang semua! Mereka bicara perihal cinta Mereka dongengkan soal dunia Yang kata mereka baik-baik saja?! Sampai gemuruh perut tak bersuara! Lirik & lagu oleh Reza Hilmawan Eksekutif produser: Reza Hilmawan & Sulaiman Said Produser: Reza Hilmawan Direkam oleh Reza Hilmawan & Aditya Bagus di MRH Studio Mixing & mastering oleh Reza Hilmawan di MRH Studio Foto oleh Keke Tumbuan Pengarah artistik: The Secret Agents (Indra Ameng & Keke Tumbuan) Artwork & layout: Sanditio Bayu