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  • Triumph - RWBY, Vol. 5 Opening - Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams
    Mighty Durpyena

    Intro version Lyrics: Back to the fairytale, back to the show Backed to the wall and there’s nowhere to go Hopeless and desperate, all paths adverse Things looking bleak and they’re bound to get worse Helpless and doomed and there’s no way to win Goals unachievable, faith running thin Lost and forlorn, impossible odds That’s when you’ll learn you’ve been messing with gods Send in your Grimm, tear off my limb Strike me with bolts of lightning I won’t die The battle seems unwinnable But all we need’s a miracle We’re going up, we’ll never be denied Can’t wish away the dismal days Can’t bring back what is gone Won't waste more tears on yesteryears, Instead we’ll carry on We’ll win for sure, We will endure And though our goal is far We’ll be the ones to touch the sun, The triumph will be ours

  • 【UTAUカバー】ヒバナ (Hibana) 【戯白メリー / Kohaku Merry】+VIDEO

    YT: NND: == HENLO kinda late, but thanks so much for 5K+ subscribers at YT!! ;;;; I'm honestly so happy that a lot of people enjoy my covers, so I kinda wanna give something in return.. this cover is supposed to be the sequel(?????) to my Ghost Rule Merry cover skdhfksd!! I tried to use Merry's limited-distribution VBs (mainly Highwire here), and as expected, she's always so fun to use hehe anyway, i will try to keep posting covers here, as always~ == Original by DECO*27 UST by Velvet Tuning & extra harmonies by me Mix by Nansu Illustration by Shugo Video by Ron

  • Here It Comes (2017 Version)
    Invada Records

    'Always Then’ is the debut album of The KVB, originally released in 2012 on limited edition vinyl by Glasgow-based Clan Destine Records. It was written and recorded in 2011 on a Fostex tape machine by Nicholas Wood, with Kat Day joining him to form a duo later that year. The original cover art featured a photo of a building in the centre of Mexico City, which was taken by friend and fellow musician Ela Orleans. Five years later, whilst on their debut tour of Latin America, the couple had a chance to make a pilgrimage to the same building and so the idea of revisiting and reissuing ‘Always Then’ was born. This anniversary edition features new artwork with an updated cover photograph of the same building taken by the band in 2017 and the re-mastered full-length debut album and bonus tracks ‘Always Then Revisited’, which consists of four reworked and rerecorded songs from the original album. Always Then anniversary edition will be out on Invada Records 24/11/2017 on CD with vinyl to follow in the new year.


    you took everything from me LYRICS: I don't feel much these days and I guess that's fine. I know that you wish I would die and quit wasting your time. Well I'm sorry but it gets so hard and I can't keep lying. Throw me to the wolves whatever makes you happy, cause after all I know you never really loved me. I'm sorry that I couldn't be enough or be the person that you wanted, I can see why you would leave. I've never been enough I guess I never will be, and I've been hating life so go ahead and kill me. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR BREATH, I'M NOT MEANT TO LAST. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR BREATH. I'M OKAY, AS LONG AS I'M NOT HERE. FORGET ME, I'M SO LOST, I'LL NEVER COME BACK. janemba cult // suicide pact

  • Chastity // Flesh (Official Single)

    Chastity's EP "Chains" out on digital and cassette Friday the 13th of October on Captured Tracks! Vinyl out January 2018! Pre-Order Physical: Pre-Order Digital:

  • Post Punk Affiliated - Volume 44
    Post Punk Affiliated

    Some of my favorite Post Punk Affiliated music from recent years. Volume 44 You can check out the other incarnations of these playlists by checking out these links: Spotify: YouTube: 8Tracks: LastFM: Mixcloud: Photo by @rachel-escoto Crystal Stilts - Converging The Quiet Moon Duo - I Can See Castlebeat - Hesitate The Horrors - I Only Think Of You Flaamingos - Walk A Wire Bloc Party - So Here We Are Blank Dogs - Northern Islands The Whisper Game - Loose Ties Ploho - Krasit Steny Minks - Ophelia Soviet Soviet - Endless Beauty Another Green World - Bones John Maus - Quantum Leap In Letter Form - Terror (Is A State Of Mind) Pinkshinyultrablast - Umi Frank (Just Frank) - Ride Of A Lifetime Bishop Morocco - Petter Replicant - One Seventeen

  • Concerning OMNILOVANIA V3 (Read the fucking description.)

    First off, I'm not finishing it. Ever. Fuck that stupid fucking FLP and everything it stands for. Secondly, anyone who would've helped me complete it by this point has left the UT community because a whole bunch of people are a bunch of fucking assholes who care more about ruining someone's rep and fun than about the content that they produce FOR YOU. Thirdly, I'm tired of dealing with over 100 different fucking leads just for one goddamn song that won't even be that good, so you can suck my fucking dick for all I care -- I'm not doing it. And if you even THINK of asking me for the FLP, no. No, I'm not giving it to you, and to anyone who already has it, if you give it to anyone, I will personally see to gouging your eyes out with a grapefruit spoon. I'm done here. Fuck OMNILOVANIA V3. Suck my fucking dick.

  • Haunting Me (Prod. YungTopher)
    Alternative Rock

    [𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐊] I'm losing sight of my life Go Take my hand and run that knife I won't get help, I cant take advice My Minds overwhelmed with all these lies [𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐒𝐄] I can't remember what you said My mind blocks of the memories if I go back then your haunting me you put my life in jeopardy Like what do you want from me Your just haunting me Like what do you want from me Your just wanting me And I'm lost in my mind Taking too much time Trying to figure out what I want to do with my whole fucking life Go on baby scream my name its the only time we feel the same Dopamine inside my brain, I love this rush I feel this pain

  • october

    played with fire burned my face moving states to get away found myself soaked in water i could feel my bones getting colder buried deep in the sand maybe ill find something new anything to help me believe bc i cant seem to understand is this the end am i dead will you be my friend please dont mess with my head burning bridges falling down floating my way around i dont give many reasons you can keep all your secrets rainy days blades of grass kill the snakes they move fast i dont know how long itll take but i wont worry today is this the end am i dead will you be my friend please dont mess with my head is this the end am i dead

  • Distractor - Human

    DISTRACTOR "Human" This Time I Got It Figured Out Burger Records, 2018 DISTRACTOR DOC: Hi we are Distractor, this is the story of our second album. We are not sure how it ends. We started the band in early 2015 and by March, we had released our 1st album. A month or so later, we had written the follow up, but held off on recording it until we were done with the videos. In August, Glen, our lead singer, was diagnosed with cancer. We put the band on hold. It was the last thing on our mind. In September, things got worse. By the time October came, Glen had passed. That was the end of Distractor. We clocked back into our jobs and sat there, crying a bit, and hating the world. Our friend Levi, started dropping by. He had songs written. We learned them and began playing shows. We called ourselves Blue Flowers. We had only played three shows as Distractor, so Blue Flowers was our boot camp. The songs were all Levi compositions, but we were off the dock now, heading… somewhere. We recorded these songs ourselves, then Levi left the country and became seriously ill. In this month of nothing, I got the nagging thought that I wanted to make something with more energy; a little more chaotic. Pretty much I wanted to do Distractor, but I didn’t know it. It felt like breaking up, but Ron, Colin, and I talked to Levi about it and we would write new songs. So we did. There was no fan fare; pretty much the first songs we showed to each other became the new set, and eventually the bulk of this album. I’m not sure what people thought. I think a lot of people thought it was a joke. To be honest, it kind of was, but inside us, it was becoming our life. So we recorded these songs. However, we couldn’t figure out how to mix them ourselves. Now we are into last fall, one year ago. We still had no album, but we were getting better. Only slightly better, so I don’t think anybody noticed. We got the opportunity to go into an actual studio late 2016 and record three new songs. We tried not to feel guilty about our unfinished album neglected at home. We got the three songs back and they sounded good. It seemed like the right time… “Hey you wanna be Distractor again?” “Yeah” “Sure” “OK” It felt nice. We were good enough to be Distractor again. Now it was time to hopefully tackle our now three-time eluded album. We got Sean, our bass player back, and he would produce it. We spent three months re-working and re-learning it. And so here we are. These last two years, we really had no idea what we were doing and we were hardly sure which way was forward. If anything, the making of this record was the process of us getting back on our feet. It’s not about how low you feel. What ends up defining you is can you say?... “Last time was bad. But this time will be different, I almost lost it all, but this time I got it figured out.”

  • I Grew Up With Punk & Hip Hop - REMASTERED
    Alternative Rock

    All Instrument's By Martin Reed Composed Arranged & Produced By Martin Reed The Photo Is me In My Mod Day's Circa 1982-1983

  • A1. FRANCOIS VIROT - Choochoo
    Atelier Ciseaux Records
    Francois Virot

    FRANCOIS VIROT & PHERN AC39 Split 7" - 4 tracks Limited to 200 copies w/mp3 Order Vinyl : Order Digital : A1. FRANCOIS VIROT - Choochoo A2. PHERN - Paper B1. PHERN - Never Never B2. FRANCOIS VIROT - Legal Rough Mastering by Christian Simmons Drawings by Sarah Hååg Layout by Myriam Barchechat

  • only one
    H K F I F T Y O N E

    Sample Credit: Yellowcard - Only One Lyrics: You hit me up again you said that you don't know what you were thinking Every day that went by was another I spent sinking Then you tell me that you're sorry for everything And there's no excuse for the things that you did to me I still have the ring in my drawer I thought it was the best thing that I ever wore But now I don't care when it ends up on the floor My heart is broken and you left it feeling sore You hit me up again and then you disappear I know you know I'm lonely when you're never here And being alone is one of my biggest fears Tell me why I love you still, I love you dear Sometimes I don't feel it when I'm doing fine I learned to numb the pain and just leave you behind But it's not that simple you're still on my mind No matter where you go I'll still hold you inside Made my mistakes let you down And I can't, I can't hold on for too long Know you don't think of me now And I won't, I won't admit that I'm wrong Wonder if you'll be around And I count, I count the days since you've gone You made me so numb now I can't feel You made it such a burden just to know I'm real Feeling like I'm nothing I'm a spirit here Tryna put myself together I'm a slave of fear You're my only one, you're the light from the sun, you're the moon and the sky, you're the only reason why I've been down and I've been high, I've been trying to get by, I've been living just to die, I've been dying just to try Broken this fragile thing now And I can't, I can't pick up the pieces Know you don't think of me now But you can't, you can't give me a reason Here I go, Scream my lungs out and try to get to you, You are my only one. I let go, There's just no one that gets me like you do You are my only one

  • In Bloom (Cover) - Nirvana
    Kieran L-W
    Alternative Rock

    One of my favourite songs from one of my favourite albums. I thought it would be worth covering this. It's been a while since I've recorded one, and I hope you all like it! Gear Used: Gibson Les Paul LPJ Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (1st gen) All recorded, mixed, and mastered by yours truly. Shoutout to Ryan Forysth for the custom cab impulses that he made. I used a mixture of his Mesa, ENGL, and REVV impulses through BIAS FX.

  • Shallow
    Lonely Fossa
    Alternative Rock

    (Prod. Killedmyself) Lyrics am I shallow? I think so now im crying on my own i'm selfish, stupid, and alone i can't find new ways to sing a song i can't find someone to play along conflicted on which path to follow i'll wait and wait until im hollow vapid feelings as im falling rapid heart beats now im stalling i'm afriad to grow i'm afriad to show you, who i really am i feel as i'm not living in the present anyomore to what extent will i relent, into the floor in a dark room all i ever see is you in a dark room all i ever see is you am I shallow? I think so (X2)

  • Nothin' On U (Demo)
    Will Monahan
    Alternative Rock

    Re-recorded/Mixed this demo for Nothin' On U. Sorry if the quality isn't great, studio version coming soon......Currently recording my debut EP

  • love notes (prod. Benji The Producer)
    LiL BEAR ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Alternative Rock
  • Metal Postcard
    The Psalms

    These songs are adaptions of the original compositions of The Velvet Underground and Siouxsie & The Banshees. Both were done at the request of The Blog That Celebrates Itself.

  • Ruco de Onda: Especial Punk Funk y Dubby Punk

    Public Image Ltd. - Death Disco Maximum Joy - In The Air (12'' Mix) The Slits - So Tough Belgrado - Kulminacja Oddzielenia The Higsons - Put The Punk Back Into Funk Part 1 & 2 Brian Eno & David Byrne - The Jezebel Spirit Colourbox - Looks Like Were Shy One Horse Generation X - Wild Dub The Pop Group - Where There Is A Will Lifetones - For A Reason Aswad - Warrior Charge

  • Every Time We Touch (Cascada) - POP PUNK COVER By Jonathan Young

    All rights reserved to Cascada and Jonathan Young. I just really love this cover, and wanted to listen to it on Soundcloud. Love you JY <3