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  • Lifestyles of The Young And Wavy (Feat. Ivy Rivera and Lawrence Jackson)
    The Brilliant Idiots

    Charlamange Tha God brings some of his young gunners, Ivy Rivera and Lawrence Jackson to the podcast to talk about thier come up, susccess, hip hop, and more!!!

  • Christmas in North Carolina | Ear Biscuits Ep. 126
    Ear Biscuits

    Rhett & Link share what happened during their Christmas vacations in North Carolina, from Rhett's relative solitude, Link's encounter with an amazing pickup truck, and what it was like sharing bathrooms with their teenage children on this week's Ear Biscuits.

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  • #YoyoFerran Llega Con Todos Los Chismes De La Farandula En PR
    Los Reyes De La Punta
  • Pretinho 17/01/2018 13h
    Podcast do Pretinho
  • S03E07 - Le Club du Petit-Déjeuner

    Avec Jérémie Dethelot, Pierre Lapin, Sylvain et Adrien Ménielle. Dans ce podcast, nous discutons des cases dans lesquels nous étions (ou dans lesquels nous nous sommes mis) au collège ou au lycée. Babos, punks à chiens, métalleux, populaires, footeux... bref, on en parle. Avec à la fin une petite F.A.Q. J'ai ouvert un CuriousCat où vous pouvez à chaque épisode posez vos questions à mes invités. Comme d'hab, hésitez pas à privilégier la version iTunes à la version Soundcloud et à lâcher 5 étoiles, ça permet de soutenir le podcast en le mettant dans le Top Itunes et ça permet de le faire découvrir à un max de gens. Merci à Florent Simon pour avoir sauvé le problème de son et à Théo Bernard pour le mix ! Love, FloBer

  • 1/16/18 - 'Reclusive, Abusive and Bankrupt (William Hertling & Tim Ballard from O.U.R. join Glenn)
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1 
    Reclusive, abusive and bankrupt...13 kids and Elvis?...Chained and padlocked to their beds...Shocker: Parents can’t explain why...the ability to edit our own narrative...Family dynamics can be strange?...Stu: Why do all of us know more than one example of this kind of story?...Glenn shares St. Nicholas legend that relates…Parenting today is radically different ...a 'Hank Johnson' moment? ...'Am I a Bad Feminist?' Margaret Atwood speaks...Witch trial justice...Defending Aziz? ...Need a quick 'Consent Contract'? There's an App for that 
    Hour 2 
    Christians denied!?...isn’t Sweden known for sheltering refugees?...people persecuted for their faith deserve protection ...The Future of Tech with AI with author William Hertling...the emergence of AI, coexistence of humans and smart machines...the average person is clueless when it comes to AI...The genie is out of the bottle; many jobs will be lost to automation...Calling Doctor Robot! ...'Generation Driverless'...the human experience is changing with the times…Opting out of AI?
    Hour 3
    ‘Desirability Bias’?...people want to believe the good news regardless…Time to move past the bully pulpit…remembering Reagan ...Operation Underground Railroad Founder Tim Ballard discusses how O.U.R. has and continues to help people in Haiti...Shaking up Haiti's government...human trafficking in (horrifying) action… ‘evil will protect me’… ‘she really said that?’...more amazing stories of hope and rescue ...Tax reform media mashup?... ‘this is a big change’
    The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

  • Escucha La Reaccion De Potoko Al Enterarse De Las Playas Nudistas En PR.
    Los Reyes De La Punta
  • 1/17/18 - 'Upgrade Your Mind' (William Hertling & Robert Harris join Glenn)
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1
    Way to go, Kentucky?...New requirements to qualify for Medicaid: 20 work hours/week… ‘work’ can mean volunteering or caring for the elderly ...President Trump is in top-notch health…McDonald’s diet, no effects?...Media denial...Passes physical and much more?...eating sticks of butter...Glenn's New Diet Hero? ...Calling Doctor's cognitive test time? …Glenn is taking the mental health test, too… ‘is there a Twenty-Fifth Amendment for the show?’
    Hour 2 
    ‘Oh, no, there goes Tokyo?’...False missile alarms in Japan…Hawaii, now this?...maybe Groot was in charge of the button…what if something actually happens??...Upgrading our minds? Continuing our conversation with author and futurist William Hertling... ‘add-on’ technology…will there be pressure to become ‘augmented’ humans? ...Liberal Democrats vs. Progressive Democrats?...Did you see the Cory Booker show yesterday? ...California just declared its independence?... ‘I support you’ 
    Hour 3
    FEMA fails, again!?...we DID help Puerto Rico…electricity trapped in a warehouse? ...Bestselling author Robert Harris joins the show to discuss his latest book, ‘Munich: A Novel’…Glenn has long been a fan...Neville Chamberlain vs. Adolf Hitler... ‘a tough old bird’… What if Britain hadn’t signed the Munich Agreement?...Technological 'doomsday' and a war like nothing we've ever seen ...Now it's Pat’s turn to take the test? ...Glenn can remember three words … and only three words, apparently

    The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

  • 'Sources Say': NBA Fight Club and Celtics Legends Controversy (Ep. 193)
    The Ringer NBA Show

    The Ringer's Juliet Litman and Chris Ryan marvel at the NBA fights of late, and offer theories to explain the recent rise in incidents (1:05). Next, they examine the Isaiah Thomas video tribute debacle (11:20) and Clippers-Cavs trade rumors (19:10). Then, they congratulate Jayson Tatum on his new child (21:05), wonder whether the Baby Lakers are friends (22:55), and examine Chris Paul's California real estate ventures (24:20).

  • 'PARAVIROLOGY' - January 16, 2018
    Ground Zero Media

    The H3N2 flu is having its day, and it is triggering pneumonia in people, but some doctors are saying there is a possibility that H1N1 is lurking and it could create a second wave of flu victims. If people who have had the flu shot are still getting the strain then why should the CDC encourage people to get a vaccine? If the vaccine is only 10 percent effective, then statistically you can determine that if 100 people got the flu shot and all were exposed to H3N2 viruses, only 10 would have been protected. Something is definitely wrong with this scenario. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about PARAVIROLOGY

  • 123 - The Incredible Glamorous Hulk
    Dear Hank & John

    How do fish get into lakes? How do I stay aware of things without giving them views? Do aliens communicate with sign language? And more! Thank you to Audible for sponsoring this episode! Audible content includes an unmatched selection of audiobooks, original audio shows, news, comedy, and more. They're offering listeners a free audiobook with a 30-day trial membership. Go to or to download a title free and start listening. You can also text dearhank or dearjohn to 500-500. Email us: [email protected]

    Ground Zero Media

    With a plethora of unidentified objects entering our atmosphere lately along with people hearing loud booming sounds and emergency alerts going off in different parts of the world, it makes you wonder what is really going on. Today, it was reported that a potentially hazardous asteroid, the size of the tallest building in the world will hurtle past our planet in around two weeks time. It is the largest space rock to brush past our planet this year and previous research has found a rock of this size could plunge Earth into a mini-ice age if it hit. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about THREAT ASSESSMENT - NEAR EARTH AERIAL ANOMALY. #ExclusiveArticle for #GroundZero #ThreatAssessmentNearEarthAerialAnomaly

  • Enterate Los Lugares Que Puedes Visitar En PR!!
    Los Reyes De La Punta
  • ‘Heat Check’: The Jimmy Butler-for-MVP Campaign Starts Here (Ep. 191)
    The Ringer NBA Show

    The Ringer’s Juliet Litman and John Gonzalez check in on the state of the NBA through the first half of the season (0:34), preview Chris Paul's return to play the surging Los Angeles Clippers (15:20), laud the NBA’s efforts regarding social activism (26:15), review some quirky stories coming out of last week (35:52), and look forward to this week’s slate of games (39:34)

  • Jorge De Castro Font Se Confiesa Y Dice Como Es En La Cama.
    Los Reyes De La Punta
  • Enterate Que Famoso Se Hizo Los Perridientes!!! #YoyoFerran
    Los Reyes De La Punta
  • #Molusco Habla sobre el Caso de Luquillo y tiene Info Exclusiva!! #YoyoFerran
    Los Reyes De La Punta
  • En Pr La GEnte Permitiria Las Playas Toppless
    Los Reyes De La Punta
  • 'PINEAPPLE DISTRESS' January 15, 2018
    Ground Zero Media

    PINEAPPLE DISTRESS This last Saturday, many experienced 40 minutes of chilling fear when a nuclear alert was sent out to cell phones saying that the Hawaiian Islands were under attack. The false alarm was caused by a Hawaii Emergency Management Agency employee who ‘pushed the wrong buttons’ during a shift handover. No matter how early we sound the alarm and demonstrate that history will repeat itself, America will fall for the false flag manipulation giving us no choice but to become willing participants into the Armageddon-like slaughter. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about PINEAPPLE DISTRESS. #ExclusiveArticle for #GroundZero #PineappleDistress

  • Round 2 Preview With Mike Francesa and Fixing American Soccer With Kathy Carter (Ep. 313)
    The Bill Simmons Podcast

    HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by New York radio legend Mike Francesa to recap last week’s picks (2:35), give their picks for the NFL's divisional round (4:45), discuss NBA coaches’ issues with coverage of LaVar Ball (34:50), and debate who the Red Sox should acquire in the offseason (45:15). Then Kathy Carter, president of Soccer United Marketing, joins to discuss her campaign to become the next U.S. Soccer president and the next step for American soccer as a whole (49:35).