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  • Best Of Female Vocal I
    Trip Hop Nation
    Trip Hop

    I mix of best trip hop songs with female vocal! 1. Dot Allison feat. Massive Attack - Aftersun 2. Portishead - Glory Box 3. Supreme Beings of Leisure feat. Lili Haydn - Angelhead 4. Skye Edwards - Love show 5. Angela McCluskey - I'm not the girl 6. Puracane - Secrets 7. Beauty's Confusion - Silhouerre 8. Elsiane - Across the stream 9. Blue Foundation - Bonfires 10. Halou - Honeythief 11. Bjork - All is full of love mixed by Sergey Vatkin

  • Trip Hop Mix #1

    YouTube: Here is my first recorded trip-hop/lounge/downtempo set with some electro-swing at the end. Comments are welcome :) If there is content you want removed, PLEASE message me or email hypno.101 @ (no spaces) and I will remove it immediately. This mix is also on mixcloud & hearthis: 1. Thunderball - The Moon, The Sky 2. Tricky - Aftermath 3. Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods - Nightshade 4. Max Sedgley - Slowly (Full Length Version) 5. 9 Lazy 9 - Journeyman's Electric Lazyman 6. Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods - Sunrise in Paris 7. deeB - Khan 8. deeB - Yacht 9. Mr. Moods - Vibrate at Rhythms 10. 9 Lazy 9 - The Herb 11. Mr. Moods - On Dope 12. 9 Lazy 9 - Swingpool 13. DJ Krush - Ruff Neck Jam 14. Amon Tobin - Sordid

  • Kruder & Dorfmeister Tribute

    1) Intro 2) Rockers Hi-Fi : Going Under (Main Version)(K&D Session) 3) Kruder & Dorfmeister : Original bedroom rockers 4) Lamb : Trans Fatty Acid (K&D Session) 5) Kruder & Dorfmeister : Planetary dreadlock [Beanfield mix] 6) Depeche Mode : Useless (K&D Session) 7) Sofa Surfers : Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix) 8) Rockers Hi-Fi : Going Under (Evil Love And Insanity Dub) 9) Trüby Trio : Donaueschingen (Peter Kruder's Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitänskajütenremix) 10) Mama Oliver : Eastwest (Stoned Together) 11) Aphrodelics : Rollin' On Chrome (Wild Motherfucker Dub) 12) Tosca : Ocean beat 13) Tosca : Chocolate Elvis (Baby Mammoth version) 14) Bomb The Bass : Bug Powder Dust (Dub) 15) Tosca : Orozco (Dubphonic dub) 16) Peace orchestra : Meister Petz 17) Tosca : Annanas 18) Tosca : Stuttgart (Marlow and Truby refix) 19) Knowtoryus : Bomberclaad Joint (K&D Session) 20) Sin Where Shall I Turn? (K&D Session) 21) Richard Dorfmeister vs Madrid de los Austrias : On the moon maybe 22) Willie Bobo : Spanish grease (Dorfmeister con Madrid De Los Austrias) 23) Bone Thugs-N-Harmony : 1st Of Tha Month (K&D Session) 24) Richard Dorfmeister w/Noiseshaper : Movin' together 25) Roni Size / Reprazent Heroes (Kruder's Long Loose Bossa) 26) Tosca : Doris dub 27) Outro

  • Trip Hop Mix Series: Masterpiece Sessions Vol. 1 - The Last Act Pt. 1
    Confused bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

    Tracklist - 0:00 - Jenova 7 and Mr. Moods - Smooth Jazz Backup 06:28 - Eternal Morning - Love Is 10:14 - Ortega - Spiral 12:38 - Slowhill - Slowjazz 18:31 - Moody Sanchez - The Game Is Mine 20:00 - Doctor Flake - Divagation 23:05 - Arms and Sleepers - Matador 28:01 - Jay Jay Johanson - She Doesn-'t Live Here Anymore 31:35 - Kno - La Petite Mort (Come Die With Me) 34:54 - Ours Samplus - Over 37:39 - Doctor Flake - Le Vaste Espace 38:45 - Apollo 440 - Christiane 41:19 - Wasaru - The Last End is Coming 44:28 - Membran - Budapest Rasa 49:08 - Membran - Ein Tanz Mit Dir 52:53 - Soulstice - Color 57:44 - Blockhead - Carnivores Unite 59:47 - DJ Okawari - Flower Dance 1:03:01 - Frohlocker - Malaga La-La-La (Sweet Duck Edit) 1:04:47 - Monetrik - Latin Boogaloo! 1:06:49 - Tito Rodriguez - Mi Guajira Si (Suonho Remix Con Ritmo) 1:07:46 - Skeewiff Vs Shawn Lee Vs Nancy Sinatra - I Got Soul Boots Made For Walkin' 1:10:10 - Solo Moderna - Sonido Pouble 1:11:36 - The Beatles - Honey Pie (Grant Lazlo Electro Swing Remix) 1:16:40 - Wax Tailor - Hypnosis Theme 1:19:26 - Sixtoo - Boxcutter Emporium Pt. 3 1:21:58 - Dave Clarke - Splendour 1:27:27 - Cinephile - Comatose 1:31:26 - Daughter Darling - Dust In The Wind 1:34:37 - deeB - Bouquet 1:37:17 - The Cancel - Up In The Clouds 1:38:25 - Frenic - Old Waltz 1:41:50 - Wax Tailor - How I Feel 1:45:51 - Moby - Everloving 1:46:47 - Patrick Doyle - I Am Not A Hairdresser 1:50:11 - HashFinger - B5.October.11 1:52:17 -- Demouche - Sweet Dávila 1:56:00 - Boogie Belgique - One Day Soon 02:00:36 - Koresma - Bridges 02:04:12 - Ours Samplus - Bootleg 02:07:49 - Tor - Two Suns 02:12:03 - Wax Tailor - Am I Free 02:18:05 - DJ Food - The Crow

  • D2A - Downtempo Throwback Yoga DJ Set - Live At LPAC - 02 - 08 - 2018

    A DJ set recorded live during a Yoga class at the Lincoln Park Athletic Club in Chicago, IL on February 8th, 2018. - Tumbara -Om Peace - DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World - Massive Attack - Teardrop - Portishead - Revenge of the Number - Sneaker Pimps - Wasted Early Sunday Morning - Amon Tobin - Stoney Street - Ultralights - Runs After Time - Stereolab - Cybele's Reverie - Du (Brian Rosin & Nick Jones) - The Interzone Suite - Tricky - Suffocated Love - Thievery Corporation feat. Zee - 33 Degree - Kruder & Dorfmeister - Speechless (slomo) - Pablo - Roll Call - Troublemakers - Chez Roger Boite Funk - J-Walk - French Letter - Cutty Ranks - The Stopper (Richard Dorfmeister's Full Moon 6 Live Dub) - Bomb the Bass - Bug Powder Dust (Dub) - Depeche Mode - Useless - Cliff Martinez - Placental Repair - Cliff Martinez - Not Leaving This Circus

  • Keno - Deep Water - MR007 (Vinyl 12'' & Digital)
    Melting Records

    Order Vinyl 12'' & Digital : Greece's Melting Records close out 2017 with welcome return of the Tales of Another Direction compilation, now in its second volume. Tales of Another Direction Vol. 2 brings back some exciting Melting Records mainstays and introduces promising new talent, confirming the label's ear-to-the-ground taste-making prowess. The ten track collection – not including the 'bonus track' – is an aural journey in the best sense of the term, leading the listener down a jazzy pathway paved with trip hop, downtempo, and chilled electronic delights. Tales of Another Direction Vol. 2 opens with the seductive "Flyentists" by French producer Screenatorium, featuring beautiful, smokey vocals and hazy, lazy rhythms. "Deep Water" – by Renegades of Jazz side-project Keno – continues this intoxicating vibe with its beachside sounds, organ and loungey horn loops, and beckoning female vocal snippets. Other strong highlights include the classic trip hop sound of Kognitif's "Flamant Rose", Skinshape and Jon Moody's '70s noir throwback "Oboe Diddly", the tough, choppy beats and trippy sitar of "Growth Strategies" by Niles Philips (Timewarp, Inc), and the hypnotic "Primeira Sessão" by MPC bandits Billa Qause and Mononome. There's so much more to enjoy on Tales of Another Direction Vol. 2. Crucial cuts from smallFall, Madball Scientists, El... more credits Releases December 20, 2017 Compiled by Melting Records Mastered by Blanka at Kasablanka Studio Artwork Design by Kanellos COB Distribution by Painted Dog Records [email protected] sander[at] Executive Producers : Basilis Foteinos, Andreas Pallidis MR would like to thank : Gustave Lecadieu, Djeh, David Hanke, Agogo Records, Cyril Capra, Willam Dorey, Jon Moody, Thomas Damos, Aggelos Stoumpos, Timewarp Inc, Vasilis Zafeiridis, Phil Michadasis, Xristos Andrikopoulos, Sam Mac, Alexandros Adam. Special thanks to our newly added team members Alexandros Giakoumis, Nick Pagoulatos, Giorgos Vallis for assisting us in the production. Follow the artists: Screenatorium: Keno: Kognitif: Skinshape: smallFall: Niles Philips: Madball Scientists: Mononome: Billa Qause: El Jazzy Chavo: Hashfinger: Gustavsite: Melting Records © 2017 Contact us: info[at]

  • Arutani - Luces Del Recuerdo
    Casa Caos
    27,912 knows a thing or two about keeping things interesting, are you really ready to dive into his unique world? He is a venezuelan-born producer based in Basel, Switzerland. We've been addicted to listening the original music that draws from his high-powered productions. Are you ready for utter tranquillity or full-on action? Arutani's debut Luces Del Recuerdo EP set the mood for both due to the fact that rides into a funny minimal desert, in other hand it also be a solitude's land where introspection takes care of everything. Each song beatifully transcends with impressive exhibition of organic taste and also represents a long temporal sequences of thrilling movements. Together these three tracks encapsulates a complete absence of disturbances or restlessness of the mind, it might brings up memories's flashlights like looking through a fogged mirror. Besides the EP questions the thinking about how we take advantage of our memories, how intense they can be on the point of provide a noble and charming extension of an idealized reality. This release counts with an artistic partneship production of the multi-disciplined design's officer PLDR195 and the artwork brings some inspiration on examples of everyday items that we can reuse and convert into some pretty cool items, why not even artworks? It uses paper, cardboard, soil, and similar stuff to creat a mini-scenery which candidly reflects a sparkling atmosphere. We believe that is a hiper-mellow-modern EP which celebrates a positive electronic scene and reminds us to learning from each other while doin' it. sabe um bocado em como manter as coisas interessantes, estão prontos para mergulhar em seu mundo único? Ele é um produtor venezuelano - atualmente estabelecido em Basel, Suíça. Estamos viciados na música original que flui das suas produções altamente enérgicas. Estão prontos para ultra-tranquilidade ou para ação total? O primeiro EP de Arutani - Luces Del Recuerdo - ora caminha em um divertido deserto minimalista ora se mostra como uma terra de solidão onde a introspeção toma conta! Cada faixa transcende lindamente com uma impressionante exibição de tato orgânico e representa assim uma sequência temporal longa de arrepiantes movimentos. As três faixas juntas encapsulam uma atmosfera com completa ausência de distúrbíos ou inquietações mentais, assim como revela lapsos de memórias, como se olhar em um espelho embraçado. Além do mais, o EP questiona a reflexão acerca do quanto aproveitamos nossas memórias, quão intensas elas podem ser a ponto de propriciar uma extensão nobre e encantadora de uma idealizada realidade. Esse lançamento conta com a parceria em produção artistíca com o escritório multidisciplinar de projetos PLDR195 que traz como inspiração a perspectiva exemplar de materiais do cotidiano que podemos reutilizar para propiciar maravilhosidades, e por que não capas artísticas? Usa papel, papelão e terra para criar um mini-cenário que singelamente reflete uma atmosfera reluzente. Acreditamos que seja um EP hiper-melódico-moderno que celebra uma positiva cena eletrônica e nos lembra de aprender uns com os outros enquanto fazendo isso! Credits: Artwork: Bruno Blancato @ PLDR195 Master: Andreh Torres @ RD Studio, Brasil Music: Gianni Competiello

  • 2. Nagozio [Free DL]
    Acid Jazz

    Second Track "Psychotherapy EP" is an instrumental Album accompanied by the lectures of Alan Watts(1915-1973). The segments used in the EP stick to dominantly Zen Buddhist ideologies and in the manner in which Mr Watts presented them. The Instrumentals Sample a variety of genres incorporating Hip-Hop break beats and Electronic influences. The Project itself Is in essence a years work of music and a timeless reminder of a state-of-mind/mood/musical-funk that was compressed into in 8 songs. Album can be downloaded in its entirety here: Download Full EP in Mp3 Due to the heavy sampling nature of the EP it is not commercial. Therefore NONE of the tracks may be used to make a profit. It's better that way. Credit Where credit is due: Thank You all so much, your music has moved me so deeply that it inspired what you see today. Alive or dead I hope somehow or someway my gratefulness reaches you. Your songs unlock a new world of music appreciation, a perfect unison of composition and emotion. Without you all I wouldn't continue to do what I do today. Again, thank you. - Jerome Kern - Astrud Gilberto - Vera Lynn - Nina Simone - Cheb Khaled - Quarteto Em Cy - Tamba Trio

  • April 10th {The Prenup}
    Alternative Rock

    This track is from a collection of tunes from the live streamed sessions with Slamhaus. While bands or users will inspire me, every song was composed live on stream without any pre-thought melodies, progressions or beats. Watch a piece of music composed 100% in front of your eyes. Watch this track composed lived from here: Be a part of the music making! Watch Tunesday at 2pm CT every Tuesday! Album Artwork by Chris Amhaus

  • We Were Never There
    Loci Records

    Convex by Nym, Out 10/27 on Locirecords About Convex... This is memory music. It's about how simple things are more complex upon closer inspection. It's about natural ghosts in strange spaces. This is the result of several years of studying the emerging global Trip Hop genre and finding my place in it. It is a mix of both powerful emotions and cinematic imagery, and i'm honored to share it with you. -Nym

  • Zimpzon & Braak - Aurora [Silk Sofa]
    Silk Music

    Support on iTunes: Support on Beatport: Why [Follow] our SoundCloud? We stream all of our new releases and radio shows on our SoundCloud. Enjoying the tune? Please consider clicking the [Repost] ↻ button! --- ▼ Follow Silk Music: Support on YouTube: Support on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Listen on SoundCloud: Follow on Google+: --- ▼ Visit our website: ▼ Want some new merchandise? --- ▼ Follow Zimpzon: Soundcloud: Facebook: ▼ Follow Braak: Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter: --- ▼ Release Tracklist: 01 Zimpzon & Braak - North 02 Zimpzon & Braak - Numb 03 Zimpzon & Braak - Aurora Norwegian duo Zimpzon & Braak recently showcased their talent for outstanding atmospheres and lush rhythms on Silk Textures, and Braak appeared on Silk Sofa with a chillout EP back in 2013. It is a pleasure for Silk Sofa to finally present a 3-track EP by the duo, entitled "North", including 3 outstanding downtempo pieces. The title track starts out with a haunting atmosphere, in which we are soon met by a remarkably mesmerizing breakbeat and a wealth of surrounding pad layers. A light, blissful theme lead takes over the mix soon thereafter, and another soft melody takes over the mix in the latter half. The soundscape is continuously varied with stunning sound effects, which perfectly accompany the melodic layers. In "Numb" a rougher atmosphere is hinted within the first minute; a prominent sound quickly takes control of the atmosphere, while frisky sound effects emerge beneath. Light percussion elements are introduced, while the soundscape lightens up and showcases a number of delightful melodies. An unmistakably breathtaking array of arpeggios emerges later, while accompanying light pads provide extra texture above. This EP closes out with "Aurora", introduced by a soothing and calm soundscape with light pad lines and intriguing sound effects. Numerous strings quickly join the mix, and a stunning guitar line beautifully accompanies the other elements later. As the song progresses, the guitar gains more power towards the track's zenith, which is followed by a delicate and soothing outro. --- ▼ Photography: Photographer: Jan Laeton R. Website:

  • Private Eye
    Wax Triptych

    "Private Eye" by Wax Triptych, a trip-hop trio featuring Mononome, Jenova 7 and Mr. Moods from Dusted Wax Kingdom. From the upcoming album "A Tale Of 3 Heads".

  • D.Dahlinger - Exquisite Spirits (Cold Busted)
    Hip-hop & Rap

    Coming Soon From Cold Busted: 1. B 2. Too Many Delectable Things 3. Color Scheme 13 4. Wind Back Up 5. Anyone's Out-There 6. Mellolabye +5 more tracks on the full length album . Cold Busted presents Exquisite Spirits, the latest from D.Dahlinger, a self-described “Northern California-bred, Japan-based dusty dollar/yen bin loop digger.” The follow-up to 2016’s debut album Brisk Temps (and his appearance with Pigeondust on Cold Busted’s Only On Vinyl 2 compilation), Exquisite Spirits is another brilliant exercise in tough, boom-bap beats at meditative tempos and engaging sample source genre-clashes. D.Dahlinger’s influences are wide-ranging, with Paul’s Boutique and Paid In Full hotly tipped alongside psych-rock and shoegaze, as well as the attitudes of west coast skateboarding culture thrown in. A relocation to Japan also created noticeable inspiration, giving the music a wandering flavor that often feels like solemn exploration. A prime example of D.Dahlinger’s distinctive sound is the curiously titled “B,” which dreamily combines glistening harps, compressed vinyl noise, and lovely piano over a solid beat foundation. There’s also the pensive build of “Color Scheme 13,” with a gentle flute that deceptively calms the listener before the approaching sonic storm; the molasses intro of “Wind Back Up” which increases in tempo to reveal an intricate construction of samples and melody; and the deft trip hop thump of “Anyone’s Out There,” featuring layers of D.Dahlinger’s trademark hypnotic embellishments. Exquisite Spirits lives up its name, being both haunting and hard-to-ignore ... beats designed for the ages. . Robert Jan Meyer (Compost) – “Great downtempo exotica!” Azaxx (Tru Thoughts) – “I like the atmosphere of all the tracks. Good project with big influences. Delicious hip hop beats and amazing MPC/Sample spirit. Bravo!” Mr. Bristow (Subtek / Detox) – “Love this. Just up my street, and excellent quality.” Spike Deep (Rocka Fobic Music) – “This package is great. Chilled trip hop beats with jazz downtempo. Dope!” Rory Hoy (Howlin’ Records) – “Beautiful Hip-Hip instrumentals here.” Eric Tchaikovsky (Night Light Sound System Radio Show) – “Walking on clouds of atmospheric beats … it sound like that!” Hober Mallow (Mighty Reel, Sydney) – “Full support here, beautiful set of tunes.” Robert Lochmann (The Jazzmadass Radio Show) – “Another pristine downtempo release on Cold Busted. Summer Vibes!” Aja Allsop (Ketch A Vibe Radio Show) – “Some excellent tracks infused with the new experiences of real life. It's music from the soul. My favorite track is "Too Many Delectable Things" simply because I am a jazzier!” Floored Capri (Kane FM) – “Beautiful. Multilayered, snappily, crackly, poppy hip-hop goodness. Another dope release from Cold Busted.” . Available Now From Bandcamp: Juno Download: iTunes: and Spotify: Label and Artist Links:

  • NO MAN'S LAND - October 19 - Radio Mix 2017
    Richard Medicineman

    NO MAN'S LAND Playlist – October 19, 2017 Tune in locally on CIUT 89.5 FM every Thursday from 6:00-8:00pm (EST) and listen live online at ARTIST - TRACK 6:00pm Lamb - Wise Enough (Instrumental) Portishead - Roads (Kero One Remix) Massive Attack - Risingson Red Seal - Forces of Creation Waldeck - Wake Up Lamb - Transfatty Acid (K&D Sessions Mix) 6:30pm kLOx - Roar Zen Dub - Emotions Bombay Dub Orchestra - To The Shore (Pathaan's Ray Of Sunshine Remix) Bomb the Bass - Bug Powder Dust (Dub) Thievery Corporation - Free Overdub Sessions - Mi Buenos Aires 7:00pm Citizen Sound - Crush Depeche Mode - Useless (K&D Sessions Mix) Lamb - Butterfly Effect Tricky - Sun Down (ft. Tirzah) Massive Attack vs Portishead - Teardrop on Roads (Jaya Prime Mashup) Version Xcursion - Nightmares (ft. Andrea Lucarelli) 7:30pm Hol Baumann - Radio Bombay Second Sky - Under The Line Tricky - Is That Your Life Chris Joss - Melisma Mercury Thievery Coporation - False Flag Dub Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Mustt Mustt (Massive Attack Duck Pond Dub)

  • 'Believe'
    The Blue Square
    Nu Jazz

    Sampled, Programed & Mixed by The Blue Square Our network : Facebook : Bandcamp : Youtube : Athens-based, The Blue Square is a project of Radim and Radical, two producers exploring the boundaries between hip-hop (mainly instrumental), trip-hop and nu-jazz. With Wax Tailor, Bonobo and Flying Lotus among their favorite artists, they started their career five years ago investigating their own sound equally inspired by the atmosphere of film noir, exotica and spy movies of the past. - article For booking a live / DJ event please contact here : [email protected]

  • Trip - Hop Classics

    Volume 2 : 1) Paris1789 2) Tricky - Overcome 3) Melaaz - Non Non Non 4) The Herbaliser- a mother (for your mind) 5) Sneaker Pimps Six Underground 6) Portishead Strangers 7) Morcheeba Trigger Hippie 8) DJ Vadim (feat. Sarah Jones) - Your Revolution 9)Dj Cam Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens 10) Kid Loco A Grand Love Theme 11)Troublemakers - Chez Roger Boite Funk 12) Thievery Corporation 2001 Spliff Odissey 13) Howie B Whos Got the Bacon 14) Tosca Chocolate Elvis 15) David Holmes Tub Scene 16) Troublemakers / Get Misunderstood (Quantic Remix) 17) Royksopp So easy 18) Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy (Oakenfold Remix) 19) Propellerheads - Take California 20) David Lynch on Consciousness 21) Massive Attack Karmacoma (Napoli Trip) Massive Attack 22) Massive Attack Teardrop (Mad Professor Mazaruni Vocal Mix) 23) Massive Attack Teardrop 24) DJ Shadow Midnight In A Perfect world 25) Nightmares On Wax Les Nuits

  • Mirage

    POETREE MUSIC SOUNDS LIKE: Jazz-hiphop-soul-cinematic-treats-and-audio-treats DJ MAGAZINE REVIEW 2016: Poetree promises just what he delivers on his Inner Orchestra lp. A superb, sprawling voyage through hip-hop’s uncharted waters, mixing the traditional with the offbeat and taking cues from a variety of influences. Am I surprised? Absolutely. Am I captivated? Even more so. I’m firmly rooted in the old school hip hop or at least, old school mainstream hip hop. I’m not old enough to remember the days when NAS and A Tribe Called Quest had chart-topping albums, but those must have been some days, right? Nowadays there’s little in the way of mainstream hip hop that appeals to me, and “underground” artists like Immortal Technique, People Under The Stairs etc remain underground. I’m pondering on that word there, underground. Underground. As if hip hop was dead, six feet under, right? And in ways it is. But if it wasn’t for the underground, independent acts like Poetree here it could be worse still. It’s being kept alive by those who haven’t given way to commercial expectations, selling out, doing ads etc, by those who tirelessly work honing their beats and crafting their rhymes in the spirit of true hip hop. To quote the liner notes of People Under The Stairs’ dope album O.S.T, “As major artists traded in their DJ’s and turntables for backing bands and backup singers, underground hip hop became a symbol of suburban rebellion … It seems that in the infinite pursuit of progression, some have forgotten to acknowledge the past.” With two feet firmly forward, Poetree nevertheless hasn’t forgotten about the importance of the past. One of the great things about DJ’ing and sampling is the almost endless ability to create sentences and hooks by sampling bits of existing lyrics alone. If a DJ don’t rap, how will we get to know his personality, his style? Why, sampling of course. Inner Orchestra’s opening track is a superbly virtuosic and confident introduction to the music and the artist, with a foundation of drums and soulful strings underlying samples from some of the genre’s most legendary MC’s. As much as it’s for show, it’s a fitting insight to Poetree’s character: self-assured and very funky. “Who’s the one you call” “Poetree” “Coming into your mind!” Grandiose enough for you? Try the next track Muzik Power, whose opening string salvo puts you in mind of a royal procession. Well, this is hip hop royalty we’re talking about here, so I guess it’s fitting. Guest MC Headkrack rips this track up over Poetree’s immensely funky beat, flavoured with brilliant scratches, THOSE STRINGS and some guitar that clearly went out and devoured a massive bowl of soul food for dinner. Just great stuff, and it only gets better… Chronicle Dynamite ups the pace again with a wonderful DJ Premier-esque string loop before Late Night Blues transports us to a classy nightclub, sits us on a mahogany barstool and hands us a drink of the finest bourbon. I feel like I should be dressed in a dinner jacket… I’m half expecting Miles Davis to walk up to me and offer me another drink. You see we’re only a few tracks in and the lines have already been blurred between hip hop, jazz and soul in so subtle a way it took me a while to work out it was happening. Styles are blended and coalesce in a flash of genius, staying true to the game and delivering some surprising and captivating music along the way; music that soothes, excites and amazes. Poetree’s music stands up on its own, is the perfect compliment to a number of guest rappers and illuminates the dark cavern of modern day hip hop, pushing boundaries yet firmly indebted to the old school. FREE Album download: Comment on Poetree's music video's: FAN: Say hello directly to Poetree: You can download the track for free (with no sign up). So pls give back and post a song on your facebook or twitter.

  • 14 - Splitting The Atom (07/11/09)
    Live Music

    MASSIVEATTACK.IE Entry For This Recording - Artist: Massive Attack Location: Palasharp, Milan, Italy Date: 7th November 2009 ——————————— Source: FM Recording (Taper: ipietri + Ziggyswoon) Lineage: FM Radio -> Analog Cable -> Laptop -> WavLab -> Trader’s Little Helper -> FLAC Notes: Full setlist broadcast from a variety of different FM sources – radio stations in Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland. This is the best compilation of those sources with all DJ chatter omitted between tracks. Total Size: 588MB Tracklist: ——————————— CD 1: —– 01. Flat Of The Blade – Duration: 03:39 02. Heartcliffe Star – Duration: 05:31 03. Babel – Duration: 05:43 04. Girl I Love You – Duration: 05:36 05. Risingson – Duration: 04:02 06. Red Light – Duration: 05:26 07. Future Proof – Duration: 06:22 08. Teardrop – Duration: 05:12 09. Psyche – Duration: 03:25 10. Mezzanine – Duration: 06:29 CD 2: —– 01. Angel – Duration: 05:13 02. Safe From Harm – Duration: 07:59 03. Inertia Creeps – Duration: 06:55 04. Splitting The Atom – Duration: 03:09 05. Unfinished Sympathy – Duration: 04:31 06. Atlas Air – Duration: 10:50 07. Karmacoma – Duration: 05:50 ——————————— MASSIVEATTACK.IE

  • Downtempo & Trip-Hop Mix [2 Hour Mixtape]
    The Getaway Driver

    Continuous Blend of Music Mixed by The Getaway Driver Dabrye - D-Town Tabernacle Choir + Intro Jenova 7 - Metamorphosis Jazz Liberators - Blue Avenue Nujabes - Counting Stars Gramatik - Afternoon Soul Kid Loco - Bootleggers The Herbaliser - Scratchy Noise 40 Winks - Highwaves DJ Krush - Shin-Ki-Row Pretty Lights - Happiness [Troubled Faces] Jon Kennedy - The Lemon Song DDay One - Seeds Of Revolution DJ Shadow - Lost & Found Dope Demand - Red Fox Emancipator - Smoke Signals Glen Porter - Devil Is A Dancer Thievery Corporation - Incident At Gate 7 Mr. Cooper - Ten Backini - Champagne Flute Mr. Scruff - So Long Arts The Beatdoctor - Laughs, Drinks, Jokes & Tricks Long Arm - The Roots Bonobo - Nocutary Maker - Train 'Til Nowhere Little People - Start Shootin' RJD2 - Ghostwriter [Drum Remix] Air - Modular Mix Doctor Flake - Le Vaste Espace The Sound Defects - Focus Enjoy!

  • Wax Triptych - Moonlight Vibe
    Jenova 7

    The first track released by Wax Triptych, a trip-hop trio featuring Mononome, Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods from Dusted Wax Kingdom.