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  • Morten Granau & Metronome - Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes - Free Download
    Morten Granau

    For bookings please contact: [email protected] Original Track: Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes

  • Psychedelic Goa Trance mini SET 10/2013
    Goa Trance Music
    Goa Trance
  • Dash Berlin Live Mix: A State of Trance (ASOT) 600 Bulgaria, Sofia - March 8th, 2013
    Dash Berlin World

    Blog on DBW with Photos, aftermovie and Tracklist!:

  • Mandragora & Devochka - Shiva Style (Berg & Phanatic Remix)

    Mandragora & Devochka - Shiva Style (Berg & Phanatic Remix) OUT SOON! Release date: 6/11/17 Blue tunes Records Berg Channels: instagram: bergsounds twitter: bergsounds

  • Special M - Déjà Vu - Alien Records FREE DOWNLOAD
    Special M

    Download for free on The Artist Union Special M é mais que um projeto musical é um projeto artístico que desenvolve a arte em todas suas formas, nosso conceito é criar e explorar texturas sonoras e visuais. Temos tb a idea que a arte deve ser livre e acessível a todos. Special M is more than a musical project is an art project that develops art in all shapes and forms, our concept is create and explore sounds and visual textures. We have the idea that art should be free and accessible to everyone. Download for free on The Artist Union Have a Special Day!!!!

  • Neelix - Left Behind

    Thank you so much for 400.000 followers on Facebook. I made this set for you, I put a lot of effort inside. I hope you like it. Cheers, Henrik Neelix - Left behind - Track list: 01.- Wherever you are 02.- Angels of destruction (Neelix remix) 03.- Coloured light (Pants off edit) 04.- Born and raised (Live edit) 05.- Home town 06.- Chainsaw (Live edit) 07.- Little Stevie (Live edit) 08.- Not the one 09.- Think of me (Live edit) 10.- String theory (Live edit) 11.- Don't just give up (Live edit) 12.- I didn't mean to cry (Live edit) 13.- Doesn't have a name 14.- Wild silence 15.- Never look behind (Live edit) 16.- Outro

  • A State Of Trance 2018 [Mini Mix] [OUT NOW]
    A State Of Trance

    A State Of Trance 2018 [Mini Mix] (OUT NOW) ▶ Stream ASOT Episode playlist: Subscribe to the Armada Music YouTube channel: How would you describe magic to someone who doesn’t see? How do you tell someone about the beauty they cannot perceive? When it comes to music as momentous as Trance, words alone will never cut it. Instead, it needs to be experienced firsthand for others to even begin to grasp what lies beneath the surface. And that experience, the quest for those sought-after sparks of magic, starts with ‘A State Of Trance 2018’. Offering bite-sized slices of today’s best in Trance, ‘A State Of Trance 2018’ sees Armin van Buuren select and mix a grand total of forty-two top-drawer Trance cuts, ranging from progressive-flavored records to uplifting monster tunes across two parts that prove even more remarkable with each listen. Comprising phenomenal offerings from the likes of Armin van Buuren presents Rising Star, David Gravell, DRYM x Omnia, Fatum, KhoMha, Maor Levi, Protoculture, Super8 & Tab and more, this brand-new installment of the highly-acclaimed mix series once again provides fans and fans-to-be with music of such quality it’d be shameful to pass up on. In all of its aspects and colors, ‘A State Of Trance 2018’ is to be in the moment and let yourself go. You wanted magic? Here it is. Mix 1 - On The Beach 01 Armin van Buuren vs Shapov - The Last Dancer 02 Whiteout & Wilderness - Yalung 03 Tom Fall - Cyclone 04 Estiva - Bloom 05 Maor Levi - Nova 06 Three Drives - Sunset On Ibiza (BLR Remix) 07 Seven Lions feat. Rico & Miella - Without You My Love (Myon Definitive Mix) 08 Alex Sonata - Only One 09 Denis Kenzo, Fahjah & Kate Miles - Who I Am 10 Wrechiski - Fervour 11 The Blizzard - Tind 12 Alex Sonata feat. Dean Chalmers - Bridges 13 Purple Haze - Bergen 14 The Thrillseekers presents Hydra - Affinity 2018 15 Fatum - Violet 16 Super8 & Tab feat. Hero Baldwin - Burn 17 GNX - Empire 18 Joel Hirsch & HALIENE - Run To You 19 Protoculture - Sanctuary 20 Alex Kunnari - Sundown 21 Airbase - Vermillion Mix 2 - In The Club 01 Fatum - Mowgli 02 Kyau & Albert - The Night Sky 03 Simon Patterson feat. Lucy Pullin - Fall For You 04 David Gravell - The Future 05 DRYM x Omnia - Ethereal 06 Protoculture - Thirty Three South 07 Davey Asprey - Kaiju 08 KhoMha – Tierra 09 Armin van Buuren presents Rising Star feat. Fiora - Just As You Are 10 Allen Watts - Midnight 11 Assaf & Nianaro - Chapter Ten 12 Craig Connelly feat. Roxanne Emery - This Life 13 Roman Messer feat. Christina Novelli - Fireflies (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) 14 Armin van Buuren vs Alexander Popov - Popcorn 15 Giuseppe Ottaviani - Till The Sunrise 16 DRYM - Spider 17 Beatsole & TH3 ONE - Maia 18 Sunset & Kiran M Sajeev - Just A Dream 19 Armin van Buuren feat. Conrad Sewell - Sex, Love & Water (DRYM Remix) 20 Dogzilla - Dogzilla (Alex Di Stefano Remix) 21 Armin van Buuren - Be In The Moment (ASOT 850 Anthem) [Ben Nicky Remix] Connect with Armada Music ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶

  • Blazy - Interlude feat. Aura Vortex [Out Soon]

    This is my new upcoming track, it features some psychedelic stuff with an emotional INTERLUDE followed by a beautiful violin solo with orchestra. We hope you enjoy it! -DMS

  • XYZed - Future Underground [S.C Sample] @ Spin Twist Records >> 11.6

    XYZed (pronounced “X.Y.Zed”)Is the new project of Kfir Lankry (A.K.A Phanatic) & Arik Maimon (A.K.A Delirious), hailing from the South of Israel. Release Date: 11/6/18 Label: Spin Twist Records Worldwide Booking: [email protected] XYZed Networks: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

  • Aura Vortex - 100K
    Aura Vortex

    Thank you all for the 100k likes on Facebook. All that i can say is that you people make my life worth existing, everytime i wake up, dink my coffee and start to work on something new, is because of you. Is because of every good reaction you guys have with my music. Thank you. ___________ Tudo que posso dizer é que vocês fazem minha vida valer a pena! Sempre que acordo, tomo meu café e começo fazer uma música nova, é por vocês. É por todo bom sentimento que tento trazer para voces. Ps: Pra toda galera da Aslam, fiz questão de deixar o set um tanto parecido com o que toquei com o Dead Musician Society (Aura vs Blazy), porém não pude lançar aquele set em função de tracks não lançadas que não eram minhas. A intro ta aí! ---Tracklist--- 1 - Dead Musicians Society Intro @ Mundo de Aslam - Aura Vortex Version - 2 - Blazy - Interlude ft. Aura Vortex (Blazing Rampage Edit) 3 - Aura Vortex & Gottinari - Rampage! 4 - Aura Vortex - Almighty Blues ft. Blazy 5 - Aura Vortex & Doktor Froid - 8 Bit Adventure (Live Edit) 6 - Aura Vortex, Blazy & Megaband - Nuke Moto 7 - Split & Jaxta - Icarus (Falafel Edit) (Yes, i'll play this forever, handle it) 8 - Freedom Fighters & Skazi - Falafel (Aura Vortex, Harmonika & Blazy RMX) 9 - Aura Vortex - Imaginaerum (TBR) 10 - Aura Vortex - Volcano 11 - Aura Vortex - Freeze (TBR on Dead Musicians Society) 12 - Aura Vortex - Reactivation 13 - Aura Vortex - Reborn 14 - Aura Vortex, Blazy & Dang3r - B.Y.O,B (Aura Vortex Overcharge) 15 - Arctic Monkeys - Brainstorm - (Aura Vortex Remix)

  • Captain Hook & Astrix - Bungee Jump
    Captain Hook

    Support: Captain hook collaboration with Astrix called Bungee Jump. Check it out! Subscribe to Captain Hook for more MUSIC! ☠ Follow Captain Hook: Website: Facebook: Youtube: Soundcloud: Instagram: Mixcloud: Twitter: Beatport: Captain Hook is one of the top DJs, musicians and producers on the Psychedelic Trance (Psytrance) & Progressive Trance scene. Travelling a diverse musical path, Reshef Harari always achieved success guided by the frequencies. From the early days of DJing with vinyls, through the successful collaborative project Quantize, the visit to Techno-land as Sheff with releases at top labels, and finally as Captain Hook, with which he took over the world by storm. With two top selling albums at Iboga Records, countless single and compilation releases and collaborating with the best electronic music producers, among them: Astrix, Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Perfect Stranger, LOUD, Atmos, GMS, Earthling, Tetrameth, Freedom Fighters and ill.Gates. Captain Hook has been playing in every conceivable festival, party and venue all around the globe. Among them: Universo Paralello, XXXPerience, Tribe & Atmosphere in Central and South America; Burning Man, Symbiosis Gathering & Eclipse Pyramid Lake in the USA; Ozora, Boom, Fusion, Glade & Antaris Project in Europe; And Rainbow Serpent & Eclipse Festival in Australia.

  • Vini Vici // Music Evolution Vol. 3 Mix // FREE DOWNLOAD!!! //
    Vini Vici

    Enjoy Our New 'Music Evolution Vol. 3' Set For FREE DOWNLOAD!!! 1>Vini Vici vs. Ace Ventura - The Calling 2>Vini Vici - Namaste 3>Ace Ventura - Going Back (Vini Vici Remix) 4>Vini Vici - Alteza 5> Coming Soon!!! - Instant Rush 6>ֿOutsiders vs. Freedom Fighters - Acid Attack 7>SBK - Morgenlatte (Morten Granau & Second Remix) 8>Pixel vs. Sun Project - A Place Call Now 9>Pixel vs. Space Cat - Clear Test Signal (Pixel & Vini Vici Remix) 10>Vini Vici - Talking With U.F.O’s 11>Vini Vici - The Tribe And Don't Forget To Follow Us :)

  • Vini Vici Vs W&W - Chakra (Extended Mix)2017
    Universo Paralello
  • Hammerers - Gianny For Example ( Goa Minimale - Psy - Progressive - Psytrance )
    ॐ Hammerers ॐ
    Goa minimale

  • Omiki - 200K Mix ***Free Download***
    Omiki (Official)

    Follow Omiki @ Facebook : Follow Omiki @ Instagram : Tracklist : 1) Omiki - Na Le 2) Omiki - Walame 3) Omiki - Zulu (IronHide Rmx) 4) Omiki & Planet6 Ft. Ankit Sharda - Krishna 5) Skazi & Omiki Ft Juda - Jump! 6) Sub6 - the clash (Omiki Rmx) 7) Omiki - Eya (Rexalted Rmx) 8) Omiki - Dark Side (Planet6 Rmx) 9) Omiki & Yahel Ft Liya - Black Hole (Vagus Remix) In Process 10) Indianix - Imagination Land 11) Pop Art - Zappa 12) Omiki & Basscannon - Vitory (Durs Remix) 13) Omiki - Balkan

  • Akasha, Spectree - WTF (Original Mix)
    Psychedelic Trance

    Akasha is a emerging talent from Brazil and has come up with two previously unreleased tracks for this EP called "Close Encounters". It contains a solo title track and a collaboration track with @SpectreeMusic. The EP is super psychedelic dance floor blaster and is a must for all psychedelic trance fans out there.Make sure to grab this release and blast them loud. @ProfoundRecords

  • Alpha Portal - Dimension 003 MIX
    Alpha Portal

    The third chapter in the dimension series is here, Full power blasting and psychedelic more than ever. Enjoy this trip 🚀 Tracklist : 1. Alpha Portal & Ajja - The Other Side (HOMmega productions) […inal-mix/9753633] 2. Killerwatts - Ready to Rumble (NANO records) [] 3. Burn in Noise - Burucudum (Unreleased) 4. 3 of Life & Humanoids - Drama Queen (HOMmega productions) [] 5. Xerox, Volcano & Imagine Mars - Flying Saucers (Sacred technology) [] 6. Skizologic & Filteria - Transcendent (Future Music records) [] 7. Tristan & ManMadeMen - Reincarnation (NANO records) [] 8. Peace-Ka & Module Virus - Siddhi (Unreleased) 9. Fungus Funk & Virtual Light - Glam Goblins (Timecode/Sangoma) [] 10. Dickster - Elastic Dreams (NANO records) [] 11. ESP - Dimension of Sound (Unreleased) 12. Electric Universe - Ignition Sequence Start (Sacred Technology) [] More Alpha Portal: