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  • Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Sountrack - Chilly Coast
    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
  • Checkpoint 4x06 - A Rare / Ultimate Play The Game)

    Az IDDQD podcastjének 4x06-os (összesen 73.) adása Grathtel és Stökivel. Vendég: Sasa, a PC Guru volt főszerkesztője, jelenlegi lapigazgatója. Téma: a Rare (egykori Ultimate Play The Game) története és játékai. Kísérőposzt linkekkel:

  • Podcast #123 - Jon Skeet Wants You to Be a Feminist
    The Stack Overflow Podcast

    In this episode, Host Jon Skeet takes the reins along with Jay, Jess, Ilana, and special guests Casey Ashenhurst (SO Inclusion Manager & Senior People Ops Partner) and Cassie Montrose (SO Executive Assistant) to chat about hitting a million rep on Stack Overflow; Jon's thoughts on feminism and inclusion and how those have evolved over the years; and a rant about a regrettable Applebee's experience in Times Square. You should'a known better, Jon...

  • Episode 199 - Adam Becker
    Talk Nerdy

    In this episode of Talk Nerdy, Cara is joined in studio by astrophysicist Dr. Adam Becker to talk about his new book, "What is Real? The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics." They talk about the important role philosophy plays in understanding the scientific process as well as what happens when you question one of the sacred cows of quantum physics, the Copenhagen interpretation. Follow Adam: @FreelanceAstro.

  • #226 Bob Summerwill: Sweetbridge – Rewriting the Operating System for the World Economy

    Support the show, consider donating: BTC: 1CD83r9EzFinDNWwmRW4ssgCbhsM5bxXwg ( BCC: 1M4dvWxjL5N9WniNtatKtxW7RcGV73TQTd ( ETH: 0x8cdb49ca5103Ce06717C4daBBFD4857183f50935 ( According to the World Bank, universal financial access is vital to reducing poverty, and lack of access to credit plays a significant role in widening inequalities between developed and developing nations. For producers at the end of the supply chain, and who typically have little access to capital, waiting for customers to pay for their products puts them at high financial risk and threatens their livelihood. What if there was a way to bring more liquidity to global supply chains, by allowing anyone to create liquidity from their existing assets. We're joined by Bob Summerwill, Community Ambassador at Sweetbridge, an ambitious project that aims to change the way global business operates at a fundamental level. While supply chains account for about two-thirds of the World's GDP, value is trapped in non-liquid assets sitting in warehouses, on store shelves, or in the form of outstanding invoices. Sweetbridge acts as a sort of OSI model for global business. In the Sweetbridge economy, working capital is freed up by enabling individuals and organizations to borrow from themselves interest-free. Topics discussed in this episode: - Bob's background as a game developer - How Bob got involved with Ethereum and his role at The Ethereum Foundation - What is the Sweetbridge and how it aims to transform global business - How one can use Sweetbirdge to collateralize assets and borrow money - The different protocol layers of Sweetbridge - How Bridgecoin and Sweetcoin work, and their respective roles - The role and goals of the Sweetbridge Alliance - The upcoming token sale - The project roadmap and upcoming product releases Links mentioned in this episode: - Sweetbridge: - Sweetbridge Whitepapers: - SweetTalk with Vinay Gupta & Scott Nelson: Watch or listen, Epicenter is available wherever you get your podcasts. Epicenter is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain, Sébastien Couture & Meher Roy.

  • inFAMOUS Second Son: The Vandal King

    A track from the official soundtrack of inFAMOUS Second Son, out now.

  • The Co-Optional Podcast Ep. 206 [strong language] - February 15th, 2018

    Support Julian, the podcast animator: Discuss the podcast on our official subreddit: TotalBiscuit, Dodger and Jesse bring you this episode of the Co-Optional Podcast. Enjoy! Original air date: February 13th, 2018 Welcome to the Co-Optional Podcast 00:00:45 How to not screw up your relationship 00:05:30 Be hygenic 00:11:45 Metal cruise 00:12:48 Aegis Defenders 00:19:30 Hat in time 00:28:25 We were here too 00:32:17 Kingdom Come: Deliverance 00:39:40 Welcome back 00:53:56 Civ 6 - Rise and Fall 00:56:05 Star Trek: Adversaries 01:29:25 Star Wars: Legion 01:39:40 Blizzcon stuff 01:43:34 Welcome back 01:44:09 Lootbox legislation 01:46:20 Ubisoft Live Services 01:58:32 Releases 02:19:24 --------- Dodger Jesse Cox --------- Thanks for watching The Co-Optional Podcast! Follow TotalBiscuit on Twitter: Follow CynicalBrit on Twitter for video updates: Follow our Facebook page for announcements:

  • E168 - Sea of Thieves, God of War, Ni No Kuni II, våre favorittvåpen i spill
    Level BackUp

    I ukens episode av podcasten vår har Frida ferie, Nick er gjest og vi har spilt noen av vårens aller største spillkanoner - inkludert Sea of Thieves, Ni No Kuni II og selveste God of War. I tillegg er vi innom det nye progresjonssystemet i Star Wars: Battlefront 2, vi diskuterer PUBG og Fortnite på mobil, vi har topplister for våre favorittvåpen i spill og veldig mye mer. God helg - og god påske!

  • #117 The World's Most Expensive Free Watch
    Reply All

    This week, the story of a man who made the extremely dubious decision to order a watch that he found in an Instagram ad. We explore the strange world that watch came from. More at

  • #263. Profissão Youtuber

    As pessoas vêem os youtubers famosos e se fixam nos casos de sucesso, imaginam algo que acontece da noite para o dia. Mas a realidade é de trabalho intenso, regular e repetitivo. No Braincast 263, Luiz Yassuda, Alexandre Maron e Luiz Hygino conversam com Camilo Coutinho, do canal Play de Prata, e Taty Leite, do canal Vá Ler Um Livro, sobre a rotina de produção e edição para se manter um canal ativo no YouTube. Qual equipamento básico, programas mais usados, como fugir dos clichês dos youtubers, os gêneros e formatos de sucesso, e, principalmente: ainda dá para entrar ou é tarde demais? > 10:30 Pauta principal > 1:13:00 Qual é a boa? > 1:32:00 Comentando os Comentários ---


    Patreon: Apoia-se: --- Críticas, comentários, sugestões para [email protected] ou nos comentários desse post. > Edição: Caio Corraini > Sound Design: Caco Teixeira > Arte da Capa: Johnny Brito

  • Is It Bad If Facebook Copies Everything Snapchat Does?

    You may have heard the joke: the best way to do product design for Facebook is to get a job at Snapchat. We've all seen how, after failing to buy the company, Facebook has wasted little time in building its own versions of most of Snapchat's key features. So... is this a problem? That's the subject on this week's episode, were we discuss the ins and outs of this kind of copying and what it might mean for the future of social media.

  • Darren Korb - In Circles
    darren korb

    Ésta es una pequeña parte del fantástico soundtrack de Transistor, el nuevo juego de Supergiant Games, que fue compuesto por Darren Korb.

  • Resident Evil – Save Room
    resident evil

    -------- es un portal de videojuegos con contenidos exclusivos en español: noticias, reseñas, hands-on, podcast, artículos especiales y más. #NeverGrowUp

  • Professor Layton And The Azran Legacy - Main Theme
  • The Spin-off Doctors: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Really good for a high school fan-film!

  • 005: Augment Your Reality: Google Glass, Porn Blocking, and the Gameification of Health and Fitness
    The Upgrade by Lifehacker

    This week on Ask Lifehacker we're debating the feasibility of Google's futuristic augmented reality glasses, protecting ourselves from hacks and viruses, blocking porn in every possible way, and fitting our big hard drives on small SSDs. Also, we take a look at a few downloads that can turn your diet and exercise routines into games, make Windows 7 feel like new, and turn the pages of PDF documents with your face. It's an action-packed episode this week, so come check it out!

  • Super Mario 64 – Cool, Cool Mountain
    Super Mario 64

    -------- es un portal de videojuegos con contenidos exclusivos en español: noticias, reseñas, hands-on, podcast, artículos especiales y más. #NeverGrowUp

  • Game of Roles - Episode 1

    Game of Roles, c'est le jeu de rôles dont les parties sont diffusées en live sur la JVTV. Ce jeu a été créé par FibreTigre qui officie en tant que maître de jeu pour faire vivre moult aventures épiques à une équipe d'aventuriers composée de Lâm, Lydia, Deriv et Daz. La diffusion en direct a lieu 1 dimanche sur 2 sur la JVTV, la version audio sous forme de podcast est livrée le lundi qui suit. Dans cet épisode qui sert d'introduction, nous découvrons les personnages qui vont vivre des aventures épiques, savamment distillées par le MJ FibreTigre. Découvrez donc sans plus tarder Atlan le noble déchu, Clodomir le magicien, Keitra la gladiatrice et Niklas l'alchimiste qui se retrouvent autour d'un feu de camp dans la forêt... Bonne écoute !

  • GameOfRoles - Episode 2

    Dans cet épisode nous retrouvons notre équipe : - Niklas l'alchimiste - Clodomir le magicien - Keitra la gladiatrice - Atlan le noble au passé trouble du côté du village de Claveau, en prise avec Caldera et sa bande. Que va t'il leur arriver ?

  • Episode 67 | Is Anthem Doomed?
    Gaming Illuminaughty

    In episode 67 of the Gi podcast, the crew assembles to discuss a variety of topics such as Paragon closing, Anthem, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Ubisoft delaying games, God Of War, mental health and a whole lot more!