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  • Tale Of Us @ Awakenings Festival 2019 (30-06-2019)

    This was Tale Of Us during Awakenings Festival 2019! Listen to the full set from the 30th of June 2019. ------------------- Up next -> Tale Of Us @ Connect 2019: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube:

  • Craig Mortalis @ Sandsteinhöhlen Halberstadt 05.10.2019
    Craig Mortalis
    Tekk / Frenchcore

    Enjoy! Thanks to for recording

  • Maceo Plex Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set
    Boiler Room
    Boiler Room

    ► Download audio on our app: ►Watch here: ► American megalith Maceo Plex sends Berlin swoony with his funk-fused electronics.

  • Enrico Sangiuliano - Symbiosis - Drumcode - DC190 [III - Metamorphosis]

    Drumcode has become a label synonymous with some of the most-cutting edge and forward-thinking techno over the last 20 years. Their artists include both emerging and established names, and one of those well recognised is Enrico Sangiuliano. Now announcing the very first concept album of his career. The prolific Italian producer has been catapulted into the limelight after the runaway success of his past releases, and now Biomorph is born. A very special concept album designed to take the listener on a journey of evolution. A musical adaptation describing how biological and technological advances over numerous generations of time have all started from the same first step in our own biological journey. Divided into 4 parts, Organisms opens with atmospheric tones, gradually blending complex textures and timbres to begin the evolutional process. The beginning of this section combines full sounding arrangements before stripping it all back to basics. From here it dissolves into the atmosphere. Organisms then progresses into a break-beat influenced, down tempo track using synths to add complexity to the straight, broken rhythms. Galactic, futuristic elements are found in both tracks in Cosmic Forces. Upbeat, groovy, electronic synths resonate, before ‘Hidden T’ brings the tension to get things pumped up with stratospheric swirls and twirls to lay down one of the most mind meltingly deep drops. Metamorphosis is mysterious, its opening beat is a deep and piercing tone that sends the listener into a sensory awareness of their surroundings before breaking into a fully charged, techno track, with Enrico’s trademark sounds and textures. All evolution has an ending. Two Probabilities shows the positive, starting out evocative and emotional, with a gentle harmony, gazing towards a ‘New Dawn’. On the other side of the spectrum lies the negative. This is influenced with a rhythm that articulates the beat of death, mathematical, cold and metallic in texture, it shows the unsustainability of its nature, with a hectic, anxious break beat influenced ending.

  • CJ Bolland and The Advent - Camargue 2019 (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)
    Enrico Sangiuliano

    Get it here: ‘Camargue’ gets a fresh treatment on Drumcode, as a handful of techno’s finest give new life to an R&S classic. Coming from the studio of CJ Bolland and Portuguese journeyman The Advent, the track was born out of a golden age of Belgium dance music and first released in 1992. Enrico Sangiuliano delivers a trademark cosmic rework underlined by tribal bass stabs and twisted synth lines to accompany the famous riff. It’s an outstanding remake that’s already a big summer favourite for the Drumcode crew. “Camargue is one of my favourite tracks of all-time and has been part of my life for 25 years. To put it out on Drumcode with fresh remixes is a dream come true.” – Adam Beyer

  • Enrico Sangiuliano - Moon Rocks - Drumcode - DC160

    Hot on the heels of the A-Sides Volume 5 compilation, Enrico Sangiuliano makes his return to Drumcode with his highly anticipated EP ‘Moon Rocks’. The heavy hitting four track EP shines a light on Sangiuliano’s tight, thundering production skills. The hoover heavy lead track ‘Moon Rocks’ is packed with booming percussion, intricate synths and brooding crescendos. The EP encapsulates Sangiuliano’s wide spectrum of sounds ranging from the fat bass line of ‘Moon Rocks’ to the more delicate harmonies shown within the ‘Dutch Kiss’ mixes whilst ‘Ghettoblaster’ sits somewhere in between.

  • Boris Brejcha - Purple Noise (Original Mix)
  • Billx - Tree of Life (PsyToHard)[UCSTR Records] OUT NOW !

    Tree of Life (PsyToHard) is out on UCan'tStopTheRave Records. Follow Billx :

  • Louie Cut, Sound Cloup - Deboche (Feat. Bruna Liz)
    Louie Cut
    Funky Minimal

    Available now on all platforms :)

  • Die Gebrüder Brett @ Hardraise & 5 Jahre DGB Thüringenhalle Erfurt 30.10.2018
    Die Gebrüder Brett (Offiziell)
  • Maytrixx - Freitag,Samstag (Gib mir noch nen Shot)
    Say First
  • Maceo Plex - Conjure Dreams - Drumcode - DC136

    We are happy to welcome Maceo Plex to Drumcode with the fourth instalment of his Conjure series, ‘Conjure Infinity’. Featuring two tracks ‘Conjure Dreams’ and ‘Conjure Floyd’, both are peak time monsters that introduce two very different elements. ‘Conjure Dreams’ utilises a groovy, melodic bass that is reinforced using tight thumping drums to shatter any dance floor into the universe. ‘Conjure Floyd’ builds into a more ‘heads down’ techno vibe with a very interesting breakdown. Two sure fire tracks to ignite the floor.

  • CamelPhat & Alan Fitzpatrick - KONA (Original Mix)

    The Full Version of the NEW Unreleased Track - KONA by CamelPhat & Alan Fitzpatrick!

  • Teksa - Brain Attack (Ep in the description)


  • Uptempo Frenchcore Madness #9
    Major Conspiracy
    Uptempo/ Frenchcore

    We are very proud to announce our newest Uptempo Frenchcore Madness. Say hello to Uptempo Frenchcore Madness Part 9! It’s included the best Uptempo Hardcore and Frenchcore tracks of the moment. A big shout out to all the Artists below!<3 ENJOY! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOOKINGS [email protected] GMAIL [email protected] FACEBOOK UPTEMPO FRENCHCORE MADNESS FACEBOOK GROUP SOUNDCLOUD YOUTUBE SPOTIFY INSTAGRAM MERCHANDISE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TRACKLIST 01. Billx & Vandal - Rolling Paper (Hard Edit) 02. DFG - Pissin Hard Drugz Mashup 03. Lunakorpz - Hardcore Head 04. Dimitri K - Trip It 05. Broken Minds - King Kani 06. Lil Texas - Anthem X 07. E Coli - Le Chegra 08. Footworxx Militant Crew - Crash N Burn 09. Abaddon & Dimitri K - ANGER 10. Deadly Guns & Malice - Fuel & Fire 11. D- Frek - Street Fight! 12. Darren Stylez - Switch (Furyan Kickfix) 13. The Motordogs & Chaos Project - Start The War 14. Dimitri K - Mashup 2 15. Basspunkz & Major Conspiracy - Get Big 16. Glitch & Hard Effectz - Dead Man Walking 17. Major Conspiracy - Hit Em 18. Major Conspiracy - TBA 19. System Overload & Insane S Ft. Rob Gee - Old & New School 20. Major Conspiracy - Street Lights 21. MBK & Crime Scene - Bounce On A Track 22. Major Conspiracy & Dimitri K - Ain't No Thing 23. Revealer & The Lethal Sound - Mashbomb #1 24. Trespassed - Mashup 1.0 25. Major Conspiracy X B-Cage - Feel This Inside 26. Cryogenic - On Leash (MBK Remix) 27. Bart 1.0 - Mannetjuh Tool 28. Agressive Noize - A-Bomb 29. Basspunkz - Hear Me 30. Agressive Noize - Find Me 31. Kresikore - Break The Rules 32. MBK - If They Don’t Like Terror (MBK Refix 2019) 33. Cryogenic - Basskick Paradise

  • PREMIERE: Teenage Mutants - Real (Original Mix)
    Teenage Mutants

    It’s been a while since we released a V/A on Noir Music and I only ever compile them whenever I feel I have 5-6 tracks that stand out. Dark Stars Volume 4 has been 6 months in the making and yes..... I know I am picky with the music I sign. I hear that on an almost daily basis. But even though I could pick music from many different artists it still took me months of compiling, testing the music in clubs and at festivals and then putting together the tracks I felt stood out and complimented each other. The great thing about V/A’s is that you get the chance to put together a release from artists with completely different sounds and ideas. Although the sound of Dark Stars Volume 4 is quite minimal sounding overall, it still reflects musicality and great in-depth productions by skillful and experienced artists. Another great thing about Volume 4 is that these are all artists who make their debut on Noir Music. I truly love playing every single track from this release and I enjoy watching the crowds reactions around the globe. I feel no need to get deeper into detail about the specific tracks, as the music will speak for itself. - Noir