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  • Bella Ciao Billx remix (Tribute to_CasaDePapel)[FreeDownload]

    Here my Frenchcore remix of_BellaCiao - FreeDownload ! Tribute_to_CasaDePapel ! Enjoy ! Peace :) Follow:

  • Premiere: Jan Blomqvist - Our Broken Mind Embassy (Boris Brejcha Remix) [Armada Electronic Elements]
    When We Dip

    'Boris Brejcha‘s remix of Jan Blomqvist‘s ‘Our Broken Mind Embassy’ delivers a captivating atmosphere just right for the dance floor...' Read More : Follow: @boris-brejcha // @janblomqvist // @electronicelements Connect: When We Dip on Spotify - YT >>> FB >>> IN >>> TW >>>

  • Adam Beyer & Layton Giordani - Rome Future - Drumcode - DC193

    It doesn’t get much bigger than this: Adam Beyer links up with Green Velvet and Drumcode’s outstanding rising star Layton Giordani for a debut collaboration. Some musical partnerships feel fated. Both fans of one another’s work, for years Adam Beyer and Green Velvet had discussed writing music together. In turn, Beyer’s protégé Layton Giordani had admired the Chicagoan’s work for as long as he could remember. When the 25-year-old found himself playing alongside the green mohawked legend at Belfast’s Shine, the spark and subsequent friendship was immediate. With the links now set in place, it was only a matter of time before the trio’s creative chemistry would manifest musically. ‘Space Date’ was conceived organically and birthed quickly. Propelled by Green Velvet’s trademark vocal hypnotism, the triumvirate combine to craft a pumping intergalactic slice of techno laced in melody that’s highlighted sets by Beyer at Awakenings, Ushuaia and also EDC Vegas when Green Velvet dropped it to a raucous response. The track is complimented by ‘Rome Future’, the product of a year-long series of productions between Beyer and Giordani. Deftly combining crisp drum work, catchy vocal effects and a powerful bassline melody that gives the track an almighty kick, it will be familiar to many who’ve followed their sets over recent months.

  • Pan-Pot - Sleepless (Stephan Bodzin Remix)
    Second State

    Pan-Pot - The Other Remixes [SNDST015] 1. Pan-Pot - Riot (Carl Cox Remix) 2. Pan-Pot - Fugitives (Joseph Capriati Remix) 3. Pan-Pot - Your Attention (Nicole Moudaber Remix) 4. Pan-Pot - Optimistic Grey (Extrawelt Dub) 5. Pan-Pot - Riot (Paul Ritch Remix) 6. Pan-Pot - Sleepless (Stephan Bodzin Remix) 7. Pan-Pot - 808 Nirvana (Ray Kajioka Remix) 8. Pan-Pot - Broken Engine (Wigbert Deeper Remix) 9. Pan-Pot - Punxsutawney (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) 10. Pan-Pot - Get In (Kevin Knapp‛s ME First Remix) As the dust finally begins to settle after the release of Pan-Pot's massive album 'The Other', it's time to unleash a collection of heavy hitting reworks from the best and brightest stars of todays techno elite. Through careful consideration and an acute attention to detail, we couldn't be more elated to confirm ten artists we know and love to contribute their unique vision to Second State's first ever remix package. Kicking things off with a heavily twisted alteration of 'Attention' is Nicole Moudaber and it's a tangled, dark trek through dense acoustic layers of audible madness. Next up is the Hamburg duo Extrawelt with their twist on 'Optimistic Grey' and they deliver a beautiful blend of emotion and groove they are synonymous for. Following suit is another passionately romantic number from man of the hour, Stephan Bodzin, and his take feels like floating through a sea of clouds, resulting in a timeless classic to be a focal point in any set for years to come. Next in line is Ray Kajioka's take on '808 Nirvana' and it's a cosmic ride, ripe with swirling atmospherics laid over big churning drums and rolling cymbals. Following up on the second 12“ of this LP is a man who needs no introduction: Carl Cox. And in true Coxy fashion he turns 'Riot' into just that: a big room, tension building monster! Broken Engine' is the next track to get worked over and Wigbert delivers a stunning mix of shimmering tones and growling bass resulting in a lush venture through a cosmic backdrop of flickering stars in deep space. Joseph Capriati ensues with his vision of 'Fugitives' and he brilliantly keeps the vibe of the original yet adds his trademark big room flair to take it to another level of driving euphoria. Enlisting the talents of Alan Fitzpatrick to remix one of the slower listening tracks on the album turned out to be magic. With his signature percussion, Fitzpatrick takes the parts and creates a dive deep into sultry smooth waters of seduction. The first of our last two remixes, which are digital exclusives, come from Paul Ritch and he delivers a grinding rendition of 'Riot', expertly crafted for the more euphoric peak time occasions. Last and certainly not least is a man on the rise, Kevin Knapp with his twist on his own collaboration with Pan-Pot: 'Get In'. An expertly crafted tech house jam exploding with energy and attitude perfect for any moment, day or night, indoors or out. No matter the time or place, there is something here for everyone and we are truly fulfilled and honored to present this package of cutting edge artists to celebrate this landmark moment. We know you will enjoy! @pan-pot @secondstateaudio @stephanbodzin

  • DCR417 - Drumcode Radio Live - Adam Beyer live from Tomorrowland, Boom

    Drumcode Radio Live this week is Adam Beyer live from Tomorrowland, Boom. No track list available.

  • Shiba San - "Don't Talk" [DIRTYBIRD]

    With a knack for creating tracks that not only work well on the dancefloor, but also last long after the release cycle, the mighty Shiba San returns to Dirtybird with two unique bangers you won’t soon forget. Leading off the release, “Don’t Talk” doesn’t need a vocal to say something. Shiba uses rhythms, beats, reverb and pitch to create an oddball, attention-grabbing techno track that is sure to be around for ages. A mosquito alarm emits a high frequency sound that can be heard by bugs and dogs. But the heavy low end bass on Shiba’s second track “Moskito”, has the exact opposite effect and attracts ravers from miles around to the dance floor.

  • Minupren @ Nature One 2018 - BPM Stage

    Minupren @ Nature One 2018 - BPM Stage

    Gustavo Mota
    Free Download

    ⬆️ Free Download ⬆️ SET AUTORAL gravado NOS TRILHOS YOUTUBE - SPOTIFY - TRACK LIST 01. Gustavo Mota & Volac - LIKE DIS 02. Gustavo Mota & Pimp Chic - ROLL 03. Gustavo Mota, Dual Channels - TO THE DROP 04. Gustavo Mota , Once Cube FEAT. Hec - AMOR VIVAZ 05. Gustavo Mota, Hot Bullet - TAKE CONTROL 06. Gustavo Mota , Gustavo Koch - X (BOOT) 07. Gustavo Mota & KRAFT - PROIBIDO FUMAR 08. Gustavo Mota , Gustavo Koch - BEGIN 09. Gustavo Mota, Evoxx Feat. Grace Grey - MEU VÍCIO 10. Gustavo Mota, Loud Control - LEVEL UP 11. Gustavo Mota , Gustavo Koch - GO AWAY 12. Gustavo Mota, Evoxx, Tamar Sabadini - NEW STYLE 13. Gustavo Mota & Jumper - SUPA FLY 14. Gustavo Mota , Alex Senna - BOY 2K18 15. Gustavo Mota, Sound Cloup - ROOTZ 16. Gustavo Mota , Rocksted - WE LIKE BASS 17. Gustavo Mota, KRAFT ft Hola Vano - G-LOVE 2K18 18. Gustavo Mota, Tiago Rosa, Zeckø FEAT Mogli - TOCCATA

  • Gammer and Kayzo Live from Brownies and Lemonade
    Brownies and Lemonade
    Dance & EDM

    H4RLECORE WAREHOUSE PARTY @djgammer b2b @kayzo-music (hardcore set)

  • KKU019 - Simina Grigoriu - Una (Original Mix)
    Kuukou Records

    Beatport: // Spotify: // iTunes: Simina Grigoriu takes on a raw approach on her Una EP, an energy-brimming three-piece centered around a dark techno power anthem, with remixes by Toronto talent Jade and Minus crew member Carlo Ruetz. From Una’s boilerplate dark intro we're guided into a symphony of arpeggiated strings layered on top of one another, stirring emotions to a whole new level. Adding to the rising tension are impish voices, channeling both the seraphic and the hellish opposites of the supernatural spectrum. On Carlo Ruetz’ mix, he adds metallic synth lines and hi-hats for a minimal, stripped down yet simmering take on the original. JADE (CA)’s mix begins with an elasticised lead and glitched out elements, putting more emphasis on the bassline. Murky, yet lively, the rework offers a haunting, after hours-ready alternative to the original.

  • FREE DOWNLOAD: Dan Croll - From Nowhere (Âme Remix - Enai Edit) [PAF058]
    Progressive Astronaut

    Like the Track? Click the [Repost] ↻ button so more people can hear it! ► YouTube: ► Soundcloud: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: Free Download: Release Date: 27-07-2018 ► Enai ♫ Tracklist: 01. Dan Croll - From Nowhere (Âme Remix - Enai Edit) Release Info: ENAI is fresh blood in Girona's electronic music scene. He has performed at some of the most renowned venues and events in is his area, including warm-up session to Jeff Mill's set. ENAI has also been behind the decks for festivals such as OffSonar Barcelona, Festival Porta Ferrada, Tramunfest, Showcase Festival and Colomers Electronic Fest. However he's had the pleasure of DJing at clubs such as Salt&Pepper (Pforzheim, GR), Kufa (Hildesheim, GR), Blau Club, La Sala del Cel, UltraClub, Ski Resort VallTer2000 among others. His music had the support from great artists such as Edu Imbernon, BOg, Undercatt, Adriatique, Fideles, EdOne, Kolsch, Nick Devon, Brina Knauss, Braunbeck, Danito & Athina, Florian Cruse, Olderic, Mononoid, Marc Depulse, Coyu, Veerus + Maxie Devine among others. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ALL PREMIERS: ALL FREE DOWNLOADS: ALL PODCAST EPISODES:

  • ID161 1. Jason Fernandes - Heath
    Intec Digital

    Out now on Beatport Carl Cox is an industry figurehead whos legacy in music includes his iconic label Intec, which he runs with friend and business partner Jon Rundell, and the new release is from Jason Fernandes. UK based Jason Fernandes returns to Intec for his third EP on the imprint, and further solidifies his position as a core member of the label's family of artists. With an impressive back catalogue, Jason Fernandes has also featured music on Hans Bouffmyhre's Sleaze, Sasha Carassi's Phobiq, and his own label Subfigure. Along with many solo productions, Jason has also collaborated with heavyweight producers such as The Advent for releases on labels such as Drumcode and H-Productions. A popular DJ playing gigs all over Europe and further afield, his tracks are often supported by other club spinners such as Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing and Slam. Heath kick starts the EP with a blend of spacious production, atmospheric textures, and spooky vocals. Deep and eerie, there is a compelling mood to the track which adds to its overall sense of suspense. Its tough percussion and purposeful structure are slow building, but with everything combined this is a captivating cut of dark techno. Royal Free is the second track and compared to the first cut it has a more up tempo groove with a warehouse party vibe. The rave influenced synths and vocal stabs are layered with snare rolls and bass drops that give the track a hands in the air energy, and implementing a subtle tech house influence to give it some genre crossover appeal.

  • Gustavo Mota B2B Groove Delight @ XXXPERIENCE 21
    Gustavo Mota B2B Groove Delight

    FREE DOWNLOAD @gustavo-mota B2B @Groove-Delight TRACK LIST ▶️ 01 - INTRO B2B 02 - Groove Delight & Loud Control - Bla Bla Bla (GD Rave Mix) 03 - Mandragora & Devochka - Aladin (Audace rmx) 04 - Groove Delight vs The Offspring - Pretty Fly 05 - Ishimaru, Gustavo Koch - Bass Down 06 - Groove Delight - Violins Space 07 - Gustavo Mota , Evoxx - Blue Light 08 - Groove Delight & Cat Dealers - Calabria 09 - Velden, Vinni Marchinni Feat. PjiuSan - Terra Sem Lei (Evoxx & Malik Mustache rmx) (Mota Edit) 10 - Mandragora - Sem Chao (Thiago Rosa Remix) 11 - Gustavo Mota, Gustavo Koch - Go Away 12 - Groove Delight & Invad3R - Brazilian Politics vs Tokyo Drift 13 - Gustavo Mota , Alex Senna - BOY 2018 vs Groove Delight - Get Low 14 - Fenk - Lost World 15 - Devochka & DoubKore - Serious VS Just Game ( Mota Edit ) 16 - Groove Delight & Black Jacket - Baiana (Barbatuques Version) 17 - Gustavo Mota, KRAFT ft Hola Vano - G-Love (Edit) 18 - Enjoy The Silence vs BYOB ( Groove Delight Edit) 19 - Energy52 - Cafe Del Mar (Groove Delight Vocal Remix)

  • Charlotte de Witte @ Awakenings Festival 2018

    Charlotte de Witte @ Awakenings Festival 2018 She's back at Awakenings during ADE: Charlotte de Witte at Awakenings & Time Warp present Connect: Relive the festival on our YouTube page: Check out our upcoming events: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: SoundCloud: @awakenings Spotify: Website:

  • Ben Klock - Subzero (Original Mix)
    Ben Klock
  • FSVP004: 01. Dr. Peacock - Trip to Ireland
    Frenchcore S'il Vous Plaît

    Out now: Frenchcore S'il Vous Plaît Records 004 Track list: FSVP004: 01. Dr. Peacock - Trip to Ireland FSVP004: 02. Maissouille - Resident Evil FSVP004: 03. Mutante - Do it FSVP004: 04. Zyklon - Generation of Disorder FSVP004: 05. Carles S vs Dark Bayron feat Kraken - Born to be fucked Buy at Hardtunes: Youtube: Check:

  • Stephan Bodzin Boiler Room Berlin Live Set
    Boiler Room

    ► Download audio on our app: ► Watch here: ► Stephan Bodzin and his custom live setup going to town in Berlin.

  • Premiere: Harvey McKay - Set Back [We Are The Brave]
    When We Dip

    'Alan Fitzpatrick has started something with his imprint We Are The Brave – the selection of artists who have released on the label in the last 2 years shows his dedication to giving a home to the best underground music around for his loyal and dedicated fans...' Read More: Follow: @harvey-mckay // @wearethebraveofficial Connect: When We Dip on Spotify - YT >>> FB >>> IN >>> TW >>>

  • Charlotte de Witte at Awakenings NYD 2018
    Charlotte de Witte
    Ahmet Kilic
    57,942 TRACKLIST: Timboletti - Helva Selva (Dole & Kom Remix) Lospicos - Ask Bu degil Cameron James Laing - Her (Peter Pardeike Remix) Monolink - Swallow (Tale Of Us Remix) GusGus - Featherlight (Metodi Hristov Remix) Hot Since 82 - Buggin' Enrico Sangiuliano - Hidden T (Original Mix) Enrico Sangiuliano - Cosmic Ratio Daniel Jaeger - Creepwalker (Original Mix) CIREZ D - DARE U (Original Mix) Adam Beyer, Bart Skils - Your Mind Niels Van Gogh - Pulverturm (Solomun & Tomcraft Remix) Sascha Funke - Surumu (Original Mix) Download for free on The Artist Union