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  • Adam Beyer & Bart Skils 'Your Mind' [Drumcode]

    Purchase here: Influential DJ, producer and label owner Adam Beyer takes to his own Drumcode imprint to deliver his latest peak-time floor-filler in the collaboration with Bart Skils titled 'Your Mind'. If you’ve caught a set from Adam Beyer recently, chances are you remember this track causing mayhem. ‘Your Mind’ is a banging new collaboration with Dutch talent Bart Skils, and it absolutely caught the attention of his Timewarp, Awakenings and Ultra set audiences with its haunting chorus chant. 'Your Mind' is released via Drumcode on June 18.

  • CHAPELEIRO - do Minimal ao Techno (SET) FREE DOWNLOAD

    (SET) do Minimal ao Techno

  • The Dark Side Of The MINIMAL TECHNO
    minimal techno

    This isn't made by me! Found this one on youtube, so i reuploaded it at soundcloud, cause it's good. Can't remember the original uploader's name, though, all credits belong to him or the guy who made this mixtape and the artists themselves

  • Minimal Techno Mix 2016 - CLASSIC COCAINE SET - mixed by RTTWLR [FREE DL = BUY]
    Minimal Techno

    Mixed by: @RTTWLR tracklist & original video: free download:

  • Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani & Green Velvet - Space Date - Drumcode - DC193

    It doesn’t get much bigger than this: Adam Beyer links up with Green Velvet and Drumcode’s outstanding rising star Layton Giordani for a debut collaboration. Some musical partnerships feel fated. Both fans of one another’s work, for years Adam Beyer and Green Velvet had discussed writing music together. In turn, Beyer’s protégé Layton Giordani had admired the Chicagoan’s work for as long as he could remember. When the 25-year-old found himself playing alongside the green mohawked legend at Belfast’s Shine, the spark and subsequent friendship was immediate. With the links now set in place, it was only a matter of time before the trio’s creative chemistry would manifest musically. ‘Space Date’ was conceived organically and birthed quickly. Propelled by Green Velvet’s trademark vocal hypnotism, the triumvirate combine to craft a pumping intergalactic slice of techno laced in melody that’s highlighted sets by Beyer at Awakenings, Ushuaia and also EDC Vegas when Green Velvet dropped it to a raucous response. The track is complimented by ‘Rome Future’, the product of a year-long series of productions between Beyer and Giordani. Deftly combining crisp drum work, catchy vocal effects and a powerful bassline melody that gives the track an almighty kick, it will be familiar to many who’ve followed their sets over recent months.

  • Shanti People - Mahishasura Mardini (Droplex RMX)
  • Coffee element
    dave fontana
  • Alan Fitzpatrick - We Do What We Want
    We Are The Brave
  • Sam Paganini - Rave - Drumcode - DCCD10
    Sam Paganini

    Foremost international techno outlet Drumcode is delighted to announce the release of its next full-length album, ‘Satellite’, by enduring Italian techno talent Sam Paganini. Though he has been active since the mid nineties, recent years have been hugely successful for Sam, with searing techno EPs coming on revered labels such as Riche Hawtin’s Plus8, Sven Vath’s Cocoon and of course, Adam Beyer’s Drumcode. In his time he has been responsible for underground hits like ‘Zoe’, ‘Polyester’ and ‘Fire In My Arms’, all of which demonstrate his dynamic understanding of sexy, dark and hypnotic techno grooves and at the same time have earned him plenty of great Beatport chart positions as well as respect from the best in the game. Incredibly, ‘Satellite’ is Sam’s first full-length album. Informed by his DJ gigs at legendary places like Berghain in Berlin and Cielo in New York, the album starts with a dystopian bit of sonic scene setting, as if a space ship is charging up ready to take off. From there it’s a case of getting straight down to business. ‘Another Chance’ is a spacey bit of cantering techno and ‘White’ is rooted in devastating kick drums and is riddled with serrated synth lines that build lots of great techno pressure. ‘Down’ is an undulating bit of funky techno complete with choice vocal flourishes and tracks like ‘Lotus’ are prime offerings from the deeper end of the scale. No two tracks sound the same on Satellite: Sam is always teasing out a new bit of texture, nailing a slightly different vibe or exploring different amounts of light and dark throughout the course of this most excellent album. This is evidenced by diverse cuts like ‘Dusty’, ‘Toxic’ and ‘Rave’. Despite ‘Satellite’ being Sam’s debut album, it showcases his seductive style in all its glory across 12 fantastic tracks that will leave you begging for more.

  • DJ Mix Number 05
    Boris Brejcha
    High-Tech Minimal

    First of all I like to wish you Merry Christmas. Think about positive things in life and have a great time together with your Family. That´s most important. I am really happy to give away my this years "Christmas Mix" (Number 05). This time I decided to record my DJ Mix in a Club in Germany (Augsburg) called "Kesselhaus" which I really love. And this year I recorded a 2 hours Set and mixed it up with unreleased and also already released music of mine. I hope you have fun with that one and slide smooth into 2017. Tracklist: 1. Schaltzentrale (Joker Remake) Intro Version (Unreleased) 2. Schaltzentrale (Joker Remake) 3. Nothing Seems To Be (Unreleased) 4. Grinch (Unreleased) 5. Never Look Back (Unreleased) 6. Fckng Trap (Unreleased) 7. Drugs (Unreleased) 8. Turn Over 9. Night Owl 10. Killing Me 11. Devil (Unreleased) 12. U Ready 4 That (Unreleased) 13. Game Over (Unreleased) 14. FEAR 15. Welcome To Real Life 16. Hashtag 17. Distortion Is Nothing 18. Acid Attack - Ann Clue & Boris Brejcha 19. Gehörschadengenerator (Unreleased) Note: All tracks are written and produced by Boris Brejcha. For any question: [email protected] Watch the Video: WAV Download: __

  • DCR428 - Drumcode Radio Live - Sam Paganini live from D!Club, Lausanne

    DCR428 - Drumcode Radio Live - Sam Paganini Live from D!Club, Lausanne Drumcode Radio Live this week is a live mix from Sam Paganini. 01. BLACK SHADE - Pitch Black 02. IGNACIO ARFELI - Artificial Intelligence 03. LEWIS FAUTZI - Geometric Destination 04. TAUCHEN - Crinkle 05. JEROEN SEARCH - Rubidium 06. LPP - Sacrifice 07. SETAOC MASS - To Not Exist 08. ARJUN VAGALE - Invader 09. PAULA CAZENAVE - Crazy Trip 10. ROBERT S - Black Mailer (Flug rmx) 11. OSCAR MULERO - Dancing Barefoot 12. DAVID TEMESSI - Syntax Error 13. ROBERT S - Confusion 14. BLAWAN - The Narrowing 15. SLAM - Antonym 16. TAUCHEN - Kouram 17. TRUNCATE - Multiply 18. FLUG - Ethos (drum mix)

  • Hashtag - Boris Brejcha (Original Mix) FREE
    Boris Brejcha
    high-tech minimal

    Fun projects need to be shared. In this case I like to give away my newest fun project - I did in my free time. Hashtag is a combination of five elements in one track. With the focus on a snare drum roll, a upward pitching part, a melody, a fat baseline and acid elements. Acid in that case means, crazy sounds in a groovy beat. Hope you like it - have fun. WAV quality here: --

  • Amelie Lens - Basiel (Lenske003)

    coming this November 2018

  • Dekmantel Podcast 200 - Surgeon

    Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, and so it is that we’ve already raced up to podcast number 200. We’ve managed to call upon a suitably large name for the honour; someone who has very much shaped the techno scene over the course of the last 20 years and continues to excite people every time he plays. That man is Surgeon. As a performer, Birmingham’s Anthony Childs was one of the first men to embrace and exploit the possibilities of Ableton Live and Final Scratch. His mastery of that technology made his sets even more improvised and innovative, and over the years he has never compromised his vision. He plays with a sense of devastation and destruction that explores the very outer edges of what is possible, while always keeping the dance floor absolutely locked in. It’s been the same since he founded his hometown’s first techno club, House of God, at the start of the 90s. As a producer—whether solo or in celebrated collaborations with Regis as British Murder Boys or Ben Sims as Frequency 7—he seems to be getting better with age. Right from his first EP on Karl O’Connor’s Downwards in 1994, surgeon has had a hard hitting, linear style that remains to this day. Recent years saw him return to a primitive rave style and incorporate the gritty industrial influences of his youth. But in 2018 he evolved again and served up what many consider to be his best album in years. Luminosity Device features a more rhythmic, playful sense of drum programming next to his meticulously crafted synths and enthralling sense of urgency and future paranoia. The nuance in his tracks is now as intriguing as the visceral power of the kicks, and it all adds up to an album that works as well on headphones, at home, as it does on the dance floor. It’s proper techno by a proper techno head. And so is the mix he has put together for us. Over 1 hour 45 minutes, the man calls upon plenty of pivotal names from Juan Atkins and Oscar Mulero to Donato Dozzy and James Ruskin. There are plenty of twists and turns along the way, so that zoned out passages of dubbed out drums are followed by intergalactic space battles and moments of synth laden intensity. It’s a testament to Surgeon’s skills that he can take you to such far ranging corners of the techno world without ever getting lost.

  • Bart Skils @ TimeWarp & Awakenings pres Connect [13-10-2018]
    Bart Skils

    My full set from Awakenings & Timewarp present Connect. Thanks for the amazing vibe!..

  • Denis Sulta - It's Only Real
    it's only real

    For our final record of the year, we turn to Glasgow's man of the year - Denis Sulta. Like a good chunk of the Numbers family, he has earnt his stripes working at the coalface of techno aka Rubadub. He has crafted two excellent twelves for our bare-chested cousins at Dixon Avenue Basement Jams and is beginning to carve himself out a reputation as a DJ of some repute, expertly blending in the bangers with Sulta-certified weirdness. Denis is part of a new wave of Glaswegian artists who are doing amazing things and whose music is continuously exciting us. ‘It’s Only Real’ created by Sulta during a burst of inspiration one Sunday, takes us back to a time when techno was intricately melodic but still kicked hard in the club. Made with only the purest of intentions and a dedication to the art of moving heads and feet. It's Only Real is released on vinyl and digitally on 1st Dec / 4th Dec Buy Vinyl and Digital from Bleep: Boomkat: Clone: iTunes: Phonica: Redeye: Rubadub: Rushhour:

  • Hentai - S3RL
    Happy Hardcore

    Radio Edit > iTunes - > Google Play - > Spotify - DJ Edit > BeatPort - > TrackItDown - OSU Beatmap - Check out for more content =)

  • #078: Arutani *live - Montagssorbet mit Laut & Luise
    Laut & Luise

    Arutani - Irreality EP: Für die Ewigwachgebliebenen zum Feierabendbier, für die Frühaufsteher als Seelenfutter zum Wochenbeginn: Montagssorbet mit Laut & Luise. Alles erlaubt, was gut tut und Gedanken kreisen lässt, nur der Name ist Programm: cremig, fluffig und ganz schön weich. Da isser wieder und knarzt sich allmählich durch Luises Kanäle: @Arutani. Freuen wir uns ganz besonders mit Release im Rücken und Sorbet vor den Füßen. Eine Stunde live, also quasi von selbst, frisch aus dem Studio und so ziemlich ungehört. Sneak Peak mit Sägen, Kanten, und Zähnen. Sagen wir Danke, einfach mal im Namen aller. (Intro: Mark Pritchard | Foto: Julia Moebus)