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  • Listen to the entire Snap Judgment Memorial Day Special "Shrapnel"
    Snap Judgment

    When the fight is over we still have to deal with the pieces of the battle that remain inside. Featuring The Warrior Box and Soul of a Soldier.

  • 4 - PTA Meeting

    Last night's PTA meeting accidentally opens a rift in spacetime, and Night Vale faces the consequences. Plus, changes afoot at the Night Vale Daily Journal, controversy at Radon Canyon, and our annual high school football preview! Weather: "Closer" by The Tiny, Music: Disparition, Logo: Rob Wilson, Produced by Commonplace Books. Written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info:, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

  • L'ami des gibbons
    ARTE Radio

    Passionné depuis l'enfance par la nature et les grands singes, "Chanee" s'exile à 18 ans en Indonésie. Là le jeune Français vit une vie d'aventurier-écolo, se marie et adopte son nouveau pays. Devenu Indonésien, il créé le premier programme de sauvegarde des gibbons à Bornéo. Dans une magnifique balade sonore au milieu des grands singes, Chanee explique comment l'achat de terrains par l'association Kalaweit* est devenu la seule façon efficace de protéger la forêt contre son exploitation abusive. Et pourquoi "l'huile de palme responsable" n'est qu'une illusion pour les ONG et les fabriquants de pâtes à tartiner... A l'instar d'Aliette Jamart avec les chimpanzés du Congo, ou d'Hélène Collongues avec les singes laineux du Pérou, l'engagement personnel de Chanee est devenu un moteur concret de conservation locale et de prise de conscience globale. Rodolphe Alexis l'a suivi à "Kalaweit Supayang" le deuxième site de l'association, à la fois réserve forestière et centre de conservation, sur l'île de Sumatra-est. * Enregistrements : juillet 17 - Mise en ondes & mix : Charlie Marcelet - Réalisation : Rodolphe Alexis - Photo : Jean-Marc Bouve

  • #115: What if your son went missing?

    “It’s not that I understand why this happened, but understanding that you think you know what’s going on, but you don’t. You think you have control but you don’t.” Today's episode features Gina Whalen. If you'd like to help fund her son Izzy's Little Free Libraries, you can donate at Producer: Whit Missildine Instagram: @actuallyhappening Episode Sponsor: Daily Harvest: Intro Music: "Illabye" - Tipper Music Bed: “Cylinder Four” – Chris Zabriskie Outro Music: "The Moon is Down" - El Diablo & Adam Schraft (Rojo y Negro) @eldiablosf @rojo-y-negro

  • Witness: John Lennon

    Two days before he was killed outside his New York apartment, John Lennon spent several hours talking to a young BBC music journalist. Andy Peebles remembers that interview.

  • HBM101: Much Corruption
    Here Be Monsters

    Jeff Emtman finds himself distracted by dragons and their ilk as he kayaks with one of the world’s hairiest people. [[ Full description at ]]

  • Memory and Forgetting

    This hour of Radiolab, a look behind the curtain of how memories are made...and forgotten. Remembering is an unstable and profoundly unreliable process--it’s easy come, easy go as we learn how true memories can be obliterated, and false ones added. And Oliver Sacks joins us to tell the story of an amnesiac whose love for his wife and music transcend his 7-second memory.

  • Listen to the entire Snap Judgment episode "Spooked V: Innocence Lost"
    Snap Judgment

    It's an ALL-SCARY SNAP! Those who think they know things are especially surprised when they hear that scream in the night. From PRX & NPR, we proudly present the most dreaded episode of the year, "Spooked V: Innocence Lost."

  • Michael Jackson's Thriller

    In 1982 the world's best selling album was released. Thriller included hits such as Beat It, Billie Jean and Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' as well as the title track. Witness speaks to Anthony Marinelli who worked on the seminal album. (Photo: Michael Jackson and assorted zombies in the video for Thriller in 1983, publicity handout) Published on December 23, 2015.

  • Listen to the entire Snap Judgment "Spooked: The Origin"
    Snap Judgment

    It's scary, baby! This week, Snap sneaks after monsters going bump in the night. Listen to "Spooked" on NPR Stations nationwide, or click the link right now (if you dare) . . .

  • Listen to Snap Judgment's Epic - "Return To Kuku Island"
    Snap Judgment

    In the 1970s, thousands of Vietnamese refugees were left on the remote Anambas Islands in Indonesia. They were stranded without food, water, and shelter, forced to survive off the land. Now, almost 40 years later, one woman wants to go back to those distant islands, one last time. Snap Judgment: Return to Kuku Island Gallery: Thank you so much to Carina Hoang. Carina is a Special Representative for Australia for UNHCR. Check out her book, “Boat People: Personal Stories from the Vietnamese Exodus 1976-1996,” available in both English and Vietnamese. Carina is now filming a new Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV series, “The Heights." Be sure to check it out. Our heartfelt thanks to Tony Luu; his mother Truong On, his brother, Daniel, and the rest of the Luu family. Thanks to the Outside Podcast from Outside Magazine, where you can also hear this show. Also, check Public Radio International’s The World for a shorter version of this audio story. This story would not have been possible without the generous support of the International Women’s Media Foundation.

  • Afl. 171 Familie duurt het langst: Mustafa Dunmez
    Echt Gebeurd

    Mustafa Dunmez laat zich overhalen tot een blind date.

  • Talk Of The Town / Snap Judgment, "Talk Of The Town"
    Snap Judgment

    After a salesman at Oakland’s Lake Merritt disappears, journalist Tammerlin Drummond investigates what happened to him. Video used in story provided by user ritchhazel on YouTube. Producer: Adizah Eghan Original Score: Renzo Gorrio

  • The Announcement
    Documentary On One, RTÉ

    In April 2015, Dubliner Laura Molloy went for medical help after discovering changes in her body she didn’t recognise and that Google couldn’t get to the bottom of. A student in DIT, Laura met with the college doctor in the hope of getting answers to mysterious ailments that made her legs feel like they’d been pumped full of air and swelled the fingers on both hands. Her doctor immediately diagnosed a pregnancy. Only Laura had never missed a period, she wasn’t showing any bump and the result of a pregnancy test completed in the surgery that same afternoon concluded that Laura was NOT pregnant. So what was behind the ailments, declining energy and constant nausea? Laura was then in the middle of the final year of her degree in Film, Broadcasting and Irish, and working part-time in retail. She reasoned that her busy schedule might be behind the weariness, and peculiar symptoms. But lying on the doctor’s bed her mind raced back to the previous summer and California, where she had travelled with her boyfriend Luke on a student visa. Frat parties, parties that ran all day and into the night and a crazy summer that sung out to a soundtrack of their favourite hits, may have driven her energy so low she’d yet to fill back up. But, instinctively, Laura knew that something more substantive happened on that four month journey. Until that afternoon in DIT, that something had gone unnoticed and what she didn’t realise then was that her condition was about to turn conventional medical wisdom on its head and change her life forever.

  • Neil Hilborn - OCD
    Button Poetry
    neil hilborn
  • Love Hurts
    Strangers Podcast

    While doing a story about online dating, Lea gets her heart broken (yet again).

  • 7 - History Week

    Learn about the storied history of Night Vale during this special week's celebration. Plus, psychological assaults on tourists, highway construction announcements, and metal detectors in schools! Weather: "Despite What You've Been Told" by Two Gallants, Music: Disparition, Logo: Rob Wilson, Produced by Commonplace Books. Written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info:, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

  • 6 - The Drawbridge

    The city faces extensive delays in the revitalization of the Old Town Drawbridge. Plus, time for another pledge drive, changes afoot at the Night Vale Daily Journal, and good news for radio controlled airplane hobbyists! Weather: "Aye" by Dio, Music: Disparition, Logo: Rob Wilson, Produced by Commonplace Books. Written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info:, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Beyond The Faces Of Death / Snap Judgment, "Unthinkable"
    Snap Judgment

    In the mid-70s, Conan was hired to direct and produce a nature documentary. But he wanted to do something more ambitious. The film he made became one of the most infamous movies ever, but his success came with deadly consequences. Special thanks to our film consultants, Spencer Parsons and Todd Wieneke. Producer: John Fecile Original Score: Renzo Gorrio

  • Listen to the entire Snap Judgment episode, "Spooked II: Return of the Fallen"
    Snap Judgment

    Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. Just in time for Halloween, Snap Judgment proudly presents, “Spooked II: Return of the Fallen.” Real stories about lost souls, and the horror they inflict on the living.