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  • Guessing 2018-19 NBA Over/Unders With Joe House: The Ninth Annual Edition
    The Bill Simmons Podcast

    HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House for a preseason tradition, the ninth annual guessing of the NBA over/unders. They hit all 30 teams in one podcast, so buckle up.

  • The Next NBA MVP With Ryen Russillo and Kevin O'Connor, Plus John C. Reilly
    The Bill Simmons Podcast

    HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons talks with Ryen Russillo and Kevin O'Connor about who will be the Most Valuable Player in the NBA in 2019 (2:40) before Bill sits down with actor John C. Reilly to discuss his journey from the South Side of Chicago to the silver screen. Then they talk about working with the great Paul Thomas Anderson, 'Step Brothers,' 'Boogie Nights,' Reilly's new film 'The Sisters Brothers,' and more (32:30).

  • Listen to the official UEFA Champions League anthem!

    Ahead of tonight's matches, listen to the UEFA Champions League anthem in full.

  • NFL Week 6 Sports Betting Picks: Thursday Night Football - Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants
    Bet The Board

    BetOnline.Ag Bonus Codes: 75BTB first time deposit (75% Bonus); 50BTB for reloads (50% Bonus) Week 6 of the NFL season is here and the boys from are back to breakdown the biggest games from a point spread perspective. They attack Thursday Night Football last with the Philadelphia Eagles heading to New York on a short week face the Giants. Can Washington get back on track? Will the Bengals finally stop being the Steelers doormat? Off disappointing losses, will it be the Jaguars or Cowboys that bounce back? Prime time Sunday Night matchup, will the Patriots remain a public team, or will the Pros back them this week? All that and a Best Bet for NFL Week 6! In-depth coverage on the SIX big games in the NFL this week includes: ▶️ Carolina @ Washington (6:03) ▶️ Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati (12:45) ▶️ Jacksonville @ Dallas (20:17) ▶️ Baltimore @ Tennessee (26:55) ▶️ Kansas City @ New England (33:45) ▶️ Philadelphia @ New York Giants (47:40) Dave Mason of BetOnline.AG stops by (41:20) to share all the NFL Week 6 factoids. What sides and totals are causing liability for the house? Where are the PROS and JOES investing their hard-earned money? You name it, Dave Mason covers it. ▶️ Follow on Twitter: Bet The Board - Payne Insider - Todd Fuhrman - ▶️ Bet The Board Website:

  • Apashe: Battle Royale (Haters Instrumental VIP)

    #therewillbehaters Buy here:

  • Survivor Series 2001
    The Attitude Era Podcast

    The end is nigh! Someone should inform the Nigh Mayor! JUST PLEASE DON'T MENTION WCW OR ECW!

  • Stephen A. on Josh Gordon
    The Stephen A. Smith Show

    Stephen A. can't believe Josh Gordon! Catch the Stephen A. Smith show weekdays between 1-3pm ET on Mad Dog Sports Radio, SiriusXM 82.

  • Premier League Anthem
    Premier League

    The new Premier League Anthem will be heard at all 380 matches in 2016/17

  • All Day and All of the Night - The Kinks
    Rock & Roll
  • College Football Week 7 Betting Picks: Georgia at LSU and Wisconsin at Michigan
    Bet The Board

    BetOnline.Ag Bonus Codes: 75BTB first time deposit (75% Bonus); 50BTB for reloads (50% Bonus). Week 7 of the College Football season is HERE – and there’s 5 HUGE games on tap that the boys have been chomping at the bit to breakdown. As always, Todd Fuhrman, Payneinsider and Dusty Dvorchak provide all the information, metrics, on-field matchup analysis and player-coaching news to help you make informed decisions at the betting window this week – and of course, they deliver another Best Bet! Will Oregon off the BYE save their Pac-12 Championship hopes? Can Michigan prove they're one of college footballs elite teams? Georgia hasn't faced anybody with a pulse this season, can they pick up a quality win on the road in a hostile environment? It's not a big slate, but there are tons of great games with huge impact this week. ▶️ Stoops Fired (3:21) ▶️ Texas Tech @ TCU (7:10) ▶️ Washington @ Oregon (15:45) ▶️ Wisconsin @ Michigan (24:41) ▶️ Georgia @ LSU (35:30) ▶️ Nebraska @ Northwestern (45:35) Dave Mason of BetOnline.AG stopped by to deliver the College Football Week 6 action report (1:00:13). He let's us know where the sharp and square money is coming in and which games are giving the sports book a sweat with massive liability. Plus, Dave Mason provided some intel on how and why oddsmakers take a stance on games. ▶️ Follow on Twitter: Bet The Board - Payne Insider - Todd Fuhrman - ▶️ Bet The Board Website:

  • BROR Seg 1 Calls And Frost Presser
    Big Red Over Reaction

    The guys take some HOT calls and we get to the Frost Presser.

  • Hysteria | October 12, 2018
    Steve Dangle Podcast

    On this episode, Steve got hockey equipment! (00:00), Auston Matthews hysteria and offer sheets and Morgan Rielly is Nicklas Lidström (03:00), Steve gives his DEFINITIVE William Nylander TAKE and Jake Gardiner has been Jake Gardiner (28:30), WILL THE EDMONTON OILERS TRADE THE CONNOR MCDAVID?!? (49:00), the Golden Knights are TURRIBLE (1:16:00), Austin Watson's suspension was reduced (1:23:00), the Carolina Hurricanes are a fun team (1:42:00), and the Chicago Blackhawks made the worst logo in the history of logos (1:54:00). Originally aired: October 12, 2018 Watch the full episode here: Merch: Follow us on Twitter: @Steve_Dangle, @AdamWylde, & @JesseBlake Follow us on Instagram: @SteveDangle, @AdamWylde, & @Jesse.Blake Subscribe to us on iTunes:

  • U40: Can OU's defense be fixed this season?
    Oklahoma Sooners Unofficial 40

    Lincoln Riley and Ruffin McNeill had a chance to meet with the media and finally address the Mike Stoops firing. It's been a three-ring circus the last few days in Oklahoma as Mike Stoops even called into local radio to defend himself. We talk about the madness that's been as well as moving forward with Ruffin McNeill and Bob Diaco. Can this defense be fixed? What are our expectations? We also talk with Josh and Bob about how this change is going to affect recruiting. The full rundown follows below: OPEN - The circus came to town this week after Mike Stoops was fired 0:03:00 - Lincoln Riley speaks about the firing 0:05:35 - Does disappointment await this OU defense regardless who is coaching? 0:08:10 - How big will the changes be with Ruffin McNeill in charge? 0:11:00 - Does Mike Stoops keep his job if OU pulled out a win in the Cotton Bowl? 0:14:30 - Every defensive coach has been responsible for this mess 0:17:50 - Kerry Cooks and the secondary position moving forward 0:20:40 - The defensive line has struggled 0:24:15 - Our expectations for the defense moving forward 0:26:20 - Some kudos for the offense and Carey kids triggered over Kennedy Brooks and Trey Sermon 0:29:15 - We address the rumors on Mike Stoops and make sure we're all clear on the facts 0:43:48 - Caleb Kelly is struggling at linebacker 0:45:50 - The defensive problems identified 0:52:20 - Safety play has been a problem for a while now and ideas for Lincoln Riley to punish people 0:58:00 - How is this affecting recruiting? 1:06:35 - Is there a chance Ruffin might not be the play caller?

  • The First-Coach-Fired Bowl and Guess The Lines With Cousin Sal | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 425)
    The Bill Simmons Podcast

    HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the dismal coaching matchup between the Cowboys and the Texans, a top 18 NFL power ranking, and playoff implications (3:00), before they guess the NFL Lines for week 6 (38:55).

  • BROR Seg 3 Damon Is HEATED
    Big Red Over Reaction

    Damon is TRIGGERED.

  • Living the Best Life
    The Jillian Michaels Show

    This week Jillian and crew discuss strategies to manage anxiety so it works for you and not against you. Plus, strategies on reversing PCOS. And Dr. Tommy John guests on building the best child athletes.

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  • BROR Seg 2 People Are ANGRY
    Big Red Over Reaction

    Gary and Damon take your calls but people are heated.

  • BROR Seg 6 Show Close
    Big Red Over Reaction

    The guys close out the show and give their final thoughts.

  • Boston's Big Night and Guess the Lines Week 7 With Cousin Sal | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 428)
    The Bill Simmons Podcast

    HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Patriots-Chiefs shootout, the Steelers' impressive comeback against the Bengals, and the Dolphins and Bears' nail-biter finish (03:15), before they guess the NFL lines for Week 7 (39:30).

  • Podcast: true faith forum - How to Take The Fight to Mike Ashley
    True Faith NUFC Podcast

    How to Take The Fight to Mike Ashley - a true faith supporters forum was held on the 11th of October 2018 at the Tyneside Irish Centre On the night supporters raised £2,282 for the Newcastle United Fans Foodbank. All of the speakers came together to raise this money while addressing the key question of how Newcastle United fans can force ownership change. Speakers on the night were George Caulkin - the Times Luke Edwards - The Telegraph Colin Whittle - NUST (host) David Conn - The Guardian Wallace Wilson - The Magpie Group Jay Mckenna - Spirit of Shankly Craig Houston - Sons of Struth Norman Watson - NUST Video highlights of the night are available on our YouTube Channel: Please donate to the foodbank if you listen to this podcast. Details: